No to the Islamization of France!

Here’s some more on that press release from Riposte Laïque and Résistance Républicaine posted here yesterday that called for the expulsion of all Islamists in France. Many thanks to Sonia Bailley for the translation:

On Sunday January 18 at 2:30 pm, in each city and each town of France, patriots can hold rallies similar to those of PEGIDA’s (European Patriots against the Islamization of the West) to say:


If you decide to gather in your city or town, you can take photographs of the rally to send to Republican Résistance for dissemination. Even if your first demonstration starts with a small group, it’s already good. Subsequently, other patriots will join you to express their opposition to the introduction of the Sharia in France.

You can also share information with residents and elected officials in your city or town!

4 thoughts on “No to the Islamization of France!

  1. I take it this is just for France. Could you add an email address or a URL to your article. Merici.

  2. Another giant barrack to be raised in France

    Near Montpellier, in the South of France, 35 000 m2 lot sold to “Aicha Association”
    “To teach the message and the practise of islam”

    The Mohammed behind Aicha, is one of the Moroccan mohammedans supporting the socialist party in France.

  3. Montpellier, where in the 1970’s there were not too many Muslims but a lot of “Pieds-Noirs” (North African whites). Obviously the Muslims stuck around. The EU has a very dark vision for itself. Turn back now and save millions upon millions of lives. Dream on.

  4. Hallo. We have to make big uprising (rebellion). German people are on streets. We (in Czech republic) are starting. You have to run too.

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