Man-on-the-Street Interview in Germany: Immigrants and the Lügenpresse

The young German being interviewed in this video has no trouble discerning the truth of the “refugee” crisis, despite the attempts by the Lügenpresse (“Lying Press”) to peddle disinformation and manipulate his opinion.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   …refugees in Germany, says the German Association of Cities and Towns, what do you think about that?
0:05   Not so good. -And why?
0:09   I just think we have enough problems in our own country, and…
0:13   Yeah, the problems are getting bigger all the time, and that’s why
0:17   last year we took in so many already, and most of them aren’t even refugees,
0:21   and only 40% have a right to asylum, and one has to look at that in a nuanced manner.
0:26   So when I look at that with more nuance, I come to the conclusion that…
0:30   Yeah, this is not optimal for our country.
0:33   Can we deal with it? -I don’t believe that. -And why?
0:37   Well, we have other problems too. Like I said, we have…
0:41   the population is… our population is getting older, we have unemployment,
0:47   we have, as was already said, problems with the euro; everywhere in Europe
0:52   we have to put out fires, and now we have to play fire brigade with this, too…
0:56   at some point the boat is just full.
0:59   Do you think the media are trying to point our thinking in a certain direction?
1:03   Yeah, of course, maybe not in every case, but in most cases the media are
1:08   trying to manipulate us, to direct us, so that only certain things…
1:11   that only certain things are being talked about, yes, definitely.
1:14   Do you wish there were neutrality in the media?
1:17   Yeah, well, I think that’s difficult to enforce, because they
1:20   are all in cahoots together,
1:23   but yes, that would be desirable, if there were more neutrality, yeah.
1:26   Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Man-on-the-Street Interview in Germany: Immigrants and the Lügenpresse

  1. Well said young man. His analagy that “the boat is full” is spot on. Marine law states that people can be restrained from boarding a life boat if their are endangering others already aboard! If Merkel wants to save Syria” and the rest of the Middle East plus North Africa she should have the courage of her convictions, dissolve her government and go to the polls to gain the assent of the German public first. Obviously she will not do so because she is a dangerously deluded meglamaniac.

  2. If I didn’t know he was German, I would call it a masterpiece of British understatement.

  3. Nearly every major European country that claims to that it does not or will not have enough people to look after the aged also has at least one million unemployed young. The notion that migrants are needed as care staff is a complete and obvious lie. Why aren’t we shouting it from the rooftops?

    • Excellent observation! Westerners also moan that Japan needs to take in migrants to ‘save them’–yet the Japanese disagree, and with very good reason; smart enough to see what’s happening in the rest of the world, and smart enough to see that filling their country with barely literate third world apes who have no intention of assimilating or working would exterminate the Japan they know and love.

      What a pity the westerners don’t have the Japanese love of country and common-sense! (BTW, yes I know they have a few moslems–severely controlled)

    • And speaking as an aging Christian, I really don’t want my medical care staff to be made up of Muslims.

      • Most people who live in the UK will have no choice, unfortunately. It’s socialized health care, and the employees, from surgeons to janitors, include a lot of Muslims. They’re here, you’re kafir, get used to it.

  4. Cut the abortion rate by 10%. Cancel the current state issued Muslim license to kill the local Chrustians. Get patriotic soon or get wiped out later.

    • “Cut the abortion rate”? Who decides which unwanted (or deformed) babies will have to be born?

      • Spoken like a true lefty. Cut 100% then. Population replacement with Muslims who destroy humanity in general will be off the morgue tables. Hitler had the same question about “deformed or unwanted babies”.

        • You don’t have to be a lefty to believe women (not Hitler!) have the right to decide whether to carry a foetus to term- even if you personally believe abortion to be wrong.

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