Anne Marie Waters: It’s Time to Take a Stand

Anne Marie Waters is the founder of Sharia Watch UK and a former UKIP candidate for Parliament. In the following guest-essay she describes the current assault on free speech, and her proposed response: to bring the Mohammed cartoons to London.

It’s Time to Take a Stand

by Anne Marie Waters

We are in trouble, genuine trouble. Our language has been corrupted so that words no longer have meaning, reality is deliberately distorted, and our government and Parliament are now effectively enemies of the people. Decades of left-wing “education” has brought us here, and it is into a political and moral vacuum that Islam is advancing.

Let us take a look at ourselves.

Back in January, a group of cartoonists were slaughtered. They were shot dead in their office. Their crime was to draw a cartoon of Islam’s prophet, and to not realise that Islam is now a power in France — and will dictate life there, increasingly, until the French wake up and take action. The aftermath of the murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists was so significant that it will shape free expression for a generation. Our media didn’t show the cartoons, Charlie Hebdo was repeatedly called “racist” (even if it was, which it wasn’t, does that carry the death penalty now?), and the world tut-tutted about how inconsiderate we are of Muslim sensibilities. The word “provocation” was thrown around a lot.

What isn’t spoken about quite as often as “provocation” is the following: just after the killing of the cartoonists, a Jewish supermarket came under attack — and Jewish people were murdered. What was their “provocation”? Being Jews? The ones who bleat on endlessly about Muslim sensibilities rarely mention just what those Jews could’ve done to avoid causing offence to Muslims. Ah, but maybe there’s an answer to that — Jews are reportedly leaving France in huge numbers. Silly me.

Soon afterwards, in Copenhagen, friends of mine were shot at, and more people were slain, for getting together to talk about free speech. Lars Vilks, a Swedish artist who had once committed the crime of breaking Islamic law in the land of Sweden, was in attendance and a probable target. What happened? The world tut-tutted about how inconsiderate we are of Muslim sensibilities. As night follows day, a Jew was then murdered.

More recently, Pamela Geller — leader of the American Freedom Defense Imitative — held a cartoon contest in the land of the free. Her event came under attack by Muslims with guns. What happened? The world tut-tutted about how inconsiderate we are of Muslim sensitivities. No Jews were murdered on this occasion; however an attempt to murder Ms Geller soon followed.

And the world tut-tutted about how inconsiderate we are.

Some people are getting really tired of this, and I am one of them. We have a media elite, and governance, all over the Western world which doesn’t give a damn about us or our freedom. Journalists have no clue at all of the value of free expression, because they’ve been churned out by left-wing universities which despise the West and consider every other culture to be better than ours. They actively seek the destruction of Western society, and have found partner in jihad.

The looney-left “feelings” brigade have left us at the mercy of murderers — who are more important than us, and who we, for some reason, are supposed to respect. This is the state of our world in 2015. Islamic terrorists, oppressors, and killers are swarming our planet and our leaders are troubled about whether or not we offend them.

British born Muslims are heading off to join a group of barbarians who actively seek to destroy Britain, and our concern is for their well-being (and for some reason, we seem to want to bring them “home”). What on earth is happening to us? We are so terribly weak. And we are becoming enslaved.

As Pamela Geller so wonderfully put it, this is a showdown for freedom. We either stand up now or we will never recover — once our freedom is gone, it is gone.

To that end, I intend to make a stand, however small. I will organise an exhibition of Mohammed cartoons in Central London this September . I have a feeling I’ll get no support form our leaders, and our so-called journalists are already calling me “provocative”. But I am determined. When people are being butchered over cartoons, there is only one thing for it — more cartoons, and then even more cartoons after that.

If you can help in any way, please get in touch with me at

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7 thoughts on “Anne Marie Waters: It’s Time to Take a Stand

  1. It looks like this young lady is shaping up as Britain’s Geert Wilders!

    She needs the support of every freedom loving individual in our blighted land.

    • Yup, she is certainly taking a brave stand for our right to free-speech. She will definitely grab the headlines this time, even though the event will be called-off a day or two before it is due to take place; shes not that daft.

  2. Indeed. If those who offend Muslim sensibilities are responsible for the resulting violence, then a woman who dresses scantily and is raped is responsible for provoking her attacker (I am obliged to Bill Maher for this insight, which is of course obvious once someone spots it).

    My parents’ generation didn’t fight fascism to defend our freedom of speech so that politically correct cowards could surrender it to the Religion of Permanent Offence.

  3. I will fight to my lastdrop to prevent Sharia or any other relgious law running this country. Just look what it was like last-time it happened. Dissenters burned at the stake; torture, overseas religious wars, women with no basic rights, child marriage and more.That was our so-called Christian society. So its a no-brainer that religion based society is no good and needs to be fought against. I am a bit bothered though that the current plethora of rabidly anti-extremist, pro free-speech organisations that are currently popping-up everywhere you look comes against a backdrop of an increase in fear of foriegners among the public, and increasing anti-immigration rhetoric in the mainstream media.

  4. When the average person sees Islam as an insult to humanity, then the west will wake up to the threat of sharia law and what it represents to freedom.

    Anne-Marie Waters is one proponent of freedom, just like Geert Wilders and the PEGIDA supporters all over Europe.

    If the west had any courage, the leaders would ban Islam outright as a subversive organization and not protect it under freedom of religion laws. It’s not as if the followers of the ideology haven’t given us enough reason to do so.

  5. Waters.
    We are obviously outnumbered in the media, my only consolation is that the media is completely out of touch with public opinion.
    A Muslim woman sits there in her scarf, that states that she has submitted to being treated as a second class citizen, and defends free speech as long as it does not offend religious sentiments. I can agree that the limit to free speech is that it should not incite to hatred and violence. This is just common law and common sense. However criticism of religion and the behavior of the followers of a religion is wrongly described as racism and incitement to hatred and violence. Most of the violence and hatred that we now witness worldwide has been incited by Islam. To point out this fact is not incitement to hatred, violence and racism, it is pointing out a problem and asking for a solution and an end to it all. You cannot compare condemnation of Jews and blacks, that is clearly racist, to criticism of a religion and its leader. It is not racist to criticize Jesus and the behavior of Christians.
    The threat to public safety is not Waters and her gang, it is the Muslim with a knife in his hand.
    When the feeble-minded leftists and Muslims have no valid arguments they resort to morality and call their opponents evil and racist.
    Galleries do not refuse to show Mohammed cartoons out of respect for religion, it is because they are terrified of Muslims.
    A simple fact is that if Muslims were removed from our societies this problem would leave with them.

  6. Anne, I’m fascinated about your stand on Islam. I’m in agreement with you that Islam is a very violent religion that can offer no solution to mankind’s quest for a peaceful world.

    That a religion will murder people only because a cartoon of their so-called prophet was drawn, speaks volume. Maybe they have so much to hide about Mohammed’s true looks; maybe he was a physically deformed person or so. Damn old fashion religion

    I wish I were in London to join you in the Mohammed cartoon exhibition. Wish you all the best. You have my blessings.

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