Surf’s Up

A few days ago the Islamic State released its latest gruesome propaganda video. This time it was produced by the Libyan franchise of ISIS, which seems to be headquartered in Derna.

The horrific incident depicted in the video — the beheading on the seashore of twenty-one Coptic Christian captives — occurred less than two hundred miles from the island of Crete, and less than six hundred from the Italian island of Lampedusa.

So the Islamic State is no longer just “over there in the sandbox”. It’s on the Mediterranean littoral, just a short sea voyage from the soft underbelly of Europe. In fact, that’s the explicit message of the knife thrust into the air by the mujahid near the end of the video — he is pointing to Rome, the eventual destination of ISIS.

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It’s part of my job to watch these Islamic butchery videos when they come out. It’s not something I want to do, but given the expanding reach of the Islamic State, it’s important to be familiar with their propaganda techniques (which are dismayingly effective).

These videos serve a dual purpose: they are produced to “cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers” (as required by Koran 3:151), and they serve as a recruiting tool for young Muslim men eager to shed infidel blood.

The horror in this most recent video is intensified by the idyllic seaside backdrop for the familiar ritual slaughter of the doomed captives, who are marched along the beach just beyond the edge of the breaking waves before being beheaded on their knees in the sand. The executioner utters the usual rhetoric, augmented with belligerent imprecations aimed specifically at Christians.

When I saw the knives approaching the throats of the victims, I averted my eyes to avoid the nightmare-inducing footage of lovingly documented ritual slaughter. Every ten or fifteen seconds I would steal a glance to see if that part was over. When it finally was — when the heads had been separated from the bodies and placed on display — I started watching again.

At that point I thought I had seen the worst, but I was wrong. The final thirty seconds of the video turned out to be the most horrific of all. I’ve placed further description and a screen capture below the jump, so that readers may skip it if they wish. I found it profoundly disturbing, which is one of the reasons I am writing this post: to try and come to terms with it.

After the bodies and heads were shown, the camera panned slowly across the sand, where runnels of blood were flowing into the surf. It then turned and lifted to show the breaking waves, which were deep red to the left and right as far as the eye could see, and also for a long way out from shore.

Now, it may be that in order to achieve the desired cinematic effect, the ISIS production team had gone to the local halal slaughterhouse and acquired barrels of cows’ or sheep’s blood, and dumped them on that beach to augment the human blood, to make sure that the surf was good and red.

But if that is the case, it only further emphasizes the deep evil we are witnessing in this video. This red surf, this sea of blood, is a selling point for the mujahideen. They deliberately create these elaborate images of slaughter and exsanguination to encourage would-be jihad warriors to make hijra to the Islamic state, and also to entice infidel psychopaths to convert to Islam.

The Nazis and the Communists did not approach this level of horror. Not even North Korea can match it.

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I received a tip about the new ISIS video shortly after it was uploaded to YouTube, and watched it soon afterwards. It remained up for a few hours, and was viewed more than 94,000 times before it was taken down.

The next day it was in all the news headlines. Most stories included screen caps of the executioner with the raised knife, or the doomed men being marched along the shore, one mujahid guarding each captive. Most reports included the fact that the victims were Christians, and were slaughtered because of their religion. Even CNN mentioned it.

But not President Obama. He managed to condemn the massacre without referencing anything more than the Egyptian nationality of the men who were slaughtered. Funny about that.

A reader who had seen some of the news stories wrote to ask whether I had seen the video, saying that it no longer seemed to be available online. I told him that yes, I had seen it before it had been taken down by YouTube.

He wrote back with a series of questions, which I answered as best I could:

How come you get to see it, but the public does not?

Anybody could see it who had the URL, until it was taken down.

How many minutes long was the video?

I think about ten minutes.

Was there any music or sound effects?

Yes, music. That horrible Jihad chant stuff.

Did it have an Arabic narration, with English subtitles?

It was in English, with Arabic subtitles.

What reason did YouTube give for taking it down?

“This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.”

Did any of the 21 show anything less than full cooperation?

No. They looked resigned, defeated.

Did anyone lie on his belly, back, or side, or flop around?

Not until they were pushed face-down into the sand.

How were the 21 beheaders confident of full cooperation from all 21 victims?

Vlad and I have a theory about that, and for all of these videos. We think they rehearse these things over and over again, until the captives get used to it. They can’t tell which time is the real one until the knife actually enters their flesh.

Did the victims appear drugged or sedated?

Possibly, hard to tell.

At the end, after all the heads had been severed, you saw the blood running across the beach, big pools of it, and into the surf. And then you saw waves breaking, and they were blood-red left and right, and far as the eye could see, and way, way out into the sea.

It made me say yet again: “Satan is loose in the world.”

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I had a skype conversation about ISIS with a friend of mine later that night. He had only watched the beginning of the video — switching off, as most sane viewers did, as soon as the knives began to cut — and hadn’t seen the bloody surf. After I told him about it, we had the following discussion.

Note: he’s secular, and I’m a Christian, but we’re in basic agreement about the awful significance of what we are witnessing nowadays (he is “A”, and I am “B”):

A:   It isn’t Satan that scares me. Its his army of mujahideen.
B:   They are Satan. “My name is legion”, remember. They are his hands and his knives and his guns.

The Church used to be the body of Christ, but they outgrew all that primitive childish stuff a century or so ago. So now there is nothing standing athwart Satan’s path.

That’s what we saw in that Denmark video: the vacuum left where Christianity used to be.

A:   Electing Obama president didn’t help either.
B:   No joke!
A:   Well, it is and it isn’t at the same time.
B:   When I say all these things, they’re kind of metaphors, but more than metaphor.
A:   Yes, I know and agree, and try and keep those thoughts in check because … Because the times are…
B:   It’s just hard to get at the reality of it. “Satanic” is as close a description as I can manage.
A:   Its like those Protestant end times movies on Netflix. It really is.

It’s getting super hard to ignore the religious aspects of all this. It’s terrifying. And most are still oblivious. And you wonder, how can we find salvation or redemption in this? How can we somehow not get burned for the sins of all those who ignored the truth for so long?

I think I’ll search out another end times movie tonight. Some Christian groups made a bunch of them and some are really worth watching, without being over-the-top preachy, and they apparently did very well even though they skipped the entire usual process for distribution and went right to the public in whatever way they could.

B:   Those breaking waves of blood — end times if I ever saw them.

Horrible horrible horrible

A:   What’s the quote? The moon became blood, the sun black as sackcloth, something like that
B:   They pointed across the water towards Italy with the knife, said they were coming.

And those boats that land at Lampedusa are launched from Libya, some of them. How many ISIS mujahideen are on them, fully briefed on their mission?

When it finally happens, in Rome or Naples or Venice, it will still be “nothing to do with Islam”, even if the Tiber runs red with blood.

A:   I think Italy is a good bet, as several indicators have been floated, no pun intended, that speak about some kind of defeat of historical Rome and the Church.

Seems to me the Church is already defeated. It committed suicide. But that’s no fun so I guess they want to do it the halal way.

B:   I think there are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of ISIS infiltrators among those 2,000 that were “rescued” by Italy in the last day or two.

It’s only a matter of time before they jump the fence at the refugee center, make their way up the mainland, and meet up with each other for final operational planning.

A:   Yes I would have no doubts. The Italians should have been sinking those boats from day one.
B:   Of those, how many are ISIS? They speak Libyan Arabic, just like the refugee peasants.

Put on some dirty clothes, shave the beard, grow a little stubble — Who’s to tell?

You’re right about the end times. They’ll be in Rome soon enough, and the pope will turn the other cheek, top and bottom.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

If you’ve made it all the way to then end of this post, you probably wish you had never heard about any of this.

And I can’t help but sympathize with you. It’s at times like this that I wish I had never gone into this line of work. I could have done something else, something tedious and boring and quiet, with no headless bodies on the shore. No bloody surf.

Or I could have just sat by the kitchen window, watching the birds and the squirrels in the yard.


But here we are. This is what is really happening in the world, right now, in our time. This is the time that is given us. It can’t be avoided.

Sooner or later we will all have to face up to the horror that is upon us.

47 thoughts on “Surf’s Up

  1. Well…..what can one add to all of that? Not much from my end….. except to say that, just like the crew at GoV have been doing all along, we all now have a job to do and some people to wake up.

  2. It is my style to disagree with overly broad claims. While Communism didn’t often descent to the level now on display by ISIS, it had its moments. Consider the Khmer Rouge. The movie “The Killing Fields” is the best quick read on the subject. Mountains of skulls, millions killed, cannibalism, the Khmer Rouge had it all.

    They were finally destroyed when they pushed their luck to the breaking point. Having choked the Mekong with the bodies of ethnic Vietnamese they’d murdered upriver, and seen Communist Vietnam merely remonstrate—having invaded and massacred villages inside Vietnam and seen the Vietnamese issue stern warnings—they persisted and amplified their incursions and outrages in Vietnam.

    The NVA, fresh from its victories over the ARVN and its baptism of fire fighting the Americans and managing to avoid getting crushed, mobilized. When the supplies were in place, the men back in the ranks, and the weather favorable, they invaded, destroyed what Khmer Rouge fighters dared oppose them, overthrew the KR government, and installed one more to their liking. A thorough purge, something Communists can be pretty good at, rooted out those KR who had tried to lay low and wait for the storm to pass. And that was that. The KR is dust. They are no more. But what they did was every bit as barbaric, and in some ways worse, than what ISIS is now doing. I could give details here but this whole subject is sickening enough as it is. Trust me.

    • The Khmer Rouge were Communist Chinese backed, and it took the then Communist Vietnamese to evict, first the Chinese, and then the Khmer Rouge leadership who were destabilizing the border areas with China, Vietnam and Cambodia.

      BTW, research what the CIA got up to in those areas during the height of the Vietnam War.

      And how does one measure barbarism? Is it by the methods used to kill so that those killed suffer their deaths or is it in the number of killed who have had no say in how their lives and deaths are organized by the state?

      What is the greatest barbarism? State sanctioned slaughter of millions through starvation and slave labor camps or staged murders of individuals in every imaginable gory detail to use in a terror campaign?

      Your analogy fails in that the Khmer Rouge were all about organizing Cambodia for what they wanted, not the world as Islam wants or communism wishes it could have.

  3. Thanks for watching that horror. I take the view, however, that’s what far more revolting is not the scene of the carnage but tracing the provenance of the blades that were used for it. And if one does that, thoroughly, one will find the mark, Made in Washington, stamped on them. A metaphor, to be sure, but a true one.

    One other revolting aspect is that, stripped of our history as we have been, few know that Derna is Cyrene of antiquity: one of the early cradles of Christianity. In the Gospels, Simon of Cyrene carried the cross of Jesus Christ to the crucifixion. Ancient lore also identifies Cyrene as the birth place and later abode of St. Mark the Evangelist.

    We have forgotten, but Islam has not, let alone ISIS.

    • “… but tracing the provenance of the blades that were used for it. …”

      More than likely China – or have you not noticed the decline of manufacturing in Western countries?

      Your comment would obe more relevant if they were US made firearms – but even then – they would most likely have been stolen from weapons supplies raided by ISIS.

      Amazing how no one quibbles about the proliferation of the AK47 isn’t it?

      Were are they made again??

      • Takuan said it was a metaphor, meaning the physical origin is not to be taken literally as Washington. To be inferred is where the evil, if not originates, is being fostered.

  4. These are times for which we are totally unprepared. Things unthinkable, thinks revolting, things alien, things not comprehensible, which we are unprepared to confront. It is like waking up and finding oneself in an alien world. However, this barbarity is not unprecedented. It is a repetition of a time long past, a calamity, of which the great majority have very little knowledge, so gruesome it was that it had to be erased from the collective memory. Now it has reappeared, like a plague, like hell on earth, to confront a wholly ill-equipped, though not innocent brood. When I say unprepared or ill-equipped, and when I say not innocent, I mean that we discarded, through arrogance and hubris, our inheritance, knowledge of the past, old institutions, for new ones untried and many probably ill-conceived, now to be tested.

  5. I would guess that what these creatures did was slaughter their victims at the water’s edge just as the tide was rising, so the freshly spilled blood would get washed out in the riptide. A human body whose circulatory system has been opened will effuse a considerable amount, as any EMT can tell you.

    I watched the snuff video, too — all of it, from the first slit to the last sever. I did so to further harden my heart and mind for what will be necessary in the tribulation we may well face. Squeamishness and the resultant hesitation will ill serve us in that event.

  6. If you read Paul Fregosi’ book Jihad, you will see that this latest horror is just one more of Hannah Arendt’s banality of evil. Probably the worst, most horrible example in this book was the killing of Marcantonio Bragadino, the governor of a town on the east coast of Cyprus in 1571, after nearly a year of seige by the Turks under the fury of Lala Mustafa. “The torture and death of Bragadino, one man among thousands, became a personal injury and a source of grief for every soldier and sailor who fought against Islam.”

    What happened to him I cannot describe, but it ended with him being flayed alive.

  7. Satanism is a much broader category than Islam, but more sophisticated Satanists use Islam as a foil meant to convince that other forms of Satanism are ‘acceptable.’ The flaw occurs when people fail to heed the Ten Commandments – especially where marriage is defined as one man with one adult woman for life. Deviation from this truism creates huge civilizational problems which Islam happily illustrates.

    I suppose that it is time for Christians to ask if Christians should separate their personal views from their professional work? Is that what God wants? For Christians to be ‘friends’ with non-Christians or to convey the message of Christ to non-Christians?

    Christians face the same problem as people who support Muslims: namely, every Christian knows ‘nice’ non-Christians. This is largely irrelevant as ALL of those ‘nice’ non-Christians are assiduously working together to neuter Christianity to a point where NO Christians are safe to act upon Christian beliefs – let alone propagate them.

    The foundational texts say that Christians must be prepared to give up family and friends to follow Christ – and now I know their meaning. Being Christian is being willing to be disliked neigh hated to promote the message of Christ to the exclusion of other messages. There is a public element of Christianity that requires more than personal devotion or merely surface gestures like putting up a tree or playing a hymn. After all, the White House put up a tree with Mao ornaments….

    • You forget the parable of the Good Samaritan, a man from a hated heretical sect who befriended a distressed person who was one of “us”.

      And this: “By their fruits ye shall know them.” If the fruit is good, the tree is worth nourishing.

      • Here’s a fun fact for you: I believe that it was ME who gave Pamela Geller the idea to use the Biblical ‘fruits’ quotation which she then used frequently.

        The criteria of whether the fruit is good was set by God as the Ten Commandments (which Jews heartily resisted as the story of Moses attests). After the Jews confused the issue with too many additional laws based on externals instead of internals, God came as Jesus to further clarify that the law is to love Jesus/God with your whole heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself (versus loving random homocidal maniacs called Muslims by allowing them to treat you in a way that you would never love yourselves).

        Identifying non-Christians in the counter jihad as Good Samaritans is rather inaccurate. [A nasty, hateful assertion, unsubstantiated by any citation of source, has been redacted].

        It is readily apparent that THE fruit is belief in the triune God. All else leads to heartache for God and man.

        • My goodness! What hyperbole! Just yesterday you [rest of comment detailing the Baron’s sins redacted]…

  8. Five thoroughly dispirited comments. Yes, I agree we are seeing the worst that so-called humans are capable of, but you all write as though it’s a given the sub-human rabble will cross the Med. and just march into a Europe trembling in fear, and if the present leaders of most European countries are anything to go by they will indeed do just that.

    But the isis sub-humans are not supermen, as the Kurds have shown; they may be fearsome against men bound hand and foot, and against children, but against any trained western soldiers they are almost certainly at a disadvantage.

    The main problem we seem to have is the colossal stupidity and treachery emanating from the White Mosque in Washington where just today one of the spokesbimbos actually stated that if we offered the isis butchers well paid jobs in the west, they would desist, become peaceful and we could all sit down to tea and a rousing song of kumbaya. FOX news is the best left operating since the sudden demise of SUN news in Canada, but no one dares to say out loud what everyone should know by now–that America is run by a man who was born a muslim, schooled as a muslim, and there is no record of his ever having converted, ergo, he is a muslim and absolutely everything he has done over the last six years bears that out; indeed his actions only make sense if you realize he is not a Christian.

    Reverend Wright? A black muslim. Check it out.

    • One only need to research Obama’s background to realize that not only is he Muslim, but he was raised as a rabid anti-American Muslim who felt right at home in Wrights ‘backyard’ where he was introduced to Michelle to give his preordained run to the White House some legitimacy as a ‘normal’ American couple.

      I could see where America was headed back in early 2008 when Obama first came to my attention on the cover of Readers Digest – the useful idiot’s propaganda publication that I used to subscribe to.

      Obama is the greatest hoax ever played on America and the World, yet even after six years of his destructive agenda the masses still do not realize that they have been had.

  9. C’mon Baron – you’re made of tuff stuff. We’re all in this together and count on you for pure G2. Keep the faith and all will be well.

  10. I think it would be a good time to point out that any of the EU member countries with navies , if push came to shove, would quickly be able to sink any number of boats full of frothing-at-the-mouth fanatical ISIS untermenschen in record time. Imagine a flotilla of said mujahadeen targetted by British Vanguard and Astute class subs – all armed with Trident nuclear missile systems and astonishing targetting ability. And if that wasn’t enough – being mopped up by UK destroyers. And then they’d have to conted with the Italian, Dutch, French, German and no doubt Polish navies who would be called in to act as NATO partners. ( Turkey as a NATO member would be invited too – but no doubt refuse.)

    And that’s just from below the sea.

    • But notice that none of what you describe shows any sign of happening.

      In fact, the opposite occurs. Italy and the EU seek out those boatloads of “asylum seekers” and usher them to shore, or rescue the passengers and bring them in. They are supplied with food, clothing, and housing. If they dislike their living conditions, they riot and burn their quarters, and then get better ones. After their cases are processed they are released into the Italian economy with a stipend and a state-funded apartment. Most of them escape northwards as soon as possible to even greener pastures in France, Britain, Germany, and Sweden, which are required by EU law to let them in and give them the best the state can offer.

      No, there is no sign that those boats will be delayed in any way, much less interdicted.

      • Yes, you’ve defined the problem to a tee.

        We have the military capability to resist, but without the political will, while our politicians refuse to even name the threat and refuse to understand the muslim threat doctrine, nothing will be done, no navy will sale, no boots will be on the ground, not a single shot will be fired.

        Western leadership has become too corrupt to be able to deal with this problem.

        I really appreciate the work that you do here, Baron B. Articles like Surf’s Up are not written without cost to you personally, and are vital to raise awareness.

    • “We” just don’t get it do we? They are already here. Millions of Muslim “immigrants”. Thousands of mosque command and control centers. Thousands of returned frontline Muslim and ISIS scum training others – right now I imagine. Is it possible that our greedy faithless neutered and their bands of closeted Saudi money medicated or just plain terrified peace-nits (sic) will not get in the way of an appropriate response.

    • The big question – when does “push come to shove”? When terrorists are targeting European cities? Already happening… and if any boats were sunk, that were not proven to be full of frothing-at-the-mouth Isis beardies, no doubt that the Guardian, Amnesty International and all the other predictable sources of outrage would be screaming about an “atrocity”….

      • That “When-push-comes-to-shove” red line is being constantly redrawn further out on the horizon. Especially in Europe.

        No, I’m not picking on y’all because the ‘tell’ occurred at different points in different countries. No one woke up suddenly one day to find themselves hog-tied to the EU. The oligarchs are smarter than that…For the UK, it probably happened most obviously after WWII. Everyone was soo tired and worn-out by those long years of destruction and death. Socialists used that fatigue (never let a crisis go to waste) as an opportunity to grab the vote and then made that vote grab permanent by ushering in a permanent foreign underclass who would vote for them eternally. At least the ones who voted.

        Voting has become irrelevant now.

        Meanwhile, the ethnic English underclass, permanently cut off from any hope of better times & sneered at as “yobs”, drifted downward to the kind of cultural depravity seen only in a soviet – i.e., lots and lots of alcohol to blur the edges of a stunted reality. Mark Steyn recalled being gob-smacked by his encounter with English adults who didn’t work, who would never work, and whose existential predicament wasn’t seen for the tragedy it is. That experience changed his world view…

        But England/UK is hardly alone…was it not telling that the killer in Copenhagen knew he could get past the police at the synagogue because public drunkenness of the young is commonplace and unremarkable? In many, if not most, cities in the U.S. the killer would have been arrested and hauled for being publicly inebriated. He’d be put in “the drunk tank” to sober up and then released until his court hearing.

        Here in the U.S., the vote grab began seriously with The War on Poverty and the buy-out of the black lower class. Socialism became a thrust upward from the bottom to the higher classes and the spread of victimology. We love victims; it’s an American characterological flaw. We used to believe in the “poor-boy-does-well-by-doing-good” morality tale. Now it is sufficient to claim the boy merely be poor “a victim of poverty”.

        Poverty is now the answer for all our ills. 9/11? Those were Muslims from poor countries, victims of poverty. That narrative died a slow death as the truth of the Saudi European-educated 19 bridegrooms became common knowledge. The narrative of poverty as the root of all evil dies hard. Unless it’s a conservative under the microscope – then greed is the root of their evil.

    • There is no political will to use the firepower. It will take millions of dead and a lot of blood to make that happen.

      • Absolutely agree. It will take several more Belgian/French/UK type tragedies – plus a massacre that kills thousands for the spark to ignite. The EU is crippled by Amnesty, Greens , Leftists and the 5th column muslims already there for sure. But when the true nature of the beast becomes so obvious – and causes so much damage – there will be a massive strikeback. If for example muslims killed 100 EU parliament members (hopefully including Van Rompuy , Barosso and Schultz) – one can expect a radical change in policy.

        At the moment – for all its terror – and in no way is it suggesed that it should be ignored, ISIS is just a theatrical rabble – a bunch of violent hostile charlatans following a neolithic ideology who are completely capable of being literally exterminated easily by NATO. ISIS cannot mount a direct invasion on Europe and expect to succeed. Are they so stupid as not to know that? Quite possibly.

  11. A recent boatload had men on board armed with Kalashnikovs to oblige the Italian coast guard to receive the invaders, did it not? This is now an armed invasion.

  12. How long will it take before the leaders of the West realize we are facing an enemy more dangerous than Communism and with similar dreams of world wide domination? And how worse will things get in the next two years under the negligent and incompetent leadership of Obama,Cameron,Hollande and Merkel?

    • The communists and all the others were “us”. This is a “them”. We are self injecting mental illness and neutering ourselves. Like drugs eventually bring on serious psychosis if not copped onto in time. Capisce? It takes a heart and guts as well as guns and ammo.

  13. Remember those many barrels of cheap .22 rifles and hunting shotguns confiscated by [redacted expression of contempt and revulsion] elected fools in the UK, Australia, and NZ??
    Same-same in South America and elsewhere (Canada) in a well-orchestrated world-wide effort to disarm sheeple a dozen years or so ago. Do you think that they might have come in handy in the not-too-distant future? An old .22 will do for two-legged rats as well, and buckshot is buckshot after all.
    Lock and load, boys and girls. Our “leaders” have failed us and now it’s up to US.

    • I have hear this message in the USA so many times over the years. It seems every time after all the tough talk and organizing the whole thing collapses overnight because of the threat of real violence. “The leadership does not want to be associated with violence in any form.” It is all so mad wacky.

    • Your info is faulty when you place Australian ‘legal’ gun ownership on a par with other countries. There are now more ‘legal’ gun owners in Australia than at any other time – according to stats – and that does not include the ‘illegal’ gun owners who refused to hand over their auto and semi-auto long arms when the gun buy back was on.

      Every state parliament now has a political party in place that oversees the interests of all law abiding gun owners and who have been very effective in negating some very draconian Bills put before all parliaments by the gun grabbers.

  14. In my youth I spent outbound time in Derna. King Idris was king. Nasser was rising. Our vehicles and supplies were shipped via Bari in Italy. That’s awfully close. Do we have anyone in charge in the spaced out Nu Eu? Anywhere? Who is this exotic character in the Maison Blanche? Seems to be awfully keen on supporting only other exotics. Is it not time to stop enemy (i.e. Muslim) immigration? Time to get those flags fluttering. “What was that you just said Ali?”

  15. Actually I think that it will be a bad/”good” thing if they will attack Europe, because maybe then (maybe) the European population will finally point up to the “liberal” and all “diversity seeker” politicians and remove them from power. Of course that in military terms this would be a no-brain operation and they do not get any chance excepting killing a few which would turn more and more Europeans against the African and Arab immigrant invaders -they might not be the perpetrators, but they surely are the “boat”. Of course that the liberal media will intensify their lies saying that “this has not anything with Islam”, but any lie have short legs. Even the worst mathematicians can find the solution: millions of Muslims entering Europe, multiple increasing problems; no Muslim entering Europe, close to zero problems.

  16. In addition. Terror could be a given. Maybe encouraging those Muslims who seem online to have extremist tendencies saying to them that Angela Merkel Holland Cameron and Diversity Co. are Jews’ puppets could have the required results. As long as Islamic terrorist attacks are not directed against them they would not consider changing their view regarding immigration and other important aspects.

  17. For the life of me I can not and never will understand the importance of “multiculturalism.” If I want Asian culture, there a dozens of countries I can visit. African (I know, a continent not a country) I can visit dozens of countries. Hispanic, I can go to Mexico or dozen of Hispanic countries. And if I want Arab culture, I’ll visit Dearborn.

  18. I fear Europe and the West will not take the Islamic threat serious till the day a full scale Extremist Muslim alliance is sitting on its south shore. Even then they won’t take it serious until some type of compromise gets settled between the Sunni and Shia.

    I honestly expect to wake up some morning to the news about muslim riots across Italy and southern Spain and some Pan-Islamic alliance putting 50,000 troops across the Med into Sicily, Southern Italy, and Southern Spain as ‘peace keepers’ Even then the multicultural apologist will still be trying to mute the military response of the European governments ..all in the name of understanding, because you know the muslims are just trying to protect their rioting brethren from those ignorant, low brow European fascist populations. Of course, shortly after that expect about 30 rockets or so to lift off from the Sahara Desert with nuclear payloads. Blow the heart of out of the cities on a line stretching from Spain to Romania, and then send over a million troops into Southern Europe. The devastation in a middle line across Europe will bisect Northern from Southern Europe and give a major initial strategic advantage to the Panislamic invaders.

    I have believed this the most likely scenario for years. And every day I watched the news I just come to believe it more and more likely.

    • If (God forbid) that happens, the 50,000 or so strong British Army (strongest in the EU) would be faced with millions and millions of Jihadis, including many in their own back yard… perhaps in such a case, the Brits will finally stop talking about Jimmy Saville, East Enders, HSBC or whatever the diversionary topic of the day happens to be and concentrate on the threat at hand? Or will they all continue to wallow in their iPhones or down too many beers on a stag or hen do, and maybe even donate some Jizya (possibly called welfare for the poor, or development money if it makes them feel better), to be allowed to continued their old lifestyle?

      • Britain and France have nuclear equipped subs and bombers don’t forget. They are there to be used in a worst case scenario – and a muslim invasion of Europe (pretty much impossible as they do not have a [receptacle in which to micturate] when it comes to thei military strength vs Nato and/or the USA.

  19. When I read the book of Revelation many years ago, I saw a verse that I said to myself “That must be referring to the old days – you know, Roman times” I could not imagine a world in which the topic would even be remotely applicable in the 20/21st century…now the verse haunts me – and gives me an expectation of the soon and coming return of Christ.

    Revelation 20:4

    I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

    • Beast = NWO?. Conscious individuals who do not buy the BS are a threat to any government/cabal which needs an unconscious mass to control and operate through. Always has been the way. Technology would amplify ths in the future.

  20. “The Nazis and the Communists did not approach this level of horror. Not even North Korea can match it.”

    Oh, come on, really? Try to keep some perspective here. The SS would have gladly shot 21 Jews–is it so different because heads are cut off? The Cheka or the Khmer Rouge wouldn’t even blink at an order to execute 21 “counter-revolutionaries”–is this different because it’s on video? North Korea would not hesitate to send these 21 to their concentration camps that already hold at least 100,000 people–is that less because we don’t see it on the news?

    ISIS is horrible but let’s remember that it’s basically kid-stuff compared to what we’ve seen in history and what we still see in some regimes today.

  21. Hi i am shamim i am muslim i am with islamic state i hate christans please kill to christans i am in libya tajura my father name is muhammad we state here from 25 years in libya thank you isis i love you kill hindi thank bye see again my love

  22. Hi i am shamim muhammad from pakistan i with islamic state kill to christan ok bye i am going to prayer ok bye

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