Antifa vs. PEGIDA in Utrecht

A demonstration by the Dutch branch of PEGIDA was held in Utrecht over the weekend. As usual, masked “anti-fascists” were on hand to shout down, harass, obstruct, and commit occasional violence against the peaceful anti-Islam protesters.

The collusion between the authorities and the antifas is becoming increasingly blatant. During this demo you can see demonstrators being arrested and put in a police van while jeering antifas look on, chanting. You can also see a policewoman confiscate signs featuring the “Turban Bomb” Motoon — presumably the lawfully owned private property of one or more demonstrators, but none of that matters when “hate speech” rules have to be enforced.

The video below was taken by one of the antifas and shows demonstrators being put in a police van. It’s not as interesting as some of the others, but it was the only one with audible enough dialogue to be meaningfully subtitled. See the other videos — including one showing a protester being dragged away by police — at Vlad’s place.

Many thanks to H. Numan for translating what he could of this clip, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:09   Lots of respect for the young ones who stand for the cause.
00:25   Nazis shout: no more fascism
00:33   Jes, somebody’s sitting in the bus [police arrest van].
00:38   We can shout.
00:47   Nazi shouts: all are Nazis!
00:57   You know what they do? They arrest you, so you are off the streets.
01:06   So you can’t be heard.
01:09   While they have no right to arrest you.
01:13   That’s how it goes, nowadays.
01:27   It’s funny: they arrest one, but not you.
01:34   That’s because he was arrested earlier.
01:37   So that’s it! But not the Nazis over there.
01:49   If you shout now, it’s to provoke.
02:01   How many have been arrested?
02:07   At least three are in the bus, at least.
02:11   I think one by one they’ll be arrested.
02:20   Four now. They arrest them one by one.
02:26   Nazis shout: No man, no woman, no human is illegal! [conversation drowned out]

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

23 thoughts on “Antifa vs. PEGIDA in Utrecht

  1. One source of dangerous confusion is who ends up owning the neo-Nazis?

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

    This will end very badly, I’m afraid.

    • I’ve always heard that saying as, “The enemy of my enemy is my ally.” Friendship is *not* part of the deal.

  2. True anti-Fascists do not take to hiding their identity behind masks because they know why they protest is to save whatever remains of their culture and country from the real Fascists – those who hide behind masks and their employers, the Traitor Class.

    • In interesting that, Edward. Do you think we have actually run out of torpedoes or the just the will to use them?

  3. I do not know what result expect demonstrations of the Dutch people (rather people) if they speak out against Islam, but tenderly embrace the liberal left-wing politicians, and the orthodox practice of anti-Christian secularism. For me it does not bring results.

  4. Sorry I’m new here. European politics has always been confusing to me probably cause it’s over there and I am here and frankly until recently remained unconcerned with it until the immigration issue in central and northern Europe aroused ugly sentiments of disgusted anger.

    Who is/are the antifas?



    • “Antifa” is a shortened form of the term “anti-fascist.” These self-styled “anti-fascists,” who are opposing native Europeans who want to retain their OWN Dutch/German/Swedish/pick one culture, apparently don’t have the courage of their convictions, since they’ve covered their faces, a la Palestinian guerrillas, ISIS terrorists, and other low-life types.

      Makes ya think that maybe–just maybe?–the “anti-fascists” are really fascists (in favor of state-run policy and state-owned corporations) and the PEGIDA folk are the good guys, doesn’t it?

      If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome. 🙂

      Willkommen. Welkom. Bienvenue. Bienvenidos.

      • The “anti-fas” were created by the Soviets in the immediate aftermath of WWII, initially in Vienna as part of their attempt at grabbing Austria they way they later did East Germany.

        From their they spread throughout Europe, but are most common in Germany and Austria. Despite their “anti” misnomer, they are nothing but bolshevik drones whose aim is to bring down the West. Just as it has been for the last 70 years. Groups like Baader-Meinhof were direct offshoots of the “anti-fas” of the time, and were supported, hidden, and financed by them.

        • It’s true that they want to bring down The West, but there is no way to passionately defend The West. Why? Because it is too abstract a concept. Defending Germany on the other hand, or France, or The Netherlands, or America is doable. Which is why these antifas and their handlers fear the renewal of nationalism more than anything else. And it is why those of us who don’t want to go down into the darkness must unreservedly express our defense in terms of love of country.

          • Absolutely — that’s why I’m an ardent Virginia nationalist. Annihilate Maryland and North Carolina!


    • Antifa (or AntiFa) is what the “anti-fascists” are called, and call themselves. There are branches in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, and other European countries. In Britain they are called UAF, “Unite Against Fascism”, and have the support of the state.

      The “Autonomous” (“Autonomer” in Denmark) are a related movement.

      They are all different flavors of anarchists. See “Antifascist Action” and “The InterNazis” for more information, including various logos and other forms of antifa iconography.

      • The definition of a fascist is anyone who disagrees with Marx, ie the ANTIFAS are Communists. Hitler was defeated but Communism never was and after 100 years of infiltration, it has now conquered our educational institutions and our political elites. Until they are smashed, we haven’t got a hope of doing anything about Islam.

        The political elites are moving to the Left. Simultaneously many of the Left have joined forces with the class they OUGHT to be attacking – the global financiers who are busy destroying the free market with their monopolies. It is the Soros’ who are funding them.

        The most salient characteristic of the Antifas is that they are completely irrational. Truth has been tossed out in favor of Political Correctness – so, like Muslims, you can’t reason with them. There is no dialogue. They just get angry and shout and smash things.

        Their idols are Marx, Nietzsche, Sartre, Foucault and the post-Modernists and of course, the American Left.

  5. And please watch lots and lots of videos of the Anti’fas to see the violence and mayhem they employ to stop the peaceful protesting of native Europeans.
    Bottles, bricks and incendiary devices are employed to stop the peaceful assembly of those that disagree.
    This is happening all over Europe with very little push back by the police.
    Especially in the UK it makes one wonder what side the gov’t is on… (actually, it is quite clear.)
    Welcome to the revolution!

  6. There are so many different factions in MENA now that if you dropped 500 special forces guys in Aleppo I bet they wouldn’t know whom to fight. They could only defend.
    I guess in Europe it’s simplified: pro-Muslim = “anti-fascist” is one group and pro-autochthonous (=homegrown) culture is the other.

  7. They are cowards! I don’t know if we have antifa groups in America but I am sure in more liberal states they exist. At the Phoenix Mosque protest it was great many of the people protesting against the mosque were open carry. I know the Muslims who counter protested had their liberal allies there but I am not sure if they were antifa, Arizona is a fairly conservative state. Phoenix is almost three hours from me otherwise I would have joined them. In America any antifa are communist traitors!

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