“Dresden is Leading the Way”

PEGIDA’s marches in Dresden normally take place on Monday nights. However, the leftist “anti-fascists” announced that they were going to mount a massive counter-demonstration tomorrow to disrupt the PEGIDA event. For that reason, the PEGIDA organizers decided to hold the demonstration tonight. It is underway now, as I write this (1:18pm EST, 7:18pm CET), with more than 20,000 in attendance. Politically Incorrect is live-streaming it.

Geert Wilders sent a message in German and Dutch to PEGIDA supporters, and the German version was read out at the beginning of the rally. Our Austrian correspondent AMT has kindly translated the text into English, which is shown below. The German and Dutch versions are also included, below the jump.

From Geert Wilders:

My dear friends in Dresden,
What is taking place here in Dresden is truly fabulous. Dresden is leading the way. All of Europe is watching you. You are not alone. You are part of something huge. In Germany, in Holland, in all of Europe. You are fulfilling the hope of many. You are the voice of the population against the elite. You are the people!

People in Germany have had enough.
People in Holland have had enough.
In all of Europe, people have had enough.

Enough of terror and hatred.
Enough of attacks, enough of bloodshed.
Enough of Islamization, which betrays our Judeo-Christian identity and our traditions, which destroys the future of our children and which is selling out our countries and our civilization.
In all of Europe people are saying: “We are the people!” And we are sick of it!

I support you with all of my heart. Millions all over Europe support you. I am proud of you.
We want what you want: a free people, a free country, a civilized country and no Islamization.
Let us fight together for all this. No one can stop us. Long live freedom!

— Geert Wilders


Meine lieben Freunde in Dresden,
Es ist wirklich fabelhaft was hier in Dresden passiert. Dresden zeigt wie’s geht. Ganz Europa schaut auf euch. Ihr seid nicht allein. Ihr seid Teil von etwas ganz Großem. In Deutschland, in Holland, in ganz Europa. Ihr erfüllt die Hoffnung vieler. Ihr seid die Stimme des Volkes gegen die Eliten. Ihr seid das Volk!

In Deutschland haben die Menschen genug davon.
In Holland haben die Menschen genug davon.
In ganz Europa haben die Menschen genug davon.

Genug von dem Terror und dem Hass.
Genug von den Anschlägen, genug von dem Blutvergießen.
Genug von der Islamisierung.
Genug von den politischen Eliten,
die unsere jüdisch-christliche Identität und unsere Traditionen verraten,
die Zukunft unserer Kinder zerstören,
und den Ausverkauf unserer Länder und unserer Zivilisation betreiben.
In ganz Europa sagen die Menschen “Wir sind das Volk”! Und wir sind es leid!

Ich unterstütze euch von Herzen. Millionen in Europa unterstützen euch. Ich bin stolz auf euch.
Wir wollen, was ihr wollt: ein freies Volk, ein freies Land, ein zivilisiertes Land, und keine Islamisierung.
Lasst uns dafür gemeinsam kämpfen! Keiner kann uns stoppen.
Es lebe die Freiheit.

— Geert Wilders


Lieve vrienden in Dresden
Het is werkelijk fantastisch wat hier in Dresden gebeurt. Dresden laat zien hoe het moet. Heel Europa kijkt naar jullie. Jullie staan niet alleen. Jullie zijn deel van iets veel groters. In Duitsland, in Nederland, in heel Europa. Jullie zijn de hoop van velen. Jullie zijn de stem van het volk tegen de elite. Jullie zijn het volk.

In Duitsland hebben de mensen er genoeg van.
In Nederland hebben de mensen er genoeg van.
In heel Europa hebben de mensen er genoeg van.

Genoeg van de terreur en de haat.
Genoeg van de aanslagen, genoeg van het bloedvergieten.
Genoeg van de islamisering.
Genoeg van de politieke elites
die onze joods-christelijke identiteit en onze tradities verraden,
die de toekomst van onze kinderen in gevaar brengen,
die ons land en onze beschaving in de uitverkoop doen
In heel Europa zeggen de mensen: “Wij zijn het volk” En wij zijn het beu!

Ik steun jullie van harte. Miljoenen in Europa steunen jullie. Ik ben trots op jullie.
Want wij willen wat jullie willen: een vrij volk, een vrij land, een beschaafd land, en geen islamisering.
Laat ons ons daar samen voor inzetten. Niemand kan ons stoppen.
Leve de vrijheid.

— Geert Wilders

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14 thoughts on ““Dresden is Leading the Way”

    • The main man in Europe. Stay safe and well Geert.
      We are all behind you in your selfless cause.

      • I have been reading Geert Wilders wisdom for at least 5 years now, i’m so glad that at last the people are listening! He has risked his life for what he believes in, so please support him. Look up his speeches on you tube, one very clever man

        • Geert – thankyou for supporting the pepole of Germany – and inspiring them to their ideals Tom – U.K.

  1. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
    All Europeans must support PEGIDA like Geerd does, and get on the street.
    When I first heard that it will start in Britain, I could hardly contain my excitement.

  2. Germany must implement a pragmatic and non-violent method to eliminate the threat of violent jihad inherent in Islamic culture. To do this they must outlaw the practice of Islam, close all mosques and madrassahs, and deport all muslims.

    Only this will allow Germany and all of Europe to regain their homeland.

    This may be enough for many. But those who have studied history will realize just how much territory Western Civilization has had stolen from them through violent Islamic colonization. I would not be averse to non-muslim nations mounting a well-armed force to reclaim these lands, free those in bondage, and return all of it back to the West … where it rightly belongs.

  3. Geert Wilders,
    You are the first man I ever heard, learned and seen. A willed strong man who never afraid to say what was right! You will be a great leader. You are right, the world is in danger because of terrorists . It is time to stop them before it’s too late!. They too killed innocent christians and burned busses in my country Philippines. I believe with your ideology and I support you for what you believe. I hope and pray that the people in Netherlands will wake up and see the reality. “Better to stop them before it will turn the whole world in the dark side, unstoppable and no way out!- maria

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