“You Are Part of Something Huge”

Yesterday we published an English translation of the prepared text for a message sent by Geert Wilders to the organizers of the PEGIDA demonstration in Dresden. The following video clip shows the reading of Mr. Wilders’ message late yesterday afternoon in central Dresden.

Many thanks to Rembrandt Clancy and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff for their work on the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

German video source (19 minutes long)

Rembrandt Clancy sends this background information on the speaker featured in the above video:

About the Speaker

The speaker goes by the name of Ed from Utrecht, and is also known as Ed the Dutchman (Ed der Holländer). In a speech in Dresden on 22 December 2014, he says that the first demonstration in his life was in Dresden on Monday November 3. He had never participated in a political party or other political organisations. He is just a father, a man who is anxious about the political direction in Germany.

In the introduction to an interview by Die Freie Welt (19 December 2014), Ed from Utrecht gives a short description of how he became acquainted with PEGIDA. He had been on the sidelines of a HoGeSa demonstration in Hanover and was interviewed by a number of camera teams. One of these interviews was posted on the Internet causing him to become well-known, and that led to his being one of the main speakers at the PEGIDA demonstrations; for example, on 8 December 2014. Also after his initial HoGeSa exposure, he acquired the epithet “The Courageous Dutchman” (Der mutige Holländer).

Also in the interview with Die Freie Welt, he says his wife is German, he has three children and he lives in the vicinity of the Ruhr. He prefers to use only his first name; he uses the last name of “Utrecht”, because he was born there.


03:47   Anyway, I still have a greeting from someone!
03:51   I send a greeting to Dresden from a countryman of mine.
03:57   It is not a political greeting; I am not a member of his party.
04:00   But I will gladly read his greeting.
04:04   It is from Geert Wilders!
04:10   Good afternoon Germany! … Good afternoon Dresden!
04:14   My dear friends in Dresden,
04:16   What is taking place here in Dresden is truly fabulous. Dresden is leading the way.
04:29   All of Europe is watching you. You are not alone. You are part of something huge.
04:38   In Germany, in Holland, in all of Europe. You are fulfilling the hope of many.
04:44   You are the voice of the population against the elite. You are the people!
04:53   Wir sind das Volk!
05:10   People in Germany have had enough. People in Holland have had enough.
05:15   In all of Europe, people have had enough.
05:19   Enough of terror and hatred. Enough of attacks, enough of bloodshed.
05:25   Enough of Islamization.
05:27   Enough of the political elites, who betray our Judeo-Christian identity and our traditions,…
05:35   …who destroy the future of our children and who are selling out our countries and our civilization.
05:47   (I never get it, but it doesn’t matter.)
05:51   In all of Europe people are saying: “We are the people!” And we are sick of it!
05:58   I support you with all of my heart. Millions all over Europe support you.
06:03   I am proud of you.
06:05   We want what you want: a free people, a free country, a civilized country and no Islamization.
06:14   Let us fight together for all this. No one can stop us. Long live freedom!
06:20   A greeting from Geert Wilders!

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

2 thoughts on ““You Are Part of Something Huge”

  1. The Dutchman has many like-minded citizens in the same position across the West. The Tea Party in the US grew solely out of one man’s cri de coeur on an MSM news program covering the floor on Wall Street. He was disgusted and fed up with the machinations of Big government and thundered “What we need is another Tea Party”…from there this grass roots movement has grown, even as the ruling Republicans have attempted to silence them …repeatedly. A stupid move since it cost Romney the election last time but it was a cost he and his Beltway insiders were willing to pay: defeat before being associated with the Tea Party.

    Several days after last week’s South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention, Breitbart had this report:


    If your “news” came only from the MSM you’d never know about the Tea Parties . The local Tea Party in a prominent, long-time Republican Congressional district in Virginia created a Washington ‘earthquake’ by handing the seat to an unknown economics professor. A report from the time, last June:


    I think this was the first defeat EVER for a House Majority Leader but it was solid evidence of what happens when you lose sight of what your job is. Later on, this loser, Eric Cantor -pluperfect Republican candidate – gracelessly left his seat early, leaving it empty rather than face the humiliation. Of course he did the very thing that drives US voters to fury: took a cushy job as a lobbyist making over a million dollars a year.

    And they wonder why we loathe them.

    BTW, the Tea Party volunteers were able to drive him out because of his pro-immigration position.

    And another btw: the mugs in charge of the House responded to Cantor’s defeat in their usual graceless fashion. They had to appoint a new Majority Leader so they “chose” the loser’s personal fave:


    Professor Brat won his Congressional seat fair and square. But I’ll bet he’s given the shun-and-shame treatment by those Republicans who wanted Cantor running things. They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. “The people speak? Bah. We don’t listen.”

    And thus does voters’ respect for Congress continue circling the drain. Ask them if they care what we think.

  2. I think your comment highlights the problem that the two party (or more in some countries) political system under the democracy model has become in all countries that have based their political systems on the adversarial government versus opposition political process, which I believe as a model of government has now had its day.

    One only needs to look around to notice that all those countries that utilize that kind of political system has failed or is failing – due to moving away from fundamentalist government – to meet the wishes of those who get to elect the government – the people.

    And I would base that opinion on simple observation of the disenchantment that is so very evident within the population of individual countries that have more than two political parties vying for that ever so important vote. The more the voter feels alienated from the democratic process and what he/she expects for themselves. the higher the number of political parties that eventuate within those countries based on sections of the community that they can ally themselves with. What we are witnessing is nothing less than the complete and eventual breakdown of government throughout the West which can only lead to one thing – civil disturbances, the scale of which has not yet been witnessed or eventual civil or/and world war.

    What we should be doing now is to prepare for that eventual breakdown and the fallout from it. We need to be devising a form of government that gives the people far more input than what is currently acceptable into how and what the government does as part of and not apart from, as government has now grown, the wishes of a moral people.

    And I do not use the term ‘moral people’ lightly, because as much wiser people than I realized long ago, only a moral nation can survive its fools in government.

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