French Four-Star General, Just Before His Arrest: “France is Dying”

As reported in last night’s news feed, yesterday’s French PEGIDA demonstration in Calais was banned by the government out of fear that it would provoke violence. But it went ahead anyway, and a retired army general was arrested for participating in it.

But this wasn’t just any general — this was General Christian Piquemal, the former commander of the Foreign Legion. Immediately before his arrest, Gen. Piquemal gave an interview to “Boulevard Voltaire”, a French online journal.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a BBC article about yesterday’s events in Calais:

Former French Foreign Legion Chief Held at Calais PEGIDA Rally

A former French general has been arrested with about 20 other protesters at a banned anti-Islam rally in the city of Calais.

Gen Christian Piquemal, who headed the Legion in the 1990s, was held after scuffles began with police in the northern city.


On Saturday, officials said French police had issued warnings to disperse to about 150 Calais protesters, who waved national flags and sang the anthem in the town centre.

As skirmishes began, the police used tear gas to break up the demonstration.

Gen Piquemal said he was “shocked by the behaviour of the police”.

“There are things that have to be respected, including the national anthem — the Marseillaise — when it is sung,” he told police officers.

“I expected you to be at attention, singing with us but not-one of you opened your mouth. And this is France — the great France, the eternal France, which used to be the lighthouse of the world. It is in decline. Decadent. I regret that you received these orders. You are forced to obey your orders, but you don’t have to behave this way in the field.”

Video transcript:

00:00   Just before his arrest, General Christian Piquemal gave one interview to “Boulevard Voltaire”
00:04   Today we have come as
00:08   patriotic citizens to defend the grandeur and identity of France,
00:12   because we consider her, especially in Calais, threatened.
00:16   and our presence here as patriotic citizens is perfectly
00:20   justified. The ban issued by the State is perfectly scandalous
00:24   because we had given a guaranty, we are men of honour, that there would be
00:28   no provocation, no disorder nor any (troublemakers?).
00:32   so, the ban, with… gendarmes with whom I have served during 40 years
00:36   who are willing to hit patriotic citizens, even
00:40   with the ban, and this ban has been issued for fallacious, unacceptable reasons,
00:45   and today we are treated like cannibals,
00:49   that they can send in police, and what’s more
00:53   military, among the gendarmes who treat French citizens like that —
00:57   it’s really something absolutely unacceptable, and that’s just a start,
01:01   because “France Debout” will stand up, she will stand up.
01:05   Things will happen in the coming months, because one cannot accept
01:09   the treatment of honorable citizens, of people
01:13   who over many years have served France with honor and fidelity,
01:17   and who are treated in this manner, it’s absolutely unacceptable. And when I see police who hear the National Anthem
01:21   and remain “au repos” when they should have taken the position of “guard à vous” and sung with us, it’s really…
01:25   France is dying, France is dying,
01:29   this is scandalous. And we will do everything for France to be reborn.
01:34   because Eternal France has been a beacon to the world,
01:38   and so she must remain. So, today it’s only the start.
01:42   they are in the majority now, but they don’t even know what they are defending.
01:46   If I were in their ranks, I would be ashamed to do what they are doing, because they are
01:50   soldiers supposed to serve the Republic, and they do this work, hit citizens who came
01:54   to defend the grandeur of their country, to forbid more than two with our three-colour flag,
01:58   a flag which has known blood, tears, heroism,
02:02   that was a free France, today it’s
02:06   practically, we can say it, scandalously,
02:10   it’s a dictatorship. That is a dictatorship and that is not acceptable.
02:14   So, the people are sovereign in a democracy and
02:18   the power of the people is more important than political power.
02:22   And the decision which has been taken is unjust, scandalous…

26 thoughts on “French Four-Star General, Just Before His Arrest: “France is Dying”

  1. I tweeted this just now. “Time passes and memory fades. Who to lead us now? This this or this” . Google decided the last image is in violation of their policies. The last image (lest you also are denied viewing) is George Washington crossing the Delaware.

    I can only hope it is copyright infringement or something; otherwise it is worse than I could have ever imagined.

    I’ve been feeling low recently. My Celtic soul wants to fight and fight I will. I will die charging; not by injection.

    I will follow these lads into the Gates of Hell. The Sands of Time (The Band of The Black Watch)

  2. The end of Chamberlain’s speech declaring war against Germany seems to be extremely on song these days:~

    “Now may God bless you all. May He defend the right. It is the evil things that we
    shall be fighting against – brute force, bad faith, injustice, oppression and
    persecution – and against them I am certain that the right will prevail.”

    He does sound as though he is describing the current enemy doesn’t he? Evil things within and without…

    I think we really need to win this thing. Shall we get on?

      • Ahh, the benefits of hindsight. If Winston Churchill had not managed to assiduously inveigle Franklin Roosevelt into creating the Lend Lease aid program, Britain would have lost World War II. And Churchill would have gone down in history as a reckless, warmongering, alcoholic fool. And Chamberlain ( and his Foreign Secretary, Lord Halifax) would have been championed as a wise and humane statesman who kept Britain out of an, in Churchill’s words, unnecessary war.

  3. This will represent a small but key moment, like many, in the coming European Civil War. The Legion Etranger don’t [mess] around…

  4. It is not that France is dying. France as we knew it – a democracy – is DEAD. Killed for many years by arrogant philosophers who ridiculed the Good and the True, economically anesthetized by socialist Welfare policies and the early importation of an alien culture that refused to give up its atavism and now the invasion of those barbarian hordes by invitation of Merkel. Hollande has not stood up to her just as Vichy welcomed Hitler.

    The General is a great and noble patriot, like Charles de Gaulle. Vive Eternal France!

    • A great man with a proven history of courage. How ironic that just a few days ago the “migrants” from the “jungle”, along with their stupid ” no borders” friends were allowed to run amok in Calais with carte Blanche from the police. It would be interesting to compare the arrest notes and police instructions between these two events.

  5. Eunited States of Europa has turned out to be nothing more than an abomination infesting itself with Muslim mites.

  6. French society, politics, culture. Is just too contaminated with egalitarianism, altruism, multiculturalism, Islamism.. the best thing a patriotic Frenchman can do, if he lives in a relatively homogeneous part of France is to keep the foreigners out. Because there is no way all those Muslims are ever going to leave, they have colonized and are here to stay.

    • It is not just France. I am a native of the home of Englands first Christian martyr, yet my street is like a collection of different Islamic nations. I am only 27 years old but I can tell you the complete and utter change is sobering.

      Islam is ingrained in Britain now, it dominates the news what feels like most days. You cannot get away from it.

  7. This is a General from one of Europe’s most elite fighting forces. He also has experience unique in that he has experience and capability of leading multi-national “groups”. His words are a stern warning and a shot across the bows of our ruling cliques around Europe.

    The European peoples democratic sovereignty is not something to be abused. Our rulers are only in situ with their benefits of this as long as we the people are not put upon by tyrannical actions.

    Cultural and demographic destruction whether it is with purpose or negligence is not acceptable. Or else our capable and willing military leaders who have a selfless patriotism will step forward – with the general citizenry, unstoppable, behind them.

    And we all know what happens after that…..

  8. I salute this brave General. I despise the Government which has brought humiliation
    and despair to courageous patriots like this General and his companions and supporters. I was waiting for the police to turn around at his brave and stirring words
    and throw down their arms, tear gas bottles and pepper sprays and embrace their
    compatriots. Alas, this never transpired!

  9. General Piquemal has been hospitalised. Strange but he was well on saturday before being arrested, frog marched escorted by over 20 police and hauled off into an an unmarked car.

    This video shows the whole event. In fact the demo had finished and he telling people to leave and giving a press interview when a police snatch squad hauled off.

    Another general stated on his blog:

    Général Tauzin:

    “In France, we leave in peace those who starting fires, and we persecute those who try to extinguish them.”

    “En France, on laisse en repos ceux qui mettent le feu, et on persécute ceux qui tentent de l’éteindre.

  10. France, the eldest daughter of The Church, is no more
    Or, she may have been put to sleep.

    Actually, she’s on heavy medication, as in serious drug addict,. Will she ever be saved and brought back to life?

    • She definitely has her knickers in a twist. Elsewhere it’s a case of “If you don’t have any you can’t pull ’em up”.

  11. On fait Camerone, quoi ?

    I’m amazed there hasn’t been another revolution in France, their élites (….) have been trying to flush them down the toilet since at least the 1960’s (there’s those 60’s again……must be a coincidence…..).
    By the 1980’s, parts of many larger French cities already resembled Beirut more than they resembled anything European.
    Maybe M. le Général can let them know at Calvi that Jeanne d’Arc (Mlle. LePen) will need some…assistance….in taking back the Bastille from the fungi-in-suits that infest it.

  12. France is no stranger to Civil Wars, either on TV ( Danny the Red) or in reality ( the Vendee). The lefties better be careful or the “People” might take to the barricades…either without style ( sans culottes) or with (Muscadins). I smell a Thermidorian Reaction, n’est pas.

  13. Extract of an analysis by Vincent Tournier

    “We should not minimize what has happened at Calais. Obviously, the security forces had been instructed to engage immediately and without hesitation general Piquemal.”

    “The [French] authorities are clearly worried at the fact that a high-ranking military officer, hardly suspected of militant activism, since he had worked in a high level capacity in the administration, to take the leadership. To understand this better one must look in the context of the current situation, unprecedented since the Algerian war. The military is today is in high demand, not only externally, but also internally, with 10.000 soldiers deployed within the territory since January 2015 [on anti-terror ops]. Law enforcement, therefore, has the feeling of playing a major role in the protection of the country, which is not false, and they enjoy strong support in public opinion (…) At the same time, law enforcement forces are impacted by a certain exasperation, as evidenced by the surge in voting intentions in favour of the national Front. The investigations of the CEVIPOF indicate that 51% of police and military say they are ready to vote FN at the end of 2015, while 30% voted for the FN in the first round in 2012.”

    “The situation is sensitive. It is likely to cause tensions between the army and the civil power. However, the tensions will be even stronger if the resentment and anger of the military manages to incarnate itself into a personality coming from its ranks, and who enjoys a certain degree of legitimacy. The issue around this matter is so very significant.”

    Certainly this is the impression that I got, the arrival of an ex general touched a raw nerve with the authorities. The reaction of the authorities at Calais is noteworthy due to the large snatch squad of police in civilian clothes, who pepper sprayed anyone close. It is important to note that the police did not disperse the crowd, but the crowd were dispersing themselves when the arrest took place.

    The event is a tiny spark, but it is a spark as it will polarize people into two very different camps. A lot of people here are fed up with the antics of the government here in France, what with the anti-fa running amok in Rennes on Sunday,” No-borders” training migrants in combat techniques & running amok in the port of Calais. Then there are the taxi & Uber drivers blockading chunks of Paris, getting away with a lot of chaos and the police doing diddly squat about it all. Roms blockading major roads and getting almost scotch free. Just recently, the news was about one of the terrorists in Paris, who was able to get into Europe with 90 others.
    Yet, one ex-general aged 75 comes along to a PEGIDA and…. baraka!

    “La justice est entre les mains du pouvoir (…) On se rapproche peu à peu d’une dictature !”

    Justice is in the hands of the state power … We’re getting and closer to a dictatorship !

    Gen. Piquemal gave an interview after his release to TV Libertes.

  14. We have a dictatorship now. France, Britain, Germany and the USA, all are united at the top levels in their secular anti-human goals, with backers like George Soros, google, gates foundation, Clintons, etc. They just have not yet imprisoned us, which is why they allow in the muslims everywhere. There is no need for military takeover. The muslims will intimidate, violate and crush civilized man until we are hiding for fear in our homes. Then we will be told what to do, where to go, and have our guns taken away (oops, Europeans already made that error). It’s here, the war is over, but we are still in the trenches and don’t realize what has been decided over our heads, the “peace” treaties negotiated and spoils handed over. The path to this was laid by anti-religious anti-human forces that always resort to force because thy have no higher value.

    • I don’t see that as a likely scenario. Not that it couldn’t happen, just that I don’t believe it will play out that way. If I did see it this way, I wouldn’t be putting most of my waking hours into this site.

      Yes, we’re in for some turbulence, but there is a lot of energy in this country pushing back against such an outcome. If there is an ACT for America chapter in your area or a Tea Party group, I suggest you contact them, become involved. If you’re reading paranoid sites or watching MSM news, these might be causing your dysphoria. Not that I don’t share your concern, just not the outcome you propose for our future.

      I’d also suggest Bill Whittle’s Firewall channel on You Tube. He is articulate. Ben Shapiro is another…

      • Europeans are further down the road of Islamisation. This makes us more fearful. I have direct personal experience of what Islamisation of our communities, towns and ultimately nation means.

        The rationality of our fears, to me personally stems from muslim demographics. Walking past most inner city schools in the UK is a reality check as to our future. Given that cultural attitudes remain concrete from generation to generation in muslim families and communities our future is there for us to see.

        If we do not stand up for our culture now we will never again be able to do so. This sounds dire but is just a reflection of what is happening in the populous areas of the UK.

        I wish I possessed Seneca’s skill with words to express this better…

  15. Poor old Gen. Piquemal. He doesn’t know his French history, it would appear. La Marseillaise is the song of the revolutionaries from the late 1700s. Revolutions turn AWAY from God. Counter-revolutions turn TOWARD God.
    The last true Frenchman (i.e. the Catholic ones) died during the Vendee massacre sometime around 1789 or 1790. The good Catholics in the Vendee were the heart of France.
    That country has been socialist since at least 1800.
    Hat tip to Ann Barnhardt and her Vendee video presentation (plus my own research following that).
    It’s just taken a couple hundred years for the chickens to come home to roost.

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