11 thoughts on “The Prophet of Race-Based Slavery

  1. my question is, why is mohammed called a prophet?
    i cannot find any prophecies by him.
    also, why are those opposed to islam called racists?
    islam is not a race.

    • Because the OSCE. They pushed thru a UN resolution making Islam a race. And the dicta of the UN have greater power than a sovereign nation’s own laws. BHO has been trying to by-pass our Constitution using UN rules.

      The Baron attended two OSCE annual events in Warsaw. The Muslim Brotherhood usually packs the place.IIRC, one of the years he was there the good guys defeated a proposal that would have made “Islamophobia” a crime.I’ll ask him to tell the story…

    • Mohammed is reported to have made a few prophecies:

      Islam will conquer Rome.

      Muslims will split into 73 sects: only one will go to Paradise, the others will go to Hell.

      The strongholds of Islam will be knocked down, and the religion [Islam] will crawl back to Medina, like a snake to its hole.

    • The only thing the [epithet] predicted was that he would chop off the heads of those who wouldn´t accept his new invented cult of death and murder!

  2. Don’t appreciate the correlation of whiteness with the evils of slavery. Classic PC BS. Also, Muhammed was not white. I have nothing to learn from the fool in the video.

    • The “fool in the video” is a knowledgeable religious scholar.

      Show me your evidence (aside from your assertion) that Mohammed was not white. Here’s my evidence from the hadiths:

      Bukhari 4:56, 765 “WhensMohammed prostrated himself to pray, he would spread his arms so wide apart that we could see his armpits. Ibn Bukair described it as the ‘whiteness of his armpits.'”

      Bukhari 9:90, 342 “At the battle of Al-Ahzab, Mohammed helped us carry dirt to the fortifications. We could see the dust covering his white belly.”

      Bukhari 1:3,63 “We were sitting with Mohammed in the mosque one day when a man rode up on a camel. He asked, ‘Which one of your is Mohammed?’ We answered, ‘That white man leaning on his arm . . . ‘”

  3. I always loved the story of the boxer Mohammad Ali, who changed his name from Cassius Clay (his supposed slave name). Cassius Marcellus Clay, the historical person he was named after, was a Kentucky abolitionist who once got in a knife fight with 5 slave owners. Mohammad Ali, the person whose name he changed to is also a famous historical figure. He is famous as the founder of modern Egypt and as the person who enslaved the Sudanese. How totally ironic, and now to find out that Mohammad the religious leader is now a black slave owner as well. Someone please explain to me how Islam is so supported by the African American population as their natural religion? Someone does not know their history very well and is so ignorant that they believe anything anyone tells them.

    • Forget the logic of anything specific for the moment. It has to do with black Americans feeling a lack of cultural identity outside of slavery. This leads to a sense of helplessness. There was a void, people started looking for stuff to fill it, and it started long before the civil rights movement.

      Check this out: http://moorishamericangov.org/

      They appear to be the mostly harmless version of the Nation of Islam (which I think is a split from that group).

      Since the goal was to fill some social psychological needs, not a lot of thorough research was done, assuming anyone cared. (At the time this started the people who would have been interested would probably have been denied access to libraries.) But now the interest it has sparked has lead more African Americans toward mainstream Islam sponsored by Saudis who still trade in black slaves.

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