Christine Tasin: “The Reconquista Has Truly Started”

A week ago we reported on the stirring sentiments expressed by General Christian Piquemal, the former commander of the French Foreign Legion, just before he was arrested at the PEGIDA demonstration in Calais.

As most readers will be aware of by now, after being arrested and then sent for a brief stay in the hospital for “health reasons”, Gen. Piquemal recanted any involvement with PEGIDA, disassociated himself from “racism”, and emphasized that he had never been involved in organizing the demo in Calais.

It was obvious that he had been gotten to. The government presumably sent an emissary to the General’s bedside while he was indisposed and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He may be too old to threaten directly, but perhaps he has a son or daughter in the civil service whose career might come to an abrupt and regrettable end. Or something similar…

Anyway, the PEGIDA-aligned movements in France must now soldier on without the assistance of a four-star general. Below is a brief speech by Christine Tasin of Résistance Républicaine given last Thursday night at a rally at the Eiffel Tower. In it she talks about Gen. Piquemal’s abrupt reversal, and how the movement will continue without him.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Last weekend some things happened that are extremely important
00:04   for the people of France. On Friday
00:08   the people of France found a new hero,
00:12   a new Joan of Arc, a new Charles Martel, in the person
00:16   of General Piquemal. When he said that he would be
00:20   in Calais despite the ban, and when he delivered
00:24   his pronouncement which enchanted us all,
00:28   we told ourselves: something extraordinary is happening
00:32   the start of the Reconquista will happen in Calais,
00:36   and thanks to a GENERAL. Of course,
00:40   for a long time we who are
00:44   persecuted and mistreated, we
00:48   have been looking for support from the military forces;
00:53   we hoped that something would happen
00:57   because we felt so abandoned. And so
01:01   the first step was gratifying: we had a hero,
01:05   we had our Charles Martel. Two days later
01:09   we were orphans. General Piquemal
01:13   backed up, denied and,
01:17   what hurt us very much, he told horrors
01:21   about PEGIDA. Whereas PEGIDA…
01:25   PEGIDA is born from the model
01:30   of East Germany, when, before the wall fell,
01:34   all these Germans, every Monday night, walked
01:38   to say NO to dictatorship,
01:42   NO to Stalinism, NO to communism, no to the abandonment
01:46   of freedom. And for us, the French,
01:50   as for the Germans, PEGIDA means: I fight
01:54   against dictatorial powers. And it’s not fair,
01:58   it’s not just to treat PEGIDA as a racist movement,
02:02   or “neo-Nazi”, as was said.
02:06   We really felt betrayed.
02:10   PEGIDA FRANCE is a young 25-year-old
02:14   Loïc Perdriel, to whom
02:19   we must render homage.
02:23   Indeed, and I thank you for applauding, because he was alone
02:27   without any organisation, simply someone who loves his
02:31   France, his nation,
02:35   and who wanted to create something like
02:39   like what is happening in Germany. When he saw that we planned
02:43   a week-end and “European Journeys” to save our country,
02:47   and saw that nothing was happening in Calais, he declared in Calais
02:51   all by himself, courageously. So, it was very
02:56   difficult to see the one — whom we took, for a moment,
03:00   for a hero, for one who would help us, guide us,
03:04   perhaps bring soldiers with him to help us to reconquer our country —
03:08   abandon us. So, by Monday night we were orphans.
03:12   But finally, perhaps this orphanhood,
03:16   this abandonment, is a good thing,
03:20   because I believe it will make us aware
03:24   that we cannot count on anyone but ourselves,
03:28   and that this is fundamental.
03:32   I think we have understood that we must no longer put hope
03:36   in Pierre/Paul/Jacques, but that we must put our hope
03:41   in each one of you who are here, and that we must start
03:45   to create networks, to prepare resistance.
03:49   We must work politically, for political change,
03:53   and also to prepare ourselves for the dirty moments
03:57   that are likely to come upon us. And that is fundamental, but we must do it
04:01   all alone, like adults, even if we are orphans.
04:05   Ad it will be only when we have started this work
04:09   that the military
04:13   who here and there (no offense to General Piquemal)
04:17   are ready to move — they exist! —
04:21   will set off to help us and support us.
04:25   But all depends on us; we cannot
04:30   hesitate any longer, we cannot remain silent any longer.
04:34   we must act, relentlessly, and never mind if our neighbour is not happy,
04:38   if our parents or children are not happy.
04:42   We must start to dare to talk; it’s fundamental, to say
04:46   ”NO to the Islamisation of France, NO to the immigration into France.”
04:54   I offer even more thanks to
04:58   Karim Ouchikh, who organised
05:02   this demonstration. We know only too well
05:06   how difficult and thankless it is to assemble
05:10   people under our theses, because people are afraid to be seen.
05:14   They are afraid of reprisals, because of the political correctness,
05:18   because of the media. In the same way we had organised,
05:22   after the decapitation of Herve Cornaraa, a meeting at the Place de la Bourse,
05:27   where we were not very many, when we should have been thousands
05:31   and millions. You are here tonight, and this warms the heart,
05:35   and so the Reconquista has truly started. Thank you all.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

14 thoughts on “Christine Tasin: “The Reconquista Has Truly Started”

  1. “I offer even more thanks to
    04:58 Karim Ouchikh, who organised
    05:02 this demonstration…”

    Ah, let’s see who that Arab or Turk is…

  2. Holy bleep. Very, very dangerous. I think people there need to rethink their strategy and method. I’ve been attempting get people in America to re-evaluate their ineffectual methods, as I see us all going over the cliff crying “foul” all the way down; it makes a great noise, but the result is the same as a mute demise.

    That is one gloomy prognostication.

  3. Karim Ouchikh is Algerian, apparently an adult convert from Islam to Catholicism, according to this interview:

    However, it is disquieting that he would want to partner and/or help promote Yacine Zerkoun, a young up-and-coming Algerian Muslim, who — qua being a Muslim and no other fact is necessary — we must assume is slyly insinuating himself in stealth jihad into the conservative movement in France as a supporter of Marine Le Pen, and who slyly pretends to be concerned about the immigration problem, but deftly massages into the Body Public the message:

    “On demande simplement aux populations d’origine étrangère de s’assimiler, pas de quitter le pays.” (“We should simply ask populations of foreign origin to assimilate, not to leave the country.”)

    • “General Piquemal changes again!”
      Talk about “One foot on the platform, the other on the train.”
      I take heart that the General appears to be a man of conscience, who loves France. I pray that the old warrior will throw all in with PEGIDA and Fortress Europa. Time is not on our side.

  4. “. . .we cannot count on anyone but ourselves.”

    That is correct, whether in France, the United States or anywhere else. Ms. Tasin learned the hard truth, that what is given can be taken away. PEGIDA is like a child who is slowly learning hard truths in a very difficult world. Whether Piquemal was influenced, or made his decision voluntarily is moot. PEGIDA must stand on it own.

  5. Next he will be paraded on television to publicly renounce his views. Where have I seen that sort of thing before?

  6. Baron said: He may be too old to threaten directly, but perhaps he has a son or daughter in the civil service whose career might come to an abrupt and regrettable end. Or something similar…

    Or he just might not have wanted to spend the time in jail. And/or they might have assured him jail among violent criminals….

    • That is a standard tactic in the justice system when they want to make suspects more agreeable to the government’s way of thinking.

      Just the threat of being put in general population if you’re sick, old or a member of some group that is particularly hated by the inmates can be a death sentence.

      Considering France has a large Muslim prison population, any infidel stuck in there with them is going to suffer horribly at their hands.

      That said it does not surprise me that, that dolt Hollande is behind this. They will use their respective law enforcement/Justice system to smash the natives into the ground so they don’t dare speak up.

      Sooner or later the people will have to view the local cop as nothing more than a pet thug who works for the Mullahs. You wonder where Hitler got his willing executioners look at the authorities who will punish civilians who just want to protect their towns and cities from a invasion of savages.

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