40,000 People March Against Islamization in Dresden

Rembrandt Clancy summarizes the crowd estimates tonight from Dresden:

According to Kopp Online, the police estimate for the number of people at the march is 25,000. However, the organisers in Dresden are claiming 40,000 according to several sources, all of which have the same wording; for example, MWNews.

He has also translated this article from Compact Magazine:

Over 40,000 at PEGIDA in Dresden

by Jürgen Elsässer
12 January 1015

While the Tagesschaue reports just “several thousand’ at the PEGIDA demonstration in Dresden, one can read the following for himself on the Live-Ticker of the Leipziger Volkszeitung: There are 35,000! Since the established media mostly depress the numbers, one can easily assume over 40,000 participants. This is a huge success! The Dresdeners are not allowing themselves to be intimidated by the block parties.

The success is to be assessed even more highly, when today in the nearby city of Leipzig over 4,000 were present at the PEGIDA offshoot, LEGIDA, and marched at the same time.

Prior to the march there was an attempt by the Leipzig Public Order Office to forbid the display of Mohammed cartoons at LEGIDA, although over the weekend, everywhere around the world, such Charlie Hebdo cartoons were to be seen at solidarity demonstrations. Through an appeal to the court by a COMPACT reader, the city was forced to rescind this scandalous order.

Throughout the entire country there were also demonstrations against PEGIDA this Monday evening. In Leipzig alone there are supposed to have been 30,000. But interestingly, a segmentation is apparent with anti-PEGIDA: While left-wing perpetrators of violence went on the rampage in Leipzig and even attacked the police, contributors to media interviews also declare themselves in favour of a dialogue with PEGIDA. It would be important to take up this offer in order to bring together all the forces of reason among the people.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

Photo © Snaphanen.

31 thoughts on “40,000 People March Against Islamization in Dresden

  1. Frau Merkel is not pleased.

    “Vee have vaeys of making tings veeeery uncomfortable fur you, mein herren.”

    • Apparently she said that islam belongs to Deutschland. What a raging hypocrite, she goes marching in support of free speech but doesn’t want German citizens to do the same. Almost as bad as the Brits – march in favour of free speech and THE SAME DAY announce that they’re going to push through the “Snoopers’ Charter” to increase state control over British citizens. These people are evil. In a way, they’re worse than the jihadists.

      • >>These people are evil. In a way, they’re worse than the jihadists.

        Agreed !

        The media and the politicians are pure evil.

  2. I will not be surprised if we see the police and army lock arms with the protestors. Defending and protecting Muslim Nazi occupiers is a losing proposition.

  3. The German police and soldiers understand very well that saying “I was only following orders” is not an acceptable defence after TSHTF and people are eventually held accountable for their actions.

  4. How appropriate was it that Merkel was marching arm-in-arm with Abbas, who was one of Arafat’s henchmen, a murderer and an assassin? That image should be an albatross around her neck.

    • Just thinking about that makes me nauseous. Where are those self-radicalising lone wolf non-Muslims who long to commit acts of senseless violence for absolutely no reason whatsoever, when you need one of them to pop up like a jack in the box and go bang, eh.

  5. Looks like the PEGIDA folks aren’t afraid of Merkel and her minions. Good for them!!

    If the polls I’ve seen in regards to PEGIDA’s popularity are correct, Merkel is just alienating more and more Germans and will pay for it politically. Should she be toppled it may start a change all over Europe.

    • We need to start trying to make that happen – each of us in our own countries. It’s all very well coming on to GoV and so forth, that needs to be done as well, but isn’t it about time we started trying to get RID of those lying politicians – and letting their political rivals know exactly WHY we’re voting them out.

      I’m trying to get some intellectual weapons out into the public domain that would be difficult for the enemy to defend themselves against. And we need effective weapons if we are going to take the likes of Merkel and Cameron down.

      • You make a valid and useful point about the absolute imperative for those in favour of freedom and our idealistic European way of life – to influence society. Spread the word as much as you can. Not just to those who are already on side.

      • Good on you Nick, and you are one of the few that can wear “Je suis Charlie” with pride by bringing forth that essay which in a sense bears the part of “I will shoot back” by the actions you are doing.
        That should go far and wide, and is a concept that may reach many others simply and easily.

        It is a new idea for me of an action, using the technology of kindle, with amazon plus its’ forums that hopefully will reach new people with information and enable them to spread the facts.

        As with NativeGladius and Mariadee, to support it and spread it far and wide, and to make it a great success.

        The key to this is that certain others will relate to this way more than others, plus sow seeds that can grow enhance the original planting.

  6. I am very glad of PEGIDA’s success. Mostly, because this movement advocates return to traditional Christian values without which the West is doomed.

    However, it is a bad idea to carry the CharlieHebdo cartoons at PEGIDA’s demonstrations. Nothing will be gained by insulting other people’s religious beliefs. And let us not forget that CharlieHebdo has lampooned not only Islam but also Christianity – the faith that is the foundation and the soul of the European civilisation, without which Europe will simply rot alive and implode. Thus, CharlieHebdo has made its contribution to weakening and eventual destruction of Europe.

    In the wake of the Paris massacre – which has been a heinous crime whose perpetrators must be caught and punished as severely as possible under the humane modern laws – the idea is being pushed down our throats that you must be a fervent admirer either of the Islamic radicals or of CharlieHebdo and all it stands for.

    This is a false alternative. No one must be forced to choose between murder and pornography. Both things are destructive. Of course, CharlieHebo cartoonists have not physically killed anyone. But they have caused quite a lot of harm to their own country and culture propagating deadly ideological viruses.

    Let us not be confused. Islamisation is not the root of evil in the West. The root of the West’s current troubles is deChristianisation. Evaporating Christianity leaves a void that sucks in all sort of filth of which Islam is not the worst. If you remove Islam from Europe you will soon be faced by some other horrible false religion.

    But if you advance respect of Christianity, Christian morality and the whole Christian way of life, Islam – like other spiritual threats – will be far less dangerous.

    Unfortunately, the ruling elites of the West are anti-Christian. In their drive to eliminate Christianity they are ready to use any allies. Their multiculturalist patronage of Islam is not caused by their love of this religion, but by their vitriolic hatred of Christianity.

    These are things to be borne in mind while deciding what exactly should be done in the aftermath of the Parisian tragedy.

    • Thank you Anton, you have summed up my thoughts perfectly. There were no boundaries for Charlie Hebdo they insulted everybody, to portray the Trinity the very essence of our christian believes having a gay relationship is beyond the pale. However, while many christian groupings might pray and even protest about their behaviour they would never contemplate murder. Without our christian believes and ideals not only will is the West be doomed but all of mankind.

    • If Christianity cannot withstand lampooning, then its God, like the Muslim deity, is a feeble and unworthy one.

  7. It was reported 40000 yesterday, but today the main stream media write about 30000 (welt.de) PEGIDA supporters in Dresden, or write only about anti-PEGIDA demonstrations (spiegel.de sums all the protestors to 100000). German media criticize PEGIDA much more than the islamists who did the last terror attack. I am pessimistic and think that the movement won’t be successful until something like an terror attack happens in Germany.

  8. The only future is a depressing one of civilizational war with Islam the instant it is capable of violent take over of European societies. But what is at stake is not just the global enlightenment spread by European ideals around the entire planet; Islam will regress humanity itself and at least the last century of social and technological advancement. All because Western leaders wanted cheap immigrant labour.

  9. It was Dresden’s “Monday Evening Walks” by the citizens that grew into the movement that brought about the fall of the Berlin Wall. Good for them.

  10. Glenn Beck is calling PEGIDA (without mentioning their name) neo-nazis and stating that they are being funded by Russia. He has been “poisoning the well” against PEGIDA on his radio show and his TV show since the PEGIDA marches started.
    He has a three day special on BlazeTVcalled “The Root: Red Storm, which started 01/12/15. The episodes can be viewed for free on his website after they air on his network. http://www.glennbeck.com/2015/01/12/glenn-delivers-a-truly-horrifying-look-at-the-origins-of-the-russian-threat/ There is also a partial transcript available.
    The first installment is split between two links on his website.
    Several years ago, Beck began to denounce Geert Wilders (one of the most courageous men of our age) after initially celebrating him. His current denunciation of PEGIDA is like lumping the Tea Party in with the K.K.K.
    Beck appears to have made the mistake that today’s European/American Muslims are the Jews of the 1930s and 1940s. I think that Beck fears a backlash against Muslims resulting in the Muslims being rounded up and put into camps prior to being deported.
    While the Jews were never a threat to anyone’s life or freedom, the Muslim conquest of the West, enabled by our own “elite” and “leaders” will result in death and the death of freedom, especially for the Jews of our age.
    Sadly, Beck’s fears will never come true. The West has been sold down the river.

    • Beck is an idiot conspiracy theorist who has yet to, figuratively or literally, feel the knife of Islam at his neck. Since he undermines resistance, he is an enemy. Period.
      I have never trusted this ct thinker and conservative pretender.

      • Ditto. The Nazi analogy he’s drawing is ignorant and moronic. But hey, some leftist European thinker patted him on the back for being perceptive enough to see the phony parallel, and he’s proud of that.

  11. On Saturday, January 10, 2015 11:37 AM, nick llyon wrote:

    Deutschland can be seen as an example of a country that is fighting for light and enlightenment in a literal and spiritual way trying to find its identity while being completely submerged by globalist policies that damage its traditional cultural and spiritual heritage after two world wars.

    Everyone on this planet resonates with the light spectrum in a literal spiritual and energetic way. Knowing this extremely important truth can make some individuals extremely disappointed at where they may find themselves positioned on the spectrum of light.

    But without light there is no possibility life on this world so having a fuller understanding of where you find yourself on the spectrum of light can enliven and enlighten someone’s current position and help them to see where and how they can progress in the advancement of light and life and love, and how they can avoid being dumbed down having there minds sealed away from the light, a situation of mental spiritual and energetic darkness, where someone and some cultures may feel that nothing really matters and everything is vanity as Solomon said about a wasted life.

    Even in their current state Deutschland is very driven to advance.

    after 2 world wars the victor nations wanted to permanently dumb down the minds and uninspire the nation of Deutschland so one thing they changed was the flag of the country to an inverted photon, in that country the light spectrum has been turned upside down and inside out in one attempt by the victor nations to permanently subdue their enemies. the importance of how light affects the mind and body and spirit, the very nature of the being must be acknowledged . And they also changed the shape of the country where the blood and spirit of the nation traditionally and historically resonate with the planet.

    Being separated from the true form of light that exists in nature has a very detrimental affect on the human condition any alteration to the spectrum has a very potent affect on the way that the life of this planet connects to the world around them. Those that are better connected to the spiritual realities around them and to the light often tend to try to manipulated and rule the individuals around them by dumbing everyone down rather than lifting them up.

    Different forms of government across the planet try to use the light in different ways depending upon how they actually function. One way this can be seen is that their flags either try to seal the light of the Helios and different celestial bodies from the citizenry or they try to project it stronger trying to invoke divine guidance or they try to call light and power form different sources. In order for a nation to reach a golden age a renaissance they need to be as well connected to the light and the pattern that flows from the light in clear truthful and transparent way that actually fits the form that their government appears to have taken.

    All nations have an opportunity to advance themselves tremendously if they reconnect to the light and the true source of light the Meshiach.

    China has a tremendous opportunity because one they are one of the only nations that still talk in pictures that resonate with the light and they have a very strong cultural and traditionally deeper connection to spiritual and energetic truths and they have a huge population that can have a tremendously positive affect on the rest of the world. And that will counter balance an invasion of creatures that feed on light and energy and those that need it to survive by inverting it and separating it from its source.

    The Helios is currently under a tremendously massive attack by creatures and beings from outside this planetary system, the us space program is aware of this and has tried to document the events as closely as they can and the cia has made contact and maintained a working alliance with them believing that by utilizing their strength on this world they will be enabled to dominate the planet hand it over to them and with a small select group of connected individuals they will leave with their lives and the things that they have been given.

    This they where hoping would enable the Fallen Angles that are here to leave.

    Destroy this world and leave that is their only interest at all. That and feed on the life here while they are imprisoned. To that end they have enable the different Ones that have sided with their rebellion to make contact with and bring in beings and creatures that you may not be familiar with and to make certain advances in technology. And project their Dimension and Shade Over the inhabitants of different countries.

    In Many ways the system is being taken to a threshold that when once crossed cannot be reverted.

    One must confront all Forms of Darkness.

    It is best if the pattern of light is followed as closely as possible.

    The Mashiach Yahoshea has and is marshaling his Power, He has all Authority In heaven and on the earth, And he Will Confront the Hordes Of Darkness and those that have sold out all life on the Planet, Using them to suit their own Extremely selfish And Inhuman agenda. Many things may yet be done to preserve as much life as possible.

    Jacob Kohloff


    Deutschland kann als Beispiel für ein Land, das für Licht und Aufklärung im wörtlichen und spirituellen Weg versucht, seine Identität zu finden, während sie vollständig von Globalisierungspolitik , die ihre traditionellen kulturellen und spirituellen Erbes nach zwei Weltkriegen beschädigt eintaucht kämpfen sehen.

    Jeder auf diesem Planeten in Resonanz mit dem Lichtspektrum im wörtlichen spirituellen und energetischen Weg. Zu wissen, diese äußerst wichtige Wahrheit kann manche Menschen sehr enttäuscht, wo sie finden sich auf dem Spektrum des Lichts positioniert.

    Ohne Licht gibt es keine Möglichkeit das Leben auf dieser Welt, die so mit einem besseren Verständnis davon, wo Sie sich auf das Spektrum des Lichts kann beleben und erleuchten jemand die aktuelle Position und ihnen helfen, zu sehen, wo und wie sie in die Weiterentwicklung der Lichtfortschreiten kann und Leben und Liebe, und wie können sie vermeiden, wird verdummt er dort Köpfe weg vom Licht, einer Situation der geistigen spirituellen und energetischen Dunkelheit, wo jemand und einige Kulturen haben das Gefühl, nichts ist wirklich wichtig, und alles ist Eitelkeit als Salomo sprach über eine versiegelte vergeudetes Leben.

    Auch in ihrem aktuellen Zustand Deutschland ist sehr getrieben, um fortzufahren.

    nach 2 Weltkriegen die Siegermächte wollten dauerhaft verdummen den Köpfen und uninspire der Nation von Deutschland so eine Sache, sie änderte, war die Flagge des Landes zu einer umgekehrten Photonen, die in diesem Land das Lichtspektrum auf den Kopf und auf den Kopf gestellt in einem Versuch der Siegermächte auf Dauer ihre Feinde zu unterwerfen. die Bedeutung, wie das Licht den Geist und Körper und Geist wirkt, muss der Natur des Seins anerkannt werden. Und sie verändert die Form des Landes, in dem das Blut und den Geist der Nation traditionell und historisch Resonanz mit der Erde.

    Von der wahren Form des Lichtes, die in der Natur existiert hat eine sehr nachteilige Wirkung auf den menschlichen Zustand jede Änderung das Spektrum eine sehr potente Wirkung auf die Weise, daß die Lebensdauer dieses Planeten verbindet sich die Welt um sie voneinander getrennt sind. Diejenigen, die besser auf die geistigen Realitäten um sie herum und mit dem Licht verbunden sind, neigen oft dazu, zu manipulieren versuchen, beherrschen die Menschen um sie herum durch Verdummung alle nach unten, anstatt sie hochheben.

    Verschiedene Formen der Regierung auf dem ganzen Planeten zu versuchen, um das Licht auf unterschiedliche Weise je nachdem, wie sie wirklich funktionieren verwenden. Eine Möglichkeit, dies zu erkennen, ist, dass ihre Fahnen entweder versuchen, das Licht des Helios und verschiedene Himmelskörper aus der Bürgerschaft zu versiegeln oder sie versuchen, projizieren sie stärker versuchen, göttliche Führung berufen oder sie versuchen, Licht und Kraft Form verschiedenen Quellen nennen. Damit eine Nation, ein goldenes Zeitalter eine Renaissance, die sie benötigen, um auch auf das Licht verbunden werden und das Muster, das von der Licht in klaren ehrlich und transparent, die tatsächlich passt die Form, dass ihre Regierung scheint sich genommen haben Ströme zu erreichen.

    Alle Nationen haben die Möglichkeit, sich enorm voranbringen, wenn sie gegen das Licht und die wahre Quelle des Lichts der Meschiach zu verbinden.

    China hat eine große Chance, weil man sie eines der wenigen Länder, die noch in Bildern, die mit dem Licht in Resonanz zu sprechen und sie haben eine sehr starke kulturelle und traditionell tiefere Verbindung zu spirituellen und energetischen Wahrheiten haben und sie haben eine riesige Bevölkerung, die eine haben können enorm positiven Einfluss auf den Rest der Welt. Und das wird Gegengewicht eine Invasion von Kreaturen, die auf Licht und Energie und diejenigen, die es brauchen, um durch Invertierung und trennt sie von der Quelle überleben zu ernähren.

    Das Helios ist derzeit unter einem enorm massiven Angriff von Kreaturen und Wesen von außerhalb dieses Planetensystem ist die US-Raumfahrtprogramm sich dessen bewusst und hat versucht, die Ereignisse so genau wie möglich zu dokumentieren und die CIA hat den Kontakt hergestellt und gepflegt ein Arbeitsbündnis mit ihnen zu glauben, dass durch die Nutzung ihrer Kraft auf dieser Welt, sie aktivieren, damit Sie den Planeten mit der Hand über sie und mit einem kleinen ausgewählten Gruppe von angeschlossenen Personen werden sie mit ihrem Leben und den Dingen, die sie erhalten haben lassen beherrschen werden.

    Das sie, wo der Hoffnung würde die Gefallenen Angles, die hier sind, um zu verlassen können.

    Zerstöre diese Welt verlassen, dass ihre einzige Interesse. Das und ernähren sich von dem Leben hier, während sie eingesperrt sind. Zu diesem Zweck haben sie ermöglichen die verschiedenen diejenigen, die mit ihrer Rebellion seitig haben, den Kontakt mit und bringen in Wesen und Kreaturen, die Sie nicht kennen und auf bestimmte Fortschritte in der Technologie zu machen. Und projizieren ihre Dimension und Schatten über die Bewohner der verschiedenen Länder.

    In vielerlei Hinsicht ist das System, das mit einem Schwellenwert, der, wenn einmal gekreuzt kann nicht rückgängig gemacht werden übernommen.

    Man muss alle Formen der Dunkelheit zu konfrontieren.

    Am besten ist es, wenn das Muster des Lichtes wird so eng wie möglich folgt.

    Der Mashiach Yahoshea hat und Marshalling seine Macht, hat er alle Gewalt im Himmel und auf der Erde, und er konfrontieren den Horden der Finsternis und die, die alles Leben auf dem Planeten verkauft haben, mit ihnen zu passen ihre eigenen extrem egoistisch und unmenschliche Agenda. Vieles kann noch getan werden, um so viel Leben wie möglich zu bewahren.

    Jacob Kohloff



    Celle du 18 janvier à Paris contre l’islamisation aura bien lieu suite à un recours en justice.

    Mais le préfet du Morbihan a interdit par arrêté aujourd’hui une manifestation qui devait avoir lieu demain à Vannes par un collectif baptisé “luttons unis contre l’islamisation de l’Europe” (Lucide Breizh), en raison du “risque fort de trouble à l’ordre public”. L’appel à ce rassemblement, “Bretons contre l’islamisme” prévu à 20H00 sur le port de plaisance de Vannes, a été lancé sur Facebook. L’appel à ce rassemblement anti-islam avait été suivi, toujours sur Facebook, par un appel à une contre-manifestation émanant du Collectif anti-fasciste du Morbihan, qui a également été interdite par la préfecture.

    L’islam est devenu un sujet tabou.
    Vu le Salon Beige

    [Machine translation:

    RALLY IN PARIS January 18

    That of 18 January in Paris against the Islamization will take place following an appeal in court.

    But the Prefect of Morbihan banned by decree today an event to be held tomorrow in Vannes by a group called “fight united against the Islamisation of Europe” (Lucid Breizh), due to the “high risk of disorder public order “. The call for the rally, “Britons against Islamism” scheduled at 20:00 on the marina of Vannes, was launched on Facebook. The call for this anti-Islam rally was followed, still on Facebook, with a call for a demonstration against-from the anti-fascist Collectif du Morbihan, which was also banned by the prefecture.

    Islam has become a taboo subject.
    Given the Salon Beige]

  13. Interesting how German media report on PEGIDA demonstrations. Here is something German, though I believe the platform is owned by a Swedish outfit:
    http://www.thelocal.de/20150114/government-to-issue-jihadi-id-cards-isis-islamists-jihad-terrorism. The opeing sentence reads:

    “Some 300 rain-bedraggled “patriotic Germans”, xenophobes and outright racists stood forlornly outside Berlin’s town hall, hemmed in by around 5,000 anti-racist activists and several hundred riot police, their hopes of a march to the iconic Brandenburg Gate frozen in their tracks – just like the bitterly damp January weather.”

    I could give a one-hour university-level lecture putting this single phrase under the microscope and highlighting its Leninist – Goebbelsian – Maoist – psychotic (in the clinical sense) components. It’s time to understand that at last half of us are THEM, some kind of changelings, Body Snatchers from Outer Space. We keep talking about the Muslims,, but that’s the secondary and easier issue. The more important and difficult one is THEM.

  14. The German people are only going to take so much BS from their own government, and the Muslim migrants, if a peaceful solution is not found mark my words it WILL get ugly. When your country is being taken away, transformed and a culture is being forced upon you, you either fight back or submit. I’m betting on the german Volk. If the political class does not aid in a solution it will get ugly very fast.

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