PEGIDA Comes to the Clonskeagh Mosque in Dublin

Anti-Islamization activists stage a demonstration at the Clonskeagh Mosque (a.k.a. the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland) in Dublin yesterday. Those in attendance included people interested in starting an Irish chapter of PEGIDA.

The demonstrators were attacked by a larger group of “anti-fascists”, and had it not been for the presence of sufficient numbers of Gardaí, the anti-Islamists might have suffered bodily harm. As it was, the AFA paramilitaries managed to rip up one of the demonstrators’ banners (see the video below the jump).

Mark Humphrys has an informative page on the Clonskeagh mosque:

The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland (the Clonskeagh mosque in Dublin, the largest mosque in Ireland) is a reactionary, conservative mosque that is apparently linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. It seems to be the main Muslim Brotherhood centre in Ireland, and one of the main Muslim Brotherhood centres in Europe.

There’s much more detail about the Ikhwan connections at that page, for readers who are interested.

A demonstrator who was present at the Clonskeagh Mosque yesterday sends this report:

I must say first that the protest was not a PEGIDA protest, but an Anti-Islam Ireland protest. I was there to see what would happen and how it would happen.

Only about eleven people turned up out of the fifty or so who said they would.

At the start only four of us were there. After this four others came. As that group was coming to meet us they were attacked by AFA members (anti fascist alliance [Antifa]). The AFA had about forty-five members there. This will be the most they will get there, more or less, because they thought we were having over fifty coming.

The police were in front of us, but allowed the AFA to come behind. With this the AFA people ripped up a banner. However, this was good for us, because RTÉ [Raidió Teilifís Éireann, Radio Television Ireland, the state broadcaster] saw the whole thing. There were other media people there, and photos were taken of the way the AFA was acting.

The Muslims came out with tea and dates for us, but we were all very polite and said, “No, thank you.”

After the protest was over I made sure the police gave us all a safe passage to our cars. The police were aware that these AFA people are the same ones that are making all the trouble in the water meter protest in Ireland.

Once we got into our cars, we went to a meeting place, and I think PEGIDA Ireland now has a few members.

I’m happy with the way the protest turned out, because it showed us in a good light, even if the numbers were low. I also think there is no need for another Anti-Islam Ireland protest right now. Rather, we need to have more meetings to attempt a bigger protest.

Below is a media report on the protest. Notice the softball question lobbed at the spokeswoman for the mosque (a native Irish convert?) by the reporter.

Many thanks to Vlad for uploading the above video.

Media news reports on yesterday’s protest at the Clonskeagh mosque:

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

18 thoughts on “PEGIDA Comes to the Clonskeagh Mosque in Dublin

  1. Good grief? They are now in Catholic Ireland? Quelle horrore! That’s all I can say and if that makes me a racist, so be it.

    • The IRA are busy intimidating and threatening violence on the anti-Islamists (anti-Muslim) protestors.

    • First of all don’t forget it was a Pope who gave Ireland to the Norman overlords of England. Those same Norman overlords persecuted the English and Irish for hundreds of years. We English were treated no better than you Irish. Then when you got independence for the 26 counties you Irish had a civil war and at the end of it murdered the only man who could have led Ireland into the modern world – Michael Collins. Then we have the IRA. Good at back shootings and murder of civilians but now that Ireland needs the IRA, where are they ? Adams and co are settled into lucrative positions but a resurgent IRA could rid Ireland of the current infestation. As you so rightly said, ” where are they when they are needed ? “

      • MW. Very clear. Thank you. Hopefully ISIS is giving some pause to the west in general Maybe in the very near future there will be fewer nervous highly strung anxiety ridden student youth and others cavorting with all those very hard core Muslim-Islamics in “peaceful” sheeps clothing.

      • Just the facts Ma’am; just the facts. The most accurate and truthful piece I have found on the historical resistance to the secular discrimination visited upon Catholic Ulstermen as a result of the ‘Ulster Plantation’ of 1609; which gave rise to the IRA. From Wikipedia.

        Warning alert to British Apologists: The truth oft times hurts!

        Written by Irish journalist Eamonn MacDonagh who recently has done some stellar reporting on the murder of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman who was investigating the link between Argentine President Cristina Fernandez and the Thugocracy in Iran covering up Iranian culpability in the 1994 Jewish Center Bombing in Buenos Aires.

  2. The saddest thing is that the IRA has embraced jihad groups like Hezzbolla (Hezb’allah, the army of allah) and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), has incorporated jihad symbolism into IRA propaganda material, and in some instances expressed solidarity with the muslim cause. Clearly, one hopes that they now recognize the way in which they were deceived by the muslims, how the muslims hijacked the IRA’s cause and used it as a way to advance their Jihad in Ireland.

    Here is a perfect opportunity for all Irish people to join together, shed the false guilt promulgated by the muslims and their apologists in the legacy media, and begin the process of closing mosques and deporting muslims.

    There should be no Islam in Ireland.

  3. Yeah, there is a very strong pro-Palestine sentiment in Ireland and this will not help many to wake up to the Jihad by stealth or otherwise. The IRA have always had close ties to the Middle East, they used to get guns and training from Gaddaffi in Libya. They wouldn’t fight to save Ireland until it came to the crunch. However I think many people were taken aback last month when one of the leaders of the mosque Dr Ali Selim threatened legal action to prevent the printing of the recent Charlie Hebdo cartoons. He has openly claimed to want Sharia in Ireland if the Muslims ever get a majority (which I’m sure he’s working on).

    • I really doubt that “freedom of speech” issues will ever be enough to energize the man in the street against the islamisation of our countries. It is unfortunately way too nebulous a concept, too impersonal. It should be clear by now that the “Je suis Charlie” protests were pretty much hot air. We all know what the proper reaction should be to Muslim violence.

  4. The IRA are terrorists as are the Loyalist UDA and UVF etc. The hands of all these groups drip with blood, just like Islam.

    According to the lady from Anti-Islam Ireland, her group was threatened with violence by Republicans. The IRA are Republicans.

    It is time to remind commenters about the IRA reign of terror in Northern Ireland. They kidnapped and murdered many people, including Jean McConville, a mother of 10. They murdered 12 people with a firebomb at LaMon. They tortured and murdered two Army Corporals who strayed into an IRA funeral. Need I go on? And this is the organisation you, Bert want to deal with Islam! The IRA and Muslim terror groups are brothers-in-arms, birds of a feather. May God protect us from Islam and the IRA and the Loyalist killers.

    • I have to agree with you, wish somebody there had some sense. Both sides have descended into gangsterism, drug dealing and various other criminal activities. They have become “pocket” not “politics”. May both sides wake up soon to the threat that is amongst them.

      • I should add that I am an Orangeman in Canada and we don’t tolerate any anti- Catholic sentiments. This is the truth. The way we see it is, we are all Christians faced with a threat against our Christianity.

        • bert, as a Catholic in southern California I look at the evangelicals and Mormons as part of our team-the multiculturists/socialists/Obamabots are the enemy! you can’t let it get to critical mass-then you have the kind of problems you see in France and the UK

  5. look at the size of that mosque,surely there arent thousands of devil worshippers in that one town,wont be long until they open a halal slaughter house,check out BARENAKEDISLAM

  6. What these anti-Islam groups need to be is be more specific in their goals. Just being “anti-islam” is not enough. Define what you mean by carefully wording your banners. Also, include ‘anti-fascism’ in your messages. Islam and Fascism have a LOT in common. So, a clear anti-fascist message would have the Antifa groups scratching their heads and wondering which side to be on, LOL.

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