SPD: Prosecute PEGIDA to the Fullest Extent of the Law

The German Social Democrats (SPD) are demanding that supporters of PEGIDA be suppressed by force of law to “protect the Constitution”. Although SPD is not Since SPD is currently part of the government, and given Chancellor Merkel’s rapidly eroding approval ratings, they may be dictating official policy fairly soon. So this is a significant development.

Nash Montana, who translated the article below, includes this note:

I think this is the start of something really really big. This woman — an Iranian-German, by the way — is demanding the pursuit of everyone who follows and supports PEGIDA, to the fullest extent of the law, “to protect the Constitution”.

The translated article from Die Welt:

SPD Planning on Going After PEGIDA for Being Anti-Constitutional

According to the SPD (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands, Social Democratic Party of Germany) Secretary General Yasmin Fahimi, supporters and followers of PEGIDA need to be pursued to the “fullest power of the police under the protection of the Constitution”, as there is the threat of “right-wing terror” emerging.

The SPD demands a strict crackdown by the police under the Constitution against the xenophobic PEGIDA movement. Last Saturday SPD General Secretary Yasmin Fahimi said, “gatherings of PEGIDA are meant to show concerned angry citizens.” But in reality PEGIDA is nothing more than an accumulation of “petty, hypocritical arsonists and seditious hate mongers.” And as such, “to protect our constitution, they have to be pursued by the police to the fullest extent.”

Fahimi made these comments at a small party convention of the Bavarian SPD in front of a crowd of 1,500 people. She said there are an average of two attacks per day on refugee camps and homes. “This is how right-wing terror grows, and we cannot underestimate this.”

The integration of refugees will last for years. “We have a decade of integration to organize […] And that is why we have to transform Chancellor Merkel’s ‘we can do it’ into ‘this is how we will do it’ in our government.” Therefore new teachers, new educators and new apartments on a massive scale are necessary. The SPD General Secretary emphasized that not all refugees will be able to stay in Germany. “We have to be honest, to be able to say, not everyone is entitled to a positive decision.”

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

22 thoughts on “SPD: Prosecute PEGIDA to the Fullest Extent of the Law

  1. ‘Although SPD is not currently part of the government,’

    News to me ! Last time I looked Germany’s government was a Grand Coalition of Merkel’s Christian Democrats, her Bavarian allies in the CSU and SPD. Have I read this right.

  2. From a comment beneath the Die Welt story: “My wife works for Stuttgart city, employees were told in so many words that participating in a Pegida or Pegida-like demo would prejudice employment relations.”

    (Meine Frau arbeitet für die Stadt Stuttgart, dort wurde den Angestellten durch die Blume mitgeteilt das eine Teilnahme an einer Pegida bzw. Pegida ähnlichen Demonstration sich Negativ auf das Arbeitsverhältnis auswirken würde.”)

  3. Seems like the old, tired, fascist-nazi ideas of “Shut the [heck] up or suffer!” are far from dead in Germany.

      • ‘They never went away…..’ True! …..Just switched sides.’ No, they just projected the worst aspect of their socialist ideals onto those who can see through their subterfuge and who readily oppose their agenda.

  4. And so it starts! I think the cops will be working a lot of overtime in legally persecuting those who take part in these rallies. Seems the bullying and sacking threats have not had the desired outcome. I wonder how long until the ‘anti-fascists’ and socialists along with their Muslim allies are let loose on a patriotic and peaceful people who have been forced by a government, that is now proven to have no regard at all for its own citizenry, to publicly demonstrate the collapse of their German culture?

    Civil unrest is coming to Germany.

    • Civil unrest will not occur any time soon. The PEGIDA participants have too much to lose and will cower under government threats. CDP is counting on seven decades of pacification to keep the masses in control, probably a safe bet. Eastern European countries stand a better chance.

    • You may be right Jeff E. There is no discernible and organized resistance to the Agenda at this time, only disparate groups and rallying points, such as PEGIDA. But that will soon change when the shock of what is really going on becomes more widely known.

      Seven decades of indoctrination does not produce seven decades of non-thinkers, nor does it guarantee the compliance of the entire population but only those who are willing to become indoctrinated to the Agenda’s process. A good case study in that regard would have to be Soviet Russia.

  5. First they ignore you, then laugh at you then hate you. Then they fight you, then you win.

  6. Sounds like a National Socialist rally of the 1930s, followed up by WW2 or Lenin and Stalin’s strident call for a Communist Utopia, followed by the death of 20 million people who refused to co-operate.

    If Europeans don’t fight this woman and her EU ilk, tooth and nail, they will be living under her Turkish boot!

    The EU must be shown that it cannot win in its plan to swamp and destroy Western culture for the sake of ‘power and money’ – EVER! It doesn’t mean that we will have a complete victory, but that neither will they. Once this is understood, negotiation can take place.

    The Koran preaches death to the infidel – is that not genocide? Repatriation for Muslim migrants and the destruction of all mosques!

    • Which is why the Qur’an should be banned as hate speech and why any act of violence by a Muslim upon a non-muslim should be prosecuted as premeditated hate crime. Given the present spiritual malaise that is permeating Western Societies, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that any such enforcement of the law will occur. Rather, the Christians will be blamed for their own victimhood, much in the same way that Israel is.

      • The Qu’ran, Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto must be read and taught to those who lack any kind of historical perspective of what has gone before them, especially during the 20th Century.

        Because it is through the understanding of those things that lead to evil doings that is Mankind’s eventual salvation.

      • No not banned ! ! !
        Translated to German, in the chronological order, and detailed enough so that abrogation verses show the turning point.
        Then posters with verses can be put up,, may be with songs, so that all understand about Mohammad.
        Maybe initially just plainly done for 6 months. Then however, anybody can do so with the freedom of “artistic licence”.
        Which ever way we need to do it now. ! !

        Muslims your choice ! ! Do you back this Mohammad in any way ? ? and all the things he says and did ? ?.
        Do some of the German people back this Mohammad ? ?
        That will show to all and sundry, where premeditation for any violence or murder comes from.! ! !
        Shine the light on the barbarism that is created by Mohammad.
        If they do not like it, then go ! ! Plenty of room in Saudi’s mecca tent city.

        If you want to know more, at the moment I would say, check out the lectures by Father Zakaria Boutros. There are many on U tube.

        We must guard and maintain our freedom of speech and free expression ! ! !
        We must be the ones to become intransigent to muslim demands and insolence of our western laws.

        It must be done openly, so every one can see that justice is blind, and being done fairly, so those verses can be read out in a German court and be informative through all media.

        After all the censor ship laws used for security peaceful excuses and to control speech, when it is only one side that takes offence.
        It is their decision to take offence, based on their own words, when no offence is given when quoting all parts of koran, hadith, sira sharia and fatwas.

        Bring forth discussion, debate on what following Mohammad means. Expose it. ! !

  7. You Germans had better start organizing yourselves because the supression of free speech and threats of ‘consequences’ is becoming frightening.

    Secretary General Yasmin Fahimi is a filthy liar. As she is not winning the battle of ideas she’s resorting to threats like any common bully.

    I’ve watched videos of PEGIDA protests and I didn’t see “petty, hypocritical arsonists and seditious hate mongers”. I saw ordinary Germans deeply concerned about their government’s inability to fulfil its primary function: protecting their borders from an invading horde of mainly alien young men of military age. Not many would qualify as refugees.

  8. The left are getting scared. The Polish election shows what’s in store (smashing right victory, left annihilated, EUSSR exploded). The left has tried to inflict an ethno-cultural red-green Blitzkrieg on Germany on Europe to secure their ascendancy forever, thinking the people would just lie down and take it. As I and many others have said for weeks now, they will fail by God, and this will finish their filthy treason forever by the time the smoke clears. The woman Fahimi is a classic example of it, she was the one that changed the SPD policy from no coalition with the far-left Die Linke, leading both to an actual one in Thuringia and a CDU/CSU-SPD coalition after the last federal election in order to block a possible all-left coalition instead (SPD-Greens-Die Linke), and the current migration-invasion and political deadlock. These people want to destroy European identity, sovereignty, and nationalism by any and all means, they are digging their own political graves instead, and good riddance to such bad rubbish.

    • You mention the Polish election result and say ‘EUSSR exploded’. What about the Portugese Election result ? It hasn’t been reported much in the Western MSM, in fact I (living in the UK) have only seen it reported in the UK Daily Telegraph and (of course) Breitbart/London. A bloc of three left wing parties took just over 50% of the seats in the Portugese Parliament. The Conservatives who ruled Portugal and imposed EU style austerity in return for bailout payments lost seats.

      The three left wing parties want an end to the austerity imposed on Portugal, exit from the euro, exit from the EU Stability Pact and the Lisbon Treaty.

      The Portugese President has firstly asked the Conservatives to form a minority government. The left bloc has said it will table a no-confidence vote in that govt. The President has publicly stated he will not ask the left wing bloc, which has a Parliamentary majority, to form a government because of their rejection of EU imposed austerity.

      Under the Portugese Constitution another election cannot be held untill later next year !! So if the Conservatives are toppled by a no-confidence vote and the President will not ask the majority left bloc to form a govt because the bloc (and it’s voters) have the ‘wrong opinion’ of the EU Portugal will have no government.

      When people throughout the EU become aware of this constitutional monstrosity being perpetuated in Portugal it will be another nail in the coffin of the EUSSR.


  9. Churchill was ever so right when he made this observation of the German character, “They are either at your throat or at your feet”.

  10. So glad I left Europe a long, long time ago.

    “Dictators everwhere are riding to and fro on tigers from which they dare not dismount…. and the tigers are getting hungry”

  11. I wonder here with me, if that story of unification was only to unite liberal Marxists, with strict orthodox Marxists of East Germany, so why did so much celebrating the fall of the Wall and the reunification of Germany? You see, it is clear that the Social Democracy is a socialist, and that the CDU is socialist or socialist has components in their midst. To me, this just proves that Germany was unified with the western part, but brought a new political scenario where the majority who dominate would be socialist. They have green, the Social Democrats and others; it just proves that Germany only unified socialism with socialism. I did a survey of some officials and some German politicians famous, and almost mostly were involved with communist fronts, and some were not even in East Germany.

    Angela Merkel’s biography in politics and the story of his conversion to this farce that party, the Christian Democrats, is so moving that looks like a drama. It’s kind of hard to believe that a Communist official after unification will become a democrat, a Democrat, and even Christian. For me the CDU is a theatrical party, where she made a career move to the image of a redeemed communist, becoming for a guild that leads the Christian name, thus making fools voters vote for him. I also did another survey of Marxist policies regarding the educational curriculum, morality and respect for the family institution, and I came to the conclusion that the Christian Democrats have not made any difference in Germany, the same cultural garbage that permeates Sweden, is It is worked in Germany.

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