PEGIDA Conquers Europe

In the above photo, you’ll notice that the banner being held by Filip Dewinter and his colleagues features “PEGIDA Vlaanderen” — that is, “PEGIDA Flanders” and not “PEGIDA Belgium”. PEGIDA is now spreading rapidly throughout Western and Central Europe, but it is very much a national movement. Since Belgium is an artificial multinational state that acts as the Mini-Me of the European Union, a PEGIDA Belgium franchise would make no sense at all.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this German-language article published last week by Geolitico:

PEGIDA Conquers Europe

by Günther Lachmann
January 17, 2016

PEGIDA has become an export item of the national-conservative rebellion. On February 6th, it will show its strength in many European cities.

With 350 participants, the group that hit the streets in Antwerp against the Islamization of Europe was a modest size. For PEGIDA leader Lutz Bachmann, however, the appearance in the Belgian port city is another important strategic success. He came to Flanders at the invitation of the extreme rightist and separatist Vlaams Belang [Flemish Interest] party. Among the nationalists on the Belgian North Sea coast, Bachmann is highly respected because of the mass marches of up to 20,000 people he organized in Dresden. He appeared in Antwerp next to the Vlaams Belang politician Filip Dewinter, as the main speaker

Edwin Wagenveld — better known to PEGIDA followers as “Ed the Dutchman” — was also there. A Netherlander by birth, Wagenveld has lived in Germany for several years, is a frequent guest in Dresden, and has built up PEGIDA in the Netherlands on the German model. There, as in Belgium, the movement has taken over the German name, so it has for a long time been more than just a German phenomenon. It has become an export item of national-conservative rebellion which is increasingly popular among those who no longer feel represented by the established parties.

Major Demonstrations on February 6th

Requests for contact information from nationalists all over Europe were not long in coming. And they were welcomed in Dresden. By now, PEGIDA is in Austria, Czechia, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland and Great Britain. The movement has good connections from Vlaams Belang, through the French Front National, the British EU-hostile UKIP and the nationalist parties of Eastern Europe, to the Italian Lega Nord. These connections for Bachmann’s movement are tended by the self-appointed PEGIDA advocate, Götz Kubitschek.

Kubitschek is the co-founder of the controversial Institute for State Policy, where Thuringian AfD head Björn Höcke recently propounded the theory about “evolutionary differential reproduction strategies” of Africans and Europeans. Further, Kubitschek publishes the nationalist conservative journal Sezession. Last year he represented PEGIDA at a congress of Lega Nord in Rome, and as “a guest at a huge demonstration of the Lega on the Piazza des Popolo” as he wrote on his internet site.

On the sixth of February, PEGIDA will show how strong it has become with large demonstrations all over Europe. The central demonstration is planned for Dresden; further demonstrations are planned for — among many other cities — Warsaw, Tallinn, Prague, Bratislava, Amsterdam, possibly Birmingham.

Press Conference in the Czech Parliament

Tatjana Festerling of the PEGIDA organization team talks of a “Europe-wide PEGIDA rally.” “We will be in touch with the individual locations by live hook-up,” she says. It is intended as a show of strength against a policy that is increasingly distrusted — a policy for which Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel is held to be primarily responsible.

The organization intends to make final arrangements in Prague on the 23rd of January. In attendance will be Marek Cernoch of the Czech right-populist Úsvit (Dawn) and representatives of the local “Blocks against Islam.” From Great Britain will come the former leader of the staunchly rightist EDL, Tommy Robinson, who launched PEGIDA in the United Kingdom. Islam critics and nationalists do not need to lie low in Prague. On the contrary. PEGIDA is already presentable in Czechia. In fact, there is a press conference planned in the Czech parliament after the meeting.

Founding of a Party

Festerling, who garnered almost 10% of the votes in her first attempt at the Dresden mayoral race last year, says, “We had a lot of fans right from the beginning. In Prague we are virtually folk heroes.” Although she puts great value on contacts to Eastern Europe, she will also represent PEGIDA at the Academics’ Ball of the Austrian FPÖ (Austrian Freedom Party) at the end of February. PEGIDA sets great store by “good neighborly relationships,” she says in justifying the creation of the European network. Above all, it should be about maximum clout in the political battle against the European Union.

But it is in her own birthplace — Germany — that the movement has thus far found no partisan political connection. “AfD can on no account be considered the partisan political representation of PEGIDA, even though by nature it should be,” writes Kubitschek. So PEGIDA chief Bachmann has for some time been considering the founding of its own party. Preparations are apparently proceeding nicely.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

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  1. Speaking of Filip Dewinter, he will be speaking at the upcoming American Renaissance Conference this May, in Tennessee. Highly recommended.

  2. Can you post and translate this video.

    WATCH: ‘Angela Merkel You Have Killed Germany!’ – 16 Year Old Girl’s Migrant Fears Video That Some Claim Facebook Are ‘Censoring’

    ” “I cannot understand why they do this. But more importantly, I cannot understand why Germany is doing nothing! Why is Germany standing by, watching, and then doing nothing? Please explain, why. Men of Germany, these people are killing your children, they are killing your women. We need your protection,” she goes on to say adding, “The politicians live alone in their villas, drink their cocktails, and do nothing. They do nothing! I do not know what world they live in, but please, people, please help us! Please, do something!”

    It’s on you tube here:

  3. This is key to understanding the PEGIDA phenomenon:

    It has become an export item of national-conservative rebellion which is increasingly popular among those who no longer feel represented by the established parties.

    The wide-spread sentiment is not just European, but North American, too.

    It’s the main impetus for Donald Trump’s aggressive presence in the U.S. presidential campaign, and for the increased fissioning of both parties.

    Why are things falling apart on both sides of the political spectrum?

    One is obviously that growing nationalism; it’s an inevitable push-back against the globalist tactics by both sides of the aisle.
    Push “global” on people and they push back with a desire for sovereignty.
    Borders and sovereign states mean that someone is accoutable. With globalism, the responsibility for outcomes is vague and the harm done becomes passive: “mistakes were made”.

    The other is a growing realization that neither political party understands what their people want. In desperation, the Dems are turning to Bernie Sanders. In a strangled, leftist fashion he’s their populist. Sadly, he’s the best they have at present.

    The GOPe is in even worse shape, tearing itself apart at the thought of a populist rebellion gaining traction. The Republicans currently in charge *like* being in second place. They get all the perks of loserdom; they don’t have to take responsibility for the horrors the Dems have created in foreign or domestic policy. Meanwhile, it’s far better than being tossed into the cold darkness that represents life outside the Beltway.

    Donald Trump is the American PEGIDA.

    • Sanders is heavily misguided, but probably personally a LOT more decent than Hillary.

      That he is misguided as opposed to corrupt is obvious to me, but to a lot of left-leaning voters, they’ll see him as “real”, which he is – but they’ll ignore the misguided part.

      • Sanders is deadly. He slowly won over even gop council members in his little Vermont village where he could micromanage the snow trucks. He’s like a moderate Muslim for socialism, a useful idiot opening the door. Conversely, I’m terrified at the prospect of a united pergida across Europe and at the same time heartened to learn about the organisational epitude. Whatever is not happening in Germany yet with our a partner needs to happen now. Later others can come on board as juniors. I’m under not illusions about what is required to take take back Europe so I’m teaching to breath through it and come to terms with awesome power of nationalism I know will be required. They need to forget about smears from the left and paid agitators and concentrate on building discipline in their own ranks

      • It’s from a poem by William Butler Yeats ,which describes exactly the epoch in which we are living.Considering the poem was written in 1920 Yeats was able to foreshadow the unease he felt ,a sense of approaching doom.He foresaw that at some point the democracy , science,Christianity and progress of Western civilization would battle the mysticism ,depravity and regression coming from the Middle East-the heart of Islam.

        • First verse.And think of the apathy of the West ,the disconnect between our leaders and the ordinary people as you read it.Think of the intensity of animus directed by the hostile forces of Islam and their apologists ,directed at the ordinary man fighting to protect his wife and daughter and way of life.

          Turning and turning within the widening gyre
          The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
          Things fall apart;the centre cannot hold;
          Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
          The blood-dimmed tide is loosed,and everywhere
          The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
          The best lack all conviction,wile the worst Are full of passionate intensity.

          • Second verse.Think how the desire to conquer the whole world and crush it under the heel of an Islamic caliphate.It is notion that has to Western eyes seemed nothing but a harmless curiosity .Something to be marveled at as an artifact from ancient history with no hope of impinging on the present.

            It is an ancient evil,an evil that at most stages in history has existed in one form or another.
            Since the time of Mohammed it has been made flesh once again in the form of the devotees of Islam.

            Second verse
            Surely some revelation is at hand;
            Surely the second Coming!Hardly are those words out
            When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
            Troubles my sight:a waste of desert sand;
            A shape with a lion body and the head of a man,
            A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
            Is moving its slow thighs,while all about it
            Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds

    • “Donald Trump is the American PEGIDA.”

      I very much doubt that. I think Trump is running a stealth campaign to get the unelectable Mrs Clinton elected. Viz his previous party affiliation and opinions.

    • Donald Trump shares the same worldview as Geert Wilders ,Tommy Robertson and Marine LePen.

      All the aforementioned want to close the borders to Muslim immigration and in fact to other problematic immigration also.In Trump’s case he wants to stop Mexican immigration. Le Pen wants to stop immigration from Belgium and the economic migrants on the march through Europe looking for a better deal, on the pretext of being refugees. Wilders wants to stop immigration from Morrocco and the immigration economic migrants Merkel invited in. Robertson wants to stop immmigration of economic migrants from Calais.

      All these leaders want a patriotic economy.Robertson wants British jobs and British welfare payments to go to indigenous British people not to migrants.

      Trump wants American jobs and American welfare to go to the American people and not to migrants.

      Wilders wants Dutch jobs and Dutch welfare to go to Dutch people and not to migrants.

      Le Pen wants French jobs and French welfare to go to French people and not to migrants.

      All these leaders want to protect the sovereignty of their nation states. All want to ensure that their countrymen can live saflye in their own country free from the threat of Islamic terrorism. A threat which they consider will grow the more Muslims immigrate to their respective countries.

    • Why are American anti-jihadists, generally, not saddling up to PEGIDA? Why the hesitation? Why is there not a full-throat shout-out for Trump?

      • There is much support for Trump in the counterjihad and especially among those who are not afraid of being labeled ‘populists’. I am for Mr. Trump because he is the ONLY candidate who is pushing for re-establishing our sovereignty. He doesn’t appear to be either a Republican or a Democrat as far as I can tell, but he is in favor of limiting MUSLIM immigration. Until he showed up, I wasn’t going to bother voting.

        Much of Trump appears to be a blank slate in terms of a coherent political philosophy. But I no longer care. The Dems are a mess, the GOP(e) are mendacious opportunists. And the soi-disant “conservatives” have soiled themselves in their mad scramble to move away from/against The Donald. The latest issue of National Review is a case in point.

        I started a post on this, using Diana West’s column, in which she endorsed Trump’s candidacy…perhaps a fortnight ago…but I wasn’t able to finish it. Since then, she’s written a newer column, here:

        Cruz vs Trump -I

        Rush Limbaugh said today that nationalism and populism have overtaken conservatism in terms of appeal.

        I would add that until Donald Trump’s candidacy, neither nationalism nor populism were political choices. Both had been demonized into oblivion.

        I would also add that since the heyday of William F. Buckley, Jr., conservatism has been synonomous with internationalism, which overrides nationalism, and has nothing to do with populism.

        It is for this reason I suspect that many Americans who love Donald Trump will be voting for the first time.

        And it is for this reason I suspect that many of them would never vote for a Ted Cruz, because, no matter where he ends up in terms of political positioning, he, too, springs from the internationalist camp when it comes to immigration and economics, trade and borders: the existential issues that Donald Trump has made this presidential primary about.

        Think H1B visas, TPP, Syrian refugees: At first, Sen. Cruz supported all of these Rorschach causes, later to follow Donald Trump’s lead in opposing them.

        From globalist reflexes to nationalist positioning: There is a pattern here.

        To be continued

        That was last Wednesday, Jan 20th.
        Today, on the 24th, Diana has a new one:

        Cruz v. Trump 2: The Post-Constitutional Election

        A word cloud envelops the Ted Cruz campaign for president. “Consistent.” “Conservative.” “Reliable.” “Consistent conservative,” “reliable conservative.” “Trusted.” Or, as the tagline goes, “TrusTed.”

        This branding does not serve Ted Cruz well. After all, he is a politician. In his short career as a senator and presidential candidate, Cruz has already flip-flopped on vital immigration and trade issues. There is a pattern to his political “evolution.” As a measure of the Trump effect, Cruz has moved from the globalist position to the nationalist position on Syrian refugess (for to against), Obamatrade (for to against), H1B visas (from calling for expansion to calling for a moratorium), birthright…

    • The recent development that I just relished reading about was that Bloomberg wants to enter the race as an independent. In years past it was always someone who would split the Republican voting block making this threat, think Perot.

      I hope Bloomberg jumps in. His only platform is gun-banning, but it could only help to elect a republican.

  4. The people of Europe are in the early stages of a vital movement to take their continent back into their own hands and thus in turn hand a safe, free future to their children and theirs beyond.

    It has been a long time coming and I hope and pray that it is not just another passing ephemera, but that it sustains, grows and becomes unstoppable.

    I for one shall be dragging this tired and weary old corpus to Birmingham on the 6th and I ask every Brit who reads this blog and can possibly make it to join me. In determined numbers there will be a strength that cannot be overcome.

    And, if you know someone who like you has found the will to step forward but is not aware of what is about to happen, then talk to them, e-mail them, write to them or grab them by the hand and bring them with you for if you do not this could well being our last chance saloon. So come stand and let the deconstructionists and their barbarian foot soldiers see your faces lifted in the light of day and also see at last that beneath those faces there are backbones.

    Seneca III, Middle England, in what is either the dawn or the dusk of our time .

  5. I never understood why nationalism and related/similar societal relics are so good for Counterjihad.

    am I allowed to opposed islam, jihad and sharia if my convictions are firmly and essentially

    – globalist
    – cosmopolitain
    – secular
    – humanist, and
    – feminist?

    I’m not French but I’ll never forgive islamic orks for Bataclan.
    I’m not British but I’ll never forgive them for 7/7.
    I’m neither German nor Christian nor a woman but I’ll never forgive them for Cologne.
    … and so on, you get the idea.

    there is no satisfactory definition of “people” and “nation”, every attempt to define it will contain lethal philosophical poisons, will remind of countless dark times and deeds, and heinous templates.

    we simply need unity, clarity and courage to act at all levels of our responsibility – individual, political, moral, metahysical, – to withstand the aggressive and retrograde nature of islam (I’m tempted to add “and nationalism”).

    wonder if anyone else had similar feelings. 🙂

    • I agree with you.The opposition to Islam cannot be narrowly defined.Rational people capable of critical thought will oppose it,even if the groups with which they are accustomed to align themselves support Islam.
      Being capable of critical thought means that while in large part a movement may temporarily share your zeitgeist it can move in a direction completely at odds with logic.
      For while you might align yourself with the central position of a group that group can be taken hostage by extreme irrational elements.
      When you recognize that this is happening you can either bridle your critical faculties don blinkers and go with the flow ,abdicating all moral responsibility,or you can say “this is nonsense is at odds with the spirit of the founding charter ,I’m off to find other rational human beings wherever I can find them”
      You will find it quite lonely at first ,but somewhere you will find a group to whom you can belong without abject unreasoning intellectual submission.

    • One could flip the coin on to its backside:

      “. . . am I allowed to opposed islam, jihad and sharia if my convictions are firmly and essentially

      – American, West of the Mississippi & “Sagebrush Rebellion
      – very much rural with a distaste for “metrosexuallism”
      – orthodox (big & little “O”); who grew up among “holy-rollers” in the mountains of the Salmon River wilderness of Idaho
      – Aristotelian, Thomist & Essentialist
      – who believes ardently that Male & Female were created in the Image of God
      — who is convinced by natural Law, Constitutional orthodoxy, and common law, that Roe vs Wade, Lawrence vs. Texas (and that silliness last June) should be overturned.
      — who believes that Gender/Queer Theory is just as destructive of civilization as Islam; more specifically, that Post-Modernism (especially in its guise as Queer Theory) and Islam are allies
      — having lived in San Francisco for many years carry a heavy heart for what the City has become (with evangelistic Billy Sunday fervor pester my mates at the Black Cat Bar – 700 block, Montgomery St. – with the truth of it)

      — “… and so on, you get the idea.”

      The question being – is one such as myself welcome to sit at the counter-jihad table?

      If not the boards, then the floor. Will settle for crumbs and leavings with the dogs. Battling Islam is that important.


      • The antijihad movement is composed of the heirs of Western civilization and its precursors ancient Greece and ancient Rome. It is composed of the heirs of a Christian
        -Judeo culture. And within this broad church,are many people, some atheists, some agnostics, some Jews, some Christians. And we have allies, Yazisdis and Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus.

        But also within the Antijihad movement you will find some feminists and also some who have a traditional view of the complementary nature of the male and female sexes. For a traditionalist, man completes woman, woman completes man. Man is the natural protector and provider and woman the care giver of children and nurse of the sick. Above all woman is the natural and adoring beneficiary of man’s tender protective and unselfish instincts.

        In this traditional worldview clearly defined gender and traditional sexual relations between man and woman strengthen society. The relationship between a man(male) and his wife(female) creates strong healthy families ,ideal for the creation and the rearing of happy healthy children. It is at the core of every civilization yet known to man. Disrupt this relationship, refuse to give it priority and society falls apart.

      • never’ve heard about “Gender/Queer Theory” but doubt it is “as destructive of civilization as Islam”, – how many did they kill so far?

        I think as far as you follow Golden Rule, some sort of Kantian or Aristotelian or whatever universalism, and not deaf to the voice of Evidence :), then you’re out of realm of the damned.

        there is no point in defeating islam and replacing it by some other totalitarian, supremacist, cruel, ignorant ideology.
        everything else is manageable, hopefully.

    • It’s easy to define European nations. White people who speak one language and live in France, in Germany, in Sweden, etc. Any confusion is solely the result of the efforts of traitors to sell the lies of diversity and multiculturalism.

      Turk’s in Germany since after WWII still speak Turkish and have no intention of becoming “German.” The same where masses of Africans and Muslims live anywhere else in Europe.

      Jews in Israel know what a nation is and are not at all confused about what it takes to keep theirs.

      It’s that simple.

  6. On another point that I’m really getting sick of hearing and always goes totally unchallenged is the matter of the birthrate. All G lobalists can think about is GDP GDP so the falling birthrate terrified their tiny little greedy minds. In fact? There are too many of us everywhere and current low birth rates are not a sign of weakness but representative of higher culture which was always the ideamall of a sudden we must be shamed into for example allowing the Muslim invasion. I’m fact 1 thinking man is worth, well, his worth is incomparable and I’m tired of this silly numbers game they want to play with us
    It’s foolish so don’t believe it.

    • True. As long as you maintain strong borders, the birthrates don’t matter. I’d be very happy if the many Mexican immigrants would go home, the frantic pace of house-building ceased, and there was actually some land for nature.

      With modern technology, the sheer mass of human numbers is not a factor unless the strong, advanced countries make the mistake of a global “one-man, one-vote” legislative process.

  7. Europe united behind not the anti-Europe of the EU but the pro-Europe PEGIDA. If ever there was such a thing as a beautiful irony, that surely is it.

  8. Europe sold it’s soul when it bombed Serbia and helped the Americans establish the jihadist regimes in Bosnia and Kosovo. Europe must , first, repent for this and then full-heartedly embrace Orthodox Christianity. Nothing less will save their sorry souls.

    • I don’t believe I have a soul, Antonio, but if I do it’s not “sorry”! Your attitude is as arrogant as the islamists’, if (Ihope) without the violence.

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