Viktor Orbán: “Europe is Rich, But Weak”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave the following speech on Monday before the National Assembly. It has already been close-captioned in English; if you can’t see the text, click on the “CC” feature:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

10 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: “Europe is Rich, But Weak”

  1. Viktor Orbán: “Europe is Rich, But Weak”

    Isn’t that something? How in the whole of Europe only five people have a normal head filled with some brain, the other cowards’ are filled with c–p. Is this what happens when a continent becomes secular, faithless, confused, chaotic, hypocritical, Islam-paralyzed- fascinated. Is the highest level of civilization the point when you feel you have to destroy yourself?

    Armadas, Napoleans and Hitlers could not defeat and occupy Britain and get the laurel. I think that laurel will go to the British themselves and Europeans for that matter.

    Well we still have elections and voting isn’t that enough say the sons of the
    b —-h traitors? Yes, we still have a say in our own destruction.

    One Orban, a small sun in the dark Europe, the prophet of our times. Can he defeat Lucifer: EU?

    Perverted minds of Europe: Who caused all this perversion? Why?

    • I’m utterly shocked that Orban did not receive a standing ovation for that marvelous speech. Can we clone him for the USA?

  2. Victor Orban and Geert Wilders are the only two EU leaders telling it like it is. In a cool clear voice. The numbers don’t lie. Proponent for the anti-migration cause have to keep hitting the media with those sobering numbers. This is the only way to counter the ‘bleeding hearts’, argument.

    CNN report estimates 800,000 per year. And they also say, “no end in sight”. This should scare anybody

  3. That was a great speech. I understood half of it Hungarian, but grateful for the translation. He should be president of Europe. He has his head screwed on right, unlike poor Angela and Hollande. and the other socialist idiots.

  4. If interested have a look at PM Orbán’s website.
    It is available in English.
    It is worth reading his remarks to Parliament on 21 Sep. Some excerpts:
    … the international refugee conventions that we are a party to state in absolutely clear terms that refugees may not freely choose which country they wish to escape to, and therefore this approach – that we let migrants through, and we accept migrants, and then we send them here and there – is completely incomprehensible and nonsensical. I would like to make it clear that the rules relating to refugees do not come into play at all if we are talking about economic migrants; no one, no country in the world is obliged to accept them, unless they want to…
    … As while the term “border fence” is often mentioned in combination with the word “closure”, we are not closing the border, but merely the green border. The borders are open at the designated entry points where people have been able – earlier also – to enter and exit under normal circumstances, in observance of existing international and Hungarian regulations. But we have closed the green border, and have created a physical structure which can be protected.
    …Several of you say that the construction of the Hungarian fence is not a solution, because if it were then everyone should build fences. But of course, this is the solution! To put it more modestly: we signed an agreement which we call the Schengen Agreement. Everyone signed this of their own free will and in line with the common will. It says that the protection of borders is the obligation of each nation state. This is not an optional task which the signatories are free to perform if they feel like it, or only if they can; the agreement says that this is an obligation, and this agreement also stipulates that the Schengen Area – the shared, free European territory – can only be entered at points designated by individual states and during the hours those points are in operation.

    … We believe that it is a good thing if Hungary preserves its cultural patterns. But the question is not what is good or bad, but whether Hungary has the right to insist on what we ourselves want to decide. This will then lead us on to the question of whether any European nation state – including Hungary – has the right to decide whom they will let into their countries, whom they wish to live together with, and whom they do not wish to be there. The Hungarian position is as firm as it is – if I may say so, I would not call it stubborn, but a firm position all the same – because it is very clear on this issue: against the background of known European experience, we do not regard such a rapid and uncontrollable change of cultural patterns as beneficial for the Hungarian people…We want to decide what we are like and whom we want to resemble. This is our own sovereign, national decision, and I am asking the Honourable House not to yield an inch on this. This is a Hungarian national duty, a constitutional duty. We Hungarians alone are able to decide on this. This cannot be dictated from the UN Headquarters in New York, and not even from the headquarters in Brussels. This can only be the decision of the Hungarian people. I am asking you to continue to insist on this position.

  5. Orbán says pretty much the same as Geert Wilders. Same cool, different style. Only one gets applauded, while the other is booed, ignored or mocked.
    Is the green/red left aiming at destroying European nations? When you look at Hungary, you are inclined to think that it will never happen. Turn your head then to countries like the Netherlands, France or Sweden, somehow you may be entitled to believe it has already happened.

  6. Please allow me to post some background info on Viktor Orban, elected for the third time.
    • He is said to be too close to Russia for comfort.
    • The US administration hates him. Take this as an example:
    Hungary “is on the verge of ceding its sovereignty to a neo-fascist dictator getting in bed with Vladimir Putin” McCain

    • The EU elites in Brussels hate him:
    Just one example is that Vidar Helgesen is supposed to have said that ““Hungary is failing the democracy test “ and also, “When the Hungarian government is challenging these values it challenges the EU itself.”

    • Some say that a sort of colour-revolution was attempted back year to seriously undermine his leadership.

    He is often painted as a neo-fascist or as a populist politician by mainstream Western press.

    On the flip side he has stated quite categorically that he wants he puts Hungarian sovereignty first.

    The US & EU got into a right ol’ flap when Orban stated this back in 2014: “And so in this sense the new state that we are constructing in Hungary is an illiberal state, a non-liberal state.”

    The so called ‘migrants’ crisis puts him into an incredibly tight spot, domestically. He is walking a tightrope, given the pressure that his government has been placed.

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