BBC Interview With Michael Stürzenberger

Michael Stürzenberger is the leader of the Munich branch of the party Die Freiheit, and is one of the most well-known activists leading the resistance to the Islamization of Germany. Last night Mr. Stürzenberger was interviewed by the BBC when he was in Cologne for the truncated KÖGIDA demonstration.

The following audio doesn’t identify the person being interviewed, but according to Politically Incorrect, it is indeed Michael Stürzenberger:

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3 thoughts on “BBC Interview With Michael Stürzenberger

  1. It looks like Germany is not down and out like the rest of Europe. Hopefully they will rise again and lead the rest of deballed limping Muslim intimidated money bags back to sanity. Head off (pun intended) a full blown only infinitely worse Balkans style civil war and left versus right all rolled into one. A good twenty five to fifty millions plus worlwide casualty potential there.

  2. Was it Angela Merkel who was gang-raped by muslims the other day?
    On whom scissors were used in an on-the-spot Islamic clitoridectomy?
    Who cannot go out at night because it simply is not safe?
    Whose windows had bricks thrown through them at night?
    Whose car was burnt?
    Whose dog was poisoned?
    Whose gateway was urinated in?
    Who receives cries of “Whore” from muslim men in the street?
    Who is asked by muslim men how much she charges?
    Thought not.

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