Feel the Hate!

The brief video below shows the behavior of the “anti-fascist” counter-demonstrators at a PEGIDA walk last Saturday in Nuremberg. Marching under the slogan “Heart beats Hatred”.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   16 January 2016
00:04   PEGIDA walk in Nuremberg
00:08   these are left “anti-Pegida” protesters
00:12   who march under the motto:
00:16   “Heart beats Hatred”
01:06   PEGIDA: We are peaceful, what are you?
01:10   We are peaceful, what are you?
01:14   (wir sind friedlich, was seid ihr?)
01:47   We are peaceful, what are you?
01:55   Here we see it clearly: those over there call their event
01:59   “Heart instead of Hatred”, yet we could see it clearly
02:03   the heart, the love was here on our side,
02:07   and over there it’s naked hatred and
02:11   and lots of stupidity and ignorance.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

12 thoughts on “Feel the Hate!

  1. It’s always the way: the champions of tolerance are the violent ones who want to shut down anything that challenges their feelings. The police know where any trouble was likely to come from and it wasn’t PEGIDA.

    • If you have a chance to watch the video, there’s a line of police officers walking along the left flank of the PEGIDA folks. The police are quite busy in protecting barricades being surmounted and/or thrown over by the “HsH” people, taking pictures of them with quite professional-looking photographic equipment, etc.

      Not one police officer is simply watching the proceedings; they’re all very busy. Their backs are to the PEGIDA folks; their eyes are quite sharply on the HsH fools.

  2. Extremes meet. No matter what ideology an extremist subscribes to, the really important thing for him or her, is the licence to hate, to scream, to break things – and bones.

    Even when an extremist thinks that he or she is fighting for humanitarian values, he or she would happily enjoy smashing the face of some unenlightened ‘reactionary’.

    In fact, as Dostoyevsky noted back in the 19th century, someone who loves the human race as a whole is more often than not incapable of loving an individual human being. And those who profess the love for an abstract ‘humanity’ can be as full of blind and violent hatred as any Nazi thug.

  3. I don’t understand what motivates the violent anger of these “anti-fascist” Brownshirts. It is as though people who believe in nothing in particular become violently angry at anyone who doesn’t also believe in nothing in particular.

    What exactly do they think they’re fighting for? They seem to have no affirmative beliefs.

    Normally for people to get violent I would expect them to need to believe that the violence will somehow bring about some sort of utopia or something, but these people seem to get violent in defense of the status quo which seems highly unusual.

    The only thing that comes to mind is that perhaps they believe they are violently defending the slow march toward “true” communism?

  4. These so called misnamed antfa, are “Churchils facists of the future”

    They are hitlers modern version of the brown shirts.

    I believe that a lot of these anti-white racist thugs are being paid to use violence, somebody is financing a hard core element in this group tonact
    As provocateurs, and stir up trouble, create fear and tension.

    These are same people who stood in ukraine maidan, and shouted and threw stones, molotov cocktails, and destabilised ukrainian gov.

    This is dangerous times, get armed now!

    While you still have time, better prepare to defend yourself now, instead of wishing you had when then thugs and muslim nazis start kicking in your front door, raping your daughters and sons, burning your property.

    • Your post is very insightful.

      Of course, the antifa thugs are the ideological heirs of the Nazi, SA, brown shirt, street fighter thugs that brought Hitler into power.

      And they illustrate the very specific need for an armed population.

      I don’t believe armed citizens would be able to prevail against the full force of their government. If I”m correct, the ownership of guns would not be a real barrier to government abuse.

      However, most governments are unable to carry out a full-scale assault on their citizens. If nothing else, they can’t be sure of the support of the military used against their fellow-citizens.

      But, like with he SA, a government often uses “proxies” in the form of street gangs. The street gangs serve the dual function of intimidating the opposition, and creating enough anarchy in the streets to justify the government changing itself into a dictatorship. The government, by the way, keeps the street gangs at arms length, maintaining a “deniability”.

      An armed citizenry actually has quite a good chance against the street gangs, since the government has to maintain the appearance of neutrality. Thus, a necessary step for any government wishing to become a tyranny is to disarm the population. Otherwise, the street gang violence may be stopped by regular citizens, removing the excuse of the government to step in and remove the rights of citizens in the name of “order”.

  5. Apologies to all, although this is of-topic, I trust you will excuse this when you realize what it is I am trying to do:

    *** ALL UK RESIDENTS ***

    A petition has been launched to: “Sharia Law and the use of Sharia courts within the UK should be prohibited” So far only 19,800 signatures have been attracted. 100,000 are required to discuss the matter in The House of Commons. The deadline is 11 March 2016, that means we have a bit more than a month left.

    I trust, and hope, that all UK resident participants in/on this forum are keen to sign, the link:

    Get this link to as many sympathetic people as possible. (Email friends, have the link on a sheet of paper, and if opportunity arises, say in a pub, pass it on). If we can stop, or at least curtail Sharia, we will be able to do a lot more. Further, we can prime some of the media, Daily Express for instance with quotes from the Quran and Hadith, plus Sira and point out how they fit together. If not a golden, it certainly seems to be a silver (Stirling!) opportunity.

    Note this well: With 100,000 signatures it will be discussed on the floor of Parliament, in a proper session, in public. To hammer this point home: We’d be the first Western country in which the elected representatives have to discuss Sharia publicly in the National Assembly. (Though, ‘they’ and their voluntary Dhimmies may still find a way to high-jack or derail the discussion, they’ll certainly try. Think George Galloway…)

    That also means copy this to other forums were English speakers, and thus some Brits, participate.

    Again, my apologies for this intrusion, I trust you will bear it with sympathy.

    Kind regards to All &
    Delando Islam

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