PEGIDA UK: Birmingham, February 6

PEGIDA UK was launched in Birmingham yesteday with a silent walk and a rally in the pelting rain. Despite the weather, the turnout was good. The police did their job professionally, and there were no incidents.

Below are four videos from yesterday in Birmingham. The first one is an overview, followed by speeches given by Anne Marie Waters, Paul Weston, and Tommy Robinson:

Anne Marie Waters’ speech:

Paul Weston’s speech:

Tommy Robinson’s speech:

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

13 thoughts on “PEGIDA UK: Birmingham, February 6

  1. Nobody supports the struggle of PEGIDA more than me. As an openly gay and atheist person, I know how people like me are treated in Shari’a law countries.

    The bad thing is there’s no groups like PEGIDA here in the US. The closest things we have are groups like the KKK; Stormfront; and NAZI like organizations. Not my thing!

    What does a good Muslim do when the dishwasher stops working?
    He slaps her around a little.

    “I got to laugh to keep from being sick”-Mark Twain

  2. It was heart-warming to see the Pakistani speak out about those who are deserting Islam only to live under threat of death for apostasy. This support from non-Caucasians who love the civilization of the West is vital to undermine the message of the Left, the political elites and their sycophantic media that we are just a bunch of racist fascists. (In the same manner, conservative African-Americans and Australian indigenous people who deplore the Left’s racism and Marxism are branded as traitors.)


      • He resigned – under pressure I’ve read. No member of our establishment wants to hear about Islam from a Pakistani who knows about it intimately. Instead, Imam Cameron is the self-appointed expert. Bishop Nazir Ali is rarely heard about nowadays. He has slipped into oblivion.

      • Bishop Michael Nazir Ali didn’t receive enough encouragement. Same reason anybody gives up. We have got to support our heroes or anyone out in front taking the flak, at least by talking or writing to them and telling them how well they are doing. You never know how bad the flak is till it turns on you – and on your other half and family

        He’s here –

    • I wonder why nobody has come up with a term like: religionism’, for people who are against any religion but their own. Or ‘religiophobia’, for fear of other beliefs?

      There is a similar term for just about everything else.

      • I think the term “fundamentalists” is used for that. I interviewed an author once who was aghast at all the churches around here. She called us “God-ridden”.

        Religious bigots have always existed; that term seems sufficient. “religiophobia” would probably be better reserved for those who hate any kind of religion. I call them “aggressive atheists” when they begin to proselytize about the superiority of their doctrine of non-belief. IMHO, they protest too much. A genuine atheist doesn’t believe in any “higher power”. Since they’re truly indifferent they’re content to let others believe whatever they wish.

        “-isms” are often public scolds. Genderism – including the proselytizing GBLT groups & feminists, religious fundamentalism, socialism/communism, etc., all have a bone to pick with those who disagree or are indifferent to their particular summum bonum.

        • I’ve lived in a town full of people like this. At some point I figured out that I was living in a religious fundamentalist town, but there’s no way to be just a fundamentalist atheist because it’s not possible for people to just believe in nothing. So what you actually end up with is obnoxious scientism and philosophy fundamentalists going around denouncing people for blasphemy using terms like “denier” (AGW apocalypse cult) or “racist” (neo-Marxist zero sum conflict theory cult). Some people were fundamentalist prosthylizers for atheism (not as many because there were still quite a few Catholics, Mormons, and Unitarians, etc), but you know they can’t just believe in nothing so they would tend to be members of some other cult.

          Religious fundamentalists are aware of their religious fundamentalism. What’s annoying to me is the de facto religious fundamentalists who don’t seem to realize what they are.

          Life would probably have been easier for me there if all the people with the religious fundamentalist mentality had just latched on to Christian fundamentalism instead. At least then it would have been easier to figure out what was going on.

  3. Its all too late! Unless millions of people unite and rise up now and overthrow them, them being merkel, rutte, camoron, obama, the clintons, trudeau, and all of their marxist nazi accompolises.

    The borders are still still still wide open!!!! Nothings being done to stop this invasion, the talk of mow deporting a few thousand is just talk, to try to dampen the anger of the people.

    Merkel should have been [redacted] by now, along with most of the eu nazis sitting in brussels who have engineered the overthrow and destruction of white europeans, our lands, cultures, peoples, all flushed down the toilet by angela merkel and her cronies.

    For gods sake, for our childrens sake. We must must must [redacted] them all today!!!


  4. The ABC News here in Australia reported on Sunday on the PEGIDA demonstrations, including a brief clip of Tommy Robinson speaking in Birmingham. It was not a long report, but one thing struck me as possibly significant, which was that they got through the entire report without using the words “far right” even once. Doubtless it was a mere lapse on their part, but I am optimistic enough to see it as a possible straw in the wind.

  5. Someone said they were flying a Muslim flag up on the stage but I didn’t believe it till now.

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