PEGIDA Representatives in Prague: “We are the Voices of Europe”

In her speech at the PEGIDA rally in Dresden last night, Tatjana Festerling described a meeting of PEGIDA leaders from various countries that took place in Prague over the weekend. The result was the Prague Declaration, a vigorous repudiation of mass immigration and Islamization, and an affirmation of national sovereignty for each European nation.

Below are brief excerpts from that meeting in Prague. Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:08   The reason that I have, sort of, usurped the microphone is because
0:12   I am a woman — while Islam gives women
0:16   no rights at all… …my name is, dot-dot-dot,
0:20   and I represent PEGIDA/Usvit…
0:24   I can imagine that there are,
0:28   let’s say, different national priorities, and even the priorities of our movements gathered here, yes?
0:32   Each of us has a bit different political focus, covering different breadth of issues…
0:36   Perhaps we can wait for “Sunshine”, no? [“Sunshiners” is a derogatory term for naive ‘useful idiots’/’bleeding hearts’]
0:40   — [speaking English] …really small (?), but our popularity is rising.
0:44   — [speaking English] It’s in a year, already… …Yes, my name is
0:48   Tatjana Festerling from PEGIDA Dresden…[hum]
0:52   [hum]
1:04   … three, two, one, go! [speaking English] We are [the]
1:08   voices [of] Europe!
1:12   [speaking German] We are the voices of Europe!

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  1. Too bad, that the so-called anti islam activists from the Czech republic are mostly just populists who changes their opinions every few years…

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