“Dresden Shows the Way”

On Monday night demonstrators from PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West) gathered again in central Dresden. This time the provocation by infiltrators was even more overt, and the antifa “counter-demonstrators” were given even more latitude by the authorities to harass and attack the peaceful protesters from PEGIDA.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Because there are too many examples that prove Islamisation,
00:04   such as special swim times for those who wear
00:08   the women-despising burka, separate classes
00:12   for boys and girls etc. I will only mention one point
00:16   and acknowledge that there is a fundamental legal right
00:20   to freedom of religion. But I would point out
00:24   that what is happening now in our country is not
00:28   what the founder of those laws intended.
00:36   I am speaking about the gradual abolition of our Christian
00:40   culture, as in Berlin
00:44   and other cities where the Christmas markets are
00:49   renamed “Winter Markets” so as not to offend religious sensibilities.
00:53   booooooohhh
00:57   In some cities in our country
01:01   Christmas decorations are already banned from public places.
01:05   Even the good old Christmas tree is in serious danger.
01:09   It’s only a matter of
01:13   time before even the Dresden Christmas Stollen
01:17   Christ Child mulled wine, or Christmas gingerbread, will be renamed.
01:21   I have to say that with the abolition of these things,
01:25   even as a non-member of the church,
01:30   I feel MY freedom of religion has been obstructed.
01:38   Who thinks of us
01:42   when they release such “laws”? We are the hosts, and should
01:46   decide how to behave at our table.
01:50   I have done research into this theme
01:54   and have found that the de-genderisation
01:58   of our language and the abolition of Christian traditions
02:02   such as Christmas has been tried once before.
02:06   Surprise: it was the Nazis who tried it.
02:10   They wanted to change “Christmas” into
02:14   Yuletide, Winter Solstice and such crap.
02:19   Thanks to the people, they did not achieve it then,
02:23   and today it’s urgent again to stop the political leaders
02:27   and protect our culture.
02:35   During DDR times, too,
02:39   this was tried again, they said
02:43   “Year’s-End-Winged-Figure”, meaning “angel”.
02:47   Speaking of protection
02:51   with joy but rather wearily, I read the comments of our
02:55   Interior Minister. He wants to introduce
03:00   an expedited deportation of criminal and radical foreigners,
03:04   as well as a ten-year re-entry ban for them.
03:08   “Great”. Furthermore he targets members of terrorist organisations
03:12   and foreigners who for political or religious
03:16   motives participate in violence. This is commendable,
03:20   but I think the wool is being pulled over our eyes
03:24   with this tranquilizer pill so that the people return to watch their TV,
03:29   and, most importantly, do not start to think.
03:41   Concerning criminality: I have something to say which is unpleasant for me.
03:45   I too have a past, and since the “Nazi” cudgel
03:49   against PEGIDA [Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West] did not work, they try to discredit me personally.
03:57   They rummage around in my past,
04:01   but I stand by my past of
04:05   property offences, fare evasion,
04:10   all committed “under the influence”.
04:14   The media, Saxon Times and Dresden News,
04:18   will jump on this with delight and try to
04:22   tie this to PEGIDA. Dear Media, please forget it,
04:26   and if you have to do it, then mention the time frame: we are speaking
04:30   about mistakes I made between five and twenty years ago.
04:34   And for me,
04:38   I paid for them and did my time.
04:42   My personal mistakes have absolutely nothing to do with PEGIDA
04:46   and our aims. I am replaceable,
04:51   and if it serves our cause, I’ll take a back seat,
04:55   away from the unwanted limelight. As for the aims of PEGIDA and the people,
04:59   this will not change anything.
05:11   Dear friends, especially today
05:15   every single one of you… today there are
05:19   troublemakers among us who are being exploited to give a negative image of us
05:23   and PEGIDA. I ask you again, don’t let yourselves be
05:28   provoked. Be wary for yourselves and your neighbours
05:32   of all disturbances from the outside; the police
05:36   are well prepared. I thank them for their work here again
05:40   by demanding from the politicians
05:44   more support for our police and an end to
05:48   the downsizing of our police force.
05:52   We also ask you
05:56   not to take glass bottles and any other projectiles with you,
06:00   and of course, strictly no alcohol,
06:04   because ours is a serious cause.
06:08   Friends we are better than to let ourselves be provoked.
06:13   United we are strong; let us now walk,
06:17   as always, calmly, with dignity and civility
06:21   through our wonderful city. Dresden shows how it’s done.
06:33   We are the people
06:37   We are the people
06:41   We are the people
06:45   We are the people
09:46   ( Translator’s comment: lovely to see Christmas trees in the windows )
10:35   We are the people
10:39   (wir sind das Volk)
17:33   We are the people
17:37   We are the people
17:41   (wir sind das Volk)
17:45   We are the people
17:49   ???
18:10   ???
19:19   ???
19:39   Halt – Stop (?)
19:43   …stop….
19:48   ???
20:08   ???
20:12   Zugabe (?) encore… encore… encore
20:16   encore
20:20   encore
20:32   I’m not doing “gender-mainstreaming”. I always say we Germans,
20:36   whether women or men, we must rise up,
20:40   all together. Great, thanks for Dresden,
20:44   and thanks – there are many here from Munich,
20:49   and we must stand together. Thank you.
21:21   I am back, too, we are the people.
21:25   Thank you, Dresden,
21:29   Thank you.
21:37   Tomorrow the media will celebrate this as a “ostentatious success for the
21:41   counter-demonstrators. I think it’s a ostentatious success for the peacefulness
21:46   of our side.
21:55   We no doubt had the possibility of insisting on our rights, because
21:59   what just happened was a criminal act.
22:03   But I think the more clever one gives in.
22:15   Therefore I can say again that today, for the seventh time,
22:19   we came together peacefully and calmly,
22:23   which set the tone: once again we did not react to the provocations.
22:31   Dresden shows the way.
22:36   Neither our Interior Minister with his
22:40   description of us as “rats and rat-catchers”, nor the media,
22:44   who, after unsuccessfully trying to beat us by calling us “Nazis”
22:48   are now gunning for me personally,
22:52   have been able to silence us.
22:56   We are getting louder
23:00   Yes!
23:04   Slowly people are starting to
23:08   think independently again and
23:12   resist influence, either positive for us
23:16   or the anti-democratic counter-demonstrators; a thought process is beginning,
23:21   and that is a success.
23:25   Yes!
23:29   It is most evident in that in our whole country
23:33   rallies like here in Dresden are planned and executed.
23:37   Therefore today again I greet Kassel,
23:41   Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Ost Friesland, Munich,
23:45   Rostock, Magdeburg, Würzburg, Brunswick and
23:49   Bonn.
23:57   We are the people
24:01   We are the people
24:06   (Wir sind das Volk)
24:10   We are the People
24:14   We are ONE people
24:18   That’s the point. Exactly: ONE people
24:22   I want to take this chance to answer the most important questions again,
24:26   even if you have heard it before: for the media we cannot repeat it often enough.
24:30   What do we want?
24:34   PEGIDA simply asks that the politicians, voted in by the people, to at last listen again,
24:38   listen to US and concern themselves with the real problems
24:42   of our society.
24:50   The second most-asked question: Are you against Islam?
24:54   No, we are not. We are against Islamisation and
24:58   radical Islamism. It’s a big difference.
25:02   Are you against foreigners? Again, a clear
25:06   “No”. PEGIDA is not against foreigners, as proven clearly by the increasing number of people
25:11   with foreign roots among our rallies.
25:19   Are you against asylum?
25:23   This question also I answer with “No”. We are for
25:27   the acceptance of war refugees, of whatever nationality or religion.
25:33   We also demand a general change of thinking in politics: stop
25:37   any supply of weapons, because these weapons are the reason
25:41   for the flood of refugees into our country.
25:49   Apart from the unspeakable refugee politics
25:53   and the warmongering foreign policy of our government,
25:57   we have a few other questions: what about the care for
26:01   our aged? We have pensioners who have worked all their lives and
26:05   can barely afford a piece of cake at Christmas,
26:10   who sit in a cold flat or are without electricity.
26:14   We have mothers
26:18   in our country who cannot afford presents for their children at Christmas
26:22   for lack of money. There are people in our country
26:26   who live on the streets and don’t have enough food.
26:30   For those no homes are created, let alone
26:34   the offer of residences with all modern conveniences, not even discussed.
26:38   Instead of
26:42   attacking these problems, they relentlessly discuss our language,
26:46   for example, can we still say “Moor” as in old fairy tales?
26:51   Should the gender of words like Professor be made gender-neutral?
26:55   Dear politicians, this unspeakable
26:59   de-genderisation of our beautiful language bores us witless.
27:07   under such circumstances
27:11   as I said, works such as Faust or Buddenbrooks
27:15   would never have been created. Goethe, Schiller
27:19   and the Brothers Mann would turn in their graves
27:23   if they saw this idiotic rape of our language.
27:27   I am speaking about
27:31   the gradual destruction of our language and of our culture.
27:35   I want our children to grow up with Christmas cakes,
27:39   with Nurnberger Christ Child mulled wine, and with
27:43   Christmas gingerbread.
27:48   Here WE are the host, and we decide about the rules.
27:52   Exactly!
27:56   I have
28:00   researched this theme, as I have said. These attempts at demolition
28:04   were made during the Third Reich, and again
28:08   during the socialist regime.
28:12   I am happy we left that behind us.
28:28   Speaking of protecting —
28:32   With joy, but rather wearily
28:36   I read what our Minister of the Interior
28:41   wants. He wants a re-entry ban
28:45   for recidivist criminal foreigners,
28:49   deportation of criminal and radical foreigners.
28:53   It all sounds great, but it’s a snow job.
28:57   I think that they simply want to calm down the people,
29:01   so that they will sit down again comfortably in front of the TV and watch RTL2 (pop TV channel).
29:09   A first step in the right direction would
29:13   be to seek the dialogue with us, the citizens, and
29:17   to take the people’s fears seriously.
29:26   one organisational matter. Some flyers have been
29:30   distributed. I don’t know where they came from;
29:34   they have nothing to do with our rally, and we have nothing to do with the distributors.
29:38   It’s from some movement,
29:42   I don’t even want to read it, it has nothing to do with our cause.
29:46   Our flyers —
29:50   …here, this is an A4 double brochure.
29:54   It has nothing to do with us.
29:58   Now I only want to thank you for your participation, for your common sense,
30:02   and for the peacefulness you showed again, and so
30:07   refused to provide the media with any ammunition to defame us.
30:19   Tomorrow you will see a terrible
30:23   smear campaign against me in the media
30:27   everywhere. I stand by my past. I did stupid things; I have paid for it.
30:31   The “Nazi” insult doesn’t not work any longer, therefore it is I
30:35   who, individually, will be anathematised.
30:39   I am above it, it’s the past.
30:47   But tomorrow,
30:52   my person, the person of Bachmann, will be anathematised,
30:56   and I wonder if it would not better for the movement, for you, if I
31:00   were to get out of the limelight. We have very capable brains who
31:04   can take over. This is not a retreat due to fear,
31:08   it’s simply that the media will see PEGIDA
31:12   only in connection with my person, and this is not beneficial.
31:16   It doesn’t matter.
31:25   Stop it with this silliness.
31:29   I thank you for your appearance and,
31:33   as has become our tradition,
31:37   I ask you to point all your little lamps (perhaps this will cause a light-bulb moment for some others)
31:41   with us, point your lights, for peace,
31:45   and for our goals, towards the heavens.
31:49   I am proud of you
31:53   me too
31:57   We are the people
32:01   (wir sind das Volk)
32:05   We are the people
32:10   (wir sind das Volk)
32:14   We are the people
32:18   We are the people
32:22   Thank you friends
32:26   We are ONE people
32:30   We will return
32:34   One more request:
32:38   When you are on your way home, do not walk alone.
32:42   We have intelligence that violent antifa groups are ready
32:46   and waiting for just that moment when we are not together any longer,
32:51   and are weaker. Take care.
32:55   A safe trip home. For next week, the same motto:
32:59   Everyone brings someone with them.

10 thoughts on ““Dresden Shows the Way”

  1. Way to go Germany!! We need to do this in the USA (and all over the western world). We also need to join together with these groups, so that we are united across borders and languages!

    • Having bonafide Muslim Brotherhood members in the government and entering the country to organise against their infidel enemies (that’s us) is not unlike giving WW2 Nazis refuge in 1943.

  2. This is beginning to smell like a real movement. A demo is also planned in Duesseldorf, Dec. 8. From the Pegida website: “Germans awaken, our numbers grow daily! For our fatherland, for Germany, it is our land, the land of our ancestors, descendants and children, and for this reason ever more people are stirring themselves and going onto the streets to protest” [Deutschland erwacht, wir werden jeden Tag mehr! Für unser Vaterland, für Deutschland, es ist unser Land, das Land unserer Ahnen, Nachfahren und Kinder, und dafür erheben sich immer mehr Menschen und gehen zum Prostest auf die Straße. Nun soll auch in Düsseldorf am 8. Dezember 2014 erstmalig eine Demo stattfinden]
    Language like this is really eye-opening for anybody familiar with postwar Germany.

    • I hope Germany will be the blaze the trail for the orphans of Europe. Europe’s political dad died forty years ago. Its mother betrothed a mushi and he is cruel and abusive.
      Bravo Germany! we want to “protest” with brains and not emotions. We have to understand when to protest, when to stop, and who to protest against. In the west we have to be like one man one heart and one soul. We have to find friends embracing our noble feelings far and near: No matter who where. Our foe is formidable, organized, determined. The foe started it and we have to finish it on our terms or we go to perdition. Our foe is like a flood, nay Tsunami, crushing everyone , everything in its way. We need brains and discipline. Nothing can be achieved in this world of tears without faith, passion and disciplined determination.
      To protest is to defend. Not to be complacent. To see the danger 30 years in advance. Our Traitor Class put us in this terrible situation and facilitated the way for the musshis to advance.
      We have a long, arduous work to do.

  3. The elite will crush this shortly. The stupid British do nothing. They learned the lesson of the EDL.

  4. Great stuff. But… why is this taking place in one of the LEAST Islamised cities in Germany, rather than one of the most Islamised ones just up the road – Berlin???

    • They still dare. They haven’t been beaten down by political correctness. And the ‘Ossies’ actually know what it’s like to live under totalitarianism and don’t want it again. I think East Germany is the only hope Germany has of not becoming islamised within a couple of generations.

  5. Could this happen in other European countries?:
    “Even by Scandinavian standards Norwegians have been the most deluded and naive when it comes to multiculturalism. I’ve read that per capita they import the highest number of ‘refugees’ in Europe,almost exclusively African and/or Muslim. With predictable results. Crime – especially rape – and welfarism have ballooned, and ominously, second generation parasites are worse than their parents. This post introduces you to a witch while providing more details on the country’s travails.
    But change is in the air! It seems that education by rape is working and Norway is deporting the parasites by the thousand. “The National Police Immigration Service…. deported 824 people in October, which is a new record. PU believe some of the reasons for the rise in figures are more resources, more staff and a change of “portfolio priorities”. It has also become easier to deport people back to Afghanistan and Nigeria.” Could anything sound sweeter than that? Maybe if you added in Somalis and Pakis. No wonder this guy is gearing up for emergency action.
    The overall target for this year is over 7,000 but all is still far from well. You see “a percentage of those deported in 2014 were asylum seekers who had their application for continued asylum rejected. They were then deported along with their families. The majority of deportees however had committed crimes or had returned illegally to Norway” Would have been a lot better had the expulsions been more broad-ranging but still, be thankful for any progress. I like it too that the families are also being deported.”
    Things are indeed looking up.

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