What We Need Around Here is a Little Judiciously Applied Fratricide

Winter Fundraiser 2015, Day Seven

Well, we’re winding to a close here at our winter fundraiser. Today is the final day of the fundraiser proper. There will be a wrap-up sometime tomorrow, which is why we refer to the entire package as “The Octet”.

It’s Sunday morning in the Western Hemisphere, and most of our readers are presumably lounging in the complacency of the peignoir, although it’s a little too early for the sunny chair with the coffee and the oranges and the cockatoo and all that.

Tip jarYou all have been busily making that tip jar clink for the past week, and I can’t tell you how gratifying the response has been. In addition to our own determined efforts, the Western Rifle Shooters Association was kind enough to post a plug for our bleg on Friday. That brought in a lot of new donors, many of them from states such as Wyoming and Arizona where Second Amendment rights are held dear. It was a pleasure to see you all arrive.

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Fundraising week really allows us to touch base with our readers. We already know some of you through your comments and emails, but there are a lot of others who would remain unknown to us if they didn’t hit the “donate” button.

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A week of “Friends and Neighbors” would be incomplete without mentioning one particular friend. She’s not quite a neighbor, since she lives in Washington D.C., a.k.a. the Forbidden City, the heart of the Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy. However, I can drive to see her in less than a day. So that’s close enough.

I refer, of course, to Diana West, the well-known journalist and author who stumbled into so much controversy back in 2013.

I’ve been friends with Diana for six years or so. Of all the social occasions I regularly take part in, none gives me more pleasure than the gatherings at her house in D.C. Not only is her guest list top-notch — I first met Steve Coughlin, Brigitte Gabriel, Frank Gaffney, and Claire Lopez at her house — but the atmosphere is elegant and her table well-kept.

I customarily refer to her get-togethers as “soirées”, because they usually begin early, before the dinner hour, and their style hearkens back to a time when social forms were important and respected.

Diana had been publishing opinion pieces for a long time before her first book saw print. I admired her work for The Washington Times for years before I met her, having read her newspaper columns in dead-tree media, and then later online in the Jewish World Review.

Her first book, The Death of the Grown-up, was published in 2008. It described the infantilization of American politics and culture, and how this stubborn refusal to grow up was contributing to the decline of our country.

Dymphna had already bought and read a copy of the book before we ever made contact with Diana. It was printed in some microscopic font — it looked like 4pt Times New Roman to me; even back then my eyes were shot — so I hadn’t been able to read it myself.

The Death of the Grown-up was well-received, although I’m sure it must have made some of the literati uneasy, since so much of their stock-in-trade partakes of the infantilized culture. Those who believe hip-hop music has poetic value were unlikely to identify with what Diana had to say.

American Betrayal, her second book, was another matter.

She started out intending to write an entirely different book, one that would examine the history of Muslim Brotherhood influence in the United States. As background for her research on Islamic infiltration she decided to research earlier infiltration by the Communists, and particularly by agents of influence for the Soviet Union. What she found astounded and dismayed her. She realized that there was another story that was largely unknown to most Americans and cried out to be exposed. The result was American Betrayal, and that’s where the trouble began.

It turned out I couldn’t read the new book either. By the time it was published in the spring of 2013 I had full-blown macular degeneration, and couldn’t even consider looking at it. When July came around and trouble began, I found myself in an unusual position: my friend had been publicly attacked in a most egregious fashion for writing a book that I hadn’t read. Which turned out to be an advantage, in the long run.

Since I hadn’t read the book, and couldn’t address any criticism of it based on the merits, what I noticed was the ad-hominem manner in which Diana was attacked. I know her to be a gracious and honorable woman of great integrity. Regardless of whether any of her conclusions were right or wrong, she didn’t deserve the foul slime that was flung at her. No one who earnestly seeks to uncover the truth should be treated in such a fashion.

That was why I came to her defense. And, strange is it may seem, for a while back there in the fall of 2013, Gates of Vienna was the most prominent venue defending Diana West. None of the major outlets would touch the issue, except to give space to her detractors.

I won’t go into detail about the attacks on American Betrayal. Those who are unfamiliar with what happened may read “Planet X” or “An Addled Barroom Brawler”, or any of the other posts in the Diana West Archives.

In a nutshell: Diana was blindsided by vitriolic attacks from people she had thought were her allies and colleagues. She was described as “McCarthy on steroids,” “unhinged,” a “right-wing loopy,” not properly “house trained,” an “incompetent” who purveyed “a farrago of lies,” and many other similar epithets. In other words, her critics failed to address the merits of her book, but rather engaged in an unseemly and intensely personal attack, one that went straight for the jugular.

The most prominent of the knife-throwers were Ronald Radosh, Conrad Black, and David Horowitz. There were many other lesser lights who went along with the “take-down” in a spirit of me-tooism — or maybe because their funding sources were dependent their agreement with the Wise Ones.

Then there was the curious incident of the dogs that failed to bark in the night — that is, all those colleagues who had previously affirmed Diana’s work and described her as a friend, but were unwilling to speak out on her behalf. And also those whose “defense” was lukewarm at best, most notably the former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, who earned the dubious distinction of coining the phrase “barroom brawl” to describe what had happened.

That’s some planet, that Planet X. It exerted a huge gravitational pull back then on people and events, and still does today. Even now I’m no closer to identifying it.

I don’t like to participate in the sort of fratricide that became commonplace in the summer and fall of 2013. Conflicts among various conservative factions are inevitable, but it would be better for all of us if the dirty laundry were never publicly aired. If the ad-hominem mud hadn’t been so viciously flung against a friend I admire and respect, I never would have gotten involved.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

After all the lies and misrepresentations and distortions leveled against her, Diana published The Rebuttal: Defending ‘American Betrayal’ from the Book-Burners to set the record straight. I consider it a privilege to be represented among the blogosphere defenders included in the book.

And here’s a video where Diana talks about how she came to write American Betrayal:

The additional “suggested” videos associated with this one should lead you to the other parts of this interview, and to other videos in which she discusses the book.

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39 thoughts on “What We Need Around Here is a Little Judiciously Applied Fratricide

  1. Hmm…you say “octet” and I say “octave” – as in “the Octave of Christmas”. I guess my term is Catholic insider esoterica. So never mind.

    I got to choose the video…I wanted a short one for those who don’t like long videos, but I also wanted it to be informative re how she came to write “Betrayal”. It’s more than passing strange that the kinds of betrayal of the U.S. that she describes in the book began to be echoed in the way she was betrayed by former colleagues she’d worked with in the past. The eruptions by whomever was so scared off by the book rattled through a number of blogs and websites. You could almost hear the watertight doors slamming in those dark days.

    I’m glad it’s all over but the whole brouhaha was also a turning point: no more conservatism for me, not the way it is carried on in this country. The corruption is deep and wide and above all, tragic. So I ain’t got no home, but I’m learning to fend for myself…

  2. A friend once showed me a video of a former KGB agent discussing subversion, and how to infiltrate and defeat a country from within. It can be seen here: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5gnpCqsXE8g

    This video was a real eye-opener, and seems to be consistent with the topic of Diana West’s book, which I’m about to order.

    What if many aspects of modern Western culture were “subverted”? Such as the ’60s revolution, or the Green revolution? Could we now be living in a world where aspects of our culture were introduced specifically to bring about our civilisation’s destruction? And could the Muslim brotherhood have utilised the KGB’s techniques to meet their own ends?

    • Yes…consistently subverted indeed. Can’t remember where I first saw that KGB defector but I remember his statistic that 85% of the KGB was devoted to subversion. He reminds us that you cannot subvert in a society that doesn’t want to be subverted.

      Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society

      I would put in with those revolting revolutions the anthropogenic climate disaster being predicted and projected/supported by the Left. Anthony Watts’ front page has all sorts of goodies. In a new post previewed on that page, he has a quote which makes your point:

      Who can forget the infamous threat from Greenpeace’s Gene Hasmi? We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work. And we be many, but you be few.

      And here’s another, about 2014 being among the 3% coldest years in the last 10,000 of ’em


      Until they can figure out a way to make that information scary it won’t get much press. Jornolists exist to keep people in fear.

      And this one, my favorite:

      “Climate change falling so far off the public radar, a major polling house didn’t even bother asking about it this year.”

      This particular meme is failing for the moment because so many of its leaders have either quit in disgust or been disgraced. But never fear, the academics are still hard at work making stuff up. They’ll be back with new bad news – it’s how they keep their jobs.

      • Don’t forget these videos featuring Yuri Bezmenov were done in the 80s. Thus, the sound quality isn’t so hot. They are still worth watching though, because the tactics of the Left haven’t changed, except this process has gained momentum:

        Feminists Are Useful Idiots, And Doomed. Must Watch.

        Thanks, FDR. It really was a NEW DEAL.

        • “A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information; facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures, even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him concentration camps, he will refuse to believe it, until he is going to receive a kick in his fat bottom. When a military boot crashes his balls, then he will understand, but not before that. That’s the tragedy of the situation of demoralization.” – Yuri Bezmenov

          Mr. Bezmenov is right on the mark. The whole Western world is being lead by the demoralized. We can see it today. Inspite of facts, the demoralized tell us: Islamic State is not Islamic and has nothing to do with Islam; there are no no-go zones in France; Islam is a religion of peace and has a proud history of tolerance and was the first to support women’s rights; it is only a tiny radicalized minority who are giving Islam a bad name; FGM has nothing to do with Islam; honor killing has nothing to do with Islam; the US has nearly $20 trillion in debt, but that’s no reason to worry. We are living in a time where one can imagine oneself, who’s not crazy, being in an asylum run by the insane.

        • Just. Started watching…

          “Start with conservative media…”

          Exactly what’s happening with the Telegraph, Daily Mail and Fox news, and parties such as the Conservatives, UKIP and the Republicans vis-a-vis Islam? Who’d have thought that these entities would have proclaimed that “Islam is a religion of peace” etc?

          A little late here now, but will definitely watch the rest later.

      • Mr Watts mentions that most surface stations are in urban areas, which of course are warmer than the average.

        Listening to the reports from coastal stations in the shipping forecast on BBC Radio 4, I note that many are on airfields, civilian and military. Lots of concrete on airfields, which is why birds sit on the runways in winter.

  3. Yes, my friend Diana is one classy lady. I love spending time with her and her wonderful husband, in addition to the lovely dogs, whenever I am in Washington DC. Her soirees mean the world to me. Mind-boggling to be among such men and women with integrity, especially in a world so lacking in integrity.

    Looking forward to many more, Diana. Stay strong. Love you.

  4. My take on “Planet X”:
    It’s the whole fairy tale of the “good war”–the good guys bravely beating the bad guys at great cost in lives and treasure.
    In reality…
    It coulda gone quicker racing up the Italian boot. Europe could have missed the destruction of the thousand-bomber raids and kept some more of its industry, Poland and central Europe could have been free. The Russians could have been left to fester on their own sans “the BOMB”.
    Most of Europe’s Jews would have survived.
    An early Nazi surrender would have done it all and more.
    Too bad.
    Roooosevelt just HAD to build up the Russkis ABOVE ALL.

    • Flintlock, that’s a succinct precis of the horror of it all. The Russians even hauled off American soldiers to the gulags and WE DID NOTHING.

      • That to me is one of the most damning pieces of evidence of the conspiracy. I had thought George Marshall a person of irreproachable integrity and character. Surely he was aware of this situation. I wonder how he rationalized it. I’m not saying he was part of the conspiracy, for I’m sure he most certainly was not.

      • There was also Operation Keelhaul, in which the British (apparently with American approval) sent desperate refugees back to Stalin’s tender mercies. Nikolai Tolstoy researched the topic intensively and named names.

        The most prominent of them, Lord Aldington, filed a libel suit — not against Tolstoy but against someone who had distributed a pamphlet containing some of Tolstoy’s research. Tolstoy honorably made himself a co-defendant.

        Then he found that documents he had used in his research had been “misplaced” and were “not available,” or they were heavily scrubbed.

        • In carrying out Operation Keelhaul, the Brits (plus Aussies and New Zealanders) were acting above and beyond what had been required of them under the Yalta Agreement. The soldiers on the ground hated what they had to do and only did so under threat of military disciplinary action. Even then some brave souls tipped off a few “enemies”, eg do not turn up at roll call tomorrow morning.

          A truly disgraceful episode.

      • You bet yer bippy!!!
        WWI–A couple of hundred POWs (FROM LENIN’S RUSSIA!) returned to the US because Hoover drove a hard bargain re aid $$.
        WWII–Anywhere from a (very) low 15,000 to a more reasonable 45,000 left to rot in the gulag still, Stalin got LOTS of postwar aid.
        Korea–About 5,000 men, all forgotten.
        ‘Nam–About 1/3 of the known POWs in the North came home. At the time it was considered common knowledge in Europe that the NVA were looking for LOTS more $$$. (BTW–The last Frenchman from Dien Bien Phu from ’54 got home in 1980!) DEAR John McCain was the prime mover killing any chances to get any more of them. NOBODY (not a soul) ever got back from Laos.

  5. I DID read Diana’s book and regard it as one of the most important works published so far this century. There are lots of puzzles in history, and unfortunately most of them inspire what is deemed to be ‘conspiracy theories’. A conspiracy theory is a theory of events put forwaards by an intellectual kuffar, one who is not part of the ‘clique’ and is therefore not ‘housetrained’.

    History is a concensus discipline, and one’s writings must keep within the bounds of academic respectability as defined by the great and the good. DW’s book was deemed to be extremely bad manners, after all, if one tells the world ‘historical TRUTH’ then the professors and sages would have to learn a new set of dogmas, and that cannot be.

  6. Dear Baron and Dymphna,

    The kindness, courage, decency and steely analytical skills you have manifested throughout my “troubles” are exactly the same virtues that make Gates of Vienna that rare beacon in this benighted era. But what a happy surprise to find myself in the “rotogravure” today! THANK YOU for everything all over again.

    Baron, I want you especially to know that after I finish typing this note, I am going back to my main occupation these days, which is recording the *audiobook* of American Betrayal. It is my first time reading through the book since I shipped the correct copy back to the publisher in December 2012, which is interesting in and of itself — but now I am quite attuned to listening for what may have sent “Planet X” into orbit!

    Till the next soiree …

    • Great news about your recording the book! Frankly, I put up that short video of your interview so people could hear the wonderful quality of your voice.

      Ned sometimes says he’d show up to hear you read the telephone book…an encomium previously reserved for the voice of William F. Buckley, only in your case he’d be in close agreement with your ideas. But Buckley did make the push-back against Communism more respectable.

      So of course he’ll get the audiobook – on car trips he can alternate between his collection of Marie-Claire Alain’s interpretations of Bach’s organ works and what he describes as “the tinkling bells” of Diana’s voice.

      It is good to know there are people of your caliber still among us. History will eventually declare you the winner of the putative “barroom brawl”.

    • Dear Ms West,

      Prior to reading your book I had long been aware of the vast quantities of military and non-military aid given to the Soviet Union by the USA (and how the Soviet people were not made aware of it) under Lend Lease.

      After reading several chapters of “American Betrayal” I was reminded of the utterly astonishing quantity of butter the USA gave the USSR under “Lend Lease”. I didn’t think much of it when my eyes first lit upon the amount as the USA produced/produces a great deal of butter so had plenty of it to, albeit extremely generously, give away. Yes, butter is a pretty mundane foodstuff, but bear with me here as it is instructive.

      Mid-book I then diverted to the subject of rationing in the USA during WW2 – I had previously, initially, understood that gasoline had been rationed, later learned also cloth, but assumed that that was it – and was stunned to learn the breadth and depth of rationing in the USA.

      “By 1943 one needed government issued ration coupons to purchase coffee, sugar, meat, cheese, butter, lard, margarine, canned foods, dried fruits, jam, gasoline, bicycles, fuel oil, clothing, silk or nylon stockings, shoes, and many other items. Some items, like automobiles and home appliances, were no longer made.”

      Noting the fifth item in the above list, in addition to meat (the quantity of Spam sent to the Soviet Union by the USA was enough to feed the Red Army for two years), what Lend Lease thus meant in practice was that Americans actually went without, endured food deprivation, so that its “ally” could feed its army (and nomenklatura, no doubt) as it conquered, pillaged and raped its way into Central Europe! Unsurprisingly there is no book on this subject. Or is there?

      • Dear Mr. O’Malley,
        To my knowledge, you were right the first time: “Unsurprisingly, there is no book on this subject.” I was quite serious on writing in American Betrayal how little consciousness there is of Lend Lease in US history as it has been taught for decades — and that goes at least double when it comes to the astonishing Soviet-first priority in planes and materiel … and, as you note, butter! George Racey Jordan’s book, From Major Jordan’s Diaries, remains an excellent primer on the program, but its scope and costs and, probably, socializing influence, remain unreckoned.
        I was recently rooting around Lend Lease files in the National Archives and was struck anew by the massiveness of the program — and the mind-numbingly large bureaucracy that seemed to spring, pre-made, to admininster it.
        I’ll bet therein lies another story.

        • Dear Ms West,

          Thank you for your reply. I have read Major Jordan’s book twice. A re-read is necessary to ensure the jaw-dropping facts of his narrative sink in. The direct verbal instruction he received over the telephone from Harry Hopkins whilst at Great Falls is frightening and you of all people can draw the inescapable inference.

          Somewhere on the Net there exists a contemporaneous tabulation (it is a PDF of many typed pages) listing the categories, eg “Metals”, items within categories, eg “Copper wire” and quantities of each item, eg tons, lengths, numbers, etc, of Lend Lease materiel given to the USSR. Darkly amusingly, as I recall, it listed “Pianos” and “[tobacco] Pipes – 1”.

          The book that I hoped may have been written (and needs to be written) is one which juxtaposed the deprivation and difficulties Americans endured in, say, obtaining (or going without) shoes during WW2 whilst x million pairs of boots and shoes were sent to the USSR. Mothers simultaneously working full time in defense plants whilst also raising children and running households alone (their husbands having been drafted into military service) and having to spend their precious spare time queuing with their ration books to buy restricted quantities of … butter.

          During the siege of Leningrad the party boss there, Andrei Zhadanov, had his own personal pastry cook/chocolate maker at the Smolny Institute as a million or so starved to death in the city.

          The image of Zhadanov scoffing down patisseries as bone-tired American housewives queued for a jar of strawberry jam would make a great introduction if Hollywood was ever minded to make a film on the unwritten book.


  7. A big reason why I appreciate and respect GoV is the classy and kind treatment you gave Diana. You guys are nice guys and good guys and, happily, smart.

    She deserves a statue in DC near Lincoln. Her style in Betrayal was deliciously ingenious: put the facts and the unbelievable documentation out there and let the reader be forced into almost a mathematical conclusion. She cajoled no one. “Hey, here it is folks.” “Believe anything you want.” It was a perfect.

    The critics were muttering to themselves”How dare she say that the square root of nine is three?” I have never seen such a moment of eating humble pie causing so much indigestion. Her rebuttal was another example of solid algebraic logic: irrefutable. It was like a kid going up to his math teacher after class and yelling “It’s not fair we have to carry one when the sum is over nine.” Wah wah.

    Not since Whittaker Chambers in Witness have we seen such a literary victory in a deadly war of ideas.

    I felt sorry for Horowitz. I think he tells his wife “hmmm, honey, I think I made a big mistake.”

    The box he got himself into snapped shut and it was too late to get out.

      • The analogy between the treatment of Whittaker Chambers and Diana West, makes the treatment of the latter worse as she, unlike Chambers: has not treasonously spied against her own country; does not disseminate anti-American propaganda on behalf of a hostile foreign power; and doesn’t live an otherwise seriously ethically compromised personal lifestyle. Chambers was an easy and rich target to ridicule and demonize as a liar and fantasist as was, unfortunately, Elizabeth Bentley. Ms West is not.

        One can just imagine how much nastier the ad hominem attacks upon her would have been if Ms West had some unsavory aspect in her personal history. I’ve no doubt much research was done by people in the MSM and the Radosh-Horowitz crew to try to find something on her. And isn’t it rich beyond belief that a convicted corporate embezzler, thief and felon, has the gall to describe Ms West as “semi house-trained” for having the temerity to be critical of said felon’s hero FDR? And notable that his bilious critique of “American Betrayal” is widely published in the MSM?

          • Instead of the conventional endpiece to a published review wherein it states something about the reviewer like “Stephen Smith is a regular contributor to the Dubuque Journal of Corn Cultivation and lives in Danbury, Connecticut”, I noted that the newspapers that published Conrad Black’s review of American Betrayal omitted stating at the end: “Conrad Black is an occasional contributor to Prison Life Gazette and lives in Terre Haute Federal Penitentiary, Indiana”. Go figure.

  8. Great book! Very disturbing. Have lost faith in all humanity. Nothing has changed, our nature is flawed. God help us all.

    • Well, remember Christ’s promise? He said that the truth will set you free; He didn’t mention that first it will make you miserable.

      The point being that “faith in humanity” will always end sadly because, as you say, “our nature is flawed”. So the point is to find/create a space for a faith that doesn’t depend on others – as John Cleese said once (and now I can’t find the source anymore), “we are, all of us, miserable sinners…”

      A friend reminded me not long ago that the unavoidable experience of betrayal is deeply wounding. We are blindsided by the perfidy of those we admired and/or trusted. It happens repeatedly yet each time is as if it were the first. Again, as Jesus warned, you must be “as innocent as a dove and as wise as a serpent”.

      IOW, to expect betrayal even as you search for less painful ways to pull out the latest arrow will help you stay sane. And whatever you do, don’t rush to that all-too-common premature ‘forgiveness’; not only is it fakery but it also short circuits the full metabolization of whatever current treachery it is you’re currently trying to process. Others will demand that you forgive and forget. Refuse. Understand your *own* rhythms and move with those…

      • God bless. As a great philosopher once said “life is a bitch and than you die.” I do appreciate your thoughtful words.

  9. Dymphna, I agree about hearing Diana speak. You are probably aware that you can hear much more of Diana at the Center for Security Policy on the Secure Freedom Radio podcasts where Diana is a frequent contributor: http://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/type/podcasts/

    Another video is a Center for Security Policy conference on the anniversary of FDR’s recognition of the Soviet Union featuring Diana as well as several other noted speakers, including Frank Gaffney, M. Stanton Evans, Stephen Coughlin and Chris Farrell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUPPw4A4ZmhK_e95S2Ka0Xaw&v=XgOu_-FU-JE

  10. When someone makes an argument and the response is a well documented rebuttal they can revise their argument or respond with further documentation. When the response is an ad hominem attack it only means that the opposition does not have a valid argument. Horowitz et al. performed a valuable service. They, perhaps unintentionally, increased the readership of Diana’s work. Diana revealed the fifth column that is still with us today. It is no longer in the service of communism and now works for radical Islam. If Islam was not a useful tool they would find some other demonic force to attack the West.

    • I am re-mulling the “disinformation campaign” et b.b. (barroom brawl) possibly for a new Author’s Introduction for the audiobook — an overview, which I wasn’t able to put together any earlier. The motive for the ad hominem attacks is likely to remain elusive, but there may be a nice companion piece here to write for The Rebuttal.
      I think John is surely correct that the attacks drew attention to the book. I sometimes wonder if at some point “they” realized this, that they had miscalculated in trying to kill the book with poison and garbage. Good people just didn’t like that technique. Also, informed students of the period, such as John Dietrich (his excellent book “The Morgenthau Plan: Soviet Influence on American Foreign Policy” figures prominently in my research), could easily see through it.
      One big miscalculation (for them) was timing. American Betrayal came out on May 28, 2013. The “take-down” came out on about August 7, 2013. That’s two-plus months — a healthy head start for any book as far as readers, reviews, media, appearances, etc., go. I mention that because it’s a fact that Radosh requested a review copy early on, even before the book came out, if I remember correctly.
      The St. Martin’s publicity department is quite good about getting copies to interested parties, and this request went in the hopper with the rest. For some reason, though, a review copy just didn’t go out to him, even on repeated request. I think he finally bought one. I like to think the delay was Providence. It sure was lucky.

      • For some reason, though, a review copy just didn’t go out to him, even on repeated request. I think he finally bought one. I like to think the delay was Providence. It sure was lucky.

        Yes indeed. Some info I had forwarded to B & D in Sept 2013 that was intended for your eyes related how long ago another author had actually delivered his manuscript to the man that would mount a campaign against the author (and threatening his publisher). The media was fairer to him than you, but still his reputation in the field never recovered. This despite great public acceptance. In such instances, logic plays no part. It’s purely agenda. Hence, I really hope it helped you prepare, especially in knowing that you were not the first, and thereby understood sooner than the former author that it was something akin to war being waged against you.

        Additionally, I have wondered if that info may have inspired the Baron coming up with his Planet X analogy.

        In any case, I certainly am happy to see that you have fared far better.

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