French Lefties Break the Taboo

For decades most French politicians have observed a taboo against mentioning the ethnicity — and especially the religion — of the “youths” who cause riots, arson, and mayhem in the banlieues of the cities. It simply wasn’t done to talk about such things. These were economically disadvantaged youngsters whose self-control had been weakened by the forces of capitalist exploitation. Or some such leftist cant.

But the Charlie Hebdo massacre seems to have changed all that. The following clip from French television shows various French politicians, including at least one communist mayor, speaking out forthrightly about the damage wrought in French cities by the beneficiaries of cultural enrichment.

As Vlad points out, if these leftist politicians are now willing to say these things in public, what must they be saying in private to one another?

Many thanks to Carolus for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   [André Gérin, Communist mayor of Vénissieux]: I am not bothered about speaking about “Apartheid” – I have used this term for at least ten years.
00:04   For me, speaking about “Apartheid” or “Ghettos of the Republic”,
00:08   I even wrote a book about these “Ghettos of the Republic”,
00:12   corresponds to the idea according to which – if we do not
00:16   give a warning shot in this country, to the political leaders and to the political forces
00:20   both of left and of right, with respect to what is happening, I think we are in
00:24   for a rude awakening. [Philippe Esnol, senator]: What is worrying, and that was noticed not only in the districts at hand,
00:28   in those places that the Prime Minister was alluding to, but that we notice also
00:32   more and more, in more dramatic ways,
00:36   including in towns that are very calm, just like Conflans-Sainte-Honorine,
00:40   which do not have identified “difficult zones”, etc.
00:44   and where we see a momentum of fundamentalism, including
00:48   in very calm areas. [André Gérin]: In some areas in our country,
00:52   they impose Sharia, a way to live and
00:56   a way to dress – we see that a lot in the youth,
01:00   [Philippe Esnol]: You have seen today more and more Muslim women
01:04   wear the veil, and conceal even more of their bodies,
01:08   sometimes even reaching the limits of what is permissible under the law.
01:12   We can see only the nose and the eyes.
01:16   There are places where, if you go there for a stroll, you can wonder
01:20   if you are still in France. And behind them,
01:24   and I denounced this, there is from time to time a certain indulgence
01:28   to ask that the police not intervene to make a bad situation worse,
01:32   or “get excited” about this type of unlawful behavior.
01:36   [André Gérin]: We can talk of “French Talibans”. I will take the example of
01:40   the Imam Bouziane, whom I had thrown out of the country in 2004.
01:44   What does Imam Bouziane say? He is…
01:48   anti-France, anti-Republic,
01:52   genital mutilation of women, etc. etc.
01:56   And these guys are self-proclaimed Imams.
02:00   Today in France there are several dozen of these people.
02:04   [Philippe Esnol]: And you see a progression of that kind of behavior
02:08   and more specific demands of accommodation,
02:12   with respect to their “practice of religion”,
02:16   for instance reserved times in swimming pools,
02:20   or meals adapted to…
02:24   special menus in schools, etc., all kind of things that,
02:28   almost did not exist ten to fifteen years ago. [André Gérin]: Not only are we treating them with kid gloves, but
02:32   we leave them free to do whatever they please – a politics of excuses,
02:36   a politics of victimization. [Philippe Esnol]: There has been too much complaisance.
02:40   I think there has been too much complaisance. We believed too much that
02:44   the Republican crucible, the Republican integration
02:48   was finally going to work – school, etc.,
02:52   that they were finally going to merge into French society, integrate.
02:56   We see today that is it not the case at all.
03:00   [Animator]: The mayor of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, the leftist senator you just heard
03:04   has declared at “Au Point” [a French program] that orders have been given to tolerate
03:08   the wearing of the burka, so that riots would not occur again following police controls,
03:12   as happened at Trappes during the Summer of 2013.
03:16   Was he right? [Panel member]: Yes, Mr. Guérin,
03:20   the former mayor of Vénissieux, yes.
03:24   After that, we have this program to explain more nuances, put things in their right place,
03:28   after what we said, and it would be high time that we can say it, especially when it comes from
03:32   leftist sensitivities …[Animator]: These people are deputies from the left – a former communist mayor, and
03:36   the other is PRG [Parti radical de gauche – Radical Party of the Left].
03:40   [Panel member] Yes, there you go – that is going to do some good, being more in tune with each other,
03:44   instead of that fruitless war between the Left and the Right that paralyzed us for the past twenty years
03:48   and that allows us to do programs like this one this afternoon, so that things can progress.

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14 thoughts on “French Lefties Break the Taboo

  1. Hmmm, a French Communist Mayor and Radical Party of the Left Senator talking about the same subjects and in the same way as Anne-Marie Waters – that “far right” lesbian-feminist and the “far right” Dutch anti-Islamic extremist Geert Wilders. My, my.

  2. If they’re going public with negative comments about cultural enrichers you can bet money that what they say in private is considerably more harsh.

  3. Generally speaking, the political class throughout the West has been ignoring the people for decades, immigration of the Third World into the West being the prime example of the kind of hubristic thinking that has permeated and replaced true rational logic, as initiated under United Nations policies such as MC/PC, and in some cases has been assisted with malice aforethought by some, and specifically against those who the Traitor Class consider the lower classes of people or their political enemies. And this has of course occurred without any input whatsoever from those the Third World would have been imported to upset the most- the people.

    There is a Traitor Class within the political class, and a class so against nation states and love of country that still has much influence as to how individual countries are to be governed. While it is good to see individuals within the political class speak out (panic to what they see eventuating and to safeguard their own necks?) against what they KNOW to be happening to their people and country, and have probably KNOWN for some time, they are yet few in number and hold no real sway as to how things will eventually pan out which will always be the preserve of the Traitor Class and its puppets within the political class until completely overthrown.

    Just like Islam in all our countries, I cannot envisage the Traitor Class, just like the Nazis, being defeated politically as all three ideologies will not willingly give up what they have gained to those they consider are lesser to themselves – the people. I sincerely hope that I am proven wrong on that, but history tells me otherwise.

    • The establishment is being defeated politically. Ideas only last as long as they are able to answer questions asked of them, and their idea, egalitarianism, is struggling to explain itself in the face of all the contrary evidence.

      • Things go much deeper that that maninthepub. Defeating the Traitor Class politically will not be enough to keep them from starting up again at some other time. We are dealing with fanatics who truly believe in their cause and the loss of political power will always only ever be a temporary setback to that kind of thinking.

        Just like the Nazi political machine was not defeated by war, and is to this day is thriving throughout the Banking and Corporate conglomerations and many countries security agencies that control much of the world, their political lackeys will never stop trying to influence outcomes at the political level.

        The only way we can effectively eliminate that kind of ideology and destructive to personal liberty thinking that now comes from our political process is to ensure that a new system of how governments are elected is implemented. The ‘problems’ that now manifest themselves many times over begin within political parties, are amplified within political parties, and then become the group thinking of the political parties that must be made obsolete for a newer form of electing government without involving any political parties at all.

  4. “the beneficiaries of cultural enrichment”? No, it’s the bestowers of cultural enrichment. Cultural enrichment is a one-way street, from the superior instructors to the inferior instructees.

  5. To paraphrase a quote by Orwell, “There are some ideas so ridiculous that only an intellectual could believe in them.” Any normal person could have told you this wasn’t going to work, that a Muslim immigrant will only follow Islam and have no regard to his host country. I’ve never read the Koran but I doubt if there is the equivalent of “Render unto Caesar which is Caesar’s, and render unto God which is God’s.”

    • “Any normal person could have told you this wasn’t going to work, that a Muslim immigrant will only follow Islam and have no regard to his host country.”

      Which is why throughout the West the consent of or mandate from the citizenry was never sought. It would have been resoundingly refused.

      No there is no equivalent that you write of in the Koran and you don’t need to read it: the perfection of Islam is that “Caesar” and “God” are effectively merged into the one all-embracing, total, socio-political creed. Which is why it is so aptly described as totalitarian.

  6. I don’t think the Paris massacres will change as we expect them to. The Charlie Hebdo massacre has given national governments all over the excuse now to further legitimize a surveillance police state. No matter which part of Europe I travel I see more and more uniform style changes with the police — some are wearing militarized styles with body armor I’ve never noticed before. There is talk by governments of limiting freedom of movement in the EU, the exact opposite of what the Brussels bosses set out to do. I’m not saying the Charlie Hebdo attack was a false flag (don’t have en0ugh information) but it does have many characteristics of one. The hysteria that followed also took the people’s of Europe minds off of Europe’s more serious problems, such as the coming EU-US treaty that will hurt both Europeans and Americans.

    • I meant to say in my first comment that the Paris attacks will not change how the governments submit to the Islamization of their countries. The ideology remains the same. PEGIDA continues to be demonized by left and by its leaders (like Merkel). It’s almost as though they want to destroy Western tradition.

      • Maybe that’s why a northern European country gave a jive-talking U.S. president a “Peace” Prize – perhaps for his labors in campaigning. They could see the love of destruction in his eyes.

        BHO has taken up the sword of his putative father: anti-white, anti-English, anti-American. Give the man a gold medal…

        • @Dymphna

          In your comment regarding giving that “Peace” Prize, the essence is very Clear regarding what it going on on a global scale.

          In addition, the meaning of “peace”, as well as “religion of peace”/submitting just rounds it all up. The picture is very clear by now. The idea of giving him the prize may even have been agreed upon long before the first election took place, as part of the whole plan.

  7. Why am I not surprised? Communists have no problems with proposing and carrying out democide against large numbers of people–especially those not conducive to being organized by the state and its vanguard party.

    M. Gerin gives it all away when he speaks of “self-proclaimed imams”. He thinks every religion should be nice and tightly organized like the Roman Catholic church. Wipe out the Muslims, and he’ll say the same thing about the Evangelical Christians who dare to doubt his party’s message. Then again, could there not be an internal sigh of relief going on? Now it is acceptable to start talking vengeance against those evil thugs who martyred so many noble Soviet soldiers and Third World Communists in Afghanistan! Yes! Justice as vengeance! The time is at hand!

    Don’t get me wrong. I do not like Islam. But I still refuse to trust a Communist.

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