The Justice Minister Finds PEGIDA “Revolting”

Heiko Maas is the Federal Justice Minister in the German government and a member of the SPD (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands, the Social-Democrat Party). In the following brief clip from a press conference he chides PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) for exploiting the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Notice the ease with which he conflates both PEGIDA and the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland Alternative for Germany, the anti-euro party) with the NPD (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, German National Democratic Party, the neo-Nazis) .

Many thanks to Oz-Rita and Rembrandt Clancy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   The manner in which PEGIDA, the AfD and
00:04   NPD attempt to use this attack
00:08   for their own purposes is revolting,
00:12   for whoever now puts Muslims under general suspicion
00:16   wants to divide society and incite hatred.

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17 thoughts on “The Justice Minister Finds PEGIDA “Revolting”

  1. Cologne Cathedral
    Strong Omen

    Turning off the lights at the Kölner Dom in Cologne, is actually, a good thing.

    It can be a historical symbol with a lot of power, if you can see it as an omen of churches and cathedrals being either burnt, or turned into barracks aka “mosques” if islamisation is not stopped in time!

    Churches are un-islamic…

    • In a physical sense, Christianity has capitulated utterly.

      But they, the shepherds, are fighting on a different plane, don’t you see?
      They continue to preach love, non-resistance, the giving of all you have even (especially?) to one’s enemies and even unto death. They are blessing those who curse them, are they not? They are giving to the man who robs them their shirts and sandals also. This is in the Bible, isn’t it? They are loving their enemies even as their enemies attack and kill them. This is also in the Bible, right?

      Why is anyone surprised by this?

  2. “..for whoever now puts Muslims under general suspicion wants to divide society and incite hatred.”

    The German political elite has put every PEGIDA demonstrator under the general suspicion of being a right wing extremist and neo-nazi.

    • I agree! And another point of view would be that if the real history of this kind of thinking could be exposed for what it truly is. which is the typical Fascist/Nazi/Communist collective kind of thinking, movements like PEGIDA, would not have been needed.

  3. [Redacted] German relatives tell me that it is growing very quickly indeed and is potentially bigger than the 1989 rebellion. Same sort of people,

    It never fails to amaze one just how wilfully blind these “Social Demokrats” always are and the stinking condescending arrogance and hate filled names. These fools have no idea what is coming and when it dies over the next few weeks, I wonder if they will deploy the military? If they fire on women and kids these oiks are toast.

    Bloody Communists in suits!

    They are the disgusting ones! Long live Germany! Long live Freedom! Down with the traitors!

  4. “for their own purposes is revolting”

    Bravo our politicians. Is this the logic and truth your tiny mind produces?

  5. Petsonally, I find him disgusting. I am offended, and am demanding an apology. Seriously. If we mustn’t offend Muslims, then this [redacted]unpleasant person must not be allowed to offend us!

  6. And yet this hypocrite does exactly what he accuses others of – using this massacre for his own purpose.

  7. I find the Paris mass murder made by islamists revolting ! German Justice Minister and me don’t seem the share the same values !

  8. Regarding your beautiful banner of Vienna, I should say that in 1683, we were alert, proud, fighters, exercised, etc, and with honor. And also, we didn’t have the leftists to destroy our civilization and stab us in the back. Today, we are lazy, in the clouds or sleeping in our comfort, obese, masochists, apathetic and the leftists are in power to ruin all our dreams and civilization. So even with our futuristic weapons, we are not even willing to fight and to win against barbarians. Looks a lot like the Roman empire… (sorry for my English, it’s not my first language)

  9. IMHO Many in the political class in Germany are [intensifier] scared of the ever growing PEGIDA movement and marches, and will use any propaganda method to undermine and defame them. However it will not work, the people have been awakened and are sick and tired of seeing the changes and destruction of the Germany they love. If there is not a revolution at the polls in the coming years to elect level headed politicians who can attempt to strike a balance, then things will get ugly.

  10. Are we supposed to believe that he, and his fellow ministers, did not immediately ask the intelligence service if a similar threat (to that in Paris) was likely? If you don’t suspect Muslims of terrorism, then who do you suspect, the bogeyman?

  11. Obersturmbannfuhrer Maas sprecht und wir mussen befehlen.

    Sie sind ein Arshloch, Maas.

    My best attempt at German.

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