Geert Wilders: The Patriot Spring

Below are excerpts from an op-ed by Geert Wilders published at Breitbart today. In it Mr. Wilders discusses the ongoing “refugee” crisis in Europe, and the resurgence of patriotism in European nations that has resulted from it:

The Patriot Spring
by Geert Wilders

“A revolution,” Wikipedia says, “is a fundamental change in political power or organizational structures that take place in a relatively short period of time when the population rises up in revolt against the current authorities.”

In Europe and America, revolutions are brewing. They are peaceful and democratic, but they are going to send the elites home that are running our nations into the ground.

I have just reread Ronald Reagan’s 1982 Westminster speech, in which he predicted that freedom and democracy would soon send the communist dictatorships in Eastern Europe and Russia to “the ash heap of history.”

Reagan spoke of “Poland’s struggle to be Poland.” And today, three decades later, history is about to repeat itself in the United States and in several West European countries. Of course, I am not comparing our current political elite with the Communist dictatorships with their prison cells for dissidents, but the fight of a nation to be itself, remain itself and defend its identity, that fight is also being waged today.

We are witnessing America’s struggle to be America, and the struggle of several European nations, among them the Netherlands, Britain, France, Germany and many others to preserve their identity and liberty, to remain the Netherlands, Britain, France, Germany. Everywhere, patriots are on the march. We are living the Patriot Spring.

Everywhere, democratic revolutions are underway. They will drive the elites from power. People are sick and tired of seeing their nations lose. They are fed up with how the political and media elites are weakening their country. They want to regain their national sovereignty from supranational organizations such as the European Union. They want to get rid of the fake parliaments that sell out the national interests because they no longer stand for what the majority of the people want. They want brave and patriotic politicians in the legislatures. They also want more direct democracy, so that the people can correct those who misrepresent them.

For decades, Westerners have been told by their elites that multiculturalism was a virtue and patriotism a thing of the past. The values of the middle classes with their common sense, rooted in the traditions and morals passed down by their parents, were undermined and ridiculed by the mindless political correctness of the educational system, the government apparatus, and the mainstream media. The economic prosperity of the people was squandered by high taxes, foolish monetary experiments, and bailouts for foreign countries. “Our nation first” became “our nation last.”

The elites applaud politicians such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel. President Obama praised her for her leadership. Time dubbed her “Chancellor of the Free World,” for one single reason. Because she has foolishly sold out the safety and wellbeing of her own people to hordes of largely male fortune seekers who rather than fight for their own country, have come to live on German taxpayers’ money.

Frau Merkel is not the only Western politician conducting policies that harm the interests of her own people. In fact, most of our Western leaders, including my own Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, are politically correct adherents of detrimental open door policies. Before the year in which Angela Merkel became “Person of the Year” was over, Germany experienced its own sexual 9/11. On New Year’s Eve in Cologne alone, over 1,000 women were assaulted, groped, raped. So far, 30 suspects have been caught. All of them North Africans, and half of those asylum seekers. Also in other West European countries we see a rise of “sexual” assaults.

Read the rest at Breitbart.

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  1. Right on the money as usual. Merkel is clearly mad and treacherous, Obama in Muslims pockets, Porcine Cameron a political illiterate about to sell out the UK on Angela’s instruction. A glimmer of hope though as people are finally waking up to the fact that democracy and the mainstream media outlets have long been hijacked by left wing zealots who hate their own countries and peoples. Long for the day these traitors are in court to answer for their treachery!

  2. well both “multiculturalism” and patriotism are rotten products.

    “patriotism is slavery” (Leo Tolstoy) and I tend to agree with that.
    “Lifetime non-cancellable contract imposed on a person at the moment of his birth without his agreement, – would you agree to it?”

    “multiculturalism” is, presumably, simply a pretext for moral relativism and an excuse for cowardice – this is purely VIP substance, a shamanic spell, which “common people” should love for its glamour.

    these two notions are from differnt semantical ranks and shouldn’t be counterposed.

    it is very pity that, instead of discussing practical issues of resistance, Wilders and others are occupied by exercises in bombastic phraseology.

    it is almost sure that jihadis will eventually try destroying high-value targets like national art galleries and symbolic cathedrals olf the West.
    then, English soldiers will defend Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish art in the National Gallery.
    atheist soldiers will defend St. Paul Cathedral.
    will they be “multicultural”, “cosmopolitain”, or “patriotic”? 🙂

    and here is another one – is “monocultural” Islam a virtue? 🙂
    or “patriotic” taliban and hamas, all these fuzzy mugs sticking from land and blood?

    the deal is, – loving Faterland, leaving EU and all that jazz are SECONDRAY issues.
    primary is to remain human and to remain free.

    • AY: Well, those are thoughtful abstractions. Down on the ground, in real life, what is needed is a strong force that is able to resist not only islamization, but the various strands of decay current in today’s European cultures. Nationalism in its patriotic form has a proven track record for getting things done, for resisting pressures to bow down to foreign cultures, for mobilizing people’s imagination, talent, verve. If not nationalism, what then, in your view? Fuzzy notions of “remaining human” don’t go far.

      • >>If not nationalism, what then, in your view?

        universal, secular humanism, – not fuzzy.

        that doesn’t cancel nationalism BTW, – just finds proper place for it.
        not among deities demanding obedience and sacrifice.
        rather, among hobbies. 🙂

        • AY,
          I invite you to “think again”.
          “Today, because of the revelation of the message of grace to the apostle Paul, salvation is as simple as putting your trust in Christ’s work on your behalf–that He died for your sins and rose from the dead for your justification. Salvation today is faith + 0. Faith in Christ is not “inviting Christ into your heart” or “accepting Christ as your personal Savior.” Such “invitations” are false gospels without Scriptural basis. No one in this day is required by God to repent, to be baptized, to offer a blood sacrifice, to join a church, or to do anything else that may have been necessary in an earlier age. The gospel for us is that Christ died and rose from the dead (1 Corinthians 15.1-4). Christ’s work is wholly sufficient and has paid for your sins. At the moment you put believe the gospel and trust Christ, you can be assured that you are a child of God and that God has given you eternal life.”

          • Please, if I want to hear someone preaching I’ll go to church … oh hold on, there’s precious little of that there nowadays … er … what was I saying again ???

            Isn’t it funny though, the hatred there is throughout the world for Christianity in particular? Isn’t that rather telling?

            And isn’t it strange how all these traitorous politicians are oh so concerned about the possibly that just maybe, at some unspecified point in the future, a single Muslim person might possibly experience a transient emotion (aka ‘feel offended’) and how that has suddenly become more important (to them) than anything else that is happening in the world?

            Such as actual, real, Christians being actually, really beheaded. By real, devout Muslims?

          • Christianity for many centuries served as source and example of progressive moral and social and aesthetic improvement.
            nobody denies that.

            as well as Hellenic poly-theism in its time.

            today are different times.

            all courtesy of
            – innate human curiosity,
            – desire to transcend borders,
            – ability to see yourself in “the other”, and to
            – freedom of thought.

        • Universal secular humanism is a nice word for nihilism. It is an abstraction of a person who cannot commit to anything. It has no substance, and as such will be blown away by the slightest upheaval. If you believe in nothing you become nothing. If you have no faith, you become faithless.

          In a sense it represents advanced navel watching. Humanism, in the full sense of the term would accept all things, since humans are capable of both the best and the worst of deeds. So in that sense the universality is really banality.

          • Exactly.If you don’t stand for something you are in danger of falling victim to whatever fad or confidence trick you heard last.

          • I think you are confusing secularism, atheism and humanism.

            Secularism is a system of government whereby laws are made and administered according to reasoned argument. Not according to dogma, religious or otherwise.

            Atheism is just acknowledging that there is zero evidence for any kind of supernatural beings.

            I don’t know much about humanism but I gather that it is a movement which just aims to treat people decently. It welcomes everyone, believers and non-believers.

    • I am not sure what point you are trying to make. Multiculturalism is basically nihilism, in that it refuses to set any agreed upon standard of behavior (other than no standard) for a given population. Patriotism is a love of an agreed upon standard. How much freedom patriotism allows totally depends on the standard, but it totally rejects the idea of a lack of a established culture. If you are looking for utopia you will never find it, but you may produce a dystopia in seeking it. No one will dispute that capitalism has faults, it’s just that it’s faults are not as bad as any other system, but the leftist search for the perfect society is actually quite destructive compared with the lesser faults of capitalism .

      • Multiculturalism is the creed of believing in nothing, lest you offend someone. (It also applies to “tolerant” ecumenism in some – nominal – Christian churches.)

    • AY,

      You are one very confused human being.

      ” ‘patriotic’ Taliban and Hamas”………………

      Add to that – you [appear to have a dearth of knowledge]. Islam is the antithesis of patriotism as Islam has no use for nationalism at all. In Islam you are a Muslim 100% of the time. There is no separation of mosque and state.

      Not sure what country you come from, but it is clear you don’t care about it much. You better or the Muslims will eat your lunch.

      • patriotism – love for blood (preserving gene line), land/habitus (protecting sovereignty), and ethos (for example, religious).

        taliban and hamas are clearly nationalistic (islamo-nazi) forces – and utterly barbaric.

        i “came” from many countries. Western countries.
        every one of them has beauty an meaning worth defending.
        all different.
        women are beautiful, all in different way. women are free.
        i saw other people, coming and contributing, with talent, good will. Chinese, Japanese, Indians, South Koreans. very differnt from ethnic Europeans. many I know personally.
        maybe some of them are more nationalistically inclined than others, but they didn’t unload their patriotic feelings on anybody. and locals didn’t lecture them on “as in Rome”, either.

        this is New West, and the dawn of new human race.
        tolerant, generous, rational.
        you are or in, or – with your “nationalism” – out.

        • A fool can sacrifice himself, and none should complain. But a fool, who by his actions endangers others by his foolishness, is not longer a fool, but rather a clear and present danger to all around him.

          When we hear the nattering noises of a new man, or a new human race, then any rational person would realize that such abstractions are not based in reality and are delusional. Such sophistry has no traction since the new man stands for nothing but himself, and as such perishes unremarked.

          The last time we tried to create a new man Viking raiders looted the monasteries, stole the gold and killed the monks. Today it will be no different.

        • Both Hamas and the Taliban are islam first organisations and both were set up by foreigners, they’re not patriotic movements.
          Hamas is an offshoot of the Moslem Brotherhood and while its stated aim is to free Palestine, they’re really only interested in promoting islam in the region.
          The Taliban was created in the same climate and manner as Al Qaeda and is also a strict islamic organisation and has Pakistani roots.

    • Yes, the question of the so-called ‘social contract’. A legally binding contract requires the explicit consent of two parties. The so-called ‘social contract’ doesn’t have that. In fact it doesn’t even exist. There is no ‘social contract’.

      It’s just one of the fantasies that have been dreamt up over the years to make the use of power by ‘politicians’ upon individual human beings sound a bit more palatable.

      After all, a gang of thugs using force to get people to do things they don’t want to do will use every means, including propaganda, to hang on to power. Hence the fantasy production line that dreams up nice sounding words like ‘social contract’.

    • I’m sorry but your contribution reminds me of an undergraduate’s address to the students’ union.It’s full of sound and fury ,with the odd erudite reference to bolster its credibility, but ultimately signifying nothing.

  3. The problem in Europe, from what I can gather, is that there is still a problem where people do not understand the difference between loyalty to the state and loyalty to the country.

    A state regime will always try to confuse the two and claim that if you don’t support the National Socialists, for example, then you don’t support Germany.

    There has to be a fundamental change in assumptions where people do not sware loyalty to the crown but to the country.

    Terms like “democracy” and “freedom” really aren’t specific enough to affect this sort of change in thinking. These terms frequently are abused by the Orwellian propagandists such that they don’t mean anything and serve mostly as injection points for manipulating large groups of people.

    So the real question that needs to be asked of Europeans is, do you sware loyalty to the country or to the ruling regime? Democracy is meaningless until this question is answered.

  4. I hope Geert is right. Sadly, it appears that the great Western democracies are fighting bullets, knives, and penises with packets of bacon and polite exhortations to please keep your hands off our women and children; that evil rhetoric is countered by a few brave souls who quote Churchill and are promptly thrown into jail; and that small demonstrations are overwhelmed by the massed ranks of useful idiots, quislings and fools. Feb 6th will hopefully mark something of a turning point, but from where I’m sitting (UK) all I see is apathy, ignorance, resignation. People must turn out in huge numbers on the 6th to give us any hope that Mr Wilders’ prophecy is correct. This may well turn out to be the case in Germany, but over here the police are anticipating a turnout of between 350-600 people. I imagine the turnout will be at the lower end of that scale if it is raining.

    • But it’s a start, no? In my social circle – middle-class, “liberal” – there is growing awareness of the issue and increasing frustration with the status-quo. Now, will this result in a big turn-out on the 6th? Probably not – I wouldn’t know where my nearest march is!

      But I think we are seeing the beginnings of a fight-back.

      Just my view of course.

  5. What is the point of it all?

    Even if every single leftist lunatic who has managed to white ant their way into positions of power in the various parliaments, bureaucracies, news media outlets and arts faculties ended up being hanged by the neck in Germany, Britain, France, Sweden or (enter name of elective dictatorship here), the system of government, laughingly referred to as “democracy”, but in reality, “elective dictatorship”, would remain intact.

    Everyone would continue to believe that this failed system is “democratic” and reflects the will of the people despite the evidence that, no matter how often elections result in governments run by coalitions of deluded leftist Eloi dreamers and Antifas thugs, every time and all the time, no one can think of a system whereby genuine representatives of the people, chosen by lot, (for maybe 4 weeks at a time) to act as referees, and with the power to expel from positions of power anyone that abuses that power or is corrupt. Here I refer only to those on a government payroll.

    Even if there does eventuate a massive bloodletting aimed at the current political cultists and lunatics in positions of power, within a generation the same dreary tribe of leftist buffoons and assorted political cultists, like Merkel, George W. Bush, Cameron, Hollande, Trudeau et al, would be back in the saddle peddling the same old cultist nonsense, and the people will, as before, remain without any kind of meaningful representation.

    As far as fighting to protect those worthless political cultists who misgovern the elective dictatorships from the multifarious and increasingly active gangs of muslims who strive to emulate their mad “prophet”, that would be an immoral act. Although I would be prepared to defend myself, I’m too old to be conscripted by the government and I would absolutely refuse to defend such creatures.

    To defend and protect an elective dictatorship is as immoral as protecting a straight dictatorship. No one with any self-respect should ever consider doing it.

    • What I still don’t get is this: those that “invited” the hordes, do they want to save EU (via new voters loyal to their EU sponsors, and via division of the indigenous) or do they want to crash it?

      There seems some indication that they want to throw Greece under the bus now. (?)

      • It’s a collectivist forced march (now more of a collectivist death march) toward EU totalitarianism.

        You don’t order a forced march, much less a death march, unless there is a critical imminent threat and thus the objective must be obtained very quickly.

        My guess is that the EU oligarchs realize that their economic schemes are quickly falling apart and they’re desperately trying to hold the EU together.

        Why is it so critical to hold the EU together now? So EU oligarchs can preserve their own positions of power, which they may believe to be even more critical given extremely weak American leadership. (A divided Europe is much more vulnerable to Russian invasion especially with a weak US that constantly signals its unwillingness to respond to invasions.)

        I think it probably has more to do with a few oligarchs trying to preserve their positions.

        “Monty” is correct that the US is much more critical to what happens in Europe than people think. If Obama hadn’t been elected then this whole “refugee” situation wouldn’t have happened because there wouldn’t be a huge jihad to use as a pretense for refuge-seeking. It’s no accident that this didn’t happen until Obama’s second term.

        But Obama was the European-approved candidate by a long shot, so I hope the average European is liking what they got.

        • I tend to agree. While the propagandists talk about the EU falling apart, they do everything to make sure it stays. It’s double-think: like Merkel saying that multiculturalism has failed while going on full speed with it. They mask reality, these pronouncements; they also give people the impression that something in the government is changing and so it gains the perpetrators of these policies time.

          Another example is how “Germany decided to repatriate thousands of Moroccans” but in order to do this, they are building new refugee centers to house them. Why not just put them on the plane? But that would be real repatriation, wouldn’t it.

          Another example, those dole payments in Britain to multiple wives. They are promising that all that will go away in 2021. But we all know that in 5 years the situation will tilt far more the polygamy way, and it will just turn out that taking away benefits from the multiple wives is impolitic. Suckers!

          You know, paying the migrants to go back and stay would be cheaper in the long run than this vile absurdity.

        • What Russsian invasion are you talking about, for god’s sake? Last thing Russia needs and will do is invading the west.

      • I saw that on the news earlier. Absolutely incredible – they do what they’ve done to Greece, absolutely ruin the country in every way possible, and now they do what bullies do … blame the victim!

    • What you are saying only makes sense in a situation where people see a difference between the nation and the “crown” (ruling regime).

    • One of the other readers recommended Larken Rose to me the other week. You might like his work.

    • This is an important part of the problem Geert specifically addresses. He specifically mentions democracy.

      Democracy, the root of this system of governance is rule “by the people for the people”. What we have today, everywhere is the use of the word democracy to define how we are ruled to placate the majority into acquiescence by their rulers.

      We elect representatives who are meant to, pardon the exceptional irony, “represent” us. “Us” being the majority opinion. This of course is a million light years from what happens, as commentators here would almost unanimously agree. Our representatives are mainly selected as a least worst option from a handful of choices, mainly from emotional reasons. This is without the recent and increasingly significant aspect of cheating via postal votes etc.

      But, back to the point. Geert is not just aiming to fix the symptoms of the current problem in “The West”, which is primarily mass immigration and increasing Islamisation.

      The cause of our symptoms is a lack of democracy. Real democracy. Even some stalwarts of the fight against Islam have massive fears over real democracy, but it is the only real option for safe and stable government.

  6. I think it is time to start using the phrase “collectivist death march” to refer to the conditions that the “progressive” left (neo-Marxists) are expecting the population and especially the population’s most vulnerable members to endure.

    The point at which it went from a forced march to a death march was when the mass rapes of New Years were actively covered up by the government. Only in a death march do the commanders truly need to cover up the fact that a death march is going on in order to keep the army moving and reduce desertion.

  7. The West must stop pussy footing around and declare war on Islam. The people I am aware of willing to do it are Putin, Trump and Wilders. And possibly China. That is why I am voting for Trump if he is the Republican nominee. And I am not (even) a Republican. But I do know history and the winds of war are blowing. It is going to take the Super Powers who are also the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council to destroy Islam. The EU must dissolve and let countries control their own sovereignty. These countries must elect the conservative leaders willing to wage war on Islam because it is not a religion. It is a fascist political organization with 1.5 billion followers of the Koran which makes them all Jihadist. Millions will die in this war but many, many millions will be saved in the long run. There will be no peace on this earth until Islam is wiped off the face of it. History has proven this ever since Mohammed (father of all liars) crawled out of that cave with his Satan inspired manifesto … the Koran.

    • It really isn’t that simple. If it were then war would have been declared on Islam by a great kufr alliance a long time ago.

      The problems have to do with things like how would the “allies” divide up the loot and which ally would try to take advantage of which other ally to make gains on them?

      The real political and economic systems world is not actually divided up into Moslem and Infidel the way ISIS wants to portray it. If it were then the Moslem world would be crushed in short order and every Moslem country would be turned into Tajikistan.

      • Nimrod; Good to see your reply. I think we chatted once a month or so ago. I know it is not that simple. But I was getting tired of writing. Dealing with the aftermath of war would be quite difficult. It would just about turn the conquered “lands” into colonies of the Super Powers. Then the SP(s) would squabble over the spoils. But … you gotta start somewhere! My aim is the eradication of Islam first because there seems to be no way to solve this problem while it exists or has the power to resist. If not total war, we must (somehow) eliminate its ability to resist.

    • When has Trump said he would declare war on Islam? When has he shown much understanding of the doctrines or the history of Islam, or the slow jihad? I’ve only heard him say “there are bad things going on” – referring to terrorism — and similarly vague pronouncements.

      Calling for an entry moratorium “until we figure out what the he!! is going on” was an easy call, and a politically popular one, after a terrorist attack or two, but the phrasing conveyed that he doesn’t have much idea what’s going on.

      Has Trump ever expressed any respect for any prominent anti-sharia activist? It wasn’t long ago that he was blustering that Pamela Geller was a terrible person, and that it was very, very wrong to “offend” Muslims (or “everyone,” he said) by drawing pictures and labeling them “Muhammad.” That was evidently the most convenient position for him to take then, and it displayed a lack of understanding or concern about the larger issue of resisting sharia demands.

      • In regard to Trump … You can say “things” … without saying “things”.
        As for your second comment about Putin and Wilders … was Stalin in the same “club” as Roosevelt and Churchill? The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And the enemy is Islam, my friend.

        • “The only thing worse than having allies is not having allies.” – Winston Churchill.

    • It is sad but true to say that not every German in the late 1930s was a member of the SS. But that didn’t stop war from breaking out.

      And all these lefty Yanks who think the sun shone out of FDR’s rear end, who went after Diana West, ought to remember what ol’ FDR said towards the end of his life (and the war):

      “At noon the next day Henry Morgenthau arrived at the White House . Warsaw was not on the agenda, but Great Britain and Germany. Morgenthau told the President that in a recent meeting in London, the Prime Minster had informed him that England ‘was broke’. ‘What does he mean by that?’ Roosevelt asked. ‘Yes, England really is broke,’ Morgenthau replied. ‘That seemed to surprise the President, and he kept coming back to it,’ the treasury secretary noted. ‘This is very interesting. I had no idea that England was broke. I will go over there and make a couple of talks and take over the British Empire,’ Roosevelt quipped. Talk then turned to Germany. ‘We have got to be tough with Germany and I mean the German people, not just the Nazis,’ the President explained, ‘you either have to castrate the German people or you have got to treat them in such a manner so they can’t just go on reproducing people who want to continue the way they have in the past.’

      (Franklin Delano Roosevelt, quoted in Berthon & Potts, Warlords, Kindle Location 4971.)

    • I think that all that needs to be done, really, is that people start speaking the truth. That is all. In Western, traditionally Judeo-Christian cultures, anyone who doesn’t like hearing their religious beliefs being criticized should get absolutely no sympathy from anyone. Proper Western values – we should remember them and act accordingly.

      Muslims have shown that they can’t tolerate having their religion criticized, so that’s what we should all do. All day and all night, every chance anyone gets. They are after all just beliefs and as such, they are NOT protected under human rights legislation. David Cameron said we were all engaged in a ‘war of ideas’. Well ok then. Let’s go on the offensive, and if anyone can’t hack that, then they know what they can do. Leave.

      Much cheaper than a regular war & less bloodshed too.

    • Geert Wilders is a man of huge courage and staunch principle, a man willing to subject himself to great burdens and risk for the sake of other people. He is also, clearly, a gentleman.

      It’s offensive to see his named paired with that of Donald Trump, a preening egomaniac with a boorish demeanor, a vindictive temperament, a shallow mind, and few settled principles aside from his firm belief that he’s the greatest. It is inconceivable that Trump would show the kind of real moral courage and self-sacrifice that Wilders does every day.

      As for putting Wilders in the same club as Putin — REALLY?

    • It would probably help in the effort against the negative aspects of Islam if people such as yourself stopped pussy-footing around, got off the fence and expressed a more forthright opinion.

  8. I’ve been watching the European invasion for quite some time. Mr. Wilders seems to be making some headway with his common sense approach to the islamization of all of Europe. M.LePenne and N. Farage have been speaking out along with Wilders. I hope that the citizens can force the politicians of these countries to stand down on this rediculous culture war. It’s not right to put the citizens through the total disrespect of their laws and customs. islam is death and destruction.

    • Hope is all there is left in Europe. I’m afraid there’ll be plenty of misery across the whole continent for generations, it’s too late to turn the tide.

      • Perhaps you missed the posts re. Prague Declaration and PEGIDA “breaking out” in many *additional* countries?

        11th hour, maybe, but ordinary citizens *are* taking action.

        We need to at least publicize their actions (as GoV so stoutly does) and give them our support to the extent possible.

  9. Wilders is the voice of reason ,crying out for justice in a politically correct wilderness.Or if your taste runs to the classics a modern day Cassandra with the same great gift of predicting the future . Cassandra was cursed by the gods who ensured that no-one ever believed her absolutely accurate and infallible predictions . Geert suffers from the same curse ,besieged on all fronts by nay-sayers and detractors.

    • People are listening. There is always a silent majority out there that observe and watch and wait for the tide to turn before they join in. I trust people’s instincts at self preservation will prevail. When? Sooner rather than later.

  10. Arab springs and soon europe springs are all orchestrated by those elites in Davos. They want destabilization and depopulation.

  11. Two months ago, the Brazilian federal police found out syrian immigrants who forged documents as if they had been born in the country. The most famous prime time tv news program presented an extensive coverage of the case. Guess what the forges shared on social media? Nazi propaganda.

  12. @Radegunda. Regarding Trump … you can say “things” without saying “things”. As for your second comment about Wilders and Putin and “club” … Was Stalin in the same “club” as Roosevelt and Churchill? No. But “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” And Islam is the enemy, my friend.

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