PEGIDA Takes Wing in Dresden

For the last couple of months the German Counterjihad has been staging the largest and most effective public demonstrations in Europe. The heart of the resistance is in what used to be East Germany, where people can still remember what it is like to live under a mendacious totalitarian regime, and are not at all willing to suffer a new one without protest. Last night’s march by PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) in Dresden drew a reported 15,000 participants.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has obviously been unnerved by these impertinent upstarts who refuse to accept her official Politically Correct Multicultural narrative. The situation has become so alarming that, before last night’s PEGIDA march took place, a sitting chancellor of the German Federal Republic took the unprecedented step of saying the following things about peaceful protesters who rallied in an orderly fashion to object to her government’s policies:

Chancellor Angela Merkel warned people against playing into the hands of xenophobes hours before an ‘anti-Islamization’ march in Dresden on Monday evening.


“Of course there’s freedom to demonstrate in Germany,” Merkel said in Berlin on Monday. “But it’s no place for agitation and mud-slinging against people who come to us from other countries.

“That’s why everyone should watch out that they aren’t being instrumentalized by the initiators of an event like this.”

The PEGIDA demonstrators have been dubbed “Nazis in pinstripes” by mainstream politicians and the press. It’s an egregious and false canard directed at ordinary people who have simply decided that they’ve had enough, and they aren’t going to take any more.

JLH has translated four articles from various German-language sources about PEGIDA and related “uprisings”. He includes this introduction:

Clipping the Flying Horse’s Wings

Already, during the early days of PEGIDA, some atavistic linguistic quirk made me equate the acronym with Pegasus, the fabulous, flying horse. The name took on a truly magical quality for me when I was reminded that this is twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which was impelled in no small measure by regular demonstrations in the “heart of darkness” — East Germany. Demonstrations that were slandered and mocked by the authorities, who had once bloodily suppressed the “workers’ revolt” but had by this time grown lazy and fearful, and could not stem the popular tide led by those who would no longer be denied.

And, as Michael Mannheimer reminded us, here they are again. The outraged citizens in the street. The arrogant, disapproving authorities. The visceral opponents invested in the status quo and protecting their own stake in a future totalitarianism. Who is going to blink?

One problem is that the old GDR had the disapproval of the world to consider, but the new Keepers of the West have only their approving peers, including our own government. Let us hope that the complex of uprisings Sarrazin mentions are strong enough.

So this is a rainbow of reactions to PEGIDA, beginning with the PI enthusiasm laced with anti-regime snarkiness, moving to the head of the AfD party’s approval as contrasted with the disapproval of “officials,” then the measured but deadly response of Thilo Sarrazin, and finally an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink sample of how the establishmentarian press and some government circles reply to such impertinence.

The first translation is from Politically Incorrect:

The Establishment Panics — The Masses in Dresden Are Changing Germany

by Wolfgang Hübner, Frankfurt a/M

The Green-Left-Liberal zeitgeist of the “antifa-republic” is reacting with insults, adjurations and threats to the broad, gradually accelerating popular insurgency against Islamization, uncontrolled immigration, abuse of asylum, social deterioration and gender insanity. The aggressive but fruitless attempt to isolate and smother the protest in Dresden — as well as an increasing number of other German cities and regions — by means of the tried and true methods of marginalization and the “Nazi-club” is doomed to failure. The sober reality is the powerful alliance of all those who are now freeing themselves of their passivity and are no longer allowing themselves to be tutored by politicians, media, princes of the Church and the gigantic social industry. Everything is as it should be and all that is needed is a selfless, humble welcoming culture between Flensburg and Konstanz.

What initially became evident with the founding and first election successes of AfD (Alternative for Germany) is taking on the characteristics of a mass movement against the visible, tangible and calculable aberrations in Germany which are evident to every contemporary who is paying attention. In fact, it took a long time before the grumbling at the much maligned Stammtische [regular, informal meetings at the same pub] and in countless internet forums became an active protest in the streets and squares. It is no surprise that this protest had its first mass effect in a metropolis in the East, namely Dresden. In the former GDR, there still linger the memory and the consciousness of the power of the people to budge even totally ossified circumstances.

Angela Merkel’s “no-alternative” bourgeois era of politics is still not over, but it is no longer accepted without question. To be sure, the human face of these paralyzing epochs in German history can one more time ensure with actual socialist majorities the blessing of her party — now emptied of both intellect and personnel. But the Chancellor would be just as bereft of power or argument in the face of a genuine popular movement as are members of her cabinet and all the political and media establishment, who have been emitting commentaries on the events in Dresden which are as ignorant as they are dense. This proves only one thing: The power elite are prepared for almost anything — except the unexpected uprising of the sovereign folk. Seldom until now has it become so obvious that an aloof nomenklatura can form, one that will not accept itself and its conception of social order being questioned in a completely democratic fashion.

Amidst all the happiness and enthusiasm about the most recent developments, let no one be deluded about the drive to power and pretension of this nomenklatura, which does not shy away from the unlawful methods of extreme leftist circles for its own purposes, and certainly has more of the same up its sleeve. It will be a long, difficult and sacrifice-strewn path, not just to irritate and briefly panic this federal German nomenklatura, but to remove it, with the goal of a national revival from top to bottom.

Because that can succeed only by peaceful means. That was the lesson of the first successful German revolution in 1989/90. That is also true for the new complete change that has now become necessary. As the turnaround in the former GDR was facilitated by the weakness of the Soviet Union and the eroding Eastern block, so the renewal of Germany now will probably only be possible with the decline of the USA and the crescendo of contradictions in the EU. There are many indicators, at any rate, that the German renewal will not run aground on that. This renewal must be accomplished by the people here, who are just learning how effective this cry can be: “We are the people.” Courage, women and men of Germany. Let us give substance to this thought in the sense of our anthem — “fraternally with heart and hand!”

The second article is from blu-News:

Bernd Lucke Finds PEGIDA “Right and Proper”

December 10, 2014

Tuesday, on his Facebook page, the federal spokesman of the AfD, Bernd Lucke, praised PEGIDA — which has been strongly criticized. Minister of Justice Heiko Maas had recently called the political parties to “resistance.” Lucke distanced himself from this undemocratic appeal. In fact, he aligned himself with PEGIDA, which is pursuing its goals peacefully.

There is great excitement in media land. On Tuesday, the chair of the AfD praised PEGIDA, which the media had previously pushed into the corner occupied by the radical right. Usually, policy follows such indicators. Lucke is going against the tide.

Not everyone in the AfD is happy — for various reasons

Hans-Olaf Henkel is less enthusiastic about PEGIDA. Which of them is closer to the grassroots with his judgment is difficult to say right now. Last Monday, PEGIDA could not make its evening walk through Dresden. Because of blockades by leftist and extreme leftist groups, the circa 10,000 participants remained [for hours] at the gathering point.

Lucke’s praise for PEGIDA confronts his internal critics. Parts of the base felt the absence of clear statements on Islam from their chair.* That this comment on PEGIDA will completely satisfy everyone inside the AfD is doubtful. For Lucke speaks here of a “radical Islamist philosophy,” which may seem tautological to some and weak to others. He can be reminded that there is no “political Islam” since Islam can not be separated from the inherent political idea nor from so-called “Islamism.” But even Lucke’s critics cannot gainsay his courage in confronting the media storm against PEGIDA.

Full text of Lucke’s comment:

Many people in Germany are rightly concerned about the spread of radical Islamist thought, which justifies violence against those who think differently, deprives women and girls of their natural rights, or demands the application of sharia. It is right and proper that citizens express these concerns in non-violent demonstrations. It is a sign that these people feel the politicians do not understand their concerns and an impetus for all politicians to act more decisively than they have until now, when political Islamism is challenging and disputing our constitutional state.

It is a welcome fact that the PEGIDA demonstrators have represented their intentions completely peacefully. Because the rule of law, tolerance and religious freedom are central to Western values, the PEGIDA movement can allow no doubt that their defense of the West includes the defense of these values.

The next article, A published in Bild, is by Thilo Sarrazin, the author of Germany Abolishes Itself:

Thilo Sarrazin on Pegida

Politicians Must Take These Fears Seriously

by Thilo Sarrazin, December 14, 2014

I believe judgment of the phenomenon PEGIDA must be on three levels: Intention, Procedure and Followers.

It is legitimate to be concerned

Many critics consider the desire to limit Muslim influences in Germany to be morally illegitimate or objectively ridiculous. But for the thoughtful citizen, the dangers of Islamism and the parallel society cannot be waved away.

Nonetheless, most politicians and media avoid any basic discussion and instead hide behind magical slogans such as “open-mindedness” and “welcoming culture.”

The demonstrators’ silence is understandable

To critique questions of immigration, you must know every trick in the book and be acquainted with every imaginable trap in communicating. If not, you will be forced into a corner with the philistines, stupid idiots, xenophobes, fear-mongers, right populists, right radicals, racists and fascists. I know whereof I speak.

Most people, uncomfortable with a development, and finding themselves in front of the cameras and microphones, would stumble into every imaginable trap, if they attempted — more or less awkwardly — to put their fears and worries into words.

So it was very adroit to make silence a principal of the PEGIDA demonstrations. And also, it looks stupid to attack someone who is silently following a pre-determined route on a pre-determined day at a pre-determined hour.

The subject belongs in the right hands

I do not know the background or composition of the 10,000 participants. Which is, mind you, close to as many members as the CDU has in Saxony. Certainly there will also be some dimwits and even radical rightists among the demonstrators.

But it does not matter who is demonstrating, if — like most critics of PEGIDA — you consider any critical confrontation of Islamic immigration to be basically illegitimate. From this perspective, the demonstrators have morally disqualified themselves merely by participating.

If the subject is considered to be important and worthy of discussion, there follows the obligation to make sure that it does not fall into the wrong hands. But exactly that will happen, if the discussion is thought to be foolish, or does not even take place.

Politicians must take notice that something is brewing in Europe. There is a connection between such diverse phenomena as Putin’s folksy nationalist tones, the successes of the Danish People’s Party and the Sweden Democrats in Scandinavia, the rise of the UKIP in England and the reception of the radical right Front National in France.

That can’t just be brushed off by proclaiming the digital revolution and working on the next aid package for Greece, as Angela Merkel has done.

Finally, also from Bild:

Punked by the “Heute [Today] Show”

False Russian Reporter Fools PEGIDA Followers

December 13, 2014

The demonstration marches of the immigration-hostile PEGIDA movement are booby-trapped territory for German journalists. The demonstrators range from silent to very unfriendly.

Since October, the coalition in Dresden has had continuing new support. There were 10,000 people at the last demonstration. Meanwhile, there are offshoots in six other German cities and more are being planned in 10 more cities.

In Düsseldorf, Carsten van Ryssen, reporter for the satirical “heute show,” infiltrated the demonstrators disguised as a Russian journalist with the local affiliate, “Dügida” since — other than the German “state media” — people are well aware of the Moscow propaganda station, “Russia Today.”

And lo and behold! It starts to burble out of the “patriots” — from chewing out the “traitor press” to dim anti-Islamism. One demonstrator: “The radical Islamist is a hundred times worse than a whole stadium full of homosexuals.”

DGB [Deutsche Gewerkschaftsbund — like AFL/CIO or the TUC] head, Reiner Hoffmann does not find the refugee-hostile protests so amusing. “We need the broadest possible coalition against these so-called PEGIDA demonstrations,” urges Hoffmann in Bild on Sunday. The DGB is of course ready to go.

More from Hoffman: “Democrats must stand together against this cheap propaganda.”

BDI [Federation of German Industries] president, Ulrich Grillo is also concerned about the demonstrations: “We need immigration for demographic development.” (Bild on Sunday) Immigrants should be welcome in Germany and sensibly integrated. “The refugees from civil war-torn countries have, in part, very good qualifications. The government should more quickly make it possible for them to work with us, so they can care for themselves and their families.”

After an alleged arson attack on planned refugee facilities near Nuremberg, a special unit of the police has undertaken investigations. Friday night several buildings were damaged by fire, and hate slogans and swastikas were scrawled on them.

*   Note: Lucke is an economist and the guiding principle of his new party — which probably got it into the Bundestag — was an anti-euro message.

21 thoughts on “PEGIDA Takes Wing in Dresden

  1. I’ve always been impressed with my colleagues from former Soviet-dominated states. It’s simply the case that they seem to appreciate freedom more, abhor coercive ideology, and know the difference. I just hope their descendants don’t assimilate into the befuddled and flabby culture of moral equivalence so common in the West. Michael Sturzenburger ist mein held.

  2. Silent protest is an interesting concept – quite different from the EDL demos. How do you call participants in a silent protest hoolingans, louts or neo-nazis?

    And I see at the front of the Pegida marches, non-whites are also marching… how exactly do the media get away with calling these protests “neo-nazi”?!

    In any case, a growth upwards from a couple of hundred marchers in October, to over 15,000 now, is nothing short of phenomenal… how bad must the Islamic issue be in Germany, for people not only to resist the media attacks, but also the risk to their personal reputation and (very possibly) personal safety, in order to attend?

  3. Green Infidel–perhaps moderate-conservative opinion in Germany has come to accept non-white immigrants who assimilate into some approximation of what is good in traditional German culture and politics.

    I wish the PEGIDA people well. When I notice Dresden, I think Saxony, and when I think Saxony, I think Martin Luther. I pray that millions of Germans of old and new stock will awaken to the Gospel of saving grace through Jesus Christ. Given the sexual insanity of our times (Indo-European pronouns and nouns, have gender, not people) and its alliance with an Islamicism that will murder the sexually insane in their public squares two seconds after that alliance claims victory, it’s high time most thinking people turned a searching, critical spotlight on the “critical” tradition from Hegel onward. The elites of Europe (including the princes of the churches) decided long ago that they won’t stand for Christ, hence they fall for anything insane–including radical Islam.

    • It is truly past due– Critical Theory must be criticized and discredited. Its apostles will squirm and scream at last, as they should have in 1980.

    • It is truly past due– Critical Theory must be criticized and discredited. Its apostles will squirm and scream at last, as they should have in 1980.

  4. At last the spark has now become a flame! Will the real Nazi’s in power waiver in their resolve to continue with their destructive agenda or will they circle the wagons and take on the citizenry?

  5. Can someone please explain the above poster, in which, underneath the wording “Dafuer stehen wir! Weg mit all dem radikalen Muell!” (This is what we stand for! Away with all the radical rubbish!), a man is throwing out four symbols into a trashcan. The bottom symbol is the swastika of National Socialism. The top symbol is the shahada flag of the Islamic State, which, read left to right, spells out in roman lettering “alll Jews dog”. But what are the two symbols in the middle?

  6. Good BILD interview today with PEGIDA founder, Lutz Bachmann:

    Here are some clips (edited Google Translate):

    Bachmann: We will only stop when asylum policy changes!
    BILD: What do you actually want with PEGIDA?
    Bachmann: A shift in policy!
    BILD: On the subject of asylum?
    Bachmann: We are not against asylum! War refugees – no matter where they come from and where they believe God – have a right to be protected! But we are against admission of economic refugees.
    BILD: What is the point of the demonstrations?
    Bachmann: No one dares to speak openly about it. We knew, whoever starts on this subject gets attacked as a Nazi. (schlägt gleich die Nazi-Keule zu)
    BILD: Does it not apply? Hooligans and notorious Nazis run with you.
    Bachmann: But they are clearly in the minority. One cannot exclude from the demo.
    BILD: What makes you think it is “a minority”?
    Bachmann: According to police, there were last 80 to 120 people from the hooligan scene and 25 from the right-wing environment – with several thousand participants! We distance ourselves from all radical groups and associations. What else can I do?

    The PEGIDA concept is now copied in Kassel. In other cities such as Rostock, Leipzig, Munich and Würzburg comparable groups are based.

    BILD: Do you play with the fear of the people?
    Bachmann: “The fears are already there! Because of failed asylum.

    BILD: Let’s be honest: Are you a racist?
    Bachmann: No! I have a Turkish ?witness (Trauzeuge) and many Muslim friends. In 1998 I helped make in Cape Town (South Africa), the first disco for blacks in the city center.
    BILD: But the impression that PEGIDA and therefore Dresden is racist is being produced in Germany.
    Bachmann: So it is portrayed in the media.

    • And this:

      Over half of Germans sympathize with PEGIDA

      This is from Denmark’s Snaphanen site, which ran a Die Zeit poll

      The poll asked:
      Do you have understanding [Verstaendnis, which in German implies sympathy] for demonstrations against the Islamic state and the “islamization of the west?” in German cities?

      Responses were:
      30% Yes, fully (ja, voll und ganz)
      19% Tend to yes (eher ja)
      26% In part (teils, teils)
      10% Tend to no (eher nein)
      13% No, not at all (nein, gar nicht)
      2% Don’t know, no answer
      YouGov, 1,107 polled, 15.12.2014

    • So the principal concern of the movement is Germany’s asylum policy.
      Bachmann: “We are not against asylum! War refugees – no matter where they come from and where they believe God – have a right to be protected! But we are against admission of economic refugees.”

      I find this terribly discouraging, as not only does PEGIDA’s leadership evidently not regard muslims as muslims a problem, it would actually welcome muslim refugees from war-torn lands, which, as we know, are overwhelmingly islamic.

      • The overwhelmingly Islamic are experienced hard core savages with insatiable appetites for infidel rape, blood and gore. This is slightly restrained until they have secured their new mosque and the inferior kufar has delivered benefits and cash flow. After that the only restraint to conquest is the kufar police state. I see – or am I imagining?

  7. It’s a bit small, but the third one looks to stand for Communisme: a red flag with a yellow star.

  8. I pray that Germans who care about their country will once again blow the dust off their Bibles, turn again to the Christ who gave them both culture and civilization, and relegate the destructive Thor with his cathedral-smashing hammer back to the dust of centuries (nod to Heinrich Heine).

    • Heine also observed that once they start burning books, people will be next. He was spared seeing his own books burned a century or so later (he was Jewish), and what followed.

  9. Zitate/Passagen aus dem Koran (Kurze Fassung) 2014
    Wenn man den Koran, das “heilige” Buch der Muslime liest, stellt man fest, dass die Radikalen Muslime eigentlich ausführen, was der Koran verschreibt, z.B., „Töte die Ungläubigen“. Der Koran predigt Hass, Kriminalität, Diskriminierung unter Menschen, vor allem gegen Frauen, etc. Die Zitate belegen dies alles.

    Im Gegensatz zur Bibel und altem Testament, Muslime glauben, dass der Koran, das Wort Gottes sei und zwar Wort für Wort. Gabriel, ein Sonder-Engel von Allah wurde zu Mohammed, dem Prophet, geschickt und hat ihm den Koran geliefert. In Folge dessen sei jedes Wort im Koran heilig und könne nicht ignoriert werden.
    Laut vieler Studien, über 90% der Muslime haben den Koran nie gelesen. Was sie über den Islam wissen, verdanken sie den Imamen und Prediger in Moscheen und Medien.
    Nach jedem muslimischen terroristischen Anschlag, behaupten Politiker (z.B. Obama, Merkel, etc) Islam sei eine friedliche Religion. Die Zitate aus dem Koran belegen das Gegenteil.
    Politiker, und Medien-Journalisten, die behaupten, Islam sei eine „friedliche Religion“ haben entweder den Koran nicht gelesen oder sie wollen den Islam schön reden.

    Viele wissen nicht , auch viele Muslime, dass das „heilige“ Buch der Muslime voll mit Gewalt, Hass und Diskriminierung ist.

    Bitte lesen Sie die folgenden Zitate:

    Einige von zahlreichen grausamen Zitate aus dem Koran
    Tötet die Ungläubigen:
    „Und tötet sie (die Ungläubigen), wo immer ihr sie trefft.“ Sure 2, Vers 192
    Kommentar: Die muslimischen Terroristen führen einfach diesen Befehl aus.
    Kein Kontakt mit Ungläubigen, insbesondere den Christen und Juden:
    „O ihr, die ihr glaubt (Muslime), nehmt euch nicht die Juden und die Christen zu Freunden. Sie sind untereinander Freunde. Wer von euch sie zu Freunden nimmt, gehört zu ihnen. Gott leitet ungerechte Leute gewiss nicht recht.” Sure 5, Vers 52
    Apostasie: Tötung der Abtrünnigen.
    „Sie möchten gern, ihr würdet ungläubig, wie sie ungläubig sind, So dass ihr ihnen gleich würdet. So nehmt euch niemanden von ihnen zum Freund, bis sie auf dem Weg Gottes auswandern. Wenn sie sich abkehren, dann greift sie und tötet sie, wo immer ihr sie findet, und nehmt euch niemanden von ihnen zum Freund oder Helfer.“ Sure 4, Vers 90
    Das Zeugnis eines Mannes ist soviel Wert, wie das von zwei Frauen:
    (Im Gericht) „Und bringt zwei Männer von euch als Zeugen. Wenn es keine zwei Männer sein (können), dann sollen es ein Mann und zwei Frauen sein, mit denen als Zeugen ihr zufrieden seid, – damit, wenn eine von beiden sich irrt, eine die andere erinnere. Sure 2, Vers 282
    Strafe für Unzucht bei Frauen:
    „Gegen diejenigen von euren Frauen, die Schändliches begehen, müsst ihr vier von euch zeugen lassen. Wenn sie es bezeugen, dann haltet sie in den Häusern fest, bis der Tod sie abberuft oder Gott ihnen einen Ausweg ver. scharrt.“ Sure 4, Vers 16
    Männer dürfen immer Sex mit ihren Frauen haben:

    „Eure Frauen sind euch ein Saatfeld. So kommt zu eurem Saatfeld, wann und wie ihr wollt. “ Sure 2, Vers 223
    Diebstahl: Abhacken der Hand:
    „Und hackt dem Dieb und der Diebin die Hände ab zur Vergeltung für das, was sie erworben haben, dies als abschreckende Strafe von Seiten Gottes. Und Gott ist mächtig und weise.“ Sure 5, Vers 39
    Widersprüche im Koran, z.B. In der Religion gibt es keinen Zwang:
    Nachdem der Koran sagt: tötet die Nicht-Muslime, tötet die den Islam, sagt der Koran:
    „Es gibt keinen Zwang in der Religion“ Sure 2, Vers 257
    Muslime sind die besten Menschen auf der Erde.

    Ihr seid das beste Volk, das je unter den Menschen hervorgebracht worden ist. Sure 3, Vers 110
    Hadeeth (Überlieferungen)
    Steinigung von Frauen bei Unzucht:
    „Eine Frau kam zum Propheten. Sie war infolge eines Ehebruchs schwanger. Sie sagte: Gesandter Gottes, ich habe eine gesetzliche Strafe verdient, so verhänge sie über mich.
    Der Gesandte Gottes rief ihren Sachwalter zu sich und sagte: Sei gut zu ihr. Und sobald sie ihre Niederkunft gehabt hat, bringe sie zu mir.
    Er tat so. Da befahl der Prophet, und ihre Kleider wurden um sie festgebunden. Dann befahl er, und sie wurde gesteinigt. Dann hielt er das Gebet für sie.“
    Muslim (So heißt er, ein Zeitgenosse von dem Propheten Muhammad (Seite 550)

    Nun, wer behauptet, der Islam sei eine „friedliche Religion“ hat diese Zitate nicht gelesen, geschweige den Koran. Oder, er/sie will den Islam schön reden!

    Nach diesen Zitaten und vieles mehr, kann man noch behaupten, der Islam sei mit Menschenrechten vereinbar?!

    Wir sollen aufhören, den Islam schön zu reden. Die beste Kosmetik wird es nie schaffen.

    Für weitere Zitate, check out den Koran auf dem folgenden Link:

    Dr. Sami Alrabaa (Autor des Buches: „Veiled Atrocities“: Wahre Geschichten aus Saudi Arabien, die Wiege des Islam. Verleger: Prometheus Books, New York, 2010) Über eine halbe Million Kopien wurde allein in America verkauft. Bestellen Sie das Buch und lesen Sie es.

    Lesen insbesondere die Geschichte von „Karin in Saudi Arabia“. Wahre Geschichten aus Saudi Arabien, die Wiege des Islam.

    [Machine translation:

    Quotes / passages from the Koran (Short version) 2014
    If you read the Koran, the “holy” book of the Muslims, it is found that the radical Muslims actually carry out what the Koran prescribes, for example, “Kill the infidels.” The Koran preaches hate, crime, discrimination among people, especially against women, etc. The quotations prove all this.

    In contrast to the Bible and the old Testament, Muslims believe that the Qur’an is the word of God and true word for word. Gabriel, a special angel of Allah was to Mohammed, the prophet, sent and who supplied him with the Koran. As a result, each word in the Koran is sacred and can not be ignored.
    According to many studies, over 90% of Muslims have never read the Koran. What do they know about Islam, they owe the imams and preachers in mosques and media.
    After every Muslim terrorist attack, say politicians (eg Obama, Merkel, etc) Islam is a peaceful religion. The quotations from the Koran evidence to the contrary.
    Politicians, and media journalists who claim that Islam is a “religion of peace” have either not read the Quran or Islam they want to talk nice.

    Many do not know too many Muslims that the “holy” book of the Muslims is full of violence, hatred and discrimination.

    Please read the following quotes:

    Some of numerous cruel quotes from the Koran
    Kill the unbelievers:
    “And kill them (the unbelievers) wherever you find them.” Sura 2, verse 192
    Comment: The Muslim terrorists, just execute this command.
    No contact with unbelievers, especially Christians and Jews:
    “O you who believe (Muslims)! Take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are allies of one another. Who takes them for friends is one of them. God guides unjust people certainly not right. “Sura 5, verse 52
    Apostasy: killing of apostates.
    “They wish you would disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so its them would equal. So take not from among them friends until they flee in the way of Allah. If they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or helper. “Sura 4, verse 90
    The testimony of a man is as much value as that of two women:
    (In court) “And bringing two men of you as a witness. If there are not two men be (can not), then it should be a man and two women with whom witnesses as you’re happy, – so that if one of them errs, the other a recall. Sura 2, verse 282
    Punishment for fornication in women:
    “Against those of your women who commit indecency, you have four of you can testify. When they witness it, they keep in their houses laid until death takes them away or God ver them a way out. Pawing. “Sura 4, verse 16
    Men should always have sex with their wives:

    “Your wives are as a tilth unto you. So come to your tilth when and how you want. “Sura 2, verse 223
    Theft: chopping off the hand:
    “And chop the thief and the thief’s hands from retaliation for what they have earned this as exemplary punishment from Allah. And God is Mighty, Wise. “Sura 5, verse 39
    Contradictions in the Quran, for example, In religion there is no compulsion:
    After the Quran says: kill the non-Muslims, kill the Islam, the Qur’an says:
    “There is no compulsion in religion” Sura 2, verse 257
    Muslims are the best people on earth.

    You are the best nation that has ever been produced among men. Sura 3, verse 110
    Hadeeth (Traditions)
    Stoning of women for sexual immorality:
    “A woman came to the Prophet. She was pregnant as a result of adultery. She said: Messenger of Allah, I gained a legal punishment, as it imposes on me.
    The Messenger of God called her guardian to him and said: Be good to her. And as soon as she has had her confinement, they bring him to me.
    He did so. As the prophet commanded, and her clothes were tied around her. Then he commanded, and she was stoned. Then he held the prayer for them. ”
    Muslim (So he is, a contemporary of the Prophet Muhammad (page 550)

    Well, who says that Islam is a “religion of peace” has not read these quotes, let the Koran. Or he / she wants to talk to Islam beautiful!

    After these quotations and much more, you can still claim that Islam is compatible with human rights ?!

    We should stop Islam nice to talk to. The best cosmetics will never make it.

    For more quotes, check out the Koran on the following link:

    Dr. Sami Alrabaa (author of the book: “Veiled Atrocities”: True Stories from Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam publisher. Prometheus Books, New York, 2010) More than half a million copies were sold in America alone. Order the book and read it.

    Read especially the story of “Karin in Saudi Arabia”. True stories from Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam.]

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