JLH has translated five articles about PEGIDA and related movements in Germany, and includes background and commentary.

by JLH

For those interested in how PEGIDA is doing after taking what appeared to be some heavy hits, here are a few facts and a mélange of articles.

First, the facts. This Monday, March 9th, the PEGIDAs in the west of Germany continued their grim and dauntless struggle against the odds. In the east, “officially,” 1,000 turned out in Aue, 1,000 in Chemnitz, 1,500 in Leipzig, and Dresden improved from last week’s 4,800 to 6,500.

Oertel and Jahn, who had split from the leadership of PEGIDA in Dresden, took out an ad announcing the end of their effort on Sundays and saying that they had trusted the wrong people. The reasons, other than poor turnout, will become obvious in the following article from Politically Incorrect:

The Man With Many Faces

He likes to slip into various roles, as in the photo where he is the GDR policeman, and is also making fun of himself. But his satirical turn as “Adolf” was a severe wound to both him and PEGIDA in the media two months ago. In a PI interview, Lutz comments for the first time on the falsification of the famous Hitler photo that circled the world in January, and the future of the PEGIDA movement.

PI: Why did you not intervene immediately after the Hitler pictures went out, to point out that the mustache was forged?

Bachmann: At that time, no one would have believed it. It would have given the impression like I was an establishment politician and wanted to talk myself out of trouble.

But because of the “double disclosure,” you were on the defensive anyway.

In their first appearance, my allegedly xenophobic comments in the screenshots were taken out of context, also shortened and reworked. And Mr. Wolf of the Sächsische Zeitung noticed some peculiarities in the “incriminating material” and apparently investigated further.

Do you think the press would have taken up your rebuttal?

Perhaps in a four-line item on page 8. But now there is more attention, because the investigation is happening on its own and the truth has been uncovered.

And you still don’t know who added the mustache after the fact. Will you make an official complaint to the police and follow up?

No, why should I? I still think as I did before, that it is legitimate to mock this madman Hitler. Satire is a good means of dealing with the past. Taking Hitler seriously gives this monster too much importance in today’s society. He is the past, and should stay there.

After the Sächsische Zeitung revealed the forgery on February 15th, neither BILD nor Spiegel nor any other of the so-called “lead media” reported on it. Does that confirm you opinion of the quality of the press?

However that may be, I am pleasantly surprised that in this case the Sächsische Zeitung went after the truth, and I must express my gratitude to the editorial staff. I am not surprised that the media outlets have not taken it up. It doesn’t fit the picture, if Bachmann is not a Hitler hobbyist.

Was there actually a vote in the leadership team, after the BILD headline “PEGIDA Chief Postured as Hitler” about whether you should step down?

It was discussed and voted. The decision was that I should not step down. But at that time here was already a press release from Mrs. Petry of the AfD in the media announcing my stepping down. How Mrs. Perry received this misinformation is still not clear. Apparently there was an agreement through some members of the leadership who were close to the AfD, but this is still unconfirmed. After that, without any further vote and contrary to the leadership vote, a press release about my stepping down as leader was sent out.

On January 10th, the Spiegel evoked the end of PEGIDA (“Thank You and Goodbye”). In the meantime, the demonstrations in Dresden are growing again. Do you think it is realistic that you can come up to your old numbers again?

I am assuming that we will have 20,000 walkers in Dresden again by March 16th. The trend since the splitting of the PEGIDA teams has been sharply upward.

So much so that PEGIDA even intends to contest the mayoral election in Saxony’s capitol city Dresden on June 7th. Many still see you — in spite of everything — as a potential candidate for that.

I do not see myself as a career politician. There are plenty of knowledgeable people with experience, and besides, there could be anxieties among the voters because of my earlier life. That could be the feather that tips the scales and PEGIDA does not want to do this for sport, but to win the mayoral contest for the citizens of Dresden.

Pi thanks you for the conversation and wishes you all the best politically and personally.

As to where they go from here, the next short article from Sezession reveals that Bachmann is optimistic, if not hubristic, and that things may continue to be interesting:

PEGIDA’s Staying Power — A Talk With Lutz Bachmann

(SEZESSION’s special edition on PEGIDA is available and the first one-thousand are underway to readers. The interview with PEGIDA founder Lutz Bachmann has a short half-life — the situation changes constantly, as shown in the 7-page detailed chronicle of the movement. Therefore, we are quickly documenting the conversation in full.)

SEZESSION: Mr. Bachmann, on October 29, 2014, you walked through the streets with 350 Dresden citizens under the awkward title PEGIDA. Since then there have been thousands of reports on your citizens’ movement. When did you suspect that you had opened a whole can of worms?

BACHMANN: We knew from the start that we were touching on an uncomfortable topic and would kick up a lot of dust. We were poking a political wasp nest. What we did not know was that it would become so big and become a leading theme in the media and among politicians. We have apparently struck a nerve.

SEZESSION: You have struck a nerve so effectively, that this person or that one would be very happy to see you hit as hard. How seriously did you take the threats that were circulating on the Net in the middle of January?

BACHMANN: These threats are nothing to joke about. According to the police, they should be taken seriously, and that is why the “abstract” threat assessment was made “concrete.” That is, it was established that something would happen and there were concrete indicators of the person targeted, the place and the time. Nonetheless, I was against calling off the demonstration. But the police president made it unmistakably clear that there would be a ban on the demonstration, if we did not call it off ourselves. The ban occurred only a few hours after we canceled.

SEZESSION: It could not be because of your 19-point program that you were threatened with death. That — begging your pardon — is a harmless collection of protests, things implicitly true, and helpfulness. My impression is that it was the media and German politicians who made you a target.

BACHMANN: Exactly. The impression is created by the constant media descriptions of PEGIDA as “Islam-hostile,” “anti-Islam,” “xenophobic” and so forth. And that is how the German press made us a bull’s eye. Instead of dealing with content, we are personally discredited. Our movement is defamed and exposed to being taken down.

SEZESSION: Why don’t you emphasize this? Kathrin Oertel (before the split-up) was already very defensive. Why do you hold back?

BACHMANN: We want to give reason a chance, without just shouting empty mottos. We want to achieve the civil middle and that cannot be done with pure action and empty polemic. And it is not a tactic, but honest conviction. If the media had reported even somewhat fairly about what was going on, there would certainly have been political changes already. Even so, some hesitant beginnings are visible. Politicians of the most diverse parties are attempting to pass off our ideas as their own and are jumping on our wagon. The best example was the political Ash Wednesday of the CDU and the CSU.

SEZESSION: A few weeks ago the protest alliance shattered; one of the faces of the movement left — Mrs. Oertel. Re-building is needed now. What are you planning for the coming weeks?

BACHMANN: As you can see in the numbers of those who are coming, rebuilding is underway. So, after the low point at 2,000 in February, in two weeks we went up by thousands again, as the Dresdener Neuesten Nachrichten and an independent legal office confirmed.

SEZESSION: What else are you planning? Your spin-offs in the West are not getting up to speed. Are there plans for a large, central demonstration — for instance in Berlin? Or do you have something else in mind?

BACHMANN: We have a number of plans on tap. A central demonstration in the capital is among them, as is our attempt to put up candidates in the mayoral elections in Saxony (for instance, Dresden, Freital and Wilsdruff) to gain a foothold in community politics. Those are just two things. We cannot reveal everything. One thing is certain: PEGIDA will not run out of energy for a long time and, as for the older federal lands, we have some tricks up our sleeves.

And now there are stirrings in the political sphere that are making the Greens very nervous. As usual, their reaction is to demand that whatever is happening should be wrapped up in bureaucracy and strangled in its cradle.

From Die Welt:

Saxony CDU is Meeting Regularly With PEGIDA

According to a newspaper report, regular conversations are taking place between PEGIDA and the Saxon CDU. The Greens are demanding clear rules for the dialogue between politicians and citizens.

A group of 14 PEGIDA sympathizers have met several times with CDU representatives from both the state and federal parliaments, writes the Sächsische Zeitung appearing in Dresden. Coordinator of the talks is CDU state legislator, Lars Rohwer.

Rohwer is quoted to the effect that PEGIDA has managed “to put the question of our system back on the agenda.” The last to do that was the 68ers. At that time, the pressure was from the Left. Now it is more about citizens who do not fit into a left-right pattern. What they all have in common is that they do not understand politics.

Rohwer confirmed a meeting of the PEGIDA group with 6 Dresden CDU representatives on January 28th in the legislative building. Among others, Saxony’s interior minister, Markus Ulbig and CDU representative Arnold Vaatz participated. Vaatz had also helped part of the group set up an appointment in Berlin. On March 26th, three PEGIDA sympathizers will meet with State Secretary Friedrich Kitschelt of the Ministry of Development, according to the Sächsische Zeitung.*

Re-elected PEGIDA chief Lutz Bachmann, according to the paper, approves the willingness of the CDU to take part in a dialogue. He, at any rate, will not take part, since, as he says, no one in politics wants to talk with him. He sees the talks as evidence “that PEGIDA has succeeded in interesting ordinary people in politics again.”

Greens Demand Clear Rules for Dialogue

The Greens are insisting on clear rules for dialogues held by parties and the government with adherents of the Islam-critical PEGIDA movement. “Dialogue requires respect for other opinions. Many PEGIDA followers find it hard too bear contradiction of their opinion, They equate contradiction with constriction of their freedom of opinion,” says the paper published by the Greens in the legislature on Saturday.

The Greens also demand the inclusion of diverse perspectives. A one-sided dialogue with PEGIDA followers is a slap in the face for those who have for years rendered great service to the community, and helped refugees: “Above all, a slap in the face of those who must suffer most under the present xenophobic atmosphere created by PEGIDA in Saxony — refugees, asylum seekers, foreigners, people with a dark skin, Muslims.” If asylum, integration and immigration are being discussed, these people too should be able to represent their interests.

“If, after 25 years of authoritarian politics the CDU suddenly discovers dialogue with citizens, it is much too late,” was the comment of the Greens on the effort. The dialogue format of the government gave the impression that dialogue between citizens and politicians did not otherwise take place.

The background was Saxony’s format of dialogue forums. The second forum is to take place on Tuesday in Dresden. The Greens, too, want to send a representative to the forum.

*   CSU Minister for Development, Gerd Müller has also taken some interest and deputized one of his secretaries to make contact.

Moving westward, Monday brings an assembly of PEGIDA Frankfurt, to which Heidi Mund — the “courageous German” who faced down street-corner Salafists and interrupted the “Allahuing” de-sanctification of a Christian church — invited Michael Stürzenberger — another courageous German whose months-long campaign could not stop the plans for the EU’s Islamic mega-mosque and cultural center in Munich, but did at least drive it away from the city’s living heart and toward the fringes.

Notice the confidential, in-the-bubble sneer of the author, who believes like so many of his kind that he is one of a myriad wise people interpreting the world for his peers and those of us unwashed multitude who can even read.

Note also the sensitive implication that Mund is not well and that her leadership style is under criticism. Much too polite to give details.

From Frankfurter Neue Presse:

Right Populist Michael Stürzenberger Speaks at PEGIDA in Frankfurt

by Peter von Freyberg, March 9, 2015

Munich right-populist, Michael Stürzenberger is expected this evening at the Katharina Church. He will speak to followers of PEGIDA. He is classified as extremist.

Counter-demonstrators are expected at the PEGIDA demonstration.


Almost every Monday in recent weeks the same spectacle has been repeated at the main police station. A few dozen PEGIDA activists announced their theses about the alleged Islamization of Germany. Opposite them were several hundred counter-demonstrators who drowned out the tirades with chanting and whistle pipes. Now PEGIDA Frankfurt has invited a prominent speaker for the evening: Michael Stürzenberger from Munich, who, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, is “one of the most active Islam-haters in the country”, and the leader of the right-populist party Die Freiheit which is being surveilled by federal security and is classified as “extremist.” The 50-year-old is one of the chief writers for the Islam-hostile blog “Politically Incorrect”, which was represented on banners at PEGIDA Frankfurt Rhine-Main. His media profile is TV journalist and briefly spokesman for Bavarian culture minister, Monika Hohlmeier (CSU).

“The Koran is Dangerous”

Stürzenberger is considered a “hate preacher,” even designated as such by former Munich mayor Christian Ude (SPD). Since 2011 Stürzenberger has been known in the Bavarian capital as the organizer of demonstrations against Islam in general and in particular against a planned Islamic center in Munich, for which — according to some accounts — he has collected 60,000 signatures. He did not achieve the desired plebiscite, since this was declared inadmissible by the Regional Administrative Office. Thousands of YouTube videos document his almost weekly appearances in Munich’s inner city, where he raged sometimes for hours, comparing the Koran with Mein Kampf, and calling it “the most dangerous book in the world,” provoking people coincidentally passing by.

The Munich police had to have a presence each time he appeared. Elisabeth Matzinger, a spokeswoman for the Munich police, called his many presentations “work-intensive.” She did not seem enthusiastic as she reported on that, “but we must protect the right of assembly and the [physical] integrity of the citizens.” Still, there were attacks. Two years ago a man* struck him in the face. Directly afterward, Stürzenberger presented his broken glasses and a bleeding injury under his eye for a video on the YouTube channel that got more than 40 million views.

The Munich courts also keep Stürzenberger busy. Among other things, he was fined for insult to a police officer and “invective against beliefs, religious societies and philosophical organizations” (§166 StGB [Penal Code]) — that is, he had called Islam a “cancerous sore” in an article. Numerous criminal complaints brought by Stürzenberger against persons who had called him “Nazi” were settled by the Munich prosecutor’s office. Finally, in February, he accused a man of “socking him a good one” during a presentation in the fall. The case was settled with a fine of €500 for the perpetrator.

“Most Important Folk Movement”

Michael Stürzenberger apparently saw his chance in recent weeks. In a recent ARD (Federal Republic broadcasting pool) interview, he maintained: “PEGIDA is the most important folk movement since 1989.” He appeared at PEGIDA demonstrations in Dresden, Düsseldorf, Nuremberg and the Munich spin-off BAGIDA. Last Autumn, he had already spoken at HoGeSa — “Hooligans against Salafists” in Hannover: “We can use the power of words to convince!” And the ca. 3,000 people there roared “A-uh! A-uh!” This ape-like shout is the war cry of the Spartans in the film “300” and was adapted by the Hooligans.

And the circle is completed from HoGeSa to PEGIDA Frankfurt Rhine-Main. After Stürzenberger, Heidi Mund stepped up to the microphone and said: “I am happy to see German men with guts.” She too earned the multi-voiced “A-uh, A-uh!” Mund is presently not in good health. Furthermore, in a video message Friday, she speaks of “internal friction” according to which there is criticism of her leadership style, among other places, on Facebook.

There will again be a large police presence at today’s PEGIDA demonstration at the Katherinenkirche. The Frankfurt police could not offer exact figures for the attendant costs of PEGIDA demonstrations to date. We can get an approximate figure because, according to David Furner — spokesman for the Upper Austrian police, a similar contingent of 700 police officers because of PEGIDA in Linz cost about 200,000 euros. So for the 5 Frankfurt PEGIDA demonstrations, we can assume a cost of about one million euros.

PEGIDA Frankfurt is inviting participation for today at 6:30 under the motto: “Violence-free and free” for the sixth walk. Assembly point is the Katherinenkirche. In cooperation with the city, the church has raised a banner against exclusion and violence: “Love your fellow human being. He is as you are.”

*   Just an oversight: the author forgot to mention the “man” was a Muslim.

Finally, an article from Michael Mannheimer’s blog which analyzes the reactions to PEGIDA , among other things, to draw some conclusions about our present condition.

“I have been looking into the reactions to PEGIDA, and have seldom found such hatred and contempt as on the part of the opponents of PEGIDA. Such a disproportionate reaction by the “bien-pensants,” who virtually brand PEGIDA citizens as bad people, can only be explained by the likelihood that the peaceful PEGIDA citizens have touched upon a sore point, if not the source of our misery. Nowhere at this time is the divergence of public opinion and published opinion more evident.”

— Peter Helmes

Zeitgeist, Koran, Bible, PEGIDA — Tract on the Destruction of Our Culture

by Peter Helmes, December 20th

Admittedly I am no Bible researcher, no Koran expert, but I have not given up on reading. In preparing for these “Sunday thoughts”, I have paged through the Bible and the Koran again. Seen with critical detachment, what catches the interest is:

The Ten Commandments are not only a statement of religious belief, but above all ethical and moral principles, an expanded categorical imperative. Their consistent enforcement has shaped our Western culture. (No one denies that the commandments are broken everywhere and all the time. We are human, not superhuman.)

What is noteworthy about the Ten Commandments is that they regulate our relationship to God and to one another. They are also influential outside of the Christian faith, in laws and in ways of dealing with people and all living organisms. They represent our value system, a compass for our coexistence — and for the devout, they represent the coexistence with God. Even an atheist or agnostic can live according to the Ten Commandments without being twisted out of shape.

These commandments produce a regulatory framework that is not restricted to our religion, although they approximate divine guidance. I call the Ten Commandments “categorical,” because someone who does not ascribe to the Ten Commandments is outside the values framework. And I have yet to meet anyone who can tell me what in the Ten Commandments is not at home in a peaceful democratic society!

God Versus Allah

Therewith, unavoidably, we come to Islam, which also claims to be guidance on how to act. And here is where they separate — the Mosaic God and the Mohammedan Allah. The God of Moses is a benevolent god of love for all creatures — devout or not. Allah, on the other hand , is a stern ruler, whose benevolence and mercy are dispensed only to his faithful — a god who arranges for infidels to be punished cruelly.

A brief comparison of a Bible quotation with a Koran quotation allows us to discern what consequences result from compliance or non-compliance:

The Bible says for example: “Do not murder!” (Ergo the Christian commandment: “Thou shalt not kill!” A universal commandment with no exceptions.)

The Koran says: “Cut off their heads.”[1] That is, it is permissible, in fact obligatory, to kill “infidels.” All “infidels” are not believing Muslims. And this has the horrifying side-effect that Sunnis and Shi’ites battle each other as “infidels,” thus killing each other, and both groups kill others, for example, Yazidis, etc.

This example alone makes clear that Islam is not compatible with our Western culture, and therefore cannot be integrated. Furthermore, the content of the Ten Commandments is and/or could be accessible to any society, which would benefit it. Consistent observance of the Koran is harmful to any society except the Islamic — to say nothing of the completely incompatible culture in regard to, for instance, the dignity of women, sexual ethics or in regard to legislation (sharia) or adjudication.

So it only remains to establish that IS (Islamic State or ISIS), with its horror, is acting on the authority of Islam and its prophet. Presumably only the “bien-pensants,” who maintain that IS has nothing to do with Islam, deny this. However, they are no longer capable of a dialogue about it, because they deny our cultural roots, and would like to rip them up.

Islam — A Serious Threat to Our Culture

This, too, makes clear: Islam has become the most serious threat to our culture. The core of our tradition resides in statements like “Thou shalt not kill!” “Love your neighbor as yourself!” “Do good to those who hate you!”

Commands such as “hunting down, torturing, raping or murdering infidels” do not exist in our culture. But Islam embodies them. Islamism is simply an accentuated version of Islamic ideology. And because of that, too, I cannot comprehend how “intelligent” Green women allow themselves to be harnessed to the wagon of Islamophilia.

Are they so anxious to be allowed to spend their days wearing a chador, closed up in a harem? The absurdity of the internal behavior of the Greens is clear, if we imagine Claudia Roth[2] in a truly Islamic country. (She wouldn’t be able to get back so soon.)

Why am I writing this on the fourth Advent Sunday and so shortly before Christmas? Because it can be shown on Jesus’ message of love and tolerance how far away we have come from our culture. We should ponder that “on the feast days” — and by the way Greetings on Merry Christmas!

PEGIDA and Hatred

I have been looking into the reactions to PEGIDA, and have seldom found such hatred and contempt as on the part of the opponents of PEGIDA. Such a disproportionate reaction by the “bien-pensants,” who virtually brand PEGIDA citizens as bad people, can only be explained by the likelihood that the peaceful PEGIDA citizens have touched upon a sore point, if not the very source of our misery. Nowhere at this time is the divergence of public opinion and published opinion more evident. And that media types and politicians of all stripes in the face of the PEGIDA demonstrations are shouting “Stop thief!” testifies further to the accuracy of what PEGIDA is saying and to the resultant dismay of the elites (such as they are).

PC Inquisition of the Do-Gooders

You almost don’t hear “public opinion” anymore. All you hear is the “published opinion” shaped by so-called political correctness and intended to actively and passively counter the formation of individual citizens’ opinions. This political correctness has no room for tolerance and constitutes a challenge to the categorical imperative. It is a regression to the dark time before the Enlightenment. Not only that, political correctness behaves like a religious sect. Only the established opinion is correct: “We are good — all others are sinners!” The only thing missing is a p.c. inquisition. (The ultimate jurisdiction would be vested in the federal chair of the Greens.)

What is destructive about Do-Gooderism, says Pope Francis is that — in the name of a false compassion — it wishes to bandage the wounds of society without first treating them. A sentence laden with meaning and worthy of pondering. The emotional strategy of the “good people” is an attempt to lever our society out of place by means of a pretended compassion — compassion that only applies to their own kind. All others have perforce been excluded from this society of “values.” So political correctness is not far from Islam — and is close to sharia.

Leftist Buzzwords: First “My Body Belongs to Me” and Then “My Land Belongs to You

The Author Michael Mannheimer writes, it is hard not to sense a diabolical plan behind this.

“The greatest mass murder of unborn German embryos led to the greatest wave of immigration in German history. This mass murder of German embryos was based on the bodily autonomy of women under the motto, “My body belongs to me!”

The title page of the magazine STERN on June 6, 1971 — “We have aborted!” — was a highpoint in the debate and became a milestone in the battle against paragraph 218 of the criminal code. At first, Leftists in mass marches chanted “My body belongs to me!” and years later, when German population figures were receding, in order to entice millions of culture- and civilization-hostile immigrants, they chanted the motto “My country belongs to YOU!”

The 68er movement and the dispersal of the anti-baby pill changed the attitude toward sexual ethics, Mannheimer continues. The waning influence of the Catholic Church in Germany was an added factor and changed the attitude of many women and men toward abortion. With massive aid from the leading media — increasingly infiltrated by Leftists — there began a campaign for the greatest wave of abortions in German history.

“At first, the Lefts and the Greens managed the dissolution of familiar structures and the complete legalization of abortion, in order to use the de-population this created as an argument for mass immigration. 25 million abortions and 25 million immigrants. That cannot be chance…”

writes Mannheimer, and offers the explanation:

“The 68er movement and the dissemination of the anti-baby pill at first changed attitudes toward sexual ethics. And the waning influence of the Catholic Church in Germany changed the attitude of many women and men toward abortion. With massive help from the leading media, infiltrated by Lefts and Greens, there began a campaign for the greatest wave of abortions in German history.

“This mass murder of German embryos was founded on the woman’s right of self determination. Leftists chanted in mass marches “My body belongs to me!” and years later, when the population was decreasing, to attract millions of culture- and civilization-hostile immigrants, they chanted the motto “My land belongs to YOU!”

Islam and Socialism

The liberal order of our society, which has its philosophical basis in Western culture and in the Enlightenment, is distinguished in one substantial way from Islam.

Even before the Communist takeover of 1917, Lenin wrote in 1916, “the goal of Socialism is not only to do away with the separation of humanity into small states and isolated nations, but also to bring the nations closer to one another and blend them together.” (V. I. Lenin [full collection of essays] 5th edition, Moscow 1958-1965, volume 27, page 256, quoted according to Robert Conquest in Harvest of Death — Stalin’s Holocaust in the Ukraine 1929-1933, Langen Müller publishers, Munich, 1988)

In this connection, if you don’t share the goals of the proletarian dictatorship, we must include Marcuse, Horkheimer, Adorno[3] and their ilk — with their Marx-Freud combination. Socialism is compatible with Islam, but a free society is not! “Internationalism” destroys freedom and levels everything out. Socialism negates the freedom of the individual and brings everything down to the level of the mob — a method that is also prevalent in Islam. But a real state has a people, a common culture, a language and customs. Whoever does not want this sovereign state places himself outside of our society; he is abrogating our basic principles; indeed, he is destroying them.

Do-Gooders Are Perpetrators

And so the logical impossibility of tolerating an immigration that is not prepared to accept (or at least tolerate) the basic values and rules of the nation. These are the limits of a state’s tolerance. Whoever does not adapt to the mature organism that is the state, or even rejects it, may not ask for admission into this society. Politicians (and media) who nonetheless demand this are not only transgressing the principles of a state, but they are committing a sin against its people. They are guilty. Do-Gooders are the perpetrators; we are the victims.

1.   Yes, this does literally say “neck”, but the meaning is clear.
2.   Prominent leader of the Greens and well-known lesbian.
3.   All members of the “Frankfurt School”.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

18 thoughts on “PEGIDA Rising

  1. Re the “68er” movement: whether or not one approves of abortion, to assume a link between the campaign for its wider availability, and a desire to “make room” for immigrants is a conspiracy theory too far. Some loonies (excuse technical language) may have had this in mind, but most people exercised their democratic right to change the law because they thought it was a good idea.

    • Still the results speak for themselves the German people are dying off as a result of it’s promotion and the Left and Greens later used that as a excuse to drop the second hammer on the German people – importing millions of Muslim colonists.

      The same thing has happened in England, Italy and the U.S.

      What the Left and others did was essentially sell a societal poison disguised as social progress. Women thought they were empowered but all they got was being used as sex toys and then discarded.

      Look the Left knows that those who embrace their culture of death die off. Across the board Lefties don’t have children and they are quite aware of this fact and they hate the more traditional Christian and Jews who don’t go along with it – hence their intense promotion of all forms of obscene alternative life styles that don’t involve reproduction.

      They want to take us all down with them.

      • Anon (and others below): control of reproduction is a genuine liberation for women, and even men with any sense of responsibility; and smaller families tend to be of higher “quality”, if that’s not “waycist”.

        Yes, the declining birthrate in western countries is a problem in the face of increasing rates among the cultural enrichers within our societies, but unless those among you of childbearing age are prepared to go out and “breed prodigiously”, as Dr Strangelove put it, naturally at your own rather than the state’s expense, then may I not too politely suggest that you “go out and multiply”- or rather, don’t.

  2. “Leftist Buzzwords: First “My Body Belongs to Me” and Then “My Land Belongs to You””

    Perfect . . .cuts right to the core!

  3. What great articles and so true and relevant to my country, England, where we have been importing people at a rate of approximately 200,000 per year while at the same time we have been aborting our babies at the rate of about the same. The argument, therefore, that we need immigrants to replace a declining population is fallacious; in fact it’s a complete lie. It cannot, therefore, be coincidental that this evil is being perpetrated in just about all Western countries. Truly it’s the work of satan and since his atheistic followers don’t profess to believe in God, they don’t even know they are doing satan’s work. muslims on the other hand have been brainwashed into believing that allah is God, when in reality he is satan.

    • God help England, this replacement of murdered children with moslem foreigners is too terrible to be merely coincidental. A Christian does not believe in coincidence: humanity has an enemy, whom many of the moslems worship.
      We need to pull off all the masks that disguise the enemy of mankind. Our own culture is sick to death on nihilism. We need to give the West a reason to live.

  4. Such a thoughtful and encompassing analysis can truly not easily be found anywhere else than ‘Gates of Vienna’. Thank you.

  5. Re: Peter Helmes: “cannot comprehend how ‘intelligent’ Green women allow themselves to be harnessed to the wagon of Islamophilia.”

    Jamie Glazov had a good analysis that addresses this in “Hating Valentine’s,” February 13, 2015,

    “The Maoists’ unisex clothing finds its parallel in fundamentalist Islam’s mandate for shapeless coverings to be worn by both males and females. The collective ‘uniform’ symbolizes submission to a higher entity and frustrates individual expression, mutual physical attraction, and private connection and affection. And so, once again, the Western leftist remains not only uncritical, but completely supportive of — and enthralled in — this form of totalitarian puritanism.

    “This is precisely why leftist feminists today do not condemn the forced veiling of women in the Islamic world; because they support everything that forced veiling engenders.”

  6. First your body belongs to you, then later your body belongs to Allah who, insahallah, will force it to manufacture many babies for Allah and his endless jihad. Any objections to Allah imposing his will on his baby factories will be denounced as “islamophobia”. If that fails to force compliance with Allah’s will then objections will be considered blasphemy, for which the penalty is death. And expect some wife beatings and rape thrown in there before the execution takes place.

    It’s extremely sad that so many women will support women’s rights while implicitly throwing other women under the bus of Islamic slavery and abuse.

  7. “My country belongs to YOU!”

    Picture me here: jaw dropped as far as it can go. Although I heard “my body belongs to me” and “hands off my body” many times, this giving away of one’s country never passed my ears or my eyes until just now.

    Staggered. Thunder-struck. Gobsmacked, I am.

  8. How many German, British, American, Australian, Canadian babies have been sacrificed to the god of the sexual revolution in the past forty years ?
    Is not this Islamic onslaught a scourge in the hand of God ?
    Judgement always works itself out in history.

  9. It is glib and inadequate of the German press to label PEGIDA as “Islam-hostile”. Their position is self-defence. As Pat Condell makes clear, “I am opposed to Islam because Islam is opposed to me”. Islam is West-hostile: it commands the killing of non-muslims, and the imposition by force of Sharia law.

    Hear revered 20th century scholar Maududi in ‘Jihad in Islam’:

    “The goal of Islam is to rule the entire world and
    submit all of mankind to the faith of Islam.
    Any nation or power that gets in the way of that goal,
    Islam will fight and destroy. … This is Jihad. ”

  10. After reading this — my only thought was: WHY?

    1984 comes to mind. Pope Patrick (a somewhat weird novel) comes to mind.

    Somebody explain this.

  11. It is encouraging that the eastern Germans appear more resistant to the collective madness that has befallen the western Germans. The western Germans have gotten themselves into such a morass that they will need the help of the eastern Germans to get out. They will of course in the most part continue be too arrogant to admit.
    Ironic, since at time of the fall of the wall the ossies where considered the ones searching for a new identity but what was really happening was that the wessis had already sold their soul, their freedom from fear, they were being systematically sedated to help them along their journey of becoming a relic of history – a history which will continue to be rewritten to justify the legitimacy of that journey from Abtreibung (abortion) to Abschaffung (elimination).

    • Interesting isn’t it that the Communists did less damage to the Germans than the liberals did/are doing.

      • Really? The “Ossi” (Eastern) economy still hasn’t caught up; travelling from the West, through Leipzig to Dresden by train eighteen months ago, I saw many derelict factories by the trackside; communist-era businesses which couldn’t compete.

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