Tatjana Festerling: For God’s Sake, Put Merkel in a Straitjacket!

Tatjana Festerling, one of the most popular and well-known leaders of the PEGIDA movement in Germany, spoke briefly last night at the weekly PEGIDA rally in Dresden. Rembrandt Clancy has translated and subtitled the video of her speech, and also includes a transcript.

by Rembrandt Clancy

Two weeks after her vigorous speech on the “high treason” of the Soros-Brokered Migration Deal Between Europe and Turkey, Tatjana Festerling returned to the PEGIDA podium in Dresden this week to highlight additional aspects of Frau Merkel’s “damage” to Germany and Europe and calls for the Chancellor’s certification as mentally ill.

This week’s PEGIDA demonstration was held on Dresden’s Wiener Platz in front of the main train station. Based on the known length of the demonstration route, eye witnesses report that the demonstrators filled what appears to be a rather broad street for an entire kilometre, according to Epoch Times, who also supply a photo gallery of the demonstration.

Tatjana Festerling kept her speech to just over two minutes, with its focus entirely on Chancellor Merkel. For purposes of an international profile, so Epoch Times reports, Frau Festerling had posted an English translation of the speech on her Facebook page in advance.

In an opening comment Frau Festerling draws enthusiastic attention to the number of flags she sees belonging to the Identitaire movement. Our translation is limited to the speech itself which begins at about 33 seconds into the original video.


Tatjana Festerling: PEGIDA speech, 4 April 2016

The original German video source: Tatjana Festerling PEGIDA Dresden, 04.04.2016

Dear Friends,

There is a woman who for months has been forcing the German people into her delusions of complete ethno-trans-formation the population [Umvolkung: National Socialist term belonging to Lebensraumpolitik]; a woman who has squandered the assets which Germans have honestly and diligently earned; a woman, who acts contrary to agreements, who breaks the law and who incites others to do the same; a woman who, without parliamentary approval, concludes agreements on human trafficking with dictators; a woman, who invites terrorism to Europe and who threatens the peace of nations; a woman who destroys German culture, who limits the personal freedom of the individual and declares women and fleeing Christians to be fair game; a woman who dictates to public television what may be broadcast.

This is a woman whose accomplices do nothing to stop her by political means. This woman dabbles and lives in Berlin-Mitte [central borough of Berlin].

Given the damage she has now wrought on our country and Europe, an urgent clarification is required as to whether this woman is to be placed under judicial supervision, known formerly as certification.

For God’s sake, finally put Merkel in a straitjacket!

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

35 thoughts on “Tatjana Festerling: For God’s Sake, Put Merkel in a Straitjacket!

  1. Absolutely Merkel should be put in a straitjacket.I’m quite convinced that the woman is mad .Like her infamous countryman Hitler she has united with the Muslims and the far left against her own citizens in general, against Jews ,Christians and patriots in particular .And in the process she will destroy Europe

    In the Second World War Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem bonded over a shared virulent and irrational hatred of Jews.The Muftis was impressed by the way that Hitler blamed ever ill that had befallen humanity since the world began, on Jews .

    The Mufti accordingly sent entire Muslim regiments to fight alongside and under the command of the Nazi Schutzstaffel regiments.

    No doubt the Mufti of Jerusalem planned ultimately to wipe out all infidels including Hitler and his supporters ,once the Jews had been exterminated.

    And today history repeats itself.Today we have a mad German Chancellor making common cause with the same people Hitler did (the Muslims and the far left) .And once the Jews and the Christians ,the atheists the agnostics and the patriots have been wiped out Merkel and the other useful idiots will be eliminated in turn.For by then Merkel and her cronies will have outlived their usefullness.

    But it will be too late for the infidels .Because Merkel the mad traitor will have delivered Europe into the hands of a murderous oppressive totalitarian, misogynistic Muslim theocracy.

    • And her newest bff, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, will definitely defeat ISIS – perhaps as they battle in German streets with lots of infidel collateral damage – with Merkel’s help. Thus will the Ottoman empire resurrect itself with its center in Turkey, its satellite kingdom in Germany.

      • Maybe finally when the Eugoslavua showboat sails down the river of mush there will be a moment of pause. Hitler did the Muslim tango. Now Merkel. That name reminds me of a rat poison brand name for some reason.

      • Dymphna said: “…Thus will the Ottoman empire resurrect itself with its center in Turkey, its satellite kingdom in Germany.”

        Not likely, somewhat funny actually. This summer is going to be hot. Full scale civil war? Maybe, very likely in 2017.

        The Muslims? I loathe them too. But they are a side issue. The ultra left, Anarchist, Socialist and their hangers-on think they are now “there”. They have their cannon fodder/storm troopers with the Muslims (see Frankfurt School; see late 60’s early 70’s: March through the institutions {modeled on Mao’s long march} Rudi Dutschke, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, links to Soros etc. etc.) Incidentally, it had to be the Muslims since they are the only ones to be trusted – by the anarchos/socialists. Logically so, since only the Muslims can be relied on to hate unreservedly the society that is to be destroyed. As far as the anarchos/chaoten (‘from total chaos will come order’…) the Muslims are, quite literally, useful idiots.

        It’s not going to work.

    • There is a very famous (French?) Novel, please forgive me but I cannot recall the exact title or author. However it concerns a large lunatic asylum in the countryside which is taken over by the patients who have locked up the nurses and psychiatrists on the wards in their place. The asylum continues to operate as normal for sometime before the insurrection is discovered.
      I believe you could draw a parallel here to the EU and in particular Germany! The EU has long been run by lunatics, apart from the odd cry for help from people like Farage and Le Pen, the outside world, the citizens of Europe, still seem ignorant of the fact.
      Yes Merkel should be incarcerated. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, her motives are irrelevant, she should be prosecuted for the irreparable damage she has caused to the indigenous people of Europe accordingly!

      • The quote seems to have originated in a novel by one Alan Cooper, c1980s. Shakespeare, of course, got there earlier and more poetically: “The world is gone so bad, that wrens make prey where eagles dare not perch”.

    • Agree with you completely. N. Africans are now pouring in via Italy and nearby countries because Greece has closed the borders. Any detailed updates on this anyone? Read it last week on another site.

    • Fortunately the Israelis have nukes AND lebensraum for all the Jews in the world, a place to which they can “rise up” (aliyah) from their forced Exile around the world.

      Ireland for the Irish, Germany for Germans, Turkey for Turks, Israel for Jews… forever!

  2. I think that Merkel may be suffering clinical dementia. Those around her should see to her treatment.

  3. This is perhaps, the way to go.

    Instead of allowing the crazies to define what is crazy (that is to say, let them tell anyone who disagrees with them that they are ‘racists’, ‘far right’, ‘xenophobes’, ‘islamophobes’ etc etc) we really need to start pointing out that they are absolutely insane. Or evil.

    That’s their dilemma. Make them choose a horn.

    I’ve had a couple of people over the years come away with the racist nonsense. One thing that works is to say, ‘It’s got nothing to do with hardware. It’s about a religion. A belief system. SOFTWARE!’

    That short circuits them.

    But now I’ve grown tired of cutting them even that amount of slack.

    Now my response is just: ‘If you really think that, then there’s something seriously wrong with your thinking.’

  4. It’s nothing to do with race. It’s about culture. Imagine if all those Muslim immigrants of the preceding half century had instead been South Koreans, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Europe would not now be be having the problems it is having. The aforementioned peoples would have been valuable assets in Europe, in both cultural and economic terms.

    • True. Non-muslim Asians have integrated very well in Australia. They are hard-working, smart, and entrepreneurial. Our small town’s bakery is run by a young Thai couple. They have a discrete little shrine featuring Buddha on a top shelf but the walls are plastered with certificates of appreciation from the various clubs they have supported.

      In contrast, Muslims have no intention of integrating into the wider community. While the Asians wish us Merry Christmas and Happy Easter, I’ve read that muslims are forbidden to do so. What a horrible inhumane ideology islam is.

      • Good point. The Asians I find most impressive here in the US are from South Korea. There seems to be nothing they cannot do. And I remember that during various race riots in California the Koreans armed themselves and defended their properties against mobs intent on looting them and burning them out. Also, I was in Vietnam during the war there. We had South Korean troops there as part of our coalition. They were astonishingly tough troops. (Not to keen on observing the niceties of the Geneva Conventions, though.) If we are going to have more immigrants, I say lets get more Koreans.

    • Culture stems from race – I’m afraid the racial aspect is one that cannot be ignored.

      • In that case US Caucasians are an inferior culture. The Asian American groups I referenced generally surpass us in every sphere of human endeavor, and that happens despite the “white privilege” advantage we Caucasins are said to enjoy. Moreover, most Muslims in the US and EU are Caucasians. They came from North Africa, the Levant, Turkey, Persia, and points east all the way India. All these peoples are classified as Caucasian.
        Culture is not in your blood. It’s in your upbringing.

        • Culture can be a result of different geography that races have been evolved in.

          And I think classifying all those people as Caucasian is not scientific. That classification just emerged from US immigration wicked policies that was designed to conceal the true ethnic origins of the immigrants. In the areas mentioned by you no one thinks he/she is a Caucasian, and perhaps 99 out of 100 have never heard such term.

        • When all those “quotas” and reverse racism that is given a pass the “white privilege” does’ start to pale a bit. Considering also the layoffs by foreign degrees 🙂

  5. About Mrs Ang-Allah Merkel and her policy, I remember the words of Mr Thilo Sarrazin, prominent SPD economist, former executive member of Deutsche Bundesbank and author of the book ” Germany is abolishing herself “. During a 2015 interview, Mr Sarrazin stated: ” I don’t know what I would consider worse. Either Angela Merkel perhaps doesn’t know what she is doing, and that would be terrifying. Or she acts with knowledge and wariness against the interests of German people, and that would be even more terrifying! It appears as if Angela Merkel lives in a complete different world “,

  6. Could Tatjana Festerling go to Norway and Sweden and tell them that there are Men and Women, not only women/ wymyn in the world. And being a woman does not mean she is inferior. As a matter of fact Tatjana Festerling is worth one million men.

    But :

    Tatjana Festerling: = Tommy Robinson = Wilders = every antijihadi who wants to protect the western nations

  7. Cultural Marxism = mass mental illness. In our hearts we already knew this. Now we should start to promote the idea.

  8. Merkel looks more and more like the posthumous revenge of the GDR. It is the former communist state with its cadre schools where she has learned her trade. We’ve all been deluded in thinking it was dead and the evil spirit that it inhabited along with it. The way this woman talks and acts now is precisely consistent with this part of our past: A state which, despite calling itself ‘democratic’, has utter contempt for its constituents, disregards their opinions and choices and decides everything over their heads, only needs them as workhorses who, in the end, are interchangeable commodities.

    What they don’t know is that they can’t control Islam in the same way. We can rid ourselves of such a cynical regime as we’ve done before, but not any longer when we ourselves are gone. One wonders if they’re speculating on that, not knowing that they’re creating their own demise.

    • To K from Grmany:

      Lies das. My expose on Merkel:

      Angela Merkel – a resumee & CV

      Right after the November 1989 demonstrations in Berlin against the SED – regime, Angela Merkel joint the “Demokratischer Aufbruch” (democratic start/begin), an initiative of the CDU. Here, it somehow became apparent that the current spokes person was a former member of the Politbureau, who had consequently to resign; and Angela Merkel, who herself was the former FDJ secretary for Agitprop, advances immediately to the position of spokes person. Quick promotion, is it not? (translation: FDJ = Freie Deutsche Jugend – east Germany’s version of the Hitler youth; Agitprop = “Agitation und Propaganda” {same in English as in German})

      Next step in her career, Angela being dutiful and democratically minded, informed the press that the current chairman, Schnur, had previous connections with the STASI. Schnur had to resign, and surprise: Angela Merkel was now chair person of the Demokratischen Aufbruch.

      The 1990 spring election in east Germany was decisively won by the east German CDU, headed by Lothar de Maizière, who is now one of her ministers. Then came the reunification, and the east German CDU was absorbed by the west German CDU. And, miraculously Mrs. Merkel advances immediately to the position of spokes person of the now all German CDU, and becomes a member of the CDU’s Bundestags Fraktion. An eerie similarity to previous events, no?

      Helmut Kohl discovers her, and appoints her to the position of Minister for Family, Youth & Women – even though she doesn’t have any children, and lives in divorce. But that’s just a minor handicap for a highly competent career woman. And all that after only 14 months since she left her job in the FDJ (Freie Deutsche Jugend) as secretary for Agitprop. A political rocket-dragster if there ever was one.

      Remember de Maizière? Yes, the leader of the former east German CDU, and now the vice chairman of the all German CDU, that is the 2nd man after Chancellor Kohl; yes, him. You will be amazed to learn that suddenly rumours began to circulate that de Maizière too had been working for the STASI. Dear oh dear, he just had to resign. You wont believe this, and his job was taken by – you never guess – Angela Merkel. You think there’s a pattern here? What, with Mutti (Mammy) Merkel?

      That cannot be. But wait, whilst in her new position, somehow bad blood began to develop between Kohl and his minister for the Environment, Herr Töpfer. Yet, for a long time they were such good pals, Kohl and Töpfer. Naturally, he had to go. And Kohl therefore anointed his new successor. Yes! Angela Merkel… Why, could you actually think of anybody else?

      Now Kohl was chummy with Angela, he called her: Mein Mädchen, meaning: My Girl. If he had at least the faintest bit of prophetic powers, he’d called her – something else. But why should that be?

      Perhaps, because unfortunately for Herrn Kohl there developed a problem, some minor irregularities about monies from donations, somehow through an unknown source that become known. Somehow, any guesses? What did Kohl’s Mädchen do to support him? Nothing, on the contrary. She sat down and wrote an article in the very influential FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) and demanded Kohl’s resignation for moral reasons. Yes, for ‘moral reasons’ (sic!), she actually demanded and wrote that, her very words.

      So, like everybody else who was in Merkel’s way, Kohl had to go. Obviously. And so he did, he resigned, like other friends and mentors of Angela before him, Who, coincidentally of course, were also in her way. How does the old saying go? Don’t change a winning formula. Obviously, she doesn’t like change. As she emphasizes, stability and consistency.

      And so, after repeating the same pattern over and over again, she became the boss of the CDU. Which she is to this day. She rearranged the CDU, which is now practically left from the SPD (Social Democrats), her former boss de Maizière is back in business – as her underlining, he learned to toe the line. Well, he’d better,

      So what happened next?

      She allied with Friede Springer and Liz Mohn, and so got an excellent press, and they don’t come more excellent than that. Axel Ceasar Springer was Germany’s equivalent to Rupert Murdoch, Bild Zeitung, BZ, Morgen Post etc. etc. For the benefit of those who don’t know Germany, there are actually newspapers that don’t belong to the House of Springer – and that is really true, not a rumour. Liz Mohn, that means Bertelsmann Verlag, Europe’s largest publishing house. In other words, her PR side was covered, as in: COVERED! With the support of these two, opposing her amounted to political suicide. (BTW, check Zuckerberg (Sugarmount), facebook and where facebook reports Islamophobic hate speech to, complete with addresses and names of posters – check, in connection with Bertelsmann)

      Come 2005, prior to the election she attends together with the then reigning Kanzler Schröder, of the SPD, the Bilderberg Conference. Where she supported the Iraq war, which Schröder opposed, and thus gains the practically unified support of the other Bilderbergers. Her pro-war speech was printed in the Washington Post. Come the election, full support of the Bilderbergs. And equally important, the unlimited support from Springer and Bertelsman, plus a few others; zero internal opposition from within the CDU/CSU, she won. Zero internal opposition from within the CDU/CSU – could you imagine anyone opposing her?

      So she became chancellor of Germany. Any opposition, say in Europe? Indeed there was, by a flamboyant Italian fellow, he was as tough as nails and Teflon coated, got away with everything, controlled a large chunk of Italy’s media. He defeated courts, swung public opinion, you name it, everything. The guy was unassailable, invincible. He took her on, even insulted her, he was finished a few months later… Then there was a Frenchy. Head of the IMF, I think, anyway, brilliant prospect for the French presidency, what’s his name? Strauss Khan, yeah, he wanted to take her on, criticised her. Didn’t even see the election… Dumbass.

      Angela Merkel, former FDJ, secretary for AgitProp, that’s Agitation und Propaganda. Good SED (Former East German Communist Party) connections, thus STASI. Hmh, could she have found sufficient material in there to foster her unusual career? Always with the same method?

      Europeans, that is our Queen. Her upbringing is also interesting. One cannot help but wonder what a psychologist or sociologist would make of her. Her father a Protestant Parson, her mother a practising Jew. Conversely, her wider social environment, a fiercely atheistic, or even anti-godly political doctrine, namely Socialism-Marxism. With herself being so active in the ‘youth-movement’ of that ideology, that she rises to secretary for Agitation und Propaganda. Meaning stirring things up and spreading falsehoods, disinformation and lies.

      Americans, take note: Hillary Clinton does not want to orientate herself on Merkel. No, she wants to emulate Merkel, to copy her. See: http://www.infowars.com/hillary-i-will-emulate-chancellor-merkel-as-president/

      To all of us westerners, if the leading power of the west will be run by a copy, an emulation of Angela Merkel, God have mercy on us all, we’ll need it!

      For sources and more info just copy the links below and
      do a google search on
      (you’ll need the google translator app for your browser):

      Angela Merkel FDJ – Google Search
      Angela Merkel und Demokratischer Aufbruch – Google Search
      Angela Merkel und Schnur – Google Search
      Angela Merkel und Töpfer – Google Search
      Angela Merkel und Kohl – Google Search
      Angela Merkel und Stasi – Google Search
      Angela Merkel und Firede Springer – Google Search
      Angela Merkel und Loz Mohn – Google Search

      Pictures, current and in her youth, FDJ, etc Look at her eyes….
      (Generally, just copy into your browser. Though, some
      of you may have to add the http-double slash bit… sorry)

      Spokes person………….
      Want to cross her? ……….
      And another…………

  9. Terrorist and Jihadist in Chief Angela Merkel is is secretly in collaboration with wily thug Erdogan to turn Germany and Europe into a Caliphate.

    There is great possibility that Satanic hag Merkel is mentally sick due to old age and stress, there is another possibility that the evil hag has secretly in her heart converted to islam. Psychologists must test her for insanity because none of her actions and behaviours make any sense. She is history’s most evil traitor who has betrayed her own people and country.

    In collaboration with evil Merkel, wily thug Erdogan created this refugee treaty only to regularise, legalise, and permanentalise Syrian refugees’ entry into Europe and also get paid for continued hijrah – they have made fools of cowardly European politicians by this treaty- Europe and Germany should not accept even one muslim refugee- and expel all the refugees who have invaded Europe.

    European police and NATO military officers are traitors and cowards- they should arrest Caliph Merkel without delay. So long as mad hag Merkel is free and at large the Caliphate of Germany and Europe cannot be prevented.

    If Europeans don’t take action at once- Germany and Europe will be islamic Caliphates. Germans and Europeans will be converted to islam, large scale genocide of Europeans will take place europeans who don’t want to convert, white girls and women will be taken by islamic invaders, Europeans and Germans will try to escape as refugees to Eastern and Southern Europe, and Russia until Europeans stop muslim immigration and deport all immigrant invaders who are already come in on Hijrah to Europe.

    • “If Europeans don’t take action soon”, there will be a shambles. No Caliphate.

  10. It’s mass marketing. If the message changes these same supporters of those brainwashed in the ideology of the lazy unproductive Mohammadens will turn and charge (by credit card if there is any credit or credibility left) it seems.

  11. I am not sure what you think of this but I am coming to the conclusion that the current media suppression, Leftist PC dynamic, and status quo must be broken, and it can only be broken if fullscale disorder breaks down in one country. So it pains me to say it, but the sooner Germany or Sweden starts descending into very obvious ethnic / civil war – the better Another Brussels / Paris? we seem to be fairly blind to it, so many tragedies in the last year. We need a whole series of events (mass terror attacks), OR a civil war scenario.

    I know this sounds heartless. But our biggest enemy is time and the slow steady flow if ever more immigrants. There will come a tipping point (if not already reached) where we cannot row back the self-inflicted damage, but we will be hit with the realisation of what we have done. The deep breathe before the plunge. Like standing on the beach, marvelling at the low tide and the exposed stones and flundering fish, then the awful realisation of seeing the horizon RISE, then knowing a tsunami is on its way and even with minutes to spare, we are hit with the powerlessness of our situation.

    That time will come.

    The only thing that will give us hope of turning it around (and preventing much worse to come) – is a series of SEVERE shocks to the system that no amount of Leftist apologism can make up for, nor the media suppress. Then the tsunami will be THE PEOPLE – a mass awakening that the Elites who brought this on us cannot avoid, cannot hide from, and CAN NEVER RECOVER FROM.

    (my blog if anyone is interested)

    • Severe shocks might include the assassination of a major political figure (draw up your own list!) Or, as the Baron suggested recently (if I recall correctly), a “dirty” bomb in a Western city. Living in London as I do, I hope it’s not ignoble to express a preference for the former…

  12. A long way from the Siege of Sydney Street and Winston Churchill. This time its the whole country.

  13. The chancellor may have frontotemporal dementia, which in the early stages is very confusing since many of us think that dementia means memory loss in the old, not disturbing behavior and terrible decisions in the prime of life.

    What is very concerning is that people around her nor your Parliment did not stop this ill woman and get her help.

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