Another PEGIDA Protest in Dresden

The latest of a series of anti-Salafist demonstrations occurred in Dresden on Monday November 24. Below is a brief video report on the evening’s events.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   PEGIDA Rally Dresden
Monday 24.11.2014
00:04   PEGIDA = Patriotische Europaer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes
00:08   = Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West
00:20   Banners read: Against religious fanaticism and against any radicalism, together without violence PEGIDA
00:24   Together against religious wars on German Soil, PEGIDA
00:28   Protection of our homeland instead of Islamisation
00:32   Blankenstein salutes PEGIDA
00:44   at the “Theater Platz” Dresden
01:01   Ed (47) from Utrecht, Holland: when you show the German Flag
01:05   you have to hide it, because it is a provocation, say the police. That’s impossible;
01:09   we live in Germany. People should be proud to be German; everyone, even the “Antifa”
01:13   should be proud to be Germans. I don’t get it;
01:17   I just don’t understand it
01:21   that such demands are made. I am absolutely no Nazi;
01:26   I think you can see this. I repeat, and I mean it:
01:30   Muslims are people like me, even if I am atheist.
01:34   We should be able to live together.
01:41   Police spokesman: Today we have safeguarded many events.
01:46   About 5,500 people participated in an event “PEGIDA”. This event was accompanied
01:50   by several counter-events.
01:54   About 400 people met at the Theater Platz
01:58   who demonstrated noisily, but peacefully against PEGIDA. The police
02:02   are satisfied, because there were no disturbances
02:06   to public safety and order; the events were all peaceful.

7 thoughts on “Another PEGIDA Protest in Dresden

  1. Amazing that this is happening in the former GDR, the least multiracial and least brainwashed territory in the EU. Kudos too to the Germans for doing what the cowardly English still do not dare to do–march against the destruction of their culture and identity.

  2. I wish the Americans would learn from PEGIDA, but instead the police in US cities are being told to be kind to criminals

  3. Sirs:

    Islam has major flaws, and there is a way to fix them:

    1. Islam incapacitates women and a couple minorities, so they are not allowed to be productive members of society. So Islamic societies can never be as productive as Western societies, and are propped up by oil. When oil runs out, the Islamic societies will collapse.

    2. Solution is for the West to continually point out that Islam is impractical by incapacitating women and minorities.

    3. The West must also continually point out that while Allah may be perfect, his Prophet was only human, and changed his mind several times, and made human mistakes. So the Koran, written by his scribes, is only human, and made mistakes.

    4. The “weak link” in Islamic society is “women and gays”, who will gladly accept the idea that the Prophet and his Koran were human, and contained human mistakes, and so the Islamic put-down of women-and-gays is uncalled for, and not practical.

    The ball is now in the West’s court, to point out the weak links in Islam. That’s a whole lot cheaper than merely stopping ISIS — though it will take time.

    So for now, ISIS must be stopped. And the Islamic women and gays must be convinced
    that Islam’s Prophet and his Koran contained human flaws, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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