Guy Leven Torres: The Decline from Rome to Feltham

Guy Leven-Torres recycled an essay in the comments section the other day. This 1,800 word colloquy was prefaced with a brief, breezy by-your-leave:

Hope you don’t mind Baron — I wrote this 4 years ago… It is relevant.

It is indeed relevant… in parts. But nothing from 2011 is going to be fresh. The section on Libya is outdated by now; in 2011 you hadn’t yet been introduced to IS —> ISIS —>ISIL and now Daesh. Not to mention the other areas of new wasteland in MENA.

Still, whatever the date, it’s inappropriate to leave an essay of more than 1,800 words disguised as a comment with a breezy “hope you don’t mind, Baron…(that I make your readers’ eyes glaze over”)…

This has gone far enough, sir. From now on, you have to follow the rules: lengthy monographs (and this one was obviously intended for some other audience you were addressing five years ago) belong in the comments on the News Feed; that is the place which serves as our Speakers’ Corner. People may declaim at length on divers subjects.

I have received several complaints about the need to scroll and scroll to get past long polemics. Take your pick of their descriptions: “waay too long” “inhumanely lengthy”, “causes m.e.g.o.” — i.e, the acronym for my-eyes-glaze-over.

I can’t remember if this particular essay was even on topic. Generally, the ‘topic’ changes as people mention tangential issues so that category isn’t important. However, your essay wasn’t a direct reply to another commenter. As I recall, you just plunked it down with that “hope you don’t mind”…

You’re not the only offender in this regard. Some people — I, for one — tend to get going and then don’t know when to stop. I’m giving it up for Lent, in the hope it will become my new habit after forty days. There are others who don’t cut-and-paste their own work but leave a number of links with long excisions of the material appended. Those belong in the News Feed also.

FOR THE FUTURE: Should you feel the need to write new sermons or recycle old ones, just drop them off in the News Feed. People will read them. But in the comment threads on posts I ask that you limit it: anywhere between 300 and 500 (max) words is acceptable. Here is a word count tool in case you’re in doubt.

This essay has been heavily edited but only for style. All the ideas contained therein are intact with brackets to indicate my excisions. Since there was no title, I added one to indicate the subject.

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The Decline from Rome to Feltham

by Guy Leven-Torres
16th September 2011

Our civilisation is slowly but surely collapsing — or rather metamorphosing — into something else. Let me repeat again my earlier classifications of types of society:

  • Civilisation
  • Empirsation
  • Primitivisation or Culturalisation.

They [each] have these characteristics [respectively]:

  • Civilisation [possesses] urban development, democracy, liberty, small government, free thought, originality, and progress. Examples are: 19th Century Britain, Classical Rome, and Greece.
  • Empirisation [has] big government [and attendant] large bureaucracy and welfare, despotism, decreasing liberty and [decreasing] civil discourse. There is overarching ideological tyranny, but most important [are] declining standards of education and thought [that are] replaced by [correct thought vs.]’heresy’. Examples are:’Liberal’Modern Britain and America, USSR and the Third Reich.[…]
  • Primitivisation or Culturalisation has recognisable culture [along] with primitive beliefs, a lack of [widespread] technology, and tribal or family-[kinship political] structures. [These are] often highly patriarchal. Examples are: European feudal society, Anglo-Saxon England, Islam, and various tribal societies around the globe

There are sub-categories [in] the process [of moving from one category to […] another. One […] is ‘Proto-Civilisation’; another is ‘Proto-Culture’. ‘Proto’ simply means ‘The first’ or ‘original’, as in ‘prototype’ to describe the first and only model of what is to come.

Rome was a ‘civilisation’, even though she was also an ‘empire’ due to the characteristics of her rule and attitude to Law. Unlike the current Brussels’ Imperium, [Rome] valued her citizens. [However]Rome did change gradually into an Empirisation as despotic rule destroyed the Republic. This period was known as […] ‘The Dominate’. Augustus at least, had followed the forms of Republican rule, even if his reign was a barely disguised dictatorship. Earlier emperors had to watch their step, since the citizen legions within which their imperial authority lay, could exert the [privileges of] their citizenry. But [Emperors had] especially to avoid the Senate’s displeasure if the[were found to be] not up to the mark.

Throughout the whole period of the Imperium, [each] Emperor had to watch his back where large gatherings of citizens took place. [For example, in the arena [citizens] could use their collective voice to air their opinions about the current state of affairs. As late as 610 AD, the eastern Emperor Phocas lost his throne in such a manner. This was why the rulers had a personal guard in their thousands.

These same troops could decide to take note of the citizenry’s demands and act on their behalf, as they did in 41 AD to remove the evil Caligula, then again in 68 AD with Nero [or] 97/98 AD with Nerva […]. This was ‘democracy’ even if one does not recognise it [as such]today.

The European Union is a totally undemocratic society in any way one looks at it. [Power is in the hands of a very selfish, arrogant Socialist elite [who] seem oblivious to the lessons of history,[including perhaps] a self-immolation now hopefully descending on them.

There [is not an EU] Praetorian Guard to remove the European Commission on behalf of its fed-up frustrated citizens: [not] at the time they made Eire vote again [and again] on the dreaded Lisbon Treaty for the ‘required answer’, [n]or for the[ir] endless bailouts to ‘rescue’ countries in the ‘Eurozone’ [who were and are] in the throes of societal collapse. As usual the elite ignored reality and [has] continued on its merry way, so making the catastrophe, when it comes, far worse than it needed to be.

Such is the Socialists’ blind unquestioning obedience to Marxist theological cant and self interest; there [appears to be] an utter inability to admit when they were wrong, so all must suffer.

In short Rome, with its Praetorians, was more democratic than our own society. Our own armies laid waste in stupid foreign wars, unwinnable wars, and do not let ‘Free Libya’ fool you! […]

They should have acted, or rather the Monarch should have.[…] The Army [ought to have been] ordered to step in when Brown showed his true colours by refusing a promised Referendum on the EU. [Or when] Brown arrogantly had himself photographed as ‘The Great Socialist Dear Leader’ as he sign[ed] away the UK through the Lisbon Treaty and a Marxist despotism; as though 77,000,000 Britons and their Kingdom were his personal fiefdom.

Such is and always has been the Socialist plans for the Britain they despise. I despise and loathe them in turn. The whole damn lot deserve to hang, as I hope […] they will one day under our ‘repealed’ Treason Laws of 1351/2.

There is a new term needed to describe our own present situation. [We are in] a state of flux as the country wanes and waxes under the baleful influence of ‘multiculturalism’. [We are] moving towards a form of society or societies as yet unknown, but perhaps glimpsed in [various ways]. [There was the] violence of August 2011 on the streets of London, [and] the nasty sink estate ghettos from which many of the ‘Underclass’ erupted.

If we continue on this trajectory we may cease to be a United Kingdom even in ‘form’ but a whole series of warring, paranoid ‘communities’, even proto-statelets reflecting the many alien peoples and beliefs that now make up perhaps 14,000,000 to 20,000,000 of Britain’s population (according to one source I have, a fellow academic and Professor of Physics). On trains travelling to London from Staines during all hours of the day, one hardly hears English at all.

As people know, I spent a number of years utilising my archaeological ethnographic expertise, quantifying population statistics in whole areas across the country, especially inner cities. I did this by counting the numbers of obviously alien individuals within a given area as opposed to white indigenes. The figures for Birmingham, Leeds and most of London preclude beyond reasonable doubt that there are perhaps three times as many migrants in the country — especially Moslems — as [are] officially admitted. A town near me, Feltham, has changed into a nearly fully migrant town in just [the previous] three to five years. It was once a dumping ground for ‘white trash’ left to fester and breed once the main employer ‘EMI’ collapsed — or to put it more accurately,[…] following the deliberate stripping of assets. This [process] is repeated across the country in places like the Midlands.

(One of my other passions is electronics and radio. I once worked at EMI as an electronics Buyer.)

In Feltham the sight of [women in] burkas, head-dresses and other alien paraphernalia, accompanied by numerous children, is now ubiquitous. The remaining white unemployed population (has been)left to fester, hanging around pubs cadging money or shouting abuse at each other; this is exactly the type of situation that led to riots in London. The good news is that the migrants are far better behaved and civil.

For those who disagree with my ‘statistics’ I point them to recent supermarket sales’ receipts used to measure a purchase index, detailing how much and what type of food to buy in. [At work] I used the same methodology to purchase and forward order stocks of components to exacting ‘Re-order levels’, based upon ‘JIT’ or ‘Just in Time’ delivery schedules that are mathematically worked out to ensure too much stock was not carried by any firm in the business. {thus] I know that supermarkets, especially ones with low profit-fast turnover regimes like the above, are very accurate.

So in this light I would say we have a population around 80,000,000 and perhaps 20,000,000 migrants. [That is] 14,000,000 more than the 6,000,000 admitted to [by Government]. The experience of Feltham and other boroughs of London would indeed seem to support this.

As I keep stating, I am a scholar, a very concerned scholar [and] one dedicated to objective fact, not to the ‘cooked’ statistics Government likes to [use] to fool its population. The latter may assuage the white-hating, Moslem-dominated, hysterical sociopaths in the Unite Against Fascists, or even the patriotic members of UKIP or the BNP, rightly suspicious of government migration figures. [But]it is becoming more than obvious that the UK, especially England, is destroyed. We are not quite there yet but not far. What can one do with 20,000,000, many of whom are far better behaved than the indigenous [underclass]?

It appals me to see what has been done to us. However we have done nothing in reply but [have] simply allowed the situation to evolve until it is insurmountable. Those like Bishop of Rochester Nazir Ali, who warned of the growth of Islamic sovereign states in our cities, was forced to resign by a nasty campaign of Chinese whispers by ‘liberal’ fellow clergy. I have no such problem, so can speak my mind or rather write it. I receive endless threats from the usual suspects but I simply carry on!

Somebody asked me who I would rather live with if I had to live in Feltham — the ‘white trash’ or migrants? I replied, “Neither…but on balance the better-behaved latter […] if they allowed my coloured wife and I to do so. In our previous experience this has not been the case. Some twenty years ago I was offered a lucrative contract in Saudi Arabia, accompanied by my spouse. When the company met her, they withdrew the offer with the remarks, “Your wife would never be left alone, she would have to hide away, since she resembles one of their own women — her life would be miserable and she would be forced to cover from head to toe, never allowed out and forever under the eye of the religious police!” I could not subject her to such a life.

I have lived in Moslem countries as a child and can confirm this view.

Britain is in flux moving towards a new entity. Will it be a Balkans’ style multicultural mess broken up into a countryside populated by what is left of the indigenous population, while the cities adapt to a series of race, creed and cult dominated ‘mini-statelets’ always on the verge of immediate violence, into which the Police fear to go? Or will we simply drift through our own bovine apathy into a Moslem state by default and come to resemble Western Pakistan? At present one could describe Britain as ‘acultural’ or even a ‘metaculturation’.

Meanwhile in Libya, if a Libyan I know is right, Sarkozy and Cameron, the modern day political equivalent of ‘Laurel and Hardy’ naively perform to the hopefully amused ‘Free Libyans’. Bassem told me,”It was a great show, Guy! But we don’t even know who is actually in charge there! The street buzz is that it is Moslem Brothers! Your politicians, are either highly cynical and playing a game, or just plain stupid!”

My major objection to Cameron and his forerunners is their almost complete lack of cultural and historical understanding, and, one has to say, short-term shallow political practices. They also lack education, and the necessary gravitas [of] statesman,[which is] necessary to steer us through this growing, potentially violent storm. They are mentally far too young, their mindset and habits suitable to run a small business but hardly the materiel to govern an ancient land like Britain. In political and historical terms they are children.

Keep and eye on the Near East, we have seen nothing yet. Piracy has been reported off Libyan coasts too. I am sorry, dear reader, that I have not been able to report better news for once!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

So… meet you in the comments, sir…we’ll both be laconic, right.

15 thoughts on “Guy Leven Torres: The Decline from Rome to Feltham

  1. Also Dear Baron “who” is not grammatical in the sense of “EU”. It is a group so “that” seems more appropriate. Sorry to be pedantic. Anyway let us not fall out and you have been polite enough, as I have been- one hopes in my replay. I apologise (UK spelling) again for problems caused. I am so upset by what has been done to us I do tend to expound at length in such articles.

    • ‘Twas I, Your Grace. Not the Baron. And I’ll change it tomorrow when I’m not so tired. Indeed, we are all upset. Another reason I tend to be prolix.

      I did indeed aim for courtesy. Glad I succeeded.

      • I am always courteous Dymphna and well known for it. In the TOCC we sometimes give out Church Doctorates for the deserving in recognition for work and thought and I think you two are more than worthy. These are not “sold” Doctorates but free. Are you able to accept them in an Honorary capacity?

        God bless you both and keep you safe.

  2. One thing stands out here. The citizens of Ireland were given a perfectly free and democratic choice: do you want Ireland to sign up for the Lisbon Treaty? No, the majority responded. Wrong answer! So after a semi-decent lapse of time the referendum was put to the citizenry again. Well damn and blast the plebs voted against signing up to the Lisbon Treaty again. This will not do. The citizenry had failed to behave in the expected manner, they didn’t understand the transaction, which was: we pretend to consult you in a democratic fashion but you must go along with it and do as we wish. Berthold Brecht saw this sort of crap coming: “…perhaps it would be better to elect a new people …” probably his only worthwhile contribution to the human discourse. So, having failed, all pretence at democracy was abandoned and Ireland signed up for the Lisbon Treaty.

  3. Baron, please don’t stop posting your own long replies – they’re very useful & interesting.

  4. Interesting with some important insights:

    * The description of Britain as ‘acultural’.

    * Our rulers are mentally ‘children’.

    * The behaviour of migrants is often better than ‘white trash’.

    On the last point, I think there’s something that can be elaborated on here. Cameron has praised the ‘family values’ of moslems, & by implication contrasted them negatively with the indigenous. Many middle class people & members of the elites loathe the indigenous underclass so much, that if forced to choose they’d rather have well-behaved migrants as neighbours (of course, they don’t imagine living in a mono-cultural ghetto).

    This may be understandable but there’s a meta-political issue here which hardly anyone in these politically correct times recognises. This is that Britain isn’t just a piece of real estate but its people – the native people. If the native British are no longer a large majority, Britain no longer exists. The sophisticated metropolitan elites don’t, of course, care about this. They feel no special affinity to the natives. They’re ‘citizens of the world’.

    This is why the indigenous unemployed are consigned to sink estates & fall into a feral underclass, which they share with failed members of earlier migrations. They’re bought off with benefits. Generations now have never worked & have never experienced families with a live-in father.

    Instead of policies to lift the native underclass out of this spiral of moral decline, they’re replaced by migrants who successive governments hope will do the work that the underclass is unable & unwilling to do. The policy is one of throwing mud against a wall, hoping some will stick. The East European migrants do tend to work, recent migrants from the third world often don’t & go straight to benefits which finance their large families.

    From the ruling elites’ point of view, these are all interchangable units of labour in a global market. The concept of a nation with ancient roots, a distinct people, culture & history, just isn’t factored in. The idea is completely alien to them.

  5. There is no doubt that England as the home of the Anglo-Celtic people (many Celts survived the Germanic invasions and many others have moved in from the Celtic Fringe) is in its last two or three decades. That’s 1,500 years of history and civilisation gone down the drain in two generations. Despite the media obsession with Germany and Sweden, Britain and France (and arguably the pseudostate of Belgium and the real state of the Netherlands) are in far deeper dooh-dah than either of them. Nearly all of Britain’s big cities will be majority ethnic within three decades. Islam will be the largest religion–though it won’t matter that much because the vast majority will be aetheist. Meanwhile, East European immigration is filling up the countryside. Soon, the only people in the British Isles that constitute a true homogenous community will be the Welsh speakers. Their language is their contraceptive. After all their vicissitudes, the few hundred thousand Welsh speakers are destined to be the only survivors of the rape and destruction of the tradition society of the British Isles. They won’t have a territory. But they will retain their own culture, community and identity. The English will lose everything that makes a people. They are being stripped bare. In the London race riots of 2012, black thugs forced white girls to strip in the street (it did happen, videos were very briefly posted by some of the big papers until they lost their nerve). Consider it a metaphor. Everything is being taken away–homes, streets, schools, hospital beds, jobs, rights of free thought. These days, if you go into a pub and all the others are white English–you notice it. (Until you realize that the bar staff are Polish.) But never mind. Boozers. The last bastion.
    And I’ve lost all sympathy. The English, through their stupidity, complacency and cowardice, have brought this on themselves. All they had to do was vote against it. They didn’t have the guts. Whenever I see that line about Saxons ‘learning to hate’ all I can do is laugh. Twenty-first century Englishmen as Tommy Atkins heroes fighting the barbarian? Pardon me. I don’t think so. Not while the football’s on. 90% of English males have never touched a gun. And Rotherham ended all hope of rebellion.
    As a people, the indigenous English deserve their lot. I shall not be there when they finally become a minority in their homeland of over a millennium. I don’t mind being a foreigner in somebody else’s country.

  6. Bishop, we haven’t always agreed here, but I do understand your outrage, I think- except, having lived in SE London since 1996, first in Peckham, now in Kennington, I don’t recognise the picture you portray. I think I’m quite aware of my surroundings and the people inhabiting them; am I missing something?

    Last time I was in your “patch”of west London, around thirteen years ago, I (with my camera) was made more welcome in the new Sikh temple in Southall than in the ancient Christian church in Langley.

    • My problem is not Sikhs or any group in particular but the wholesale arrogance of our selfish uncaring “elite”. I am in a mixed race marriage myself and have a Moslem sister in law but I dsepise “multuculturalism” and hate the deliberate erasing of European cultures by a class of shallow British hating Metro-Save The World Globalists.

      I enjoy the company of foreign people but does that have to include the wholesale destruction of Europe and the UK. Who the hell gave these elitse the “right” to destroy us. Our national and cultural differences are there very diversity that makes us human and the wonderful species we are as God intended.

      These politicians know nothing of the world-nothing. Yet they lecture us on thought crime and what we are permitted to say. They wage war on sovereign countries including their own- or what is left of them. Nothing that comes out of their mouths or actions is good. They seem to delight in causing distress to Britons and all Europeans. Their crime is one of massive proportions.

      I see the results on my local corporation estate- talented children and once decent families left in ghettos. Indeed three generations of lost humanity and the local Churches as you say area sick joke, sniffily gazing at their own navels when not dialogueing and bartering our ancient faith away!

      As Christ said”Hypocrites!”…..

      I will not “dialogue” with evil and con artists, especially “faiths” Christian and otherwise that seek to destroy Britain and Europe.

    • Feltham has been redeveloped. Southall is mainly Hindu and they are just the opposite of Islamists. The towns are in my Diocese and I visit every week. What you see on one visit is one thing.The situation is as I describe and like everywhere it is variable but the poverty and devastation of the former British indigenous has to be seen to be believed. It has improved in the last few years due to higher incomer income groups and in truth, as I stated above they are better behaved and civil than the now “ghettoed” white underclass. They maybe regarded as “white trash” by our political class but they are humans too, whose grandparents worked on MOD contracts at EMI- a thriving company and mass employer- destroyed by global asset strippers.

      I worked there and also saw the post closedown squalor and drug filled mayhem that resulted. People without hope and help.

  7. This is a highly interesting essay. I happen to live in proximity to the town of Feltham, and my family used to live in the area several decades ago. They tell me how much that the town, along with many others from their childhood, has changed beyond measure. I am also aware that Britain’s condition is worsening each and every day. I often wonder where else I can live, as I feel that if the rot continues, I’ll have to do my best to emigrate. Perhaps to an island nation like Japan or Australia, where Islam hasn’t got a strong foothold and borders are easier to enforce…

  8. Another accurate way of gauging the real population level is to ask the bin-men. They will know from experience how much rubbish used to be collected on a given collection round, and how much that quantity has gone up. Extrapolate to district/town, county/city, national level, as required, once sufficient representative samples have been taken. My guess is that the author’s figures are correct and, if anything, on the low side.

    Australia, anyone?

  9. Bishop, love your down-to-earth, pithy comments and blunt writing style, surely appreciated by all of us from ‘down under!’

    Words of praise from an atheist; whatever next!

    • Yes I have a number of Australian readers. Like me they don’t like lies or dressing things up to make the pill go down. I learned years ago to say as I mean to be understood. Our civilisation is under the greatest threat ever and there is no time for flowery linguistic “tweeness”.

      I am not very popular in UK as a result. I am an adult and I treat everybody else the same.

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