It’s a Trap!

It’s a trap!
by H. Numan

On Saturday 6 February Pegida demonstrated in Amsterdam. At least, that’s what they wanted. They applied and got the required permission. The mayor of Amsterdam (socialist, labor party) wasn’t let this happen unchallenged, however. He granted permission for a counter-demonstration to left-wing organizations. That’s nothing unusual. Happens all the time. What makes this newsworthy is that he gave them permission to demonstrate at the same time, next to it. And that ladies and gentlemen, makes it a trap.

Pegida was granted a demonstration in front of the town hall of Amsterdam. The AFA (“anti-fascists” or AntiFa, extreme radical left-wing activists) were granted a demonstration on the other side of the street in front of the Dokwerker monument. Days beforehand everybody knew this was not merely asking for trouble but ordering it (see two articles in Geenstijl).

The idea was, of course, to tar Pegida blacker than hell and accuse them of whatever you want. Fill in your favorite World War 2 villains. Only it didn’t work out that way.

The Pegida demo started with a bomb threat. What a surprise… who on earth would do something like that? Police ordered them away from their designated spot onto a bridge for safety. Both sides of the bridge were surrounded by AFA activists who came out of their designated areas to besiege the now surrounded Pegida demonstrators.

The situation got out of hand rapidly, but not because of Pegida. The Pegida demonstrators behaved in an exemplary fashion. Not a single Pegida demonstrator was arrested. Lots of AFA activists were, but as you might expect they were released almost as quickly on trivial charges. The hand that feeds caressing the hand that bites, you might say. The riot police had to charge several times to restore order. In the end, the police had to order Pegida demonstrators into coaches and drive them to safety under police protection.

The media were all present, and tried to make it look as if the neo-Nazis (that’s how Pegida is reported about in the Dutch media) were the culprits. But as I said: it didn’t work out that way. Lots of people were there, and they posted their observations on Facebook, Twitter and the media sites. That would have forced the Dutch media to admit this was a trap intentionally set by the mayor who ordered his red hordes into action. And then they wouldn’t have been able tar Pegida at will anymore. So they basically have to ignore the whole demonstration.

Tactically, Pegida was soundly defeated. Their demonstration never got started, and they were bullied away by red (AFA) and blue (police) activists. Strategically, the story is very different. It is crystal clear that the violence was controlled by the mayor himself. Days before the demonstrations just about everyone said: ‘two groups violently opposing each other demonstrating on the same day at the same time next to each other? That’s not a good idea.’

The media could not, as they intended, tar Pegida as neo-Nazi. If they were unbiased, they would have published widely about left-wing violence. Which they didn’t. It’s not in the news today. The Telegraaf reported in a minor follow-up on Sunday that the twenty activists arrested have been released. That’s all.

I googled on the Telegraaf: Three items on ‘Pegida demonstratie Amsterdam’. One reports that the police were ready for anything. another that twenty demonstrators were arrested (in which they subtly implied those were Pegida demonstrators), and a third that those chappies were released on Sunday.

The left-wing Volkskrant reported likewise (full article behind pay wall). A few articles about the demonstration, just as the Telegraaf reported, and a more lengthy article about left-wing frustrations that they no longer control the streets anymore.

The other media outlets published similar reports. A few articles that Pegida demonstrated, some violence occurred, a few arrests were made and those arrested have been released. Technically, Pegida didn’t demonstrate at all. It never got that far. Yes, there was violence, and lots of it. Only Pegida was not involved in it. All violence came from AFA. What they didn’t report — as it is no longer a newsworthy issue — is that no violence had been necessary at all. Had the mayor done his job properly.

The reason why it hasn’t slipped out of the news is that bloggers such as here at the Gates and EJ Bron, plus lots of others on websites and social media, keep posting what actually happened.

Once again the politically correct opinion painted itself into a corner. They won the battle, but are losing the war.

— H. Numan

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H .Numan has also translated the following letter from a Frisian politician to the mayor, published by Joost Niemoller:

Pegida announced they will file criminal charges against Mr. van der Laan, mayor of Amsterdam:

Dear Mr. van der Laan,

Today I was present at the Pegida demonstration. I had a meeting with the organizers beforehand, during which the rules were carefully explained. Everybody covered buttons with swastikas [translator’s note: these buttons were depicting AFA, and were not in any way supportive of Nazism!] or threw them in the bin, as you demanded. Pegida is a peaceful democratic movement, and we were told that it definitely wants to remain that way. A friend of mine from Friesland volunteered with many others to support the police by wearing an orange shirt.

According to the media, the pro-refugee/AntiFa demonstration would start around noon, and the Pegida demonstration at 3pm. On the way to the demonstration site the organizer was confronted with new demands plus a false bomb threat. When we arrived well before 3pm a lot of opposition was already present. As well as a lot of police — for which we are grateful, given what happened afterwards!

From all directions hordes of raging and screaming AntiFa attacked us and repeatedly try to break the police cordon surrounding us. Many participants could not reach us. There was no opportunity for the speakers (who traveled from Germany and Belgium specifically for this demonstration) to address the demonstration. All we could do was laugh about AntiFa: Ha, Ha AntiFa! We could not even walk, let alone march. Because the streets were blocked with a raging and screaming violent crowd. You hadn’t taken any measures whatsoever to prevent this from happening.

The police threw them back a little ways with charges. We couldn’t even move. Later coaches were required to save us from our plight. We couldn’t be driven to Amsterdam Central Station, as this station was surrounded by a violent AntiFa crowd. Instead we were driven to smaller stations in the outskirts of Amsterdam.

Many participants will file criminal charges against you. So will I. You allowed a violent horde to approach us, and you did not take any measures to prevent it. AntiFa is well known for its violence and aggressiveness. You had at your disposal mounted police and squads of riot police. Why didn’t they act on the illegal counter demonstration? First you allowed them to be present, and later on you allowed them to become even more violent by not acting as you should have. We had to be evacuated under heavy police protection.

It is my right as a Dutchman to demonstrate and to participate in demonstrations. AntiFa has NO right at all to repeatedly attack and hinder peaceful demonstrations by starting violent riots. Pegida will come back to Amsterdam, and I trust you will ensure this AntiFa rabble with meet with the police even if they start moving in our direction. That will save a lot of public money spent on the police as well. For this was totally unnecessary. Only AntiFa (a covert Muslim front) is known to be violent. Pegida is not.

Dr. Jitske Eizema
Member of the Frisian parliament for the Frisian Unity Party

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

22 thoughts on “It’s a Trap!

  1. Blame it on the Dutch members of Pegida own: who recommended them to vote in the Socialist Mayor? You yourselves are to blame for this, because it seems that love match by Marxism, can not see a socialist politician, and now want to elect.

    • So you have no problem with the malfeasance of the mayor? You are most concerned about what happened in the last election? Once in office a politician has carte blanche.

      • Now tell me: useless to complain of the bad faith of the mayor, from time to time, the Dutch will elect a Socialist? The same goes for the French in Calais, where they were also hampered by the authorities. Politicians are a reflection of the people! What I see is nothing but a disunity and apathy of citizens who suffer from these problems, but they are very indifferent. In Germany we do not have these types of problems, as well as in Poland – even in the UK they can do demonstrations.

        Or they can the unity of the people, and the rest of the population, or will always be doomed to failure!

        • “What I see is nothing but a disunity and apathy of citizens…”

          Then it becomes clear you see nothing. It is typical for politicians to lie about what they will do if elected and then ignore the fact that it is their responsibility to also represent those who did not vote for them. Such pols must be held to the rule of law.

          “Politicians are a reflection of the people!”
          This is not true much of the time, given the fact that in many elections all of the candidates are from the left and voter fraud is not prevented because of who controls the political machinery.

          Perhaps your environment in Latin America serves to form such opinions, but that is not how the rule of law is supposed to work. The rule of law is quickly fading away.

          As an aside, are you still using Google Translate to write your comments into English?

          • And what have I write using Google Translate? By chance you comment in Portuguese when he sees a news portal that language? Or shares and there puts its wording to clarify exactly what the article brings? It makes no difference to writing, but the arguments, and if you understand them, so for me it is already a good size. Having semantic error, you just need to put the words in their proper context, and then remove the exact understanding of what he said; always work, do it on items that I translate into my own language. What you said is partly true, but that does not diminish the state of affairs, as left-wing politicians and an electoral system full of left-wing parties. As the Dutch can be angry – as you said, a uniform system of these in any “sovereign decision” ends up electing left-wing politicians, and then go to the streets to demonstrate against the policies of a government inevitably elected by them, by through fraud, as you said, and not care about the political Status Quo?

            His logic is kind of uncertain in this matter, because it is for a portion of voters who did not vote for leftists complain, why do not complain before this monumental fraud, where there are only left-wing politicians, without a real opposition? As well the non-voting public leftist politicians are not to blame? They should fight against the political machine, and not to conform to it. You saw what the Ukrainians did with that politician who was trying to stop the country to enter the European Union – although I feel a tremendous stupidity – you saw what they did? The Dutch must fight against all political nomenclature, just so they have free elections, and can take truly sovereign decisions, but this will only happen if they can change the mindset of the people.

            Rick, we here also face political clashes and endless crises! I have not had time to learn English to the point of not depend on the translator. I’m sorry if you can not quite understand my writing, but the essence at least I could see that you managed to capture. A big hug.

          • One thing I’m sure, and I do not say only the Netherlands, but for all Western and democratic countries: the current political systems are bankrupt, and they are no longer viable because support the controversial ideas such as Marxism. I wish them luck.

      • In the Netherlands, city mayors aren’t being elected by citizens.
        They are appointed. By members of municipal councils, which are typically the domains of the political establishment, in nearly all cases labor and liberals, plus some local yokel, one-issue parties.

        Also, you must understand that organisations like Pegida, or Wilder’s party, the PVV whose ideas may sound like solid, reasonable alternatives to the insane EU policies, and make perfect sense to one who lives in the US, this does not necessairily hold true for Europe. These groups are considered by many to be closet brownshirts, right wing extremists with a second, racist agenda, and so on. There is a HUGE taboo associated with them.

    • I wish it was that easy… First of all, the socialist parties were taken over by hostile action during the 70’s. Make sure you attend the annual local party meeting with enough buddies and vote your cronies in. That way you can take over a political party with just a few people. That’s how ‘new left’ got into power. Once they got it, they kept it.
      Next, they worked their way up in society. Housing is run by socialists (of course). First you place party and personal friends on government departments. Next, replace the members of the board of the broadcasting corporations. They in turn will promote those with the right (read: left) ideas in operational functions (news anchors, opinion makers). At the same time, worm you way into education.

      You get the idea? Socialism wormed its way into society in such a way that it is extremely difficult to get it out again. What’s more, there isn’t an ideology to replace it. The left (socialists, communists, anarchists) share in essence the same goal. They differ mainly in how to reach it.

      The right doesn’t exist. There are monarchists, republicans, Euro-critics, conservatives, atheists, devout Christians and a lot more. All differ so much that they can’t define a common goal or in many cases even work together. ‘Divide and conquer’ works excellent for the left, not so well for the right.

      Amsterdam has always, even before WW2, been a very red city. It’s well over a CENTURY ago that the town council had a non socialist majority. The mayor clearly send a message: “Try it again and I have you folks beaten to pulp. This is my city and it’s a red city!” He knew full well nobody will go to court and the few that do will be send from pillar to post.

      However, there is some good news: the Internet. The above operation of Mr. Van der Laan might have worked very well had there not been that accursed Internet! The official media hardly mentioned the issue at all, now that it’s backfiring. The unofficial media – such as the Gates here – haven’t even begun. Cologne, and possibly Amsterdam became political bombshells because bloggers keep posting about it and people post it on the social media.

      • Well, I just disagree with some points of what you said: Socialism or cultural Marxism – more appropriate to use the term – it is not put into practice in this way! A Marxist, a Marxist strategist never says that he is a Marxist, you know? The problem are the values ​​of society itself, not an immediate occupation as well! A straight face! From what little I could see really conservative politicians, American style in the Netherlands, are not very popular, and the reason is obvious: the Dutch people do not identify with values ​​that direction, and that is why the socialists both prospered. So, if you evaluate the perspective of shared values, you will then see that the liberal parties and the socialist parties are so similar that they hardly disagree on something. Liberals I say, is the sense of entrepreneurship, market and etc.

        Cultural Marxism is not presented as Marxism, he is presented as themes that appeal to youth, such as feminism, LGBT activists, pro-drug groups and other groups of ethnic and cultural minorities. This is how they manage to skew within society, and thus make the values ​​their society’s values. This worked very well in the Netherlands, and I would say that the Dutch have a Marxist mentality by nature. This, after all, reflected in politics, where the preference and most parties are of different biases, but all with the same poison – Cultural Marxism, and that’s why the only hope of the Netherlands today is the PVV, a single party, and that is not even conservative.

        You mentioned “monarchists, atheists, Euro-critical Republicans and Christians,” as groups that are not in line for an ideal, and that the tactic is divide and conquer. But that does not make much sense, because how can you unite an anarchist with a Christian? Atheists do not support religion, and most of the time they want to eradicate it, so it would be counterproductive to unite Christians and atheists groups. There is also another logical flaw in his explanation, for example, Christians: how can there be unity of Christians with any other group, if there are no Christians in the Netherlands? And that “there” there are all Marxists, ie they are not Christians. What would be the value, the purpose for which Christians should unite with atheists (if there were Christians in the Netherlands)? The secular state? But the secular state bans religion, and is against it, and marginalizes therefore fight for it would be like committing suicide. Out that secularism is not a value, secularism is the absence of a value, so the Christians were fighting? For lack of values?

        There is no democracy in the Netherlands, because there are no values. That’s simple!

  2. Once again, the enemy is Leftism, government and then Islam. Thankfully there is now social media. We’ll need it.

  3. What happens next will be crucial, whether Holland will sink to the level of France where 75 year old retired and patriotic General Christian Piquemal was unceremoniously arrested and later had to be hospitalized.

    Once the civil authorities prevent peaceful demonstrations, democracy is finished and war is the only alternative.

  4. Robert, your comment was excellent. I fully agree!

    I was shocked that a General of la France was treated so disrespectfully. France has sunk very low at this point. I am beginning to wonder if there is any hope for western Europe.

    • Mariadee, thank you. France hasn’t been dying so much as it has been committing suicide since WW2. Too much of Western Europe has followed.

    • Of course there is hope, Mariadee. But the people MUST get involved on many fronts such as openly supporting conservative candidates in politics, underground and clandestine activities to include social media, coupled with brazen demonstrations that will strike fear into a socialist regime. All of these must be coordinated with a focused effort to unseat the power mongers who serve only to satiate their selfish ends, and that includes a so-called New World Order. Why the EU? It’s a failed experiment and should have been tested on a smaller scale. Return to individual states with borders and let each one determine its sovereignty. Nothing is too big to fail and that includes Brussels. And now EU banks must sell off their assets to avoid insolvency. What a sham! A populace that rejects tyranny will not be overcome.

  5. Is there no legal recourse for people attacked by ANY group in Holland.

    This smarts of illegal persecution of peaceful , legal demonstrators. PEGIDA had permits and were peaceful.

    Holland is NOT Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960s.

  6. Does the Mayor in question have a name, an address and a photograph in the public domain? That might just be useful for future reference when his electorate choose to ask him for an explanation of this peculiar behaviour.

  7. These Antifas groups really sicken me as a bunch of mentally ill cowards who are the useful idiots for political Islam. I know some of them showed up at the Mosque demonstration in Phoenix, Arizona in support of their Muslim allies. Phoenix being mostly conservative had a much larger crowd demonstrating the Mosque complete with hand guns, AR 15s and assortment of other guns to show the Leftist and [Muslims] whose in control.

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