ESW: “The Beginning of the End of the Constitutional State”

Below is an interview with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff that was published in Zur Zeit (2016 #3), a weekly Austrian magazine. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation.

“A Religious-Cultural Phenomenon”

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff talks about sexual assaults on women by Muslim immigrants and the misconceived tolerance of the West.

Frau Sabaditsch-Wolff, on the night of New Year’s eve in Cologne and in other cities, we saw massive sexual assaults on women by immigrants and asylum seekers with Arab and north African background. Is this a cultural or more of a religious, specifically Islamic, phenomenon?

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff: It is a religious-cultural phenomenon. There is a word in the Arabic language for what happened on Silvester night: Taharrush. A culture which possesses its own word for sexual assaults by men has to be viewed as a threat. And because in Arab states Islam is the dominant religion — from which its culture develops — there is automatically a correlation between the two.

Why do women have such a low status in Islam?

Sabaditsch-Wolff: From an Islamic viewpoint her status is anything but low: that is merely how we see it from our Western perspective. A woman has rights and duties given to her by Allah, as well as a designated place in society. We cannot blame Islam for that as such. The main argument, however, is: Will we as a Western society let it happen, that women in Europe can be treated according to Islamic perceptions?

Do you believe that courses in sexual morality for Muslim asylum seekers, as is being discussed right now, could be beneficial?

Sabaditsch-Wolff: I am not familiar with the details of these courses. But I am skeptical. What exactly are sexual morality courses meant to convey, by whom and how?

The refugees are predominantly young males. What are the consequences of this for countries like Germany, Austria, and Sweden?

Sabaditsch-Wolff: What it means is that in these countries the status of women will gradually reflect that of women in Saudi Arabia: “Women will have to dress modestly,” they will be told; they shouldn’t be alone out at night in public spaces. What is going to be next? The hijab and/or the burka? And who will decide?

It also means that these men will need women/wives, women who are for the most part from non-Islamic cultural backgrounds, who will not necessarily accept certain mannerisms of these “new” men. Which law will then in such tense situations be enforced in the long run? The religious or the secular? Those who know history, know the answer.

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel represents a “we can do it” political stance. But is it possible to integrate one million people from a different cultural background — especially concerning the equality of men and women, and especially in the light that there have been already deficits on this issue with Islamic migrants in the past?

Sabaditsch-Wolff: With people from an Islamic culture, an integration is generally extremely difficult. Exceptions prove that rule.

The integration of such a huge number of people — irrespective of whether an integration is even wanted or desired by migrants, not mention the lack of questioning the autochthonous population about this matter — will not take place without bigger problems and huge efforts. Down the line politicians and civil society will have to admit that integration will have to mean assimilation as well.

The Mayor of Cologne gave women advice to hold “an arm’s length distance” at large gatherings. What do you think of this, as a woman and an Islam-critic?

Sabaditsch-Wolff: The mayor’s statement disqualified itself, and unfortunately showed her shocking indifference towards the incidents of that night. As a woman and as a mother I am shocked, but not surprised, over this obvious incapacity to protect women, no matter where they’re from or what their religion is. This statement reveals the beginning of the end of the constitutional state.

Doesn’t a misconceived tolerance make things worse, because Muslim immigrants will think that the local culture is too weak and too defenseless?

Sabaditsch-Wolff: In his book No Tolerance for the Intolerant, the author Alexander Kissler gave the opinion that tolerance “necessarily requires a stance, a viewpoint”. But what is our, your, my viewpoint? How do we view the archaic and patriarchal values that these immigrants are bringing into our western society? Europe has avoided the answer to this question so far. But we will have to answer it, sooner or later.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is a housewife, a mother, and a board member of Bürgerbewegung Pax
Europa and the Vienna Akademikerbund. For reports on the “hate speech” prosecution against her, see Elisabeth’s Voice: The Archives.

40 thoughts on “ESW: “The Beginning of the End of the Constitutional State”

  1. She is absolutely right. We are not allowed to have a view. Only victims of White Privilege are allowed to have a view and we should just thank them for being kind enough not to kill us all, which is what we deserve!

    Can anyone believe this INSANITY? After Descartes said, ‘I think, therefore I am.’ we, in the West, next progressed to ‘How can I know what I think is real?’ and then it was a short step to ‘I cannot know what I think is real, therefore nothing is real, therefore I don’t exist’ (in a philosophical sense).

    Muslims, on the other hand, have never been allowed to think, so they have never felt the need to question themselves and are absolutely convinced that they are correct, which makes them obnoxiously arrogant.

    I suggest we need a change within Western culture. We need to stop asking questions. We must construct ANSWERS, before our tentative hold on reality is blown away by barbarians who see us a spineless, gutless idiots!

    • The best thing i can say wih respect to
      islam and women is that Islam treats women like we treat children-they ‘need tough love’ as we say nowdays. So sometimes you have to punish them.

      Your post is very clear! You brought out three lines of thought operating:
      1) Secular relativistic atheism. This is often bolstered by references to Einstein’s relitivity theory, at the popular level. ” You know it’s all relative”.
      2) Our desire to help people. The development of the welfare state, since WWII.
      3) Easy living. The generations born since WWII have had it very soft. We really don’t want to get into a fight; most EU countries have volonteer militay service–from what I understand.

      Number 3 may work at the subconcious level.

    • It’s relativism versus absolutism. The absolutist (Mohammedan) will dominate the relativist, for the relativist won’t or can’t make a stand. Absolutists stand on a rock, relativists on a mount of shifting sand.

      • And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:

        And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

        (Matthew 7:26-27)

        • God’s Righteous Judgment:
          …14For when Gentiles who do not have the Law do instinctively the things of the Law, these, not having the Law, are a law to themselves, 15in that they show the work of the Law written in their hearts, their conscience bearing witness and their thoughts alternately accusing or else defending them, 16on the day when, according to my gospel, God will judge the secrets of men through Christ Jesus

          Romans 2:15 – 16

          Men do not need to be taught the [L]aw as it has been written on their hearts. We all transgress the law at one time or another but, to justify a violation of the law en masse is inviting a righteous wrath.

    • Would a moment of levity be inappropriate?

      Descartes went into his local bar. The landlord said “Evening, Monsieur Descartes, the usual?” Descartes said “I think not”, and disappeared.

    • You have very lucidly summarised the philosophical problem of the West. But, you know, Descartes was just an intermediate stage in the descent of Western civilisation from the light of authentic Christianity, on which it was built, to today’s twilight of relativism. Without being rooted in God, human thought inevitably loses its way in the complexities of the world and cannot be sure of anything. Simplistic rationalism is too shaky a ground to build anything on it.

      What the West needs, is to return to the authentic Christianity that allows a direct contact between human beings and true God. Only in this contact can any sure answers be found.

  2. The silly “proper behavior” comic books the bureaucrats give to young male Muslim “immigrants” is a cruel joke. In Islam, women are supposed to be locked in their homes. If they come out, it is only when bundled up in burkas and protected by an armed male family member. Western women, uncovered and unescorted, are considered to be “asking for it” and therefore fair game. Such behavior is embedded in 1400 years of Islamic culture and Doctrine. The only way to protect western women is to deport these Muslim predators, not distributing comic books.

    • You are absolutely correct.It’s quite offensive to have these courses ,because it absolves adult men of responsibility for their own actions and suggests that somehow it is the host culture’s fault.It’s a case of double standards. Western men who commit sexual assault are not let off the hook with a course on culturally acceptable behaviour and neither should migrant men be let off.If their culture is incompatible with ours they should be publicly flogged.Then they should be deported and none of their fellow countrymen should be allowed in in future.

      • You’re absolutely right, and I know you’re right; might is the only thing they understand, and unless we show them some might, this can only end one way.

    • Their behaviour makes you understand why the likes of Saudi authorities talk about their restrictions on women being “for their own protection”.

      Of course, the proper answer would be to insist that Saudi males not go out unless escorted by a woman. That would solve the underlying problem much faster!

  3. The West’s matriarchal and atheistic society simply cannot combat religious fervor with a distorted bu underlying moral code. Women here vote, not for the best candidate, but for the one that will give them the most money, preferences, the dole or easy access to abortion. Where do men fit into such a dystopian world?

    • The ideology of feminism does divide and weaken society and contributes to its self-destruction. However, I would not blame women as a single block for the triumph of feminism. Feminist ideology is developed and promoted by progressives of both sexes (and most actively by the ‘LGBT community’).

      Many women do not really want what feminists are fighting for. They want a loving and reliable husband, children and a home more than any political rights or career advancement. Feminism is a refuge for unhappy, neurotic women incapable of leading a normal life who cannot succeed as mothers or wives. What they really need is qualified psychotherapy, but our society does not tell them so, in fact, it encourages them to take all the wrong choices.

      As for the widespread atheism, it is not something for which women should be blamed. In fact, women tend to be more religious and more conservative than men.

      Having said that, I totally agree with your diagnosis of the modern West as dystopian. The West has been diligently dismantling its own spiritual foundation (which is Christianity) since Renaissance. Western intellectuals and political activists and leaders inspired by them have been working like termites in a wooden house. Termites instinctively know which part of wood they can eat and which they should leave alone so that the house would not fall and crush them. So the house stands and looks OK from the outside. But only just. As soon as a storm or even a very weak earthquake happens, it will fall down.

      The West is now in exactly this State. It is affluent, it has mighty armies with state-of-the-art weapons, wonderful scientific facilities and what not. But its internal fabric is rotten and full of holes. Its men are weak (morally, if not physically) and irresponsible, its women are neurotic and useless as wives or mothers, its children do not respect their parents and expect nothing but ‘fun’ from their future lives, its pastors and priests teach not the word of God but humanitarian platitudes, its artists no longer produce wonderful paintings or statues but meaningless ‘installations’ or idiotic ‘performances’, its crowds want nothing but bread and spectacles. What is the worst, its people no longer seek the deeper meaning of life, the only thing they care about is comfort and entertainment.

      Muslims will find it easy to conquer and destroy this civilisation. And if Muslims do not destroy it, someone else will. It is a matter of time.

      • The modern West might be dystopian. But the Mohammedan world is dystopian also. One is pacifist, the other aggressive.

        • I think that Mohammedan world is more complicated than the image we have of it. Things tend to be more complex and contradictory than schematic ideas we make of them.

          But, in any case, it is a tough place for a Kafir, so I would not like to live there. And in those parts of it which are ruled by ISIS, Wahhabis or Taliban, I would simply not be allowed to live – they would simply cut my head off.

          And, of course, I believe that Islam is inferior to Christianity.

          So, despite all possible good things to be found in Muslim countries, I deplore the current islamisation of the West. But the West has turned itself into a soft target for jihadis out of its own accord because it has lost its will to live.

    • Men ought to find their manhood, like the Russian men who were reported to have stormed the German refugee camp where three Muslims raped a 13 year old Russian girl for 30 hours. The Russians beat the crap out of them!

      Even the West’s police are wimps. Why aren’t they shooting the barbarians with rubber bullets, as a starter?

      There is something sinister taking place in the West!

    • Excuse my mild language, but exactly why are so many people down on atheists as the cause of all the world’s ills?

      You seem to be implying that because we atheists don’t believe in fairies we are therefore completely hopeless as warriors; alternatively, someone who has ‘found god’ (or allah) is a fearsome warrior, what codswallop!

      Why are western men not defending their women or engaging the enemy, (islam, for 1400 years!) probably because the bible says ‘love thine enemy’, or turn the other cheek, or something to do with ‘Christian charity’ or other biblical nonsense!

      Atheists are not the enemy, the state is, followed by islam, and this is true of ALL western countries except Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

  4. Europe will be Islamic by 2023 if no rebellion ensues. The British Police are already receiving training to that effect. Local informant. This is the whole point of Sharia compliant hate law and diversity training and the ridiculous respect gine to Moslem and thier religious feelings.

    In UK it is called the Lancaster (House) Plan. Yes it does exist but is being applied to all of Europe, I have been warning of these events for years but summarily dismissed a loony, vene by fellow in the supposed “Counter Jihad”….

    Too late now though.

  5. Corrections

    Europe will be Islamic by 2023 if no rebellion ensues. The British Police are already receiving training to that effect. Local informant. This is the whole point of Sharia compliant hate law and diversity training and the ridiculous respect given to Moslems and their religious feelings.

    In UK it is called the Lancaster (House) Plan. Yes it does exist but is being applied to all of Europe. I have been warning of these events for years but summarily dismissed a “loony”, even by fellows in the supposed “Counter Jihad”….

    “Lancaster House” is used by British Government and FO to implement Lancaster House Plans in cases like Rhodesia and Mugabe, but also more recent events. The handover to India in 1947 was such a “Lancaster Plan (John of Gaunt), as was Northern Ireland and the devolution of independence to Scotland. Nobody wants to believe me despite 23 years researching the subject and ancient Medieval history (MA Hons) and Islam and holding an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity etc. Bat Ye’or is a postgrad like me of the same Dept at UCL London.

    Both of us were dismissed as “unacademic” and conspiracy theorists, despite the obvious hard evidence. Personally I no longer care. (Well I do but what is the point when people will not listen)

    Too late now though….Karma is a sob isn’t it?

    • I think you are right. The multi-culti society is actually a transition state, albeit one with the useful side-effect of destroying democracy. The target society is mono- not multi-cultural, specifically Islamic.

      • That is when the Moslems believe they will control UK. According to Lancaster Plan it will be 2030.

    • The topic of the Lancaster Plan was recently posted in this piece over at the New English Review: The Lancaster Plan
      by John M. Joyce (December 2015)

      Suggest one prepares a cup of soothing beverage of personal choice to enjoy whilst reading. Here’s a brief snippet:

      “He informed us, with no special tone in his voice, just in a matter-of-fact way, that the first two provisions of the Lancaster Plan had already been activated and were proving to be successful. Further provisions could be activated when necessary and in that way Muslim violence in Britain could be contained or minimised, or maybe even staved off indefinitely if the plan came to be implemented in its entirety.

      Our interests were well and truly piqued and our curiosities well and truly whetted so we encouraged our informant to tell us more. He carefully explained to us the two stages that he’d just mentioned. The first stage was, so he said, the careful use of legislation to make any criticism of Islam, or Muslims, almost impossible. Many in government, he stated, were a little upset that in order to do that they had also made it legally very difficult to criticise other faiths such as Christianity or Hinduism, but their concerns about this had dissipated over recent years as it had become obvious that the police and the judiciary simply treated any criticism of a faith other than Islam, or criticism of a believer other than a Muslim, as being far less serious than criticism of Islam itself or of Muslims. The careful positioning by many NGOs, and left-wing thinkers, of criticism of Islam and Muslims as racist had not been entirely co-incidental either, so he averred, but had been initiated and encouraged by government officials in furtherance of the first stage of the Lancaster Plan.

      The first stage of the Plan had been a success in that the Muslim population of the U.K. had taken full advantage of it to assert their uniqueness and to demand the respect that they felt was their due, the man said calmly. They were kept occupied and diverted by this and, as a consequence Muslim violence in Britain had been kept to a minimum – indeed, some Muslims felt, as this stage of the Plan, that so much progress could be made without their usual tool of violence that they even informed on those who were planning to perpetrate horrific acts on the streets of Britain. Viewed in those terms, the first stage of the Plan had to be considered a success.

      As you can imagine, I’m sure, we were not surprised by the fact of such manipulation – we were, and are, all aware just how successive U.K. governments have curtailed freedom of speech to the point where it no longer exists in Britain – but we were surprised by the claim that certain people in government had been unhappy that religions other than Islam benefited from the restrictions placed on free speech and that they propagated the stupid, but successful, idea that criticism of the Islamic religion was actually racist. However, the retailer of this particular fact was certain that he was correct, was plausible and was sitting with us, so we encouraged him to tell us about stage two of this Lancaster Plan.”

  6. I’ve always thought that Leftism/Progressive-ism is–by intellectual proximity–a flirtation with Nihilism, where that is defined by destroying the established institutions and NOT replacing it with anything.

    The concept that was “installed” after the removal of “archaic and patriarchal values” is so ineffectual as to be non-existent, which, in the end, and from what we’ve seen occurring, has the same effect as the Nihilist’s actions.

  7. As for evidence regarding our status as dhimmi- I refer you to the prosecution of a Danish girl for using a pepper spray on a migrant who tried to remove her trousers. This is reported in Daily Mail today. A Dhimmus may not defend themselves against a Moslem superior. They will be protected up to a point but only on receipt of the Jizya-
    Head count tax….(To prevent beheading) “capite cense”. Merkel and her minions will now openly apply the Sharia. They are clients- “mawali” of the Gulf States.

    Like we said, nobody listened and now it has happened people still refuse to see the reality.

    • I’m been toying with the idea that we who oppose what we see and hear are contributing to and supporting unintentionally those whom we criticize with our words. I have come to this ugly conclusion for the reason that we who “oppose” what we witness have been ineffectual to prevent it and have no reason to believe that we will succeed in preventing it prior to the coming conflagration. My proposition is that we of the “political Right” are the main obstacle to defeating Islamic Supremacists because we have failed to defeat their main abettors and apologists–those of the “political Left”.

      If I am correct, then it is impractical and irrational to expect to defeat the Islamists before defeating the political opposition. This view is supported by the stranglehold that the political Left has on the Press, as it exists disparately, academia, similarly, and “pop culture” and America’s film and television industries. I have made no mention of the United States Government and it’s myriad agencies.

      • Yes that is why up till now I have been writing against the Left to remove Islam’s Prop in the multicultural Mine. You have mad a very good point!

        • I thank you very much and am gratified that you took the time to say so. I wish you all the best in your efforts!! I now have to conceive of how I can best help other than writing.

  8. Giving courses in sexual morality misses the point entirely. The immigrant behaviour is not due to a cultural misunderstanding, it is a way of demonstrating their contempt for us and their power over us.

  9. “The refugees are predominantly young males.”

    If they are young males, then they are not refugees. If they are refugees, then where are the women, children and elderly seeking refuge?

    They are invaders.

    Sadly, it turns out they are conquerors.

  10. Maybe everything possible is being tolerated and placed on the record before simultaneously nuking the sources. Just axing.

  11. I do believe this influx of so called “Refugees” at least 75% being strong/horny/brutal young men, cowards that should have fought for their country are nothing more than an evil invasion of this “Cult” Islam and their commitment to Jihad and Caliphate! My last statement is “You’ll NEVER change these Islamist deep seeded beliefs born within them from centuries of brainwashing and avoidance of TRUTH regarding their dirty damn Prophet Mohammed a PEODOPHILE and Hypocrite”!!
    Please publish, as a Christian woman, I am totally fearless towards sewer rats!

  12. Sweden is considering returning 80 000 – eightythousand – “refugees”.
    – Where will they go next?

    • Stupid Sweden no longer has the power to do anything anymore. Don’t those rats scurrying around the subways and plazas know it. The rest of Western Europe may not be far behind. Just bigger fatter numbers for the Muslims to binge on.

  13. Will some higher ups or lower downs break ranks and hand out the arms and ammo? Or coups d’etat across Western Europe? Or an invasion of Austria by Turkey? Or nothing.

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