A Vigorous Defense of Western Values

The Danish offshoot of PEGIDA is called For Frihed, “For Freedom”. Like its role model in Germany, it stages a walk and a rally every Monday night.

The video below features a speech (in English) given by Tanya at last night’s For Freedom rally in Copenhagen. If I’m not mistaken, that’s Nicolai Sennels standing next to her, holding the bullhorn.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this clip. The audio is not of the best quality, so the prepared text for Tanya’s speech has been included below the video:

Text of speech:

I want to thank you, the people of our small group who faithfully show up every Monday because you believe in our way of life.

You are a brave group.

Along with justifiable fear a certain amount of anger is also quite reasonable.

It is important to stand for the pillars of our democratic society, a society where we have freedom to express our thoughts and opinions, freedom to draw and write what we wish, and yes, even the freedom to offend without being subjected to attack by the intolerant, left and religious fanatics.

About 8 years I heard a man savagely beating his wife from 4 floors away.

Filled with anger, I yelled at him to stop by saying I see what you are doing!

He stuck his head out the window and replied in broken Danish “F*** dig, din danske luder, jeg skal komme efter dig” (F*** you, you Danish whore…I’m going to get you)

He then slammed the window and closed the curtains but the screaming stopped.

What struck me about it was that he felt no shame about what he was doing.

We need to speak up and say NO, if we see something like this happening. NO, I will not accept this. And not merely close the windows and think that we have no right to interfere because it is another culture that we have to respect.

No we don’t.

A culture where it is legitimate to beat up on women deserves no respect. And yet, that is exactly what we are expected to do.

A huge percentage of women are imprisoned in this way under a misunderstood government sanctioned politically correct cloak of cultural “sensitivity”. There is no way of out of this jail for these women unless we become aware and help give them the key to get out.

Now had my interference in this event happened in an Islamic country I would have expected jail, flogging or death.

Do we want that here?

I am so grateful to live in Denmark, a progressive and modern Scandinavian country where I can still use my voice to protest what I find unfair and where I can and DO expect my voice to be heard. I can say what I want, dress as I want, do as I want. I have that freedom, but the preservation of that freedom, like every generation is called on to do, must be fought for.

I stand here because strong Danish women have fought for equality, in a struggle that has been going on for almost 150 years in every sphere of Danish society. I love my life here as a women and I feel incredibly privileged and grateful for the twist of fate that allowed me to be born into a society where I can freely stand here and speak my mind.

Equal rights should not even be a question, it should be a given and it has become something we have grown to expect as something natural. Which is how it should be.

Are we really willing to give up on those rights that we have fought so hard for just to be polite to the intolerant?

And, are we OK with other women living in our society, right here at home, that are treated like slaves and do not have the same rights as us?

To the Danish Government and other apologists who are appeasing the Islamists and allowing women to be treated like that in Denmark: you must enforce our values, it is your job!

Equal rights for all cannot mean special rights for some.

We all must all enjoy the same protection, freedoms, rights as each other without using them to violate the rights of others.

We need to try to help those Muslim women who WANT a different life and help them achieve the freedom that Danish women have. The freedom they as human beings deserve and have a right to. We have to be aware of their situation and to stand together and to protect them and help them.

They deserve no less freedom and equality than any Danish-born woman.

Which brings me to sharia, Islamic law.

Religious Muslims, the Left and media want us to believe that violence and oppression are not part of Islam, and that it is a religion of peace.

One can see the untruth of this at this late stage often just by looking out the window.

On Hizb ut-Tahrir’s webpage about their recent meeting in Nørrebrohallen you will read a headline “Sharia — Alle Muslimers stolthed”, “Sharia — the pride of all Muslims”

Sharia is a hard thing for us Westerners to understand, we simply cannot fathom the backwardness and the cruelty that lies within its pages, written plain as day. Even many of those who know something about it close their eyes and choose willful blindness because surely that cannot be what Muslims want! What we in the West who get it to a degree see Sharia’s horrific punishments done to those who stand accused. We see the incredible violence of Islamic militants against non-Muslims. In particular Jews and Christians who are, as we speak being persecuted and slaughtered on an unimaginable scale the world over. But Sharia is much more than beheadings and violence.

Women living under Sharia law have precious few rights, and they are considered second-class citizens. A woman’s testament is considered as worth only half that of a man’s. Sharia is a tool to advance the status and power of Islam, and its followers over all others, and men over women. You can see this in the Koran where it is explained that hell is mostly full of women, and in the statistics about who gets stoned for crimes like adultery and the victimless crime of blasphemy.

Sharia in Denmark and in the Western world is extremely dangerous. We are continuously bombarded with the soft version of Islam when in reality Sharia IS Islam and it is the duty of every Muslim to strive to implement Sharia law.

Already in England they have over 80 recognized Sharia courts of law. Hard to believe that people today have to live under the barbarity of these laws. And Western countries should be ashamed for allowing it.

The reason we hear so little about Sharia is that we really don’t understand what it is or it is being downplayed or whitewashed as a charming cultural practice.

When any form of Sharia is implemented in our country it will be women who suffer the most.

How do we fight the implementation of Sharia in Denmark and in Europe?

By being informed and by being vigilant and by seeing it for the repressive horror that it truly is.

And acting on that by vigorously defending our Western values.

I have often thought that women today in many developing, and in particular Muslim, countries are treated not unlike black slaves were in the early 1900s in that they are at risk for or subject to being:

  • bought
  • sold
  • beaten
  • raped
  • honor-killed
  • subjected to genital mutilation
  • stoned
  • hung
  • decapitated
  • humiliated
  • used as sex-slaves
  • disenfranchised
  • disrespected
  • treated as infants and most definitely as inferiors

A traditional Islamic saying is that “A woman’s heaven is beneath her husband’s feet”.

One of the world’s most respected Quranic scholars explains that “Women are like cows, horses, and camels, for all are ridden”. This can be seen in Tafsir al-Qurtubi.

In the Quran it reads “Treat women well, for they are like domestic animals and do not possess anything for themselves”

The fourth caliph, who was Muhammad’s son-in-law and cousin, said just a few years after the Muslim prophet’s death, that “The entire woman is an evil. What is worse is that it is a necessary evil.”

Half of the world’s population… evil! It boggles the mind.

The many opportunities denied women under Islamic law, from giving equal testimony in court to having the right to exclude other wives from their marital bed, is very clear proof that women are of lesser value than men in Islam. Muslim women are not even free to marry outside the faith without being killed by their own families.

Under Islamic law, rape can only be proven if the rapist confesses or if there are four male witnesses to the rape. Women who claim to have been raped without its being witnessed by four men are frequently killed because in Islam rape of a women is considered to be her own fault by being enticing to men.

The rape of a Muslim woman is against Islamic law even though that as well happens on a massive scale. The rape of a non-Muslim woman however, is not against Islamic law if rape is part of the Jihad or they are taken or bought as slaves.

That could explain the epidemic of rape in Norway and Sweden in particular. Are we considered then to be “captured in battle” as it were? The rape statistics in this regards are accessible and irrefutable and yet we hear little about this outrage. It is a real and growing problem. Today. Now.

One mufti said that women who don’t wear the hijab are asking for rape. The Hijab, the Islamic veil, is not “just a piece of cloth”. It serves as a demarcation line between proper, submissive Muslim women and “whores”, un-Islamic women who deserve no respect and are asking to be raped. The veil can be viewed as a sort of uniform of a totalitarian movement, and a signal to attack those outside of that movement.

I read recently that in Norway and Sweden there is a trend that blonde women are dying their hair black in an attempt to avoid being raped. They are afraid, and clearly, rightfully so.

Is it any wonder that this is happening with the Islamic view on women where women exist as breeding animals and merely meat to be consumed at the leisure of men — but worthless in all other respects.

What kind of society are we creating or allowing to be created?

We may incur the anger of a great many Muslims by standing here today and encouraging you to revolt, but yet, that is what we must do.

I hope that I have today sown a small seed in some of you who hear this. I urge all women, Muslim and non-Muslim to read the Koran and the hadith and to get informed so that you can draw your own conclusions.

We need to ask ourselves, are we, women, really willing to give up on those hard-won rights that we have earned through these past 150 years and that have made Denmark a country to be envied around the world for our society and our equality.

If we do not fight for those rights it wouldn’t just mean that we would be giving up on ourselves and our heritage, but it would mean that we would be willing to give in to a barbaric totalitarian way of life and condemn our children and grandchildren to a terrible fate.

I am going to be a grandmother this year. It is a girl. And that is all the more reason for me to stand here. Do I want to see her dressed in Islamic dress, black from head to toe, the sun never allowed to touch her skin? Not to have the freedom I and the rest of women in the Western world have?

  • The freedom to choose
  • The freedom to be strong
  • The freedom to get an education
  • The freedom to choose her path and her faith
  • The freedom to choose a husband — or not to!

Today in an article titled “I’m offended that you want to kill me” by blogger Anna Berg, here is a small excerpt which I would like to share.

I’m offended that I can no longer speak my mind without worrying about the consequences.

I’m offended that you disrespect me as a woman and think I’m a second-class citizen.

I’m offended that you constantly disrespect our culture.

I’m offended that you want to take my freedom of speech, freedom of religion and way of life away. I’m offended that you want to destroy my democratic society and replace it with tyranny and dictatorship.

I’m offended that you think you have the right to tell me how to think, how to speak, what to say, how to dress and how to act.

I can only agree. I, too, am offended, as we all should be.

And lastly — I recently saw a video by a French rabbi who said something that really made me think. He said that it is not merely freedom of speech that is under attack but in reality it is our very freedom to exist as who we are and even at all.

Wise words, and I think we need to start paying attention.

Thank you.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

11 thoughts on “A Vigorous Defense of Western Values

  1. One thing I could never understand is how the countries in Europe consider the US as barbaric for executing murderers, yet you are importing a culture that allows for execution for “crimes” that we consider victimless here! Sooner or later you are all going to have to take a stand. Either for rights for homosexuals and non-Muslims or Sharia. Which shall it be?

    • The logical conclusion of refusing to execute murderers is permitting murderers to run free in your society, until they dominate it.

      After all, if you cannot execute a murderer after you have conclusively proven that they are guilty, how can you use lethal force to apprehend a murderer who isn’t yet convicted? How can you deny people who may have nothing to do with murders the freedom to enter your country? And even if you do convict them (which you can only do with their voluntary cooperation unless you resort to in abstentia trials), how are you to keep them from simply leaving the prison unless you use the threat of lethal force which they have no reasonable means of resisting?

      Even if the lethal force involved is not employed directly (such as creating floating off-shore prisons deep in the ocean), it would be as much an execution to place a person in a situation where they were subjected to such lethal force as to directly employ some less extravagant means of killing them. If you cannot justify executing someone then you get around it by putting them in a situation where they will be killed, but not by you? That is mere fatuity.

      If you cannot execute murderers, then logically you cannot do anything to prevent them from murdering other than politely requesting that they refrain and hoping they assent out of the goodness of their murderous hearts. It’s that simple.

      • President Obama has, indeed, freed murderers to run our streets. He routinely embraces criminals while demonizing law enforcement. He encourages racism, uses propaganda techniques to churn the simple, and now has armed Iran, giving her even more wealth to procure the weapons it is now working on fulfilling, for the destruction of Israel.

        We in the US fear to speak our minds. We could lose our jobs, have the Internal Revenue Service target us, or just be maligned, socially, by a leftist society that demonizes those who disagree as fiercely as the Nazis did in the 1930’s in Germany, until citizens feared to open their mouths.

        We are constantly told that Islamic terror is not Islamic, and now he said we do not win wars with bullets.

        We are an example for folly, much as Greece is for bureaucracy, or Iran is for rage.

  2. Raping infidel girls and women is part of the war. Taking infidels’ wives and daughters as sex-slaves is a jihadi’s right, the spoils of war. See “And Take Their Wives As War Booty” http://libertygb.org.uk/v1/index.php/news-libertygb/6562-and-take-their-wives-as-war-booty.
    “Their women are yours to take, legitimately. Allah has made them yours. Why don’t you enslave their women?”, said Sheikh Saad al Buraik.
    Enslavement and humiliation are their punishment for disbelief.
    There is no doubt about it: Sharia is “incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy”, as the European Court of Human Rights observed in 2003.

  3. “Are we considered then to be “captured in battle” as it were?”
    Mohammed was given small words with very wide meanings. The surprise dawn raid on the unsuspecting villagers of Khaybar, as the men were going out to their fields, is lauded to this day as a “battle”, the Battle of Khaybar. The Charlie Hebdo massacre, a surprise armed raid on defenceless civilians, was boasted about afterwards by Al Qaeda in Yemen as the “Battle of Paris”.
    Infidels beware.

  4. The continuous arrival into Europe of thousands and thousands of muslims is the Migration Jihad. Self-segregating as instructed, they collect their Jizya in welfare payments. Their duty is to “Inflict Sharia Law on All Mankind” (I.S.L.A.M.). This is to be “by persuasion or by force”, as Ibn Khaldun specified centuries ago.
    The war is here: it is just low-key at present, but not for long. Next year, 2016, is “Total Confrontation” in Al Qaeda’s time plan.

  5. All the statistical data is showing without a doubt that the foreign Afro-Arab invaders would overwhelm the Western population in a few decades and it took you a rabbi to told you that this is an existential threat? Don’t you read demographic data people?

    A big part of the problem is also the fact that those who fight immigration push too much the pedal of religious-cultural differences instead focusing on the right of the population to preserve their ethnic national identity, regardless of the character of foreigners. Because most of the invaders don’t show evident signs of aggression (most) than the whole “religion diversity equals civil wars” and “persecution” is looking ridiculous to the most (mediocre) people, even if this would in the end of course trigger rivers of blood. All countries have the right to preserve their ethnic national identity, even if all the immigrants are exceptionally good people, like Jesus reincarnated, because the will of the people should prevail and if they want out whoever then that whoever be he/she good or bad must comply. The counterargument that “but the Europeans invaded America” should be put aside, because that was done through brute force, so if the immigrants show the Westerners the same intention when they talk like this then the Europeans have the right to shoot to kill every Afro-Arab trespasser for they declare their affiliation to a brute force attack when they talk like this so this is an acknowledge of forceful takeover who legitimizes the locals to fight back.

    Short story long the importance of the genetic/ethnic national identity preservation should prevail all those analyses who focuses on the particularities of foreigners. If people fail to do this that the whole Western population would be erased without shooting one bullet.

  6. “…the Europeans invaded America…”

    America was EMPTY.

    Europe and America are now FULL UP.

    If we were not ruled by a suicidal ruling class the gates would be closed.

    • America was thinly populated with many, many tribes. Talk about diversity.

      If we took their population density as an ideal (even though the Eastern tribes were more aggressive generally) then it might be the awful overcrowding in urban areas that is responsible for some of the behavioral sink we’re seeing – and that we saw in the slums of Europe. People weren’t meant to live atop one another.

  7. For every honor killing we know about, a dozen that are hidden from us as well as 10,000 battered women we will never know about.

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