We Know Where You Live! We’re Going to Beat You Up!

A woman named Tanya is one of the most prominent speakers at Danish PEGIDA rallies (see her previous speeches here and here).

Tanya was one of the featured speakers in last month’s Swedish PEGIDA rally in Malmö. After she spoke, she was singled out for vociferous special attention by the Antifa counter-demonstrators, who threatened to beat her up — this from those gentle souls carrying signs saying that love will always triumph over hate. They told her that they knew where she lived.

Below are video excerpts of the crowd scene that day. Vlad has added a report about what happened later, when the “anti-fascist” went looking for Tanya in Copenhagen.

Many thanks to Liberty DK for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (composite of two clips, separately timed):

00:28   (undecipherable) are going to burn in hell
00:35   F*** you…shut up…shut up
00:42   Nazi pigs, Nazi pigs, Nazi pigs
00:49   Nazi pigs, Nazi pigs, Nazi pigs
00:56   You are standing here giving us the finger, screaming with strange banners.
01:03   Don’t you understand what it is that you are doing, don’t you understand what the future holds?
01:10   (clapping and undecipherable words)
00:00   Crush the Nazis, crush the Nazis
00:07   Crush the Nazis, now now now
00:14   Tanya… Tanya… Tanya (counterdemonstrators by name trying to get the attention of a Pegida demonstrator)
00:21   We know where you live…
00:28   No Nazis on our streets, no Nazis on our streets (repeated)
00:36   Hello can we have some quiet in the class! Quiet!
00:44   Crowd keeps chanting ‘no Nazis on our streets’.
01:27   (undecipherable)
01:44   Tanya, we know where you live! We know where you live, If we see you we are going to beat you up. (trying to rhyme it in Danish)
01:55   Tanya!

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

21 thoughts on “We Know Where You Live! We’re Going to Beat You Up!

    • This is very similar to the islamic mob that, to all intents and purposes rules Pakistan.

  1. The Stockholm syndrome. Syria and the other happening now and planned for killing fields seems to be the new model for this morally bankrupt EUnuch. What a pity the Swedes couldn’t find a similar voice during WW2. Or ever before actually. Is this a belated guilt ridden confused national conscience?

  2. Could you explain the video to someone new here?

    The protest was about sharia law encroaching upon society, but the angry protestors did not dress as Muslims often do. Were they non Muslims in favor of Sharia? Is that what the video shows?
    If so, do they understand that under Sharia they would not be permitted to protest?
    If I am not understanding this, please delete my comment. Thank you, Peter Hyatt

    • Pegida is an anti-Shariah group which started in Dresden Germany and now stages peaceful marches in several European cities, Tanya is one of the Danish leaders who also speaks at Malmo (Sweden) as well, Pegida marches usually attract the attention of the local ‘Brown Shirted’ anti-fascista fascists who are definitely not peaceful, and who, if they can will break through the police lines, and seek to cripple the opposition.

      What you see here is a classic display of leftist intolerance, violence and hypocrisy which allows no dissent from their standard politico-religious doctrines.

  3. I like the combination :EUnuch.

    “Is this a belated guilt ridden confused national conscience”

    I wish Scandinavian had a feeling of guilt and a live conscience. But both are missing : that’s why they sacrifice their own people at the feet of muslims. Very Strange indeed.

  4. Have these caliphate-supporting idiots forgotten that the muslim brotherhood was a strong enabler of the Nazi party or that Sweden actively collaborated with the Nazis in their invasion of Russia? Who are the real Nazis here?

    • I think you might be confusing Sweden with Finland, which was a formal ally of Germany during World War II. Finland had lost a war and considerable territory to Russia during the Finnish winter war of 1939. The Finnish troops, which included Jewish soldiers, had the objective of reclaiming Finish territory.

      Sweden, whatever else it did, consciously sent Raoul Wallenberg as ambassador to Hungary during the German occupation. Wallenberg saved thousands, or tens of thousands of Jews by freely handing out Swedish papers of citizenship. Wallenberg’s success was so prominent that when the Russians occupied Hungary, they arrested Wallenberg, stashed him in the Gulag, and he was never heard from again. Apparently, the Russians didn’t want any type of national hero interfering with their plans for extended occupation and incorporation of Hungary into the Russian empire.

      Also, in the last year or so of World War II, the Swedish navy ran interference for Jewish refugees getting away from the Nazi roundups in Denmark and Norway.

      Sweden definitely has a history to be proud of, which makes the present situation all the more tragic.

      • Yeah but, the Swedes were ‘neutral’ and Nazi relations compliant during WW2. Even vile Nazi society in Germany produced The White Rose movement and other resistance. There was no popular resistance a la Denmark or Norway out of Sweden even though their neighbors just down the road were occupied. I may be wrong.

      • You are correct in that Sweden advertised itself as “Neutral.” It also had some remarkably brave individuals who did what they could to help refugees. When push came to shove, however, the Swedes had no problem allowing troops and war material to travel through their country to be used against the Russians. They also aided the Nazi war effort by supplying iron ore and ball bearings to German industry. Sweden also made money by converting gold and diamonds stolen from others, mostly Jews, into “clean” wealth to aid the Nazi economy. When Sweden saw which way the war was going in 1944, they suddenly became “ally friendly.”

        • In the same manner, Sweden will become Islamophobic when the wind shifts in that direction. I guarantee it.

          And then amnesia will set in, as it did after 1945: “We have always opposed the totalitarian ideology called Islam! Always!”

  5. No they are just assimilating Moslems……

    You see with such people, it is their own feelings of inadequacy that make them behave like this. Most have a background of mental illness, infantilism and self-hatred. Islam attracts them like a magnet. I have seen this on the “Left” all my life. Call it “Rent-a-Cause” to save me from my feelings of self hatred and rejection by adults. So we are really not talking about “inadequacy” but people who pathalogically believe they are better and more intelligent than the rest of us. This lot exist in Church too. They are the title -seekers…….and social climbers. A typical one is a certain Bishop we consecrated recently and now seeks to have those that did so “laicised” (defrocked) because he doesn’t “like us” (his own words). He has also taken to calling hisself ‘de’ and affecting to be descended from Knights Anti- summat or other.

    I asked one of my priests who’s gay (nice chap actually) if he could imagine the House of Bishops ‘Defrocked’…..

    His reply “Guy, deary not at your age and frankly your not my type’…

    Oooh the B****!

  6. If you want to know just how vicious the Swedish far left is, and how frighteningly similar to the Nazi brownshirts, watch this youtube vid from Swedish TV:


    It’s called Det goda våldet, the good violence, and the footage speaks for itself, within about 15 seconds–you don’t need to understand the Swedish to get the point. One of these thugs, a rapper from the outfit Kartellen, makes a complete ass of himself in interviews, showing just how intellectually challenged the antifa mob can be.

  7. We have access to your entrance!

    South-East European beggars are being allowed into entrances to Swedish homes at nights, where they are supposed to distribute DM, as a way of employing them.


    Prime Minister Löfven, independent on the above, was rushed to hospital Karolinska Sjukhuset, on a stretcher this morning, straight from Arlanda airport. Earlier in the week, he has been visiting Addis Abbeba, Ethiopia. However, he was well enough to leave the hospital a few hours later today.

    • The beggars have for some time been selling a magazine called “Folk är folk”, in addition to their other usual business.

  8. Nowadays, when people are short of arguments they simply call their opponent a ‘Nazi’ or a ‘fascist’. For these reasons, these two words have lost their original meanings and mean only one thing: “a person I strongly dislike”.

    • With the emphasis on “dislike”. Not someone to whom I can talk, but just someone to hate. All that Leftist twaddle is full of “Feelings” sans Reason.

  9. A bit like American ghetto ‘He be bad’ really means ‘He be really really good’. Yo! That ‘Muslim’ means ‘he be bad’.

  10. Sweden with Portugal, Spain and Italy were a defacto part of the New Nazi World Order. In Sweden as elsewere history is being twisted to a more Saudi Islamic corporate PC agenda.

  11. So her speech fell on deaf ears then, they are determined not to listen to her or Dan Park etc.as they have already formed their opinions, based on…opinions. ?! Not on facts or evidence. But, what else is new as far as the left are concerned.

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