Eyewitness Account: Pegida in Copenhagen

From Vlad Tepes’ blog comes an important first-person account of a Pegida demonstration in Denmark.

These demonstrations have spread through Europe from their origin in Germany. They are intended to show that not all Europeans are happy with the massive islamic immigration that has been permitted, even encouraged, throughout European nations. (I would say “the West” but I think it’s a European phenomenon at the moment. Our islamization in the United States begins at the corrupt top; here the invasion has been much quieter but no less dangerous. There are pockets of invaders who set up islamic centers from which they push for Islamization. Sometimes our pushback takes legal forms.) Meanwhile, all over the world, the bloody borders islam creates grow ever bloodier – the Philippines is a good example.

The gist of the report is that the Danish witness was told that some antifas, a violent anti-right group which has long preceded Pegida in Europe, planned to disrupt the demonstration, and as you can see, they did:

The following is part of the first-person report sent to Vlad:

Waiting for the evening’s event I sat at a cafe across from xxx where our Monday evening “For Freedom” marches start.

Earlier in the evening I had received a notice from a friend who would be unable to attend that there was a planned counter-demonstration by an extreme-left group called “The Revolutionary Antifascists” [can you say “Communists? –D] against the evening’s demonstration. I arrived at a café across from Axels Torv at 5:00 p.m., intending to eat dinner before the demonstration at 6:00 when I noticed that at that [same] time police were already beginning to arrive and more were arriving all the time.

Some were carrying riot gear.

That told me that the evening’s protest would likely not be very peaceful. And I was correct. At 6:00 p.m., when the demonstration began there were about 200 counter-protesters and almost as many police officers in the area, plus 3-4 police vans. We [the witness was part of the Pegida group] stood in the middle of the square while the counter-protesters were on the periphery, shouting and trying to get by the police and get to us. The police did an admirable job holding them back.

The witness/participant, Liberty DK, continues:

There was contact here and there between the other group and us, though our actions were not violent, merely protective and defensive. We kept our cool as we usually do. There were, however, quite a few scuffles…and the protesters were violent and belligerent. At one point a group of them grabbed our banner and tried to rip it out of the hands of the two guys holding it. [In the] scuffle involving some of us, police, and the leftists…we got our banner back.

I was standing with a sign when suddenly I was violently thrown to the ground by a counter-protester who had seen an opening in the police ranks and had propelled himself forward at a run, wanting to grab my sign — which incidentally read “For Freedom, Against Racism and Violence”. Rather ironic.

It was an incredible mob with lots of violence in the air. It was hard to keep an eye on everything, as police were becoming increasingly heavy-handed in trying to control the situation. There were scuffles everywhere around me.


The rest of this account can be found at Vlad’s page. He also has links to other accounts; scroll down the post to find them.

[For those who don’t follow the movement of this push back against Islam, Pegida is the acronym for Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes. Translated, that means “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West”]

The open call to violence by these soi-disant anti-fascists is troubling. They have a long, sordid history of physical violence toward any public pushback against socialist agendas. People have been assaulted and beaten by these thugs.

I remember well when we first encountered them via cyberspace, in their Swedish form, EXPO. One of EXPO’s antifas posted his comments on the blog, Little Green Footballs. The site owner, Charles Johnson only revealed his true colors after I’d sent him an account of the Counterjihad Conference in Brussels. It was through the sudden volte face of Mr. Johnson that I became acquainted with the phenomenon of “9/11 Rightwingers”. These are former Leftists who’d been scared straight by the attack on the Twin Towers. As time went by and there were no further massive attacks in the U.S., these born-again “conservatives” slid back to their true socialist leanings; they began to attack those with whom they’d formed alliances. In Johnson’s case, the vitriol was both wide and deep. Thus, though the small Counterjihad group was his first target, eventually he turned on anyone and everyone on the Right. His melt-down was disturbing to witness. Until the Bigs personally experienced his vitriol, they accepted that “maybe” Johnson was correct in his assessments of our worth.

Being the ill wind he was, one of the ‘good’ things I gleaned from that betrayal was learning about the tactics of EXPO, a government-sponsored violent Leftist group in Sweden. We have other forms of similarly covert “approved” violence in the U.S. but it used to be difficult to penetrate the language and culture barriers that exist for us Americans with little first-hand experience of Europe.

The next Pegida demo will be an important one, for it coincides with an important date in Danish history: May 4th is the day in World War II that Denmark was liberated at long last from Germany. This reporter, Liberty DK says the antifas have announced publicly on their website their goal of shutting down completely Copenhagen’s Pegida demonstrations on or by that date. What patriots (/sarc).

These Antifas plainly believe violent attacks are a legitimate tactic in their overall strategy of silencing all dissent. It’s a form of “violence is justified for me but not for thee” thinking…if you want to label such notions as “thought”; it’s more visceral than that.

Thus few Danes doubt (even if the Antifas hadn’t announced their intentions ahead of time) these people will attempt to inflict physical harm on those who dare to have, hold, and display any opinion or belief contrary to theirs. Note that despite the ongoing propaganda of their enablers, this disinformation campaign to convince others that violence emanates only from #ExtremeRightWingnuts (propaganda that our Leftist media magnify at every opportunity) it is on the Left that you’ll mostly find such violence. The balled fists, the sticks and rocks and Molotov cocktails are used by Leftist “demonstrators” who are afraid of free speech. Despite the frenzied, determined attempts to make violent outbreaks the fault of the Right, that meme is beginning to lose its grip as the truth becomes ever more obvious.

Here is the Gates of Vienna collection of Pegida demonstrations to date.

7 thoughts on “Eyewitness Account: Pegida in Copenhagen

  1. This description leaves me more convinced than ever that gun control is not to lower crime; nor is it to allow the government to take over control of the population, as a local uprising by citizens is unlikely to win over the specialized forces of a competent or semi-competent government.

    The means by which a country will be taken over will be by extra-legal street gangs, winked at by the government, and serving the purpose of government leaders. The street gangs serve the purposes of breaking up and intimidating any opposition by violence and terror. The gangs also provide an excuse for the government to seize control to “maintain public order.”

    An armed citizenry cannot prevail against government forces, but they can certainly protect themselves against gang violence. The government is obligated to keep a distance from the gangs, and cannot openly use its powers to assist the gangs.

    So, it stands to reason that revolutionaries and communists who want to have a revolution will push for strict gun control. An armed citizenry is no protection against the full tyranny of a coherent government, but it certainly allows a credible pushback to the agents of revolutionary change for a government that wishes to maintain deniability, the street gangs.

    Having said that, while the police still maintain an effort to separate the fascists, as in Europe and most of the United States (other than Dearborn, Michigan), it is a bad idea to carry a gun, even legally, to a demonstration. I certainly have no intention of doing so. There is no worse way to make a statement than to pull or use a gun when trying to get across an idea.

    • Armed citizenry have prevailed against government forces countless times in the past and all over the world today. I think that what you might mean is that armed citizens cannot prevail against government forces without overthrowing the government.

      And yes, if you are to successfully resist the armed forces of a government, then it is essential to delegitimize and disrupt the government. You cannot simultaneously worship the government and reform it, as has been proved countless times in the past (including the events leading up to the American Revolution). Those seeking to preserve Western Civilization currently hesitate to challenge the basic legitimacy of their governments…and this is just as well, since that legitimacy hangs by a thread of imaginative fiscal policy, and nations inimical to Western values are ready to shear that thread as soon as they are certain they can get away with it.

      The governments dependent on recognition of the monetary value of fiat currency will not remain in power any longer than the naturally law-abiding citizens desire…indeed, not nearly as long.

  2. Remarkable how these fascists who misleadingly call themselves anti-fascists resort to all the classic SA methods they are supposed to be against, we know better though these so-called antifas are in fact the exact same stürmabteilungen serving a totalitarian leftist tyrannical government (movement) as was the original SA in the days of Hitler’s rise to power. The tactics remain unchanged violence and intimidation to silence any opposition; and why should they change tactics as these worked so well then they might as well do so now. And where is extreme-right in all this nowhere for it does not exist. the label “extreme-right” (meaning “nazi”)* is a mere tool to disqualify and defame anyone who does not subscribe to the insane leftist agenda.

    *Note: decades of leftist propaganda have made sure that “extreme-right”is always and unfailingly understood to mean “nazi”, for most people automatically equating the two feels natural. Such is the power of incessant indoctrination.

    • Well, and the original irony of those seeking to overthrow all social and humane principles calling themselves “socialists” and “humanists” in the first place is almost lost to our current language.

    • [redacted – unknown content]

      A certain group, pretending to create an organization who would fight for human rights, have their goal to initiate diversion operations, through violent meanings, a group from the leading Moldavian class.

      The Police say that they were recruiting students of modest origin with the help of the professors, of who one has already been identified.
      One of the recruits among them was a soldier, one who would have access to military secrets and also equipment.

      Also the Police reported that many of them were persons with records of thief and hooliganism.

      During the search to one of the members, Pavel Grigorciuk, police found pistols, silencers, rocket launchers and also a big sum of money -US dollars and rubles.

      “We can talk about a conglomerate of interests”

      I think that everyone got the picture now about what is Antifa. People from East Europe should investigate because it seems that Antifa is trying to spread there -in Romania they registered their organization last year i.e.

  3. They antifas date to the very end of the Second World War. The first such group was set up by the Soviets in Austria, specifically Vienna but soon spreading to the other Austrian cities, to facilitate the communist take over of Austria. They did this because Austria hadn’t been ceded to them at Yalta.

    Then they spread the largesse around, and until the fall of the Soviet Union all the antifas in their ever expanding ramifications were funded and directed from Moscow. These days their funding sources are more varied but their intentions are still the same – communism.

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