Holger Danske is Stirring

In the following interview, Tania Groth of PEGIDA Denmark talks about the case of Flemming Nielsen, who was convicted of “racism” and fined for comparing the ideology of Islam with Nazism. Outraged Danish patriots have now chipped in to pay Mr. Nielsen’s fine and legal expenses, since he will be unable to appeal the verdict.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for conducting the interview and uploading the video:

A Danish reader sends the following details, confirming what Tania says in the video above

I have an update to your article “Islam is Now Officially a Race in Denmark”. Holger Danske has been awake for some time — please see this article from Ekstrabladet (In Danish, use google translate).

In 58 minutes people collected DKK 9.400 (around €1259) to pay the fine and court costs. Please also note the public votes in the article: the Danish people DO NOT agree with the court, to say the least.

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5 thoughts on “Holger Danske is Stirring

  1. Is it possible I wonder, for the Danes to stage a Spartacus moment? If there was a mass declaration of comparing islam to Nazism, there would be too many to prosecute .

  2. “…the Islamic state bears a kind of resemblance to the Fascist and Communist states ….the very antithesis of secular Western democracy.”
    Maududi, revered 20th century scholar

    • The must be said of Britain and Western European states. The U.S. too. Anarcho-tyrannies every one. Firm, vigorous, unrelenting criminal prosecutions to suppress free speech, official integration of a deniable AntiFa street fighting auxiliary into the state security apparatus, and turning a blind eye to all crime by professional and amateur bottom feeders and parasites.

      Their propaganda establishments are world class. Expressing the hope for the murder of a political opponent brings is acceptable speech but criticizing Islam is not. Excoriating Christianity is always on the menu, as is disgusting, risk-free desecration of Christian churches. Some European countries pretend that grown men are children, such is their devotion to The Lie.

  3. The disconnect between governments and their citizens is frightening. The mutual contempt and hatred can’t last; something’s going to blow. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

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