Czech Delegation to PEGIDA Attacked in Dresden

A delegation from the Czech Republic traveled to Dresden on Monday night to take part in the first-anniversary PEGIDA rally in the Theaterplatz. The group included Marek Cernoch, a member of the Czech Parliament, who was one of the featured speakers. On the way back to their bus after the rally, the Czechs were ambushed by a mob of “anti-fascists”. Mr. Cernoch was one of those injured during the attack.

Below is a news report about the incident from Czech Independent TV. Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


04:00   Let us start our first news item.
04:05   Roughed-up Czech delegation returned from a PEGIDA event and
04:09   and MP was almost taken out by a paving stone, because the ‘Sunshiners’ [Kumbaya-singing thug-huggers]
04:13   that is, German ‘Sunshiners’ were reportedly spitting and throwing
04:18   bottles. It was a close call, and the ‘Usvit’ party MP Marek Cernoch
04:22   ended up in a Dresden hospital. Let us
04:26   see and hear his testimony.
04:31   [introduction of Marek Cernoch in German]
04:36   From the anti-Islam party.
04:50   Good evening, Dresden!
04:58   [greeting in German]
05:07   I would like to tell all the so-called ‘Sunshiners’ and
05:12   ’Truthiness-lovers’ that when we were returning from a totally peaceful
05:17   demonstration by PEGIDA,
05:22   when we were returning to our bus, we were attacked by ‘Truthiness-lovers’.
05:27   They attacked us with some spray. I don’t know if it was pepper spray
05:31   or some other spray. Nonetheless, I immediately lost my sight.
05:36   And before I managed to get away
05:41   I was also hit by a paving stone on the back.
05:45   It was a really close call. Had I not bent over after I was hit with that spray,
05:49   I would have been hit by that paving stone [dropped] from a bridge
05:53   directly in on my head. And this is the way
05:57   the ‘Truthiness-lovers’ and ‘Sunshiners’ are fighting against a totally peaceful demonstration
06:02   where there were no gallows
06:06   or anything like that. We just said that we don’t want to destroy
06:11   our Europe by those large immigration waves
06:15   that are coming here.
06:24   Except that was not the only attack with which Czechs
06:29   had met in Dresden. For example, Radim Labcik, who planned to get
06:33   footage for a student film. He said: “I was taking shots
06:38   of mounted police. They approached me – this group of men with the look of
06:42   soccer fans, jerseys, scarves over the their mouths. I know that the first hit
06:47   I received came from a man in a red jersey and his face
06:51   was covered by red scarf. They knocked me down from my perch, then they
06:55   luckily just went after my tech,” stated Labcik. His technical equipment
07:00   was partly lost. He said: “They wrestled away my sound boom and smashed it into 4 pieces.
07:04   Next, they went after my camera. I thought they would destroy it, but they just stole it and left.
07:09   They just wanted to destroy as much of my tech as they could. They smashed
07:13   my recorder, stepped on my microphone, but it looks like it will work.”
07:17   ”The police said I could have ended up much worse,
07:21   if I get into PEGIDA’s path, so I should not be surprised.
07:26   But it was not PEGIDA [who attacked me], perhaps some neo-Nazis.
07:30   I have a broken knee, elbow, and I was hit with brass knuckles
07:35   in the head. Among supporters and opponents of immigration there were skirmishes.
07:39   According mainstream media, about 20,000 people came to the demonstration.
07:43   But, according to members of the movement ‘Usvit’, it was 50,000. What is certain
07:48   is that there were almost 1,000 police. In this location, both the supporters
07:52   and opponents of immigration met and some skirmishes took place between them.
07:56   Firecrackers(?) and paving stones were thrown and one person had to be transported
08:00   to hospital with a serious injury. The gathering of
08:05   Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of The West, that is PEGIDA, took place
08:09   to mark the first anniversary of the founding of this movement.
08:13   The Czech media inform us
08:17   about ‘everything’, but if it concerns any
08:21   protest against the policies of the EU, they are silent. So, we are asking
08:26   Where is their objectivity? As I said in the introduction,
08:30   outside our borders, mass demonstrations are taking place, of course,
08:35   there is silence about it.
08:39   That is why, into today’s coverage, I included a report from
08:43   Dresden, on the 12th of October, so you could see for yourself exactly what
08:47   happened there.
08:52   I went to the PEGIDA demonstration in Dresden.
09:01   This is before the demonstration started
09:11   and people are just arriving.
09:28   The demonstration has started. The square is truly filled with people.
09:38   Notice who they are.
09:42   No radicals,
09:46   just ‘regular’ people, who had been betrayed by their government.
09:54   Now a shot from another angle.
09:59   Just in case someone wanted to claim
10:04   that not that many people were there.
10:28   Part of the event was a march through the city.
10:33   Please, excuse the poor video quality.
10:41   At the event, one could see various flags.
10:50   We even found a group from the CR [Czech Republic]!
11:23   I’ll speed it up a bit
11:27   there really were a lot of people.
11:54   Why did I film all of it?
12:03   Because in surrounding states
12:07   thousands of people are demonstrating
12:16   against EU policies
12:20   and our media in the CR
12:29   DO NOT INFORM us about it.
12:38   Take more of an interest in what is happening in our society!
12:42   Write to Czech TV,
12:47   that TV which you pay for with your taxes,
12:52   that you want more information about these events.
13:14   The procession had returned back to the town square.
13:23   These people came together
13:28   because they are not indifferent
13:33   to the fate of their country,
13:38   and in what conditions their children will have to live.
13:46   What about YOU?

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  1. Good report but spoiled by that music! Especially good was the determination of those protesters compared with the pathetic acceptance of those Germans in the later video about the hotel being used as “refugee” accommodation.

    Note too how the useless (but expensive) UN is yet again missing in action. Why isn’t it building camps in the Middles East and protecting the inhabitants until they can GO HOME and rebuild their countries.

    Why should Europeans tolerate a swarm of alien people invading their lands?

  2. Perhaps it would’ve been better to prepare for these matters. Complaining isn’t an action plan, it’s an after action report.

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