Pierre Cassen in Paris: “We Have Seen the Acts of Resistance Multiply”

Earlier today we posted a speech by Christine Tasin from an event in Paris, which was organized by SIEL (Souverainité, Identité Et Libertés) on February 11. It took place on a cold night in Paris, and the meeting was convened on short notice, yet even so, 300 Parisians came to the Place of Human Rights in front of the Trocadero to hear inspiring speeches.

Below is the speech given at the event by Pierre Cassen of Riposte Laïque. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   On the 30 Oct. 2010 in Amsterdam, Paul Weston,
00:04   the English politician who at that time was not yet
00:08   the president of PEGIDA UK, said in support
00:12   of Geert Wilders these few words which I ask you
00:16   to memorise: “Let me tell you this:
00:20   to all of you, liars, traitors, careerists, socialists:
00:24   you hold the power now
00:28   but in a decade (this was in 2010)
00:32   WE will hold the power and WE will hold you to account.
00:36   We will drag you before a Nuremberg-type court
00:40   and you will be judged for high treason,
00:44   and for the first time in a long while WE will be your judges.”
00:53   How —
00:57   Socialists en Prison!
01:01   Into prison, Socialists!
01:05   — how not to think
01:10   of these words from Paul Weston, seeing all
01:14   that we had to suffer this weekend. We have seen
01:18   patriots banned from demonstrating in Calais.
01:22   We have seen patriots banned from demonstrating
01:26   in St. Brieux by a prefect who unilaterally
01:30   – his name is Pierre Lambert — had decided,
01:34   having forgotten to remove the sausage skins from his eyes,
01:38   had decided that there was no Islamisation in Europe,
01:42   and as there was no Islamisation, no demonstration must take place.
01:46   While the patriots were banned from demonstrating
01:51   in those two cities, we saw the Antifa,
01:55   as usual, vandalise everything in Rennes.
01:59   We saw, despite the State of Emergency, this same gang
02:03   authorised to demonstrate in Paris. But we have also seen,
02:07   when it appears that France is at war,
02:11   we saw in Lille the UOIF (Union of Islamic Organisations) affiliated with
02:15   the Muslim Brotherhood, dare to hold a congress
02:19   when, during a period of war, this affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood
02:23   does not hide its plan to Islamise our country,
02:27   to introduce the Sharia everywhere in France,
02:31   and everywhere in Europe, and in this period of war we authorise our enemies
02:36   to hold a congress without this bothering Cazeneuve (Minister of the Interior)
02:44   We are seeing how far
02:48   they dare go,
02:52   and how openly they mock us — I am speaking
02:56   of the Islamist leaders — because even while we are debating the question
03:00   on the forfeiture of nationality, you have
03:04   Tariq Ramadan, associated with the Muslim Brotherhood in France, who says
03:08   that the France of Cazeneuve (Interior Minister), of Valls (PM) of Hollande (President)
03:12   suits him and that now he wants French nationality.
03:16   Despite —
03:20   Islam en dehors — Out with Islam
03:24   Out with Islam
03:29   — despite the repression,
03:33   despite the threats, despite the intimidation,
03:37   we see despite this, and we have seen since
03:41   this weekend the acts of resistance multiply.
03:45   the comrades of Saint-Brieuc, despite the ban
03:49   by Prefect Lambert (let me remind you he was
03:53   among the Antifa this Saturday — a PREFECT!),
03:57   the comrades of Saint-Brieux
04:01   also defied this prefect’s ban on demonstrating.
04:05   They came, they distributed patriotic leaflets
04:09   at the market, showing their love of France,
04:14   and at 50 have held out, despite the bans from the police, for as long as possible.
04:22   We have
04:26   seen in Calais that while the initiative was banned,
04:30   the initiative by PEGIDA, we saw
04:34   via mobilisation on the internet, 350 to 400
04:38   of our compatriots, ready to come, because they did not accept
04:42   that in Calais the migrants had the right to demonstrate,
04:46   the lefties had the right to demonstrate, that they had the right to attack the local people,
04:50   and that only the patriots, willing to defend the Calaisians,
04:54   were banned. At 350 — 400 they were
04:58   there, they were present, they manifested an act of strong resistance,
05:02   which this regime wanted to break by force,
05:06   as we saw by the scandalous arrest of the General Piquemal.
05:15   And your presence, our presence,
05:19   the initiative by SIEL tonight shows that there is
05:23   in this country a patriotic current, that defends itself in
05:27   the streets, in the re-information, on internet sites
05:31   that are advancing, that defends itself by all means,
05:35   to pass on the message of France, the message of the love of our country,
05:39   the message of our people, a message which
05:43   we continue to develop with all our strength!

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  1. Without the Muslims, the Left will be increasingly powerless as the Welfare economies continue to stagnate and the international elites move their investments to Iran, now awash in money, natural gas and oil.

    So far the Left is failing to root out national loyalty. They have all of Eastern Europe snapping at their heels. Let’s see what hat trick the traitor Merkel can produce. She is asking Greece to commit suicide and become a Muslim theme park.

    Her double in the USA still has the upper hand despite criminal behavior, so there is a long fight ahead.

    Long live the patriots!

  2. Very difficult to see how all this will not lead to a WW3. Unfortunately Western Europe has been living in its stuff, tech, tv, sex, abortion, media massaged, Muslim diseased mindset for so long now that taking right action will only come about – when it comes about. The Young Turks will be having a go again soon.

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