Pegida Wants to Govern in Dresden

JLH has translated an article from Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk with the latest on PEGIDA:

Pegida Wants to Govern in Dresden

With 4,300[1] demonstrators, PEGIDA was able to increase attendance on Monday. The news of the evening: The Islam critics intend to contest the mayoral election on June 7th. It was more peaceful this time for the spin-offs LEGIDA and CEGIDA, where there were hundreds of followers.

The PEGIDA movement will enter the mayoral race on June 7th. This was announced at Monday’s demonstration by the group’s leader, Lutz Bachmann. Bachmann will present the final candidate, who “will be thoroughly introduced.” “It is not me,” said Bachmann.

The ranks of PEGIDA have become thinner. But leader Bachmann has great plans.

After significant losses, the PEGIDA movement was able to show another gain on Monday. Police estimate 4,300 people took part in the so-called evening stroll through Dresden’s inner city. Last week there were less than half, with 2,000. In mid-January, they had reached a high point of 25,000. There were said to be about 400 in the counter demonstration. There were 573 police assigned. It was reported to have been peaceful.

Bachmann: Circular to German Muslims

Bachmann announced that he was working on a circular to all Muslims living in Germany, to Islamic communities and to imams. It will ask the addressees to distance themselves from Islamic terrorism.

Fewer Attend in Leipzig and Chemnitz

According to police estimates, the Leipzig spin-off LEGIDA attracted 650 demonstrators. About 600 gathered for the counter demonstration. 1,500 police officers took care of security. According to what we know at this time, there were two physical injuries and one case of property damage. Victims of the criminal acts were evidently LEGIDA demonstrators.

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1.   Or maybe more. See the footnote to Rembrandt Clancy’s article on Götz Kubitschek’s speech for further evidence that the “official” estimate of PEGIDA events tends to be more modest than other.

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10 thoughts on “Pegida Wants to Govern in Dresden

  1. Seems to me that the circular needs to point out the following:

    – Islam has not been through anything like a Protestant reformation. This needs to happen somehow.

    – Islam hasn’t been through an “age of enlightenment”.* This needs to happen somehow.

    – Failure to adapt in this manner makes Islam fundamentally incompatible with a pluralistic society because such a society requires these basic things in common. Being incompatible with pluralism means that all Islam can try to do is dominate, and, while some token efforts at political correctness may cause it to seem otherwise, this is 1) never going to be successful and 2) will lead to nothing but endless conflict that will primarily harm Muslims.

    – Stop submitting to Mohammed (which is idolatry) and start submitting to this merciful Allah you keep talking about. Failure to do so will be interpreted as proof that either this merciful Allah doesn’t exist or he isn’t merciful.

    If Muslims want dialogue then there you are. Sorry if it doesn’t play into the taqqiya strategies, but if you can’t deal in good faith then 1) you’re incompatible with a pluralistic society and 2) people will wonder: if Islam advocates lies then how could it be anything other than a lie itself?

    * According to Pervez Hoodbhoy, it seems that the beginnings of a “Muslim Age of Enlightenment” existed hundreds of years ago, but these beginnings were killed off, either literally or figuratively by competing fatalistic theologies. After that there was nothing but medieval fatalism in the Islamic world.

    • A pluralistic society is a contradiction in terms. My old (and therefore trustworthy) Webster’s Students Dictionary defines ‘society’ as a group of individuals sharing a common origin (i.e., the same race/ethnicity), language, religion, culture, customs, and history.

      • I’ll see your Webster’s and raise you an Oxford. Pluralism has several definitions, including “a form of society in which the members of minority groups maintain their independent cultural traditions”.

        I’m a bit puzzled by that one!

    • “reformation. This needs to happen somehow.”
      Therein lies the rub, a reformation will not come from pc secularist,multikulti politicians,lawyers and bureaucrats in the West.
      But that’s exactly what they think they’re doing.

      The Germans did a big study and found the more devout,young Muslim immigrants became,the more inclined to violence they became.The study came to the conclusion it was the way Islam is taught (more of a cop-out than a conclusion if you ask me but hey-ho)
      A professionalise imams project is being rolled out across Europe, as the multikultists desperately play catch-up with their failing model.
      Soren Kern reports;
      German Education Minister Schavan says she is “placing a lot of trust” in the new Islamic centers.
      No kidding.
      The gushing assistant at the Ministry of Education, Thomas Rachel, says
      “the rise of taxpayer-funded Islamic centers in Germany is a “historic development, comparable to the rise of protestant Christian theology after the Reformation 500 years ago.” According to Rachel, “Muslim theology will be firmly established in German universities, and thus also in German society.”
      But as Kerne notes there is an inherent discord between the state-formed, tolerant ideology the EUers hope to create and the authentic Islam, imams would rather teach.
      The post-democratic NGO’s waffle about Islam being a mere transitional object aiding the breakdown of European nation-states.

      The arrogance and naivety of pro-EUrabians is staggering.History holds no lessons for them, in their Cowardly New World.
      They take us towards Balkanisation but call it ‘progress’.

      • Turkey’s Hitlerdo rising mob gives us fair warning that there is only Islam and they want us dead – preferably.

  2. PEGIDA CEGIDA and Now :

    LEGIDA – Leipzig gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes
    Cities of the west : Wake up and look around
    See if you are chased by a jihadi or a hound
    Get ready and brace for a round
    Tend your ship and don’t let it go aground
    Our governments abject behaviour do astound
    We all have to gather and our forces to compound
    Jihadis have turned our sacred nations and its churches into their playground

    Remember our ancestors were great knights
    They never hesitated to conclude a fight
    Only in self-defence, for the honour of their families, with delight
    We will defend our daughters and only fight who will spite

    It’s time to throw the Traitors outside on ice
    And make them pay for their cowardice a hefty price

    Oh by the way why there is no hotline for Jews in Europe and USA to tell “Mama” about their real plight. But there is one for jihadis for imagined ones.

    Who will dare boo at any jihadi, the golden nuggets of the elites.

  3. This is a smart move. Weekly demonstrations were always going to run out of fizz. The only peaceful way to bring about the change they want is via the ballot box. The 25,000 who marched a few weeks back, still feel the same way about Islamization, and they may vote for party that mirrors their concern. And this is the only way to shake up the political elites.

  4. Sadly, to reform Islam will be almost impossible. The Ummah would have to:
    – Stop presenting Allah as the God of the Bible.
    – Renounce Jihad in all its forms.
    – Renounce Sharia in all its forms.
    – Stop killing apostates.

    This will never happen. Thus, the West will have to undergo our own reform:
    – Outlaw the practice of Islam
    – Close all mosques and madrassahs
    – Deport all muslims

    • That is where it is going. For the infidels the goals, objectives, whys and wherefores, are very clear.

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