The Anti-PEGIDA Media

As a number of commentators have recently pointed out, the political oligarchs and media mandarins in Europe are very worried about the meteoric rise of PEGIDA* in Germany, and are doing everything they can to help squelch it. If you check the headlines on Google News, you’ll note that the MSM coverage of tonight’s PEGIDA-related rallies is focused more on the anti-PEGIDA counter-demonstrators than on PEGIDA itself.

An estimated 18,000 people attended the demonstration in Dresden tonight. This UPI story is typical of the coverage, but this Bloomberg article is more balanced.

Here’s what CNN had to say about KÖGIDA (the Cologne version of PEGIDA), which had scheduled a rally in front of Cologne Cathedral tonight:

As it happens, tonight’s KÖGIDA demo had to be cancelled:

Anti-Islamist ‘Pegida’ supporters have had to cancel their appearance in Cologne, where thousands of demonstrators showed solidarity with migrants. However, thousands of anti-Islamists showed up in the city of Dresden.

20,000 residents in Cologne and neighboring areas gathered on the streets to demonstrate against the anti-immigrant movement, Pegida.

Overwhelming support for immigrants and asylum seekers in Cologne led to the Pegida demonstrators cancelling their appearance. Citizens in Cologne shouted out in jubilation, the sole goal of their demonstration being to prevent the Kögida- the name of the anti-Islam movement in Cologne- from marching in their city.

Rembrandt Clancy sends this summary of a local media report on Cologne that appeared earlier today, before the cancellation of the demo:

It is not just the lights of the Cologne Cathedral that were going out. The following is the substance of what appeared in the Kölner Stadt Anzeiger today:

Counter-protesters will attempt to block the PEGIDA demonstration: “They want to make it impossible for ‘KÖGIDA’ to move through the city”; hence the paper is announcing that an illegal action is to be undertaken.

The paper continues: The counter-protest is an alliance of 43 individual organisations, parties and associations “against racism”.

“Lights out for racists”

The lights of the Rhine Bridge, as well as those of other official buildings will not be turned on until after the demonstration. The slogan is “Licht aus”. The power company, “Rheinenergie”, by arrangement with the city, will shut down power to the Cologne bridges and other historical buildings until midnight. The evangelical “Antoniterkirche” (Antonite Church), which is in the inner city, will remain dark 18:30 to 21:00. The Cologne Chocolate Museum will also remain dark on Monday evening. The TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein or Technical Inspection Association) will turn off the light of its giant logo in Gremberg which is district in the eastern part of Cologne.

The Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry will darken the stairwell of their main building [the stairwell takes up about 25% of the side of the building] from 18:30 to 20:00.

The mayor, Jürgen Roters (SPD), made the following statement:

“With that Cologne takes a clear position, not only against irrational hatred of foreigners and exclusion, but with these measures gives a clear cause for potential participants in the demonstration to reconsider their stance and their attendance”.

He called upon the participants of the counter-demonstration as follows: “The people of Cologne should ‘send a clear message against xenophobia and exclusion’.”

*   PEGIDA: (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West)

Hat tips: For the video, Vlad Tepes; for the DW article, Fjordman.

19 thoughts on “The Anti-PEGIDA Media

  1. Well, talk about soft fascism…cutting off government services (bridge lights), and allowing illegal blocking of the route of the march by obviously violent counter-demonstrators is a naked use of government power to suppress a political opinion.

    As to the heritage of either side, there is no doubt: the counter-demonstrators, like the Nazis in the 1930’s, use street thuggery and violence to clear out the political opposition; the PEGIDA demonstrators represent a basically law-abiding constituency wanting only to express and debate their point of view…

    The German government is having its cake and eating it too: it gets to bask in the glow of liberal tolerance while pursuing a fascist policy towards those it disagrees with. What could be sweeter?

    The Germans instituted Lebensraum and genocide, but also produced the White Rose and Otto Schindler. I think they deserve better than their current camouflaged-fascist government. If they allow their treatment of PEGIDA and anti-Muslim expression to stand, they will have themselves thrown out their freedoms, even before they feel the cold steel of sharia law against their necks.

  2. Oh you stupid “Progressive” misguided fools!! You care only for your own immediate selfish desires regardless of the terrible future you will leave your descendents to live with. Do you leftwing people ever do any real thinking beyond your own very limited horizons? Moslems are killing Christians acros the Middel-East and even Moslems yet you oiks support the very killers responsible?

    You are sick indeed!

    As for the Chuch authorities you are not failing Christ. You support the crucifiers of his flock! Have you no shame?

    • Part of the so-called Christian church has been corrupted to promote inter-faith doctrines and practices in their quest to create a ‘one-world religion”. And the pope is the biggest advocate and fan of this! It is absolute nonsense that Muslims should be allowed to pray in Christian churches, and they most certainly would never allow Christians to pray in mosques (and true Christians should not want to do so anyway). I think Muslims see it as a sign of conquest when they pray in Christian churches.

  3. PEGIDA is concerned by and opposed to the Islamisation of parts of Germany, namely no-go zones, “honor” murders, sex-slavery, forced underage marriage, car-burning, schoolboy bullying, all that vibrant exciting diversity that is killing German culture, neighborhoods, and education.
    CNN mischaracterizes it as “anti-Muslim”. The reporter in Cologne says the citizens are “worried about a wave of asylum-seekers”. He adds that there are some right-wing people amongst PEGIDA and that “these people are very very dangerous”.
    The mayor of Cologne mischaracterises this concern as “irrational hatred of foreigners”. How wide of the mark they are, and yet how self-satisfied.
    The church, in extinguishing their lights, fails to be “a light that shines in the darkness”: the obliging Chamber of Commerce, in doing the same, is alike.

    Thus the state shuts down discourse. This is folly. Conflict follows.

  4. The City of Cologne and the CNN reporters are doing their impression of the killer of Theo van Gogh, the now released and unrepentant Mohammed Bouyeri: van Gogh had said “Can we talk about this?”.

    • It’s that simple. Bedrock Western principle. Cast aside by the government.

      Counter demonstrators unhindered. Government arrogation of the right to determine what is “irrational” and what involves “hatred.” Violence obliquely encouraged (“send a clear message”).

  5. 20,000 fascists to block a lawful demonstration by PEGIDA? Could the city of Cologne round up that many fascists at one time? Is there that many fascists in Cologne? Are there any honest reports on the actual numbers of fascists that turned up to block PEGIDA?

    I call BS on the actual number of counter-demonstrators until some trust worthy source can be put up as to actual numbers attended.

  6. Islamisation includes, as stated above, no-go zones, “honor” murders, sex-slavery, forced underage marriage, car-burning, schoolboy bullying, also attacks on Jews, harassment of women and girls, white drive-out, Trojan Horse plots to change schools, fire-bombs on synagogues, church-burning, church desecration, grave desecration, and so on.
    Looked at another way, much of this is also failure of law enforcement by city authorities. To distract from their failure they blacken and smear the citizens who want the law upheld, and who pay for it.

  7. We’ve been fighting Islam forever and we have won more often than not.
    An ideology that wants to take over the world is typical, banal, and as common as an argument in a bar. Fanatics _always_want to take over the world. So, what else is new?

    What is unusual today is that there are so many people who want to hitch their wagon to them. This has got to be our most explanatory problem: too much belief in Postmodernism, too little respect for and awe of our own culture, inaccurate biased education and MSM, , nihilism, weakened western culture and religious belief, exaggerated and unrealistic altruisn towards immigrants and the “other”…all evidence of loss in pride for western culture and the gains from our own Enlightenment.

    If we want to fight Islam, criticise school books and political speeches, tear into historians and transnational progressives. Have your friends read GOV.

  8. Funny. When in a West German city I lived in, on almost every wall there were slogans against Capitalism and in support of the Red Army Faction, there were no counter-protests. When anarchists marched to the same slogans, there were no counter-protests. When German kids were being attacked by Muslim kids in schools in Berlin, there were no counter-protests. When Muslims chanted last Summer “Gas the Jews” in the same city, there were no counter-protests. When Christians were being decapitated by the Islamic State, there were no counter protests. And no lights were switched off on Cathedrals.

    Yet now, when one group decides to protest against the media narrative and decision to flood Germany with ever more asylum seekers, many of whom will side with the decapitation, and the “Gas the Jews” chants, the whole media is alarmed, celebrities speak out, lights go out, counter-protests are everywhere and even the Chancellor has her say… does “mainstream Germany” have a death wish, or is it simply too afraid to acknowledge an uncomfortable truth?

  9. Progresivists just another word for SOCIALISTS,COMMUNISTS,LENNONISTS,MARXISTS, and the other LEFTISTS stuff

  10. This repetitive use of the phrase ‘asylum seekers’ even by those opposed to the invasion of and the inevitable occupation of Europe by a fanatical horde of unreconstructed barbarians is, to me, disturbing.
    It reflects several decades of institutionalised induction whereby a significant percentile of the population have become infected with the terminal twin afflictions of pathological altruism and cultural anthropomorphism.
    If enough of us can accept the fact that we have become so diseased and can find a strong enough antidote, whatever form that antidote may take, then we will survive.
    If we cannot, then we will not. It really is that simple.
    S III.

    • What you comment on is relevant to how we have become what we are now today. The institutionalized dumbing down of the citizenry works best on the coward who relies on others i.e. government for direction in their lives. Without the coward the dumbing down of the populace could not have been as effective as it has turned out. We are now ruled by cowards who have been given a leg up into positions of power simply based on their adherence to the Collective wish list and not on merit based on their personal ability to fulfil those positions.

      I would suggest that even though the cowards now rule, they are fast approaching a time in which their lack of ability to effectively deal with the unravelling of what we have left of our civilizations will expose them for what they are, and that is now becoming quite apparent in places like Germany, Holland and France.

  11. Suicide to look noble is always a juvenile dream.

    Odd that an entire Civilization would fall prey to such an infantile, anti-reality movement. Whether called “Globalism”, “One World Unity”, “Socialism”, “Progressivism” or “The Only Enlightened” (beware of those who name themselves best)l.

    All in a mis-aimed effort to “counter” their WW II behavior, they use “fascism” as a tool of an uber-fascism, to silence discussion or dissent.

    When did “inviting in an alien group who openly declare they intend to replace you demographically” …ON YOUR DIME… become “rational” national policy?

    When did the survival instincts in the West learn to roll over and play dead?

    All for the thin gruel of a Utopian Fantasy intent on ushering in “Universal Equality and Social Justice”.

    (And one which may need to use “anti-fascist” street thugs to enforce their Ordered Dream, if necessary.)

    Those who support the Islamization of the West should come out and march FOR that.

    Let’s know who the Koranic Quislings truly are.

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