Islam is Now Officially a Race in Denmark

I must point out that the city of Elsinore, in which this odious judgment was handed down, is the same that prompted Marcellus to say (in Hamlet): “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” To add insult to injury, the legendary Holger Danske, the Danish hero who will awaken to save his country in its time of greatest need, sleeps in the cellars of Kronborg Castle at Elsinore. Surely at least one of Holger’s eyes is now blinking open …?

Many thanks to Liberty DK for translating this article from Jyllands-Posten. A slightly different version was published earlier at Vlad Tepes:

Man fined for racism following comment on Facebook

The court in Elsinore has sentenced a man fined for comparing Islam with Nazism.


“…The ideology of Islam is every bit as loathsome, nauseating, oppressive and dehumanizing as Nazism. The massive immigration of Islamists into Denmark is the most devastating event Danish society has suffered in recent historical times.”

Thursday morning these words cost Flemming Nielsen 1,600 kroner. He was sentenced to four day-fines of 400 kroner for violating the Penal Code §266b paragraph 1, also called the racism paragraph. This is from a judgment rendered by a Court in Elsinore.

The accused, Flemming Nielsen, had written the words on Facebook in late November 2013.

“I did not violate the article I have been accused of. I did not mention the religion of Islam or Muslims with one word. I referred to Islamists and the ideology of Islam,” said Flemming Nielsen to immediately after the verdict.

It would therefore be obvious that Flemming Nielsen should be able to appeal the verdict, which he believes has restricted his freedom of expression, to a higher court.

However, he will not be able to do this as the fine falls below the minimum limit by which such judgments can be appealed.

Flemming Nielsen wrote the words as a comment on a post that one of his friends had posted on social media regarding a residents’ association where the board had been overthrown by members of the extremist Muslim association Hizb ut-Tahrir.

The Elsinore Court claimed in its judgment that Flemming Nielsen had written in general about all Muslims, not Islamists in the narrower sense, as the convicted claimed.

‘The Court has in this context interpreted the “ideology of Islam” as relating to Islam in general and not only to the extreme part of Islam.

But it is a dangerous expansion of the racism paragraph the Court of Elsinore potentially has made, says Jacob Mchangama, director of the legal think tank Justitia.

“Thus, the Court in Elsinore has taken a major step towards expanding the racism paragraph to constitute a kind of blasphemy clause which indirectly protects religions from insult. We have otherwise rejected this in this country, given that no one has been convicted of blasphemy since 1946,” writes Mchangama in his blog in Berlingske’s website.

It’s worth noting that fighting the “Islam is not a race” battle is pretty much futile at this point. A number of years ago (I don’t remember the date, it might have been 2009) the UN approved an expanded definition of “racism” promoted by the OIC. If anyone “incites hatred”, “discriminates”, or otherwise does bad things towards “a religion”, it is the same as if he had done it towards a race. Even if the Danish court didn’t cite the UN, the new definition of “racism” is lurking there in the background.

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  1. If anyone “incites hatred”, “discriminates”, or otherwise does bad things towards “a religion”, it is the same as if he had done it towards a race. Even if the Danish court didn’t cite the UN, the new definition of “racism” is lurking there in the background.

    The sooner we declare islam NOT a religion, the better.

    • This is about keeping the lid on conservatism and the right of centre. The left will do anything to gag the right, the main, rational opposition to their insane cause. The ‘racist’, and ‘far right’ labels must gradually be extended until conservatism itself is no longer viable, and it is working.

      • Not here, I’m happy to say. Even as the faux-cons at National Review, et al, join the same-old, same-old GOP(e) that deliberately lost the last election, those “pitchfork populists” (the latest sputterance from WaPo re Trump supporters) are sounding more like a triumph of thundering elephants each day…

        …it hasn’t been this ugly since Andrew Jackson had the nerve to challenge the insider-politicians of the Adams dynasty. Those “Jacksonian Democrats” are Tea Party members now.

        I’d hoped to riff on this today…maybe more energy tomorrow:

        Hey, maybe Trump will have some shovel-ready jobs for that wall he’s planning at our southern border. Plus a whole lotta security.

        • Too bad that Alinsky and his “rules” was never translated into EUrospeak. The correct (and only effective) response here to this outrage would be:
          Refuse to pay ANY fine. That’s basic.
          Let ’em toss you in jail (EUro jails are a joke).
          Have as many EUroskepticks as possible repeat the “racist” screed as possible.
          DARE the court to act.
          NEVER give up on the “Muslem is NOT a RACE” and “the courts are total bullsh&t” theme.
          Maybe shouting “{redacted obscenity} the Courts” and (when present) “{anatomical impossibility} yourselves” to any Police presence would be a good idea. Alinsky would call it identifying the enemy whilst making it impossible to live by their own rules.
          Yes–the Powers That Bee are now the enemy.
          The more, the merrier–and increase the size of any group you have.

          • “Yes–the Powers That Bee are now the enemy.” They are the first enemy. Islam is second. The newest of new religions will be ‘anti Racism’. Anything to preserve the ‘powers’. Confront the ‘powers’ with as much resistance as possible. Make yourselves as difficult to govern as possible. If you must comply, do it slowly but loudly. Bog down as much of daily life as possible without harming yourself. Keep writing as much as you dare until more join you.

    • It is worth mentioning that Denmark has a civil law (European continental law, as opposed to common law) type system in which precedent is considered less important.

      I don’t really understand it, or the legal system in Denmark specifically, but it sounds like statutory law takes precedence over case law. So basically it seems that it is considered acceptable to interpret statues in a more arbitrary manner based on the situation.

      Ever since I first read about civil law it sounded to me like a bad idea that leads to more arbitrary decisions, more politicization of the judicial system, etc. But then again I grew up in a common law country and it sounds like European countries have some checks and balances on the judiciary to help compensate.

      Are there any Danish or European common law experts who can explain? I also don’t know how the EU or UN laws affect things. (The UN seems to have much more legal impact in Europe than it does in the US.)

  2. May Europeans at least write and speak about Orks, if not Islamists or Muslims generally? I wrote the Alienork Way allegory precisely to test this point. Can The Alienork Way be posted in Denmark or anywhere in Europe, or would a panel of judges rule, “We know what you meant there, wise guy!”

  3. Evidently politicians, judges etc are as dumbed down as the rest of the world, islam isn’t a race, muslims are not a race. Islam is an ideology with a final goal of world domination. What’s amazing is that they are doing now just what they have done before and the world is so deluded it ignores the facts. Amazing.

    • Facts, common sense and intelligent action now considered has beens is grinding opposition to a halt. A lobotomy could hardly have done or be doing more damage. Are we becoming so basically defective and suicidal in order to integrate with Muslims? It sure looks that way. Especially to the Muslim jihad.

  4. Correction

    I use the term “Oozlum” to describe the Far Left and the “Religion of Peace.”…and 370,000,000 victims are confirmation of its peaceful nature. Its victims lay in graves as witness to this peace. “Oozlum” derives from the Oozlum Bird that flies around in ever decreasing circles until it disappears up its own rear orifice. A rather apt description do you not think?

    The Left have done it for 130 years and migrants “fleeing” from Islamic societies simply form new ones in the host countries, in a continual cycle of self-mutilation. Perhaps a new term should be used “Oozlumism”- the practice and spreading of the act of disappearing up one’s own rear.

  5. Read the book by Astronomer Fred Hoyle- “Ten Faces of the Universe”. He predicts 2015 to 2030 as a collapse point for global civilisation due to over population. I still work as an
    archaeologist and I know that when cultures reach a certain point where space and technology can no longer cope with the numbers, a kind of mass mental illness hysteria manifests itself. This is seen in other mammals too.

    I think what we are seeing is such a mass psychosis now and it often begins in the so called “elites”. Indeed these ridiculous decisions and attitudes are to myself (I trained in psychology some years ago but gave it up) are symptomatic of people that behave more like patients and the psychiatrically disturbed than politicians and sensible law givers.

    • Puhleeaase … don’t peddle the thoroughly discredited Paul Ehrlich nonsense ‘population bomb’ stuff. Even if Fred Hoyle jumped on the bandwagon. Economist Dr. Julian Simon refuted that thoroughly ages ago. Increase in food production has historically outstripped population increase. Northern / western / Christian nations face demographic winter, if anything.

      Instead, why not go see the video wherein the New York Times itself acknowledges its own mistake in shilling for Ehrlich and the doom-ists, for so many years.

      Steve Jalsevac (at LifeSite News) has set the video up well with an excellent introductory essay (June of 2015) :
      “Astonishing New York Times video: population/ climate panics exposed”

      URL leads to LifeSiteNews parent site :

      • Gosh, didn’t recongize the name…or know he was part of Ehrlich’s gloom-and-doom-we’ll-run-out-of-room-and then drown/freeze-to-death-and-starve believers. That clown should have been fired but he wasn’t.

        The Chinese have lifted their one-baby rule bec they know the population implosion is due mid-century or so…see Spengler, aka David Goldman, here:

        [(How Civilizations Die: (And Why Islam is Dying Too))] [Author: David Goldman] published on (October, 2011)

      • The problem is not with Erlich’s predictions that are so far unproven but what Hoyle said and is indeed coming true. It is a Question of Balance. We need to keep reproducing at around 2.3 to maintain population numbers level. We are now declining with a birthrate of around 1.5. UK is a small island. It is now the most heavily populated in the EU.

        The over population is mainly Third World that casts adrift its surplus and threatens UK and European stability. Our “Do Gooders” have caused the problem by trying to feed the world from our own resources. UK population will shrink and that is no bad thing by natural means. These population blips rise and fall over millenniums.

        Most of the “Middle-East” And Far East do not work when in UK and so the argument that we need them to support us is nonsense. 70% are on welfare. We have a double bind. Not enough native children but too many imported that now threaten to out-breed us in a Globalist plan to destroy the nation state. This is their admitted plan too.

        Our welfare systems are bankrupt but the problem is political, more than environmental. In 1928 the RN studied the viable population for a self-sub-sistent UK- It was around 30,000,000.
        This is a small island and we are experiencing terrible problems- social and other types. We cannot support 9 to 15,000,000 welfare recipients. (And) before you jump down my throat as a “genocider” and “racist” all I am doing is pointing out that the current population of UK is unsustainable in such a small area. The US landmass is a completely different matter. To say that the US is overpopulated is daft.

        However, our food is nothing like the quality I ate in the 1960 and 70’s. The meat is horrid and the cuts and animals chosen the lowest possible. The muck supewrmarkets sell is full of hormonal garbage that has led to an epidemic of obesity and cancer.

      • The mistake is to take seriously the utterances of famous scientists on matters outside their particular areas of expertise. Hoyle was an astronomer, not a population biologist or geneticist.

        A lot of the famous scientists weighing in on anthropogenic climate change are not meteorlogists or climatologists, and have no expertise at all to pronounce scientific judgments on the subject. But that doesn’t slow them down a bit. Apocalyptic “science” has become a big business with a political agenda (or a political agenda that happens to make a lot of rich businessmen even richer), and people love to climb on board the trend.

      • The production of food is only one aspect of the lunacy of overpopulation which should be obvious to anyone with two atoms of intellect.

        One of the failings of western civilization is the insistence that things must always increase–increased population, food yield, business, mining, water use, garbage, etc., all MUST increase!

        But the size of our planet remains constant, and therein lies the lunacy of that theory, one that scientists, politicians, academics and other ‘know it alls’ fail to see.

  6. Given that Islam is a race as far as Danish law is concerned, Islam is a racial ideology, a supremacist ideology, and thus an ideology reproved according to the international criminal law against the crime of apartheid.

    The ‘crime of apartheid’ means inhumane acts of a character similar to those referred to in paragraph 1 [of Article 7, Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court 1998], committed in the context of an institutionalised regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.

    • Nice logic. But of course the ruling elites don’t do logic, or reason for that matter, their power is feelings-based.

  7. Now, could someone make, in Danish, an analogous comment about Christianity, and have someone report it to police? After all, according to the logic here, that would be an attack on “all Christians”…

    Seems as though the guy was very careful not to get his “Islam” and “Muslims” mixed up – yet he still got charged. Either now, criticism of any ideology is disallowed in Denmark, or Islam is receiving VERY preferential treatment.

    • It’s entertaining to watch the convolutions the establishment has to perform to keep its show on the road. Circus performers tending towards clowns.

    • Yes, the PC MC Mainstream’s more or less unofficial statute demonizing and/or criminalizing Islamocriticism is based on a logic of synecdoche:

      To criticize any part of the Islamic orbit without explicitly surgically detaching it from Islam, is tantamount to condemning all Muslims…

      which, in turn,

      is tantamount to setting in motion the demagogic thought crime that will lead inexorably down the slippery slope to genocide against Brown People

      Since this de facto cultural law renders us as damned if we do as when we don’t, I say why not do? Zero Tolerance of All Muslims. And since the PC MC Mainstream won’t listen to our intelligent arguments clarifying that such a blanket condemnation of all Muslims is not joined at the hip with genocide, and that deportation is not the same thing as genocide — but they will vilify us anyway as genocide-inciters — we are wasting our time parsing our memes with eggshell-tiptoeing care (unless, like Robert Spencer, we really sincerely believe in such parsing…).

  8. In your intro, Baron, you linked to an older GoV post from December 29, 2006, on the Twelfth Viking … Holger Danske. ( ).

    Commenting on THAT post is now closed, but one reader, Bastiat, suggested that ” The Holger / Martel story would make a ripping good movie. Minor problem with the whole un-PC vanquishing of the Muslims, though. Well, I can dream can’t I? ”

    In today’s climate I can’t imagine any studio having the guts to undertake such a project. But I do remember one of my favourite movies from my youth that might serve as a substitute : El Cid, starring Charlton Heston (and co-starring the gorgeous Sophia Loren!)

    Can you believe it : it was 1961 ! (I thought it was later than that. I must be older than I thought.)

  9. “The ideology of Communism is every bit as loathsome, nauseating, oppressive and dehumanizing as Nazism”

    I wonder if that is a racist statement?

  10. Rulings which essentially are turning a malicious ideology into a race are downright
    ridiculous. § 266b is a joke .Honi soit qui mal y pense……are danish courts are being used as political instruments ? Has the time come time to scrutinize the worthy occupation of ” judge”,to look at political affiliations ,to search for a “Common Purpose”and other common denominators ,to question their independence (not only in Denmark) ?

  11. Is there a link to this in a Danish leftist paper`s website .I want to tell them in the comments section how much this stinks !

  12. If Islam is a race (according to Danish law) it is also an openly racist race, since its liturgy employs hate speech against non-members. The non-racist state that Denmark aspires to be, must surely therefore be obliged – to suppress and outlaw Islam.

  13. Is the Dansk Volspartei the ruling party? If so, are they making efforts to promote more sane/rational lawyers to the bench to fill any vacancies? The Conservative government tried doing it in Canada when they were in power.

  14. Witness censorship as exhibited by Denmark seep into the communication stream of the globe….“Not ONE single conservative group” is on Twitter’s [new] “Trust and Safety Council”

    YouTube: Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter’s new Trust and Safety Council
    The Rebel’s Paul Joseph Watson joined Faith Goldy to break down the latest from Twitter’s new “Trust and Safety Council.” Who is on this council and who isn’t? In an effort to transform their platform into a “safe space,” the organization is now in the business of censoring free speech and they’ve picked out an army of SJWs to get the job done!

  15. “…The ideology of Islam is every bit as loathsome, nauseating, oppressive and dehumanizing as Nazism. The massive immigration of Islamists into Denmark is the most devastating event Danish society has suffered in recent historical times.”

    if this is all he wrote, he certainly didn’t violate any hate spreech laws in the US. This does’t call for any action-even peaceful-to be taken against anybody. Maybe he should have been more specific. Citing ACTUAL QUOTES on how Islam persecutes gays and other beliefs.

  16. An excellent opportunity for civil disobedience. If 100,000 Danes wrote this and wouldn’t pay up, what would gubmint do?

    PS: I thought the Dansk hero alluded to Odin, who had only one eye to open.

    • Yes, it is an interesting opportunity.

      The Danish legal system simply does not have the resources to take 100,000 people to court for this kind of offence.

      It’s easy to prosecute 1 or 2 people — and the authorities often target a few individuals to try to send a message to others — but they simply do not have the resources to take on 100,000 (particularly 100,000 who are determined to take each of their cases through to judgment).

  17. Seriously, if people who call themselves “anti-jihad” go along with this, and shut their mouths while letting brave men like this take the fall, then such people ARE the problem.

    The Left are spineless squishes. They have only the power that their opponents have given them. It is high time to institute mass civil disobedience in the service of the counterjihad. I am calling on ALL freedom-loving Westerners the world over to cease and desist all cooperation with such authorities, who would fine and imprison those who speak the truth, so help me God. I stand with Sir Thomas More.

    Start with rampant tax cheating. Submit outrageous deductions, and tie the tax people up with an impossible task. They cannot beat you all. Simply refuse to pay such fines, and force the authorities to chase you. Sell assets, hide cash. Take to the streets in “illegal” demonstrations.

    People of Denmark, your law enforcement officials have declared war on you, and all your descendants. Gandhi has shown you how to win. Now get busy.

    Or shut up [redacted].

  18. The good people of europe must find the courage to remove the lawmakers who are leading their countries into a death spiral in order to have a chance at saving their former Christian cultures. And the only way this is going to start is with public repentance toward God. I would challenge everyone to read the short treatise that Martin Luther wrote when the European continent was threatened with invasion from the Turks. He provides some solutions to begin the process. Granted the circumstances are now different, the principles are still valid.

  19. Before reading the outcome of the verdict, I knew what it would be. A few pennies below appeal. We had that in The Netherlands, somewhere in the early 80’s. A Hindu cremated (illegally) his mother on the bank of a brook. He was fined Fl. 49 for pollution. Had the fine been F. 50, he would have been able to appeal. That’s why the judge give him a guilder ‘discount’.

  20. What I do not understand is why counterjihad activists in Europe do not file official complaints about the Koran which is recited in every mosque (as far as I know).

    The Koran is filled with “hate speech” by European standards. According to European hate speech laws it would have to be condemned and proscribed.

    Baron, is this being done if not why not?

    • I don’t know for sure, but I assume it costs money to file a complaint, and everyone knows it would be dismissed. So it’s futile.

      There isn’t even a pretense of fairness anymore. Muslims and “brown people” are protected; Christian, Jewish, and atheist white people are not. Those are the new rules, and everyone understands them.

      A new Master Race has been set up as the overlord of Europe. The name of that “race” starts with an “I” and ends with “SLAM”.

      • But would it always be dismissed? Is it always dismissed? If 50 individuals filed complaints about the Koran would they all be dismissed?

        Of course there is the money issue.

        • I don’t know about Denmark, but anyone in Britain who filed a complaint about the contents of the Koran would be branded a “racist”, and probably brought up on charges.

          This “hate speech” regime is pretty well sewed up tight in Europe, except for the old East Bloc, where people can be as un-PC as they like.

          • While exploring audio-book selections, I came across one course by Wesleyan University Professor of Government, John Finn. Before purchasing this course, I did a routine search on this professor’s work which could reveal any obvious political bias within that selection.
            I came upon a video in which Finn discusses an aspect of our Constitution (14th amendment) which he feels a need to address & open the door to suits against ‘individuals’ impinging 1st amendment rights, if I interpret his suggestion properly…
            “Poor Joshua: Private Space & the Constitution” by John Finn 9:45

            The case Finn is discussing is DeShaney v. Winnebago County, a case decided by the Supreme Court of the United States on February 22, 1989. The court held that a state government agency’s failure to prevent child abuse by a custodial parent does not violate the child’s right to liberty for the purposes of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
            In effect, the SC ruled, ‘the state’ hadn’t harmed Joshua, instead, ‘private actors’ (his father) harmed Joshua. “The State Action doctrine” holds that Constitutional rights and liberties may only be violated by State actors, a state employee.
            Of course, in this case, the state indeed harmed Joshua. They knew he was in danger, they actually removed Joshua from his father and still returned him and did nothing. Finn suggests junking the ‘state action doctrine’ altogether, the practical effect of which would make the constitution applicable not only to state actors but to all private actors as well. It would mean that you have freedom of speech not only about governments but of private corporations or against private universities. It is private enterprises which prevent freedom of expression…like CAIR.
            We all recognize the dangers posed by Islam. It is the government that veils these dangers by refusing to identify Islam as it relates to violence and its impacts/limitations on our Constitutional rights.

        • I don’t know whether it answers you question to some extent, but last year Paul Weston (now with Pegida UK) was arrested for reading some very critical paragraphs by Churchill about Islam on a town hall steps. He was subsequently released without charge.

  21. Baron, Excuse my ignorance or my naivite (if such it is), but what about those who preach hatred in Hyde Park or in the mosques (verified by recording)?

    Has anyone actually tried to bring such charges? Do you know about this?

    • As far as I know, Muslims never get charged for words alone, no matter how much violent incitement is used. Only native Brits get charged for words.

      Heck, they wouldn’t even charge them for raping and pimping little girls — why would they charge them for mere words?

      Britain is in deep, deep trouble. So is the rest of Western Europe, but Britain is leading the pack.

      • Of course, logically if they would not even charge them–for years–while they were raping little girls, then–logically again–they would not charge a Muslim for mere words. Except that there is no real logic here. I wonder if it could depend upon one decent judge (are there none in the whole system?). Or 50 complaints brought which engenders some publicity to embarrass the politicians.

        Or am I thinking too much like like an American?

        • I don’t know. When the Brits wake up in the morning, maybe they’ll give you an Anglocentric take on it. I’m just going by all the reportage I read from across the water.

  22. Not only will this verdict be appealed to a higher court, on the grounds of presedence. The defencelawyer – who happens to be one of the best in the country – will even pay the fee himself.

    So this story has not ended yet…

  23. Deport every one of these freeloading fugitives, put a stop to the European gold rush. A muslim must commit a crime against non-muslims to prove they are devout muslims(per the koran). This will never end until they are deported. They will lay waste to your people and country like they are doing in every European country that lets them in.They are coming to stake their claim in Europe and the European women and children are as much of the bounty as the entitlements.

    You must take a stand if you don’t want this for your family or your country.

    Is this what you want for your children? [WARNING! this photo may be disturbing to sensitive viewers.]
    Our governments have endangered all of us for generations to come. My children and my children’s children will be forced to live in a police state to keep the muslims in line until the day their (the muslims) numbers have grown large enough to make us refugees.

    • Please include a warning in front of any link that leads to disturbing content, especially gory photos or videos.

  24. Why is it the responsibility of any European country to give these “refugees”(most are economic refugees) a better life? Europe has nothing to gain by letting or bringing these people in. Europe, your first and last obligation is to your people. What do the “refugees” have to offer? They bring nothing to the table.

    Why don’t muslim “asylum seekers” go to Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates , Oman, Saudi Arabia or any of the other rich muslim countries? These are Islamic countries therefore more suitable for them.

    Has any European country benefited by opening it’s borders to non-Europeans? Name one. Do they make Europe a safer place to live? Have they made Europe great? Are they good for tourism? Do they bring anything positive to Europe? Do they respect the citizens of Europe and the customs? Do they support themselves without burdening the tax payers? Do they burden the judicial system due to high crime rates? Do they love Europe or what they can get from her?

    Do they victimize the European people in large proportions to their small numbers? Wouldn’t crimes against the European people foreshadow their true intentions? Do they trash up the areas they inhabit in Europe? If they victimize the host country’s people and trash up their land after they have been given a new start at life, wouldn’t that be like a direct “screw you”? Do they demand you to change your ways and customs so they can tolerate you? Do they respect the peoples government? Your family? Your people? Your culture?

    If they are guilty of three of these questions then It would be safe to say they should not be in Europe. There is more harm than good for Europe and her people.

    If a European country don’t let the hoards flood their land they are called “far right” “racist” “Nazis” and “xenophobic”. If they let them in, their country, their lives, their descendants lives will be torn apart. Which one is easier to live with? Which one does the most damage? Which choice is beneficial to the European country and it’s people? Hint: A name will not destroy a country and it’s people. Europe, wake up and take a stand before it’s too late and you lose everything.

    • The Gulf States know there are terrorists among the migrants (they should, they helped pay for them).

  25. “UN approved an expanded definition of “racism” promoted by the OIC. If anyone “incites hatred”, “discriminates”, or otherwise does bad things towards “a religion”
    The post-democratic NGOs clustered round the EUrabian project- talk of moving Islamophobia (as yet to be properly defined) into the wider context of anti-racism.

    These are the bitter fruits of the 1970s and agreements from The Euro-Arab partnerships- and it’s going to get worse- Islamists see progressives as gullible fools- progressives think its compromise and there’s no such thing as Sharia-creep.
    Mark Stein would remind us it’s the ‘demography stupid’

    Boris Jonson said don’t fear a dystopian Islamic future, remember the Alhambra- he most of all, must know in his heart of hearts- just how desperately a forlorn and wishful thing that was to say.

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