PEGIDA on Orbán: Protect the Borders of Europe

The following video is an excerpt from a speech given by Tatjana Festerling at the weekly PEGIDA rally in Dresden on Monday night. Ms. Festerling had just returned from a visit to Hungary, and her report paid homage to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   She doesn’t need any more introduction, we know who’s coming, here she is, Tatjana Festerling.
0:21   Man oh man, is it packed in here. Good evening Dresden!
0:32   As many of you know, I drove to the Hungarian-Serbian border last Wednesday night.
0:40   Directly to the border fence where these bloody fights took place last Wednesday.
0:46   The allegedly traumatized asylum claimants on the Serbian side armed themselves with rocks and rebar
0:56   and issued an ultimatum to the Hungarian border police:
1:02   If the police refuse to open the border within an hour, they will attack.
1:08   And after the police had been pelted with rocks, chains, concrete and bricks,
1:17   and twenty Hungarian police officers were injured, the migrants
1:22   broke through the Serbian and then through the Hungarian checkpoints.
1:30   And only after the attackers invaded Hungarian national territory
1:34   did the commanders order the use of teargas and water cannons.
1:48   The situation could no longer be controlled in any other way.
1:53   And during the entire violent attack, migrants used children as human shields.
2:03   Two children were even thrown over the fence into Hungarian national territory.
2:14   And already we know that among the violent attackers there was one confirmed IS terrorist.
2:22   We also learned that the attack was orchestrated in Arabic and in English via loudspeakers.
2:31   Hungarian authorities are still investigating.
2:35   One day later, Thursday, it’s quiet again. The border checkpoint to Serbia was locked again,
2:42   the Autobahn was completely empty, a ghost highway, there was garbage everywhere
2:46   on the side of the road, in the fields, everywhere, Clothes, suitcases, filth.
2:53   The soldiers and the police, all young men and women, did their job at the scene.
2:58   When I talked to them, they were reluctant, timid, almost shy.
3:05   Of course, the politics of Victor Orban are contemptuously berated and disparaged
3:12   by the leftist media in Hungary.
3:16   The Hungarian left loves to cite German politicians to defame those that defend their homeland.
3:28   When I said that I was from Pegida, a large Dresden — no, a large German — citizen’s movement,
3:37   that has had thousands of European patriots taking to the streets, for one year now,
3:44   demonstrating against the Islamization of our lands,
3:48   and that we deeply reject Merkel’s politics, and that I, as a representative of that movement,
3:55   thank them deeply from the heart, for their effort and commitment, they were delighted.
4:10   Once could see just how good it felt for them to hear support and solidarity.
4:15   I had the opportunity to talk to the chief of operations of the military at the border fence,
4:22   and with the chief of police who was heading the police operation.
4:28   Both are friendly, reserved men who want to do nothing more than to
4:35   defend their homeland from these attacking hordes.
4:44   Of our great solidarity and of our support for Hungary from Germans,
4:50   and of our struggle against the chaotic asylum politics of the EU, nobody hears about that in Hungary.
4:58   It is no wonder Hungarians feel let down and deserted.
5:03   The next day, I went to Budapest with my sign
5:08   and I protested in front of the Hungarian Parliament as a one-woman rally to show my presence.
5:14   Again and again, Hungarians walked up, read my sign,
5:18   gave me thumbs up, applauded, and even kissed my hand.
5:22   And by the way, huge approval also came from the European tourists who read my sign.
5:28   Hungarians at the moment cannot count on any help from either Serbia or Croatia,
5:35   but what’s even worse, there is also no hope for help from the West.
5:40   Orban calls this ‘suicidal liberalism’ that reigns in the heads of European media and politics,
5:49   which endangers the quality of life for all Europeans.
5:54   I want to, I want to cite a sentence from an interview with Orban from Friday:
6:02   ”With what we are doing, we are limiting our own quality of life,
6:06   we decimate the quality of our own lives,
6:10   we are risking our own worth, we are
6:14   endangering our own modus vivendi,
6:18   and that is suicide. If someone jumps from the 20th floor,
6:23   you can look at that person as a free man from a liberal perspective.
6:28   But from my view, he is just a person who commits suicide.”
6:33   And as Merkel is fueling these migration waves with her refugee selfies,
6:40   Hungary has for months now defended its border against this never-ending stream
6:45   of these asylum-demanding invaders.
6:49   But the EU, preoccupied with establishing the exact curvature of cucumbers, vacuum cleaner regulations
6:53   and the appropriate length of baby pacifier chains,
6:57   has deserted Hungary, just as it deserted Italy and Greece, and has left them
7:04   completely alone with the impacts of this Islamic mass wave of invaders.
7:08   And it’s there… it’s exactly there where Victor Orban takes responsibility,
7:18   and speaks of homeland defense!
7:30   Hungary is now securing the border with Serbia, by the way,
7:35   with the consent of Serbia, who very clearly understand
7:39   that this border fence is not directed at them.
7:42   And because Croatia already capitulated just one day after the attack of the invaders,
7:48   Hungary will also build another fence that’s 41 kilometers long,
7:53   which will be a line of defense on the border with Croatia.
8:04   Hungarians are the only ones that observe the Schengen Agreement!
8:12   It will be interesting to see what Slovenia is now going to do.
8:18   Slovenia is also part of the Schengen agreement, so they would be obliged,
8:23   but what does that even mean anymore in an EU
8:26   where it is par for the course to break treaties?
8:31   Orban also clarifies that Hungary will painstakingly abide by the Geneva Convention,
8:38   as well as all other treaties and agreements,
8:42   and he deplores all unfair and dishonest attacks.
8:46   Orban formulates the goals of his politics clearly: Politics exist to defend the homeland,
8:53   and that’s why the Hungarian army is aptly called ‘Homeland Protection’.
9:05   He will show that his politics work…
9:09   (Crowd cheering Orban Orban Orban)…
9:21   And he… And he will show that his way will work,
9:27   he will prove that if everybody within the EU were to finally do their duty,
9:33   they could stop this huge migration wave. It could be managed,
9:37   it could be handled.
9:40   Orban was also addressed about the European quota regulation,
9:45   which the German foreign minister Steinmeier, even against…
9:49   (crowd boos, chants “traitor, traitor, traitor”)
10:06   …which Steinmeier wants to enforce even against the will of the Eastern European countries.
10:13   In other words, whoever will not obey according to what the German government
10:17   sees fit, will be forced to fulfill a quota.
10:25   Also there is talk of the withdrawal of structural EU allowances and subsidies.
10:30   Hungary looks at that as pure blackmail.
10:35   Orban calls it a political crime to intertwine the matter of monetary subsidies with this migration.
10:43   Orban cites the former French premier Sarkozy,
10:50   who once said that the leading European politicians are acting illogically,
10:56   that the situation is like when you have water damage to your house.
11:01   You can discuss forever how much water you will let into every single room of your house,
11:07   but the damage won’t disappear.
11:11   First you have to concentrate on removing the water damage,
11:17   and there are suggestions to that effect:
11:20   That the politicians of Europe finally make it a priority to protect the borders of Europe…

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  1. So the “European Union” is really just a fiefdom of the Germans? They say and everyone obey?

    • I agree 100% , IMHO the EU is a dictatorship, which I refer to as the ‘Throne In Brussels’. Sold in the beginning as a ‘Trade Union’ is was basically a total surrender of sovereignty, reducing the national governments to puppet status. It’s like the line in the song ‘Hotel California’ “you can check out, but never leave”.

        • Quite true, the power always resides with those who have the economic clout and that is Germany. The Germans made a pact with the devil and now the devil demands her cut.

          The good news if you can call it that, is when Germany is torn apart by Muslim violence(which I suspect will be soon), the other countries can start to break free. Merkel at that point will be finished but she will take Germany with her.

      • Yes ha ha! “You can check out any time you like but you can never leave?” A line from a song by and from California dopers in a bygone era. “Yes we can” got Obama off drugs and back on the road. The laid back Eurot elites are shooting up on some really bad stuff. Reality is on the way – hang in there.

  2. Any idea how many Germans were in attendance?
    Is there any data on how many Germans are sympathetic to PEGIDA?

  3. All I can tell you is that the EDL has increased LIKES on their FB page by over 20 thousand in about a week.

    I sure hope this migration/invasion wakes the PEOPLE of EUROPE from their slumber and affair with the EU.

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