Christians Victimized in German Asylum Centers

Most readers will consider the following report a dog-bites-man story. “So Christians are subject to harassment and violence in asylum centers in German — of course they are; everyone knows that! That’s what Muslims do.”

To the world at large, however, the persecution of Christians in “refugee” accommodations is not widely known. It is not something the media and the political class want to look at. The Gutmenschen stood there with their “Welcome Refugees” signs and embraced the invasion by those who would eventually supplant them. They’re not anxious to be informed about the consequences of their virtue-signaling enthusiasm. In fact, the authorities don’t register the religion of arrivals at the asylum centers, so that there is no way anyone can determine the level of violence directed at Christians by Muslims.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Here in the church, that’s where they feel safe,
0:03   the Christians Elias Yussuf and the others.
0:06   The Syrians don’t want their faces and their voices recorded.
0:09   What they experienced at the initial reception center made them afraid.
0:13   It started when other refugees realized they were Christians.
0:17   ”They saw my cross and immediately threatened me; they said,
0:20   ’We will cut your hand off’; they said ‘We hate you because you’re Christian.’
0:24   I came to Germany to live free and instead I find radical Muslims.”
0:30   Berated as unclean, as animals, all that in the initial reception center
0:33   and all under the eye of German authorities.
0:36   The convert Amir Ali from Iran was brutalized because of his Christian faith.
0:41   Last October he was beaten until he blacked out.
0:44   Witnesses reported the open religious hate to the police.
0:47   He doesn’t want to talk about it on TV.
0:50   The responsible authorities in Hamburg insist that generally
0:53   there is no problem with Christians being persecuted,
0:56   all the while the religion of refugees isn’t even registered.
0:59   The Hamburg Senate explains in a letter that initial reception centers
1:02   ”are places of religious neutrality”;
1:05   ”the inhabitants are obliged by the house rules
1:08   to treat each other respectfully.”
1:11   Evidence increases that house rules are not enough.
1:15   Last Thursday, Sajat and Muramat, two Iranian Christians, were kicked and beaten.
1:20   The manager of the refugee home says that fights do happen.
1:23   especially due to crowded conditions, but religious backgrounds are not the reason.
1:27   But the two Christians feel threatened by their Muslim housemates.
1:33   ”Two days before the fight, I wanted to go to German lessons with a friend.
1:37   They walked past me and said, ‘hey you there with your Christendom’,
1:41   and they spat on the ground.”
1:46   Several churches report calls for help. Often the victims
1:49   don’t want to talk to the police.
1:52   The International Organization for Human Rights in Frankfurt
1:55   estimates a high number of unreported cases.
1:58   The number of calls for help increases, as well as the number of places.
2:02   We have such reports from Berlin, Hamburg, Hessen, from Baden-Württemberg,
2:08   and there is the impression that with a growing number of refugees
2:12   the number of attacks, or at least the threats, increase as well.
2:16   Pastor Gottfried Martens from Berlin helps Christians and Muslims.
2:20   Of course not every Muslim is an offender, but often
2:23   radicals dominate the housing.
2:26   His recommendation: To separate Christians and Muslims from each other.
2:30   ”I know that it isn’t a good solution, but on the other hand,
2:33   we can no longer make Christians be the lab rats of whatever
2:37   tolerance experiments which are at the moment simply not working.”
2:43   The number of religiously motivated attacks in refugee homes is not known.
2:48   For those affected their only choice is to avoid being in the vicinity.

9 thoughts on “Christians Victimized in German Asylum Centers

  1. I visit Germany because I have family there. But if I didn’t, and had wanted to visit, I wouldn’t anymore. I wonder if this is going to take its toll on tourism? And what do the German non-Muslims think is going to happen to them? It doesn’t matter that not every Muslim is a problem. Not ever German was a member of the SA and look how they terrorized people back then!

    • Slight correction:
      Not every Muslim is an *active* problem.
      1-10% do the deeds, 90-99% stand idly by or silently approve.
      None oppose them.

      • Hmmm…in the U.S., the bad apples sequestered in Democrat machine-run ghettoes, from which come the black criminal class, are probably 10% also. As are the bottom 10% of white trash. The latter are not as limited in their choices; due to the color of their skin on occasion some make their escape. This group isn’t limited to the South: ask Maine or Massachusetts.

        It is only our black population with its skim of professional grievance mongers that are seen as a problem. As our economy implodes, that may change.

  2. Lab rats in tolerance experiments! Nicely put. One could fairly categorize most of the denizens of the West as such. I’ve certainly felt like one since the 1980’s.

    • I will remind you again, those faith-based “non-profit” orgs don’t give the churches whose names they use any money. And the dwimits in charge of whatever diocese they use for their home office (Baltimore for the Lutherans) are kool-aid drinkers anyway. The average Lutheran in his pew has no inkling of this hook-up between DHS and their denomination. It’s ORR that doles out the money, makes the assignments.

  3. Christian refugees in Sweden are reporting the same thing. We haven’t had a religious war since the 17:th century, but I’m sure we’ll have a new one this century.

  4. ‘Evidence increases that house rules are not enough’. Oh what a surprise. The German authorities are delusional. They project their own civility onto the migrants & expect the same respectful behaviour. These are the people who witter on about ‘diversity’ but fail to recognise the wholly ‘other’ nature of alien cultures. They treat all cultures & all people as if they’re fundamentally the same, just needing a bit of educational tweaking to make them house-trained.

  5. So, gays have to have separate accommodation (already happened); women have to be separated out; Christians have to be separated … & so it goes on because these young migrant men, the darlings of the ‘diversity’ brigade, can’t stand the sight of diversity themselves.

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