Gavin Boby in Copenhagen: “The Koran is the Source Code of Islamic Doctrine”

PEGIDA rallies were held today in a number of European cities, including Copenhagen. One of the speakers at the PEGIDA DK rally was “Mosquebuster” Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation.

Many thanks to Henrik Clausen for recording this video, and to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading it:

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Photo ©Snaphanen

6 thoughts on “Gavin Boby in Copenhagen: “The Koran is the Source Code of Islamic Doctrine”

  1. Well done to Gavin. Tasteful choice of venue too. I really need to change career paths and have Saturdays as my day off.

  2. A great speech, with a very thoughtful and well-laid out argument at the heart of it, and lots of solid evidence to back it up. It’s fantastic that we have the likes of Gavin Boby on our side…

    That said – I’m wondering what the chanting was far away? I assume that it was the usual leftist losers doing their best to disrupt the occasion? Perhaps for the future, a consignment of, say, Legia Warsaw fans could be flown out to places like Dublin and Copenhagen, as a counterbalance to the leftists? 🙂

    (just for the record – there were “a few dozen” counterprotesting “anti-fascists” in Warsaw too. But they had to be surrounded on all sides by police, for their own protection)

  3. ‘Preventing births’ within the targeted group and ‘Transfer of children’ from the targeted group could also be seen as the fact that muslim men can use ‘kuffar’ women for reproduction and the children are then always muslim, while muslim women cannot marry away from islam. I’m surprised that forcing women from another group to increase the size of the genocidal monsters’ group isn’t mentioned by the convention as a genocidal practice.

  4. Too bad he isn’t speaking in front of the UN.

    If only that could be arranged somehow, that would be amazing.

    • Particularly as his quote about the UN definition of genocide is factually irrefutable and the contents of the Koran are criminal.

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