“Is This Really the Sweden You Want to Leave to Your Children?”

As reported here previously, the Swedish chapter of PEGIDA staged a rally in Malmö on June 27. One of the speakers was a Dane named Peter Seier Christensen. Below is his excellent, straightforward, commonsensical speech.

Many thanks to Liberty DK for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:03   Now it is.
00:07   Dear democratic co-demonstrators:
00:10   Thank you for the invitation to participate in this demonstration.
00:13   I feel it is my duty, particularly in Sweden,
00:18   to show my support to the few brave men and women
00:22   who dare speak out against political correctness.
00:26   It takes courage to do this in Sweden. Just look around you.
00:30   Thousands of rabid red fascists
00:34   who want to prevent us from voicing our opinion.
00:38   Who try to frighten people from expressing their legitimate opinions.
00:42   Why are there so many police present today? Is it because WE are violent?
00:46   No, we would never harm any our political opponents.
00:50   It is the undemocratic counter-demonstrators
00:54   who are the reason that the police are present here today.
00:57   It is the modern fascism in Europe.
01:00   We also see it in Denmark.
01:03   I want to take this opportunity to talk about how I and many others in Denmark
01:07   witness with shock and horror what has been happening in Sweden in recent years.
01:11   How irresponsible politicians in cooperation with
01:15   irresponsible media undermine the future of the country.
01:19   You have of course the full right to undermine and change the safe country we used to know.
01:23   It was, after all, only 87% of your population
01:28   who didn’t vote for the Sweden Democrats last election.
01:33   You do NOT however, have the right to abolish democracy.
01:38   The scandalous December agreement where you abolished the positive parliamentarism
01:43   with the intention of excluding a large part of the Swedish people from democratic influence
01:49   is a stain on Sweden. It is the first step away from democracy.
01:54   What happens next?
01:58   With this agreement in place you have taken a step that is unheard of in a modern democracy.
02:02   In a recent poll the Sweden Democrats
02:07   garnered 22 percent of the votes. That is 22 percent of the population
02:11   that you have excluded from having any influence.
02:19   Those 22 percent can do nothing but stand outside and watch
02:23   how the politicians who have taken power are in the process of changing the Sweden we knew
02:28   with lightning speed, without thinking about the consequences for the citizens of the country.
02:33   And from Denmark we watch with wonder and fear how Sweden in just a very few years
02:37   has changed into a lawless nation in the North.
02:41   A picture of what happens if we stand by and do nothing.
02:45   In this past week alone I have read about shootings and bombs going off,
02:49   car bombs and hand grenades being thrown, in Sweden.
02:53   Sweden has the next highest incidence of rapes, surpassed only by Lesotho in South Africa.
02:58   The incidence of rape is ten times higher in Sweden than it is in Denmark.
03:03   Ten times!
03:08   Malmö’s courthouse was the target of two bombings last year alone.
03:12   Recently Swedish police has said that there are 55 no-go zones, areas they no longer have any control over.
03:17   That is 300,000 people who live in Sweden, but who are not subject to Swedish law
03:23   or protection of the state. They live in lawless areas.
03:29   The foreman for ambulance drivers in Sweden has demanded military protection
03:34   in order to drive safely in these sensitive areas.
03:38   They have been shot at and stabbed. Is that really the Sweden you want to leave to your children?
03:46   In Sweden they imprison artists.
03:50   Dan Park sat for five months in prison.
03:54   The owner of his gallery received a two-year suspended prison sentence for showing Dan Park’s pictures.
04:00   An older woman told me that that Mamado Jallow called her a Nazi
04:05   because she went to the gallery to see the pictures.
04:10   That older woman had experienced Nazism first-hand as a child. She became so angry.
04:15   Is that how you wish to fight for freedom of expression for your citizens?
04:19   By frightening them into silence?
04:23   And is Sweden a country we other Nordic countries want to have as a neighbour?
04:28   Do we really have that kind of courage? We have a passport union in the North.
04:32   Citizens can freely move between countries.
04:36   Sweden behaves too irresponsibly for us to maintain that agreement in the long term.
04:40   We will have to, at some point, close the borders to Sweden.
04:48   Believe me, this WILL happen!
04:53   We are already beginning to feel the problem in Denmark.
04:57   The number of criminal charges against Swedes who commit crimes in Denmark
05:01   and who do not live in Denmark has risen 80 percent since 2010.
05:05   80 percent!
05:09   Swedish nationals are ranked at number four in being charged for crimes in Denmark.
05:13   We now have a specific problem with Swedes committing crimes in Denmark.
05:17   The police and the politicians are surprised.
05:21   I am not. Because your politicians have not taken upon themselves the mantle of responsibility.
05:25   Fredrik Reinfeldt is of the opinion that
05:29   Sweden should take in EVEN MORE asylum seekers. He said:
05:33   ”What does the word ‘enough’ mean? Is Sweden filled up?
05:37   Is the North filled up?
05:41   I often fly over the Swedish landscape. I would recommend others to do that as well.
05:45   There are endless fields and forests. There is more space than you can imagine.
05:50   Those who claim that the country is filled up must show where it is filled up.”
05:54   What does he imagine? That asylum seekers should be let out in the forests?
05:58   Should they not have places to live, food and to be integrated?
06:02   Does he not know that it costs money, and where does that money come from?
06:06   Those responsible for immigration are already counting on using 157 billion Swedish kroner
06:13   in the next five years alone in connection with new refugees arriving into Sweden.
06:20   Reinfeldt has furthermore said that “Sweden is not owned by the Swedes.”
06:27   Who then owns the country? The whole world?
06:31   That must be the first time in the history of the world that a leader has said that the citizens of a country
06:35   don’t have the right to their own country. It is shocking to see
06:39   a head of state being so irresponsible.
06:43   Sweden received 81,000 asylum seekers in 2014.
06:47   That is more than three times as many as in Denmark in relation to the population.
06:51   I am active in municipal politics, so I can see how we are being overwhelmed by the burden in Denmark.
06:57   The municipalities are desperate.
07:01   We do not have housing for the asylum seekers and are forced to create absurd solutions.
07:05   I dare not think how it must be to work as a municipal politician in Sweden.
07:13   I am standing here on behalf of PEGIDA.
07:17   I am not always in agreement with PEGIDA
07:21   Their political aims are not hard enough in my opinion.
07:30   But let me finish by mentioning a few of their political points: PEGIDA is FOR the receiving of war refugees.
07:32   People who are vulnerable regarding political and religious persecution.
07:36   PEGIDA is against misogynistic and violent political ideologies.
07:40   PEGIDA is against radicalisation,
07:44   religious and political. Some of the political radicals are here today.
07:50   PEGIDA is against hate speech, religious as well as political.
07:56   Does that sound like racism? Does that sound like fascism? It is not.
08:02   It is realism. Because we wish to live in a safe and secure society, a safe Sweden
08:08   and a safe Denmark, where everybody can walk safely and enjoy their statutory rights and to be able to express themselves.
08:14   The way I am expressing my opinion here today. Because it is my right.
08:18   Thank you.

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