PEGIDA: “Xenophobic, Racist, and Misanthropic”

The anti-Islamization group PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) has obviously given the German media/political establishment a severe case of indigestion. It’s difficult to demonize a movement that brings tens of thousands of ordinary German citizens to the streets every Monday night in peaceful marches and rallies. To declare them all “neo-Nazis” and “racists” would be an insult to a substantial portion of the population.

The following news clip from ZDF illustrates the way the mainstream media are handling PEGIDA. They’ve settled on a judicious mixture of condescension (towards the well-meaning but misguided hoi-polloi who support PEGIDA) and hostility (towards the “xenophobic” ideologues and organizers of the movement). That way they can peddle the party line on “racists” and “right-wing extremists” without condemning all of the good burghers who take to the streets every week.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:08   Silent Night, Holy Night…
00:12   Silent Night, Holy Night: 17,500
00:16   PEGIDA members sing Christmas carols.
00:20   Already ten weeks of protests, and each time more people come
00:24   from Dresden, Saxony, from all over Germany.
00:28   I admire the courage of the citizens of Dresden
00:32   to create a peaceful protest; we are
00:36   from Hessia. They portray us as rats, as Nazis.
00:40   I was here the first time three weeks ago.
00:44   I first looked at it from a distance and saw that these people are like me,
00:48   from all backgrounds, from all parties.
00:52   In earshot and visual range 5000 counter demonstrators. Before that
00:56   a ‘peace’ church service in the Dresden Kreuzkirche. Here people met
01:00   who call the supporters of PEGIDA “xenophobic, racist
01:04   and misanthropic”. Many are worried.
01:08   This question if our democratic state will manage to
01:12   bring these people to an affirmation of these structures
01:16   can cause concern. And accordingly a part of the
01:20   people who declare themselves will be
01:24   those who have lost trust in democracy and have
01:28   forgotten the way we treat each other in a state with the rule of law.
01:32   Simultaneously, in Munich, some 12,000 people have reminded us
01:36   that the world is multicolored. A broad alliance of
01:40   politics, churches, artists and refugee organisation had called
01:44   to set up a sign against racism and exclusion.
01:48   Konstantin Wecker: Because I find it a grandiose idea
01:52   not to exclusively demonstrate against PEGIDA
01:56   although it is that, but to set up a sign that we can do the opposite;
02:00   instead of excluding people we take them in our arms and invite them.
02:05   Mayor of Munich: Not all who walk with ‘them’ are necessarily right-radicals. We must try
02:09   to get in contact with those people, hence the call today for dialogue
02:13   and to articulate these fears so that we can answer with facts.
02:17   Politicians are in disagreement on how to treat PEGIDA.
02:21   They waver between cluelessness, open rejection and
02:25   willingness to conduct dialogue. One should take the fears of people seriously,
02:29   is the advice from political scientists. One can listen and
02:33   and dissolve misplaced fears. In the sense of concrete local politics:
02:37   Treat the asylum seeker with care,
02:41   and do the same with the residents, to arrive at pragmatic solutions.
02:45   Whoever does this is successful. So far, PEGIDA is not ready for talks.
02:49   Most feel abandoned by politicians and
02:53   the media lies, anyway. Once again, it was a very aggressive evening, today in Dresden.
02:57   (Note from the translator: This reporter’s last sentence alone proves the case of PEGIDA
03:01   against the ZDF: it suggests that the aggression came from PEGIDA.)

4 thoughts on “PEGIDA: “Xenophobic, Racist, and Misanthropic”

  1. Any Sustainability driven Western government calling its opposition misanthropic. That’s rich — even for Left radicals who spend so much time projecting their behavior on everybody else.

  2. How typical that one of the liberal/lefty/pc spokesmen in the video talked about the need to refer to ‘facts’ – it reminded me of the oft-used liberal/lefty/pc line that what is needed is a ‘grown-up conversation’ about race and immigration. So far that ‘grown up conversation’ has not yet taken place, and nor will it because political correctness and the curtailment of the freedom of speech will not allow it: the idea of Multiculturalism is too fragile to survive the encounter.

    Exactly the same can be said of the call to facts – the facts mitigate against the multiculti paradigm (the crime stats for instance) which is precisely why ‘the truth is no defence’ in the West. In Western Europe it is illegal to refer to facts when they cast doubt on the status quo.

  3. Turkish against PEGIDA
    in Germany

    And now, for January 05 the Turks in Germany have the nerve to announce a demonstration against Germans – in Cologne – Germany!

    They also call their anti-German pro-islamic organisation “Democratic”, as in Union of Democratic Turks of Europe (UETD). Their leader Süleyman Çelik claims that the political parties and the media should play a great role in the fight against anti-islamic actions.

    Someone already gave the French president Francois Hollande the same order, which he followed up, by saying that he will make it an important fight for him in 2015, to “combat racism and antisemittism”.

    See..! Giving orders to European MC-leaders is easy.

    Monday January 05
    Kögida – PEGIDA – Afternoon Walk in Cologne, direction The Cologne Cathedral

    Antifa is taking notes…
    Januar 2015: Kundgebung zum 14. … Für Montag, den 05.01.2015, hat nun der Kölner Pegida-Ableger „Ködiga“ einen Aufmarsch in Köln angekündigt.”

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