Bringing Christmas to the Anarchists and Muslims of Nørrebro

Tania Groth is the leader of For Frihed (For Freedom), the Danish chapter of PEGIDA. As reported here last month, Ms. Groth was recently threatened by “anti-fascists”, who spray-painted “We know where you live” on her front door.

Since then the lawyer for Danish PEGIDA has been attacked by the Antifas, who threw a switched-on fire extinguisher through the glass door of his office.

Last Saturday For Frihed staged a rally and march in Copenhagen. Their purpose was to bring Christmas to Nørrebro, a district west of downtown Copenhagen in which an unholy alliance of anarchists, communists, and Muslims has pretty much taken over. This year, for the first time, there were no Christmas decorations or celebrations of jul in Nørrebro.

The good folks of PEGIDA decided to bring some Christmas cheer to the bah-humbug people of Nørrebro. They scheduled a walk across the bridge into the here-be-monsters territory of the Antifas, who placed barricades and burning dumpsters in the path of the “Nazis”. Fortunately, the Danish police were accompanying the “racists” in sufficient numbers to remove the barricades and push back the foot soldiers of the anti-fascists.

For a selection of footage from last Saturday’s events, see the video from RT. Whoops, I guess that’s “fake news”, so here’s a video from For Frihed that includes the breaking of the barricades and an interview with Tania Groth (på dansk).

For more detailed footage of those peace-loving, freedom-oriented Antifas, see this video.

Below is an interview (in English) with Tania Groth about the events of December 3. Many thanks to Victor Laszlo for recording and editing this video, and to Vlad Tepes for uploading it:

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

9 thoughts on “Bringing Christmas to the Anarchists and Muslims of Nørrebro

  1. Patriotism is not for cowards. Well done to these folk who are brave enough to uphold their culture and to get in the face of the real Nazis.

  2. We can expect nothing more from the Christian-hating Muslims. The Antifas and Marxists are mentally ill.

    • It’s more that they’re culturally ill. They don’t examine the underlying principles of their actions because to do so would require letting go of their hatreds…Oops. You may be right about the mental part after all.

  3. Bridget Gabriel talks about how the Muslims turned against their Leftist Communist allies towards the end of the Lebanese Civil War because they weren’t Muslim. Do these coward treasonous Danish commie Antifas think they are any different once Islam is in control? Delusional fools! I know we have Antifas in America but they seem more low profile than Europe. Maybe it’s because I live in a small mostly conservative town I don’t notice.

    • Something similar happend during the revolution in Iran.
      After they didn`t needed them any more, the Muslims get rid of the
      left fools (jailed them, killed them, or have them driven to exile).
      Who should`ve known better, they were born into a muslim society after all.

      So what can one expect from western socialists.
      They are even greater fools.
      Does the term “useful idiot” (German: nützlicher Idiot) exist in English?

    • Antifas are generally anti-gun.

      Thus, they would fare extremely poorly if they pursued open insurrection in red state America.

  4. “…recently threatened by “anti-fascists”, who spray-painted “We know where you live” on her front door.”

    It`s Denmark sadly.
    In countries like the US she could have sprayed beneath it: Good for you! It`s the place where I have my guns and where you die, if you attack me.

  5. Hello – the truth about the lack of christmas lights in Nørrebro is explained here: Nothing to do with anarchists/muslims etc. The simple reason is because the application for funding was sent too late to the ‘Lokaludvalg’, meaning that they had already divided this year’s pile of money. If they were to then fund the christmas decorations, they would have to go back and take away money from other events, that had just been granted funding. These ‘War on Christmas’ stories appear every year across Europe – just scare-mongering from Pegida etc. Hope you can find somewhere else in Copenhagen to celebrate Christmas. Sorry* to hear your march last week was such a failure.

    *Not at all sorry

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