Sweden’s Suicide Pact

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Sweden’s Suicide Pact
by Fjordman

Imagine a country where the Prime Minister announces that new elections are needed, just a few months after the previous general elections were held. Then suddenly, the PM changes his mind a couple of weeks later and states that no new elections are needed, after all. Surely, this must be a banana republic? Well, the country in question is Sweden. The Prime Minister’s name is Stefan Löfven, a Social Democrat. Some outside observers may wonder whether Sweden during December 2014 took a major leap towards banana republic status. Or perhaps we should say banana monarchy, since Swedes still have a king.

At the same time, a 15-year-old boy was arrested after an explosion rocked Malmö, Sweden’s third-largest city, on Christmas Eve. The blast was the fourth in the area within a short period. “If you’re 15 years old then you don’t have the know how to make explosives. So we assume he wasn’t alone,” police spokesperson Ewa-Gun Westford told the news agency TT. Residents of the immigrant-dominated area of Rosengård in Malmö, the most Islamic city in Scandinavia, say that living there is a “disaster.” Burning cars, bombs and attacks with hand grenades have become commonplace. People are scared to go outside after dark. Many want to move.

After several bomb attacks in Malmö, the road by the local police station in Davidshall has been sealed off. “It isn’t about a specific threat, rather a general precaution to increase safety,” police spokesperson Stephan Söderholm told local radio. As far away as India, newspaper readers can read about car bombs in Sweden.

On December 27 2014, Sweden’s government announced that it has scrapped plans to hold a snap election in early 2015. Crisis talks were held between Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and the center-right Alliance parties to ensure that a minority government can govern. The so-called “December agreement” is valid until 2022. The Sweden Democrats, who won nearly 13 percent of the vote in the September 2014 elections, triggered a political crisis by voting against the Social Democrat/Green coalition’s budget as a protest against the government’s immigration policies. The new deal implies that no other party will cooperate with the Sweden Democrats. Everybody else treats them and their voters like pariahs, including the mass media.

Mattias Karlsson, the acting party leader of the SD, blasted PM Löfven and the Alliance parties and commented that the Sweden Democrats are now the main opposition party in the country. He called for a vote of no confidence in the current Prime Minister. “He doesn’t deserve to govern Sweden,” Karlsson stated.

In theory, there are eight different parties represented in the Swedish Parliament (Riksdagen). In reality, there are only two parties: The United Front for National Suicide vs. the Sweden Democrats. The other parties may have their differences here and there. However, when it comes to continued mass immigration and dismantling the Swedish nation state, they act like a hydra with seven heads.

Per capita, Sweden currently accepts the highest number of asylum seekers of any European country. When foreigners can read in their newspapers about car bombs in Sweden’s immigrant ghettos, perhaps it would be a good idea to at least slow down the current pace of immigration, if not halt mass immigration completely. The Swedish political establishment will have none of it, however. They want more mass immigration, no matter how little money and how many car bombs, gang rapes or public shoot-outs they have.

With the December agreement, the Swedish ruling establishment have created a kind of political cartel, joined together by a mutual suicide pact. They indicate that they will not cooperate with the Sweden Democrats under any circumstances, even if the SD should get 20-25% of the vote next time.

Whether the other parties will be able to stick to this policy as long as the SD keep growing is uncertain. However, the fact that they are openly trying to stigmatize and isolate a large number of Swedish voters sends out some dangerous signals. A growing number of Swedes now view the Sweden Democrats as the only viable peaceful and democratic alternative to the ongoing destruction of their nation. It is unwise to block the only peaceful alternative still left to frustrated Swedes. Such a move will heighten tensions even further. The polarization of Swedish society will probably continue to grow, and perhaps reach unhealthy levels.

If Sweden decides to commit national suicide, this is deeply regrettable. However, they have no right to drag their neighbors down with them. The Scandinavian and Nordic countries are today members of the Schengen Agreement. I am strongly opposed to this agreement and think all European countries should pull out of it. I have been on the record for years as stating that the European Union (EU) in its present form should be dismantled. Yet the Nordic countries have other agreements that predate any made with the EU.

The Nordic Passport Union dates back to the 1950s. It allows citizens of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland to travel and reside in other Nordic countries without a passport or a residence permit. Nordic citizens are to some extent treated like local citizens in other Nordic countries. This arrangement worked well in the past. Most people in Denmark, Norway or Finland will not mind if a few Swedes come to work and settle in their countries. The problem is this: a rapidly increasing number of people carrying a Swedish passport are no longer ethnic Swedes, or even Europeans. The hordes of Arabs, Somalis, Pakistanis and others which Sweden is now foolishly allowing into the country may not always remain in Sweden. If or when the money runs out to finance this heavy economic burden, these immigrants may look for other countries to loot.

Sweden’s suicidal madness has now reached a level where it must be treated as a security threat to neighboring countries. The authorities in Denmark, Norway and Finland should publicly declare that if Sweden maintains its current levels of immigration, other Nordic countries have no choice but to suspend the Nordic Passport Union and reestablish effective national border controls. Unfortunately, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish authorities are probably not ready to do this yet. However, if the situation in Sweden continues to deteriorate, its neighbors will be left with no choice but to protect themselves against Sweden’s self-inflicted problems as best as they can.


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56 thoughts on “Sweden’s Suicide Pact

    • > Democracy has been throttled in Sweden.

      — Nonsense; democracy is *precisely* to blame for the situation you are in, and when the Muslims out-number you, they will “democratically” vote you into dhimmi status, or the grave, at their leisure.

      You are [persons whose intelligence I deprecate].

      • It’s true. The Treasonous Elite rule autocratically and harrass dissenters with lofty, dishonest drivel as only vicious, highly-educated twits can do. However, voters could with ease throw them out of office yet they CHOOSE not to. Ergo, voters LOVE the course that has been charted for them.

        Num, num, num.

  1. Democrazy in Sweden. Horrible, I am sad and see no future anymore in my beautiful country. I am deeply worried for my children, and of course all swedish children. I think you all know about the situation in Sweden, I don’t have to write it down. Send some prayers for us, we need them badly!

    From Sweden with grief!

    • It is, actually, important to write it down, documenting how the situation is, seen by individuals themselves.

      Sometimes, you may feel that you are repeating something everybody knows, but there is always something new, a new facet that was not apparent if all we would have was the initial story told by one person. More views always give us a better understanding of a situation.

  2. It’s truly a shame to see Sweden doing this to itself. I remember reading many years ago about their very charming Christmas traditions. But that was back when they were still a Christian country.

    Ave, Sweden.

  3. This is the nation that total’y liberal tried to abolish it’s military and adopted a animal rights motif now they pay the price

    • Well now that puts them in alignment with the Muslims who plan to totally liberate from their swedes and from any kind of responsibility for anything other than to follow the demands of lazy blood thirsty Sharia. There has to be a few Swedes with their swedes firmly connected who (gulp!) feel something is not quite right.

  4. No Spurwing Plover it looks like instead of an animal rights motif they got the animals. Even our four legged friends are more civilized that these gang raping, car burning barbarians. Actually to call them animals is to elevate them. Time for some “Raid” (a popular insect spray in the USA).

  5. Spain was really wacky and burnt out in a Swedish kinda like way in the 1930’s – before the civil war.

    • It seemed spent in a way, when I was there in ’09. Horrible grafitti everywhere and odd political slogans like “Down with corporate exploiters.” Madrid has a minor statue commemorating some union commies who did something. Die, I think.

      It was like I landed in the ’30s by accident.

      A nearly successful exercise in political madness. Now Sweden, though. There’s more of a controlled implosion there with only a light use of the AntiFa cousins to encourage compromise. No need for something messy like the NKVD.

      The rape epidemic doesn’t seem to trouble the Swedish Treason Class. About as irritating as when a neighbor’s sattelite dish temporarily is covered with snow, but nothing more.

  6. In Thailand the revered King rarely speaks out on matters political, years can go by. Every so often however when things are getting a bit out of hand he makes a short, somewhat oblique comment that every Thai fully understands the meaning of. And then there are “corrections”.

    Perhaps the Swedish King might come out and state: “I don’t think its in Sweden’s democratic traditions for a two month old government to call fresh elections then announce they are cancelled only a few weeks later.”

    Just hoping.

    • Having served as US Vice Consul in Thailand, I will tell you this: The Phrabat Somdech PraChao YuHua Phra Ram thi IX (aka Bhumibol Adulyej) is a Thai patriot in addition to being reigning monarch. Hence, he plays his figurehead role well. Unfortunately, he is very aged at this point, and probably won’t be on the scene much longer.

      Anyone know anything about what the Scandinavian royals are made of?

      • In my youth I “studied” French at an Institute in Tours (1971) where Carl XVI Gustaf (then prince) was also a visiting. My upper class English educated Thai girlfriend and our Japanese friend invited Carl and his bodyguard for tea. At 2:pm prompt his Mercedes Benz pulled up outside our humble apartment on rue des Halles. What can I say? I can’t imagine one or two of the British Royal Family doing the same?

    • – Brunei more open than any other country imaginable

      Swedish Banana Knig Carl Gustaf, explains why he thought so, at the speech he held at the Sultan of Brunei’s in 2004

      “Every Sunday, after the visit to the mosque, he keeps an open audience where anyone can come and present their wish, and probably also complain. So I feel that in that respect, it is a more open country than any other imaginable.”
      — Carl XVI Gustaf, Dagens eko, februari 2004

      Carl Gustaf is dyslexic, as is his daughter Victoria, and his son Carl Philip
      This is why King is more often than not, misspelled Knig when talking about him, Knugen (correct: Kungen).

    • The complete silence of Elizabeth II in the U.K. has always puzzled me. Her realm is being horribly misruled and her people betrayed by a bunch of mooks but she is unperturbed by this. Her main reason for living appears to be to delay her boob son’s accession to the throne. Noble enough but a bit short of what’s required of her.

      The Swedish king is similarly hors de combat, far as I know. Beats me what these bloodless royals think their duties entail.

      • Did you know that QE2 has never visited Israel during her 60 year reign? These royals are just like the rest of the ruling elites, anti Israel

  7. If Multi-culturalism is so great, how many Swedes are emigrating to Saudi Arabia, Somalia, or any of the other Islamic paradises?

    • Malaysia is the Swedish dhimmi model? There are very few Malaysians in Sweden. Is there such a state as multi culturally punch drunk and abused?


    Three Rights which, in my opinion, should be preserved:
    1 – The right to Mono-parenthood in Traditionally Monogamous Societies: see the blog «http://thesextaboo.wordpress.com/» {The Origin Of Sex-Taboo}. [in English]
    2 – The right to veto who pays (the taxpayer) – Semi-Direct Democracy: see the blog «http://fimcidadaniainfantil.blogspot.pt/» {Fim-da-Cidadania-Infantil}. [in Portuguese]
    3 – The right to survival of indigenous identities: see the blog «http://50-separatism-50.blogspot.pt/» {50-SEPARATISM-50}. [in English]
    The separatists-50-50 doesn’t seek pretexts to deny the Right to survival of others one… the separatists-50-50 only claim the Right to survival of Indigenous Identities (read: the ‘globalization-lovers’ must respect the rights of others one… and vice versa!)

    • I think I like these–if I understand correctly. They are relevant to the thread, but you have to think a little.
      Perhaps F.R.A.R. would elaborate.

  9. “no choice but to suspend the Nordic Passport Union and reestablish effective national border controls”

    That would probably be….”racist”. And, no one should be surprised if the European equivalents to CAIR would be pointing to their

    Cairo 1990 sharia rights

    – Mind You – presented as “Human Rights”, so as to confuse the “sharia rights” with “Human Rights Declaration of 1948”, and with time, have their Cairo “sharia rights” take over and push the Human Rights Declaration of 1948, into darkness.

    In the confusion, in the event of suggested attempt of installing border controls, the CAIR equivalents would likely claim the “sharia right” of their colonies to moving freely, according to the below article 12 from the Cairo sharia declaration of 1990.

    “ARTICLE 12:

    Every man shall have the right, within the framework of the Shari’ah, to free movement and to select his place of residence whether within or outside his country and if persecuted, is entitled to seek asylum in another country. The country of refuge shall be obliged to provide protection to the asylum-seeker until his safety has been attained, unless asylum is motivated by committing an act regarded by the Shari’ah as a crime.”

    There already seems to be much willed confusion with the two totally different declarations, enough to confuse ordinary People into thinking it’s the one and the same declaration when they hear “Human Rights”, as to when what they should hear is “Sharia Rights”.

    Please, y’all, do yourself a favor, and read up on this Cairo 1990 declaration, with the basic in mind, the sharia, and see for yourself how totally different the articles now look, as compared to just those normal human rights declared in a more sane and civilized and enlightened world of 1948.

    Knowing the Cairo declaration, will make it all clear, when it comes to free housing, and why Christianity must be move over to dhimmi status, etc etc.

    • Just too ridiculous!

      “ARTICLE 24:
      All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Shari’ah.”
      Cairo 1990

      Everything is the total opposite of the Universal Human Rights Declaration!

  10. If the Sweden Democrats received 13% of the vote then the The United Front for National Suicide received 87% of the vote. The Swedes are responsible for their own predicament – and the same can be said of the rest of Western Europe. There are political parties throughout Europe that oppose this national suicide, it’s just that the majority of the electorate refuses to support them.

    • Good.

      What is the majority saying to themselves? There is usually some reason people give to themselves for all behavior, even irrational.

      Is it:

      We had too much killing in the 20th century. We have to dilute the culture of nationalism (white or anglo-saxon) to change this.

      We need foreign labor.

      The white culture is bad or evil or ?

      We like the prospect of sharia with its rigid structure where we are told how to live and think. We have too many options now.

      We tear down western civilization because we are paid good money by oil-rich nations to do so. At least our leaders are and we believe our leaders.

      We actually believe postmodernism and its doctrine that all cultures are equal and that what we wish for and believe trumps reality.

      We are so stressed that what happens to our future and children and our culutre is not important now. We just want to get in bed.

      Any other thoughts?

      • How about this: We are sniveling little maggots who seem to have no purpose but to fertilize the soil of our native lands and await the day when a new civilization will use our excrement to grow new fields to shed their blood and sweat to cast off the oncoming tyranny. Nothing lasts forever. Not even Evil.

      • William. I once “debated” on the issue of islam with my co-worker. A political correct minded co- worker of the first- and therefore most evil- kind.

        After i sort of nailed him in the corner about the threat islam poses to the West,to his children and their children, he responded:
        “Well. I will be long gone when that happens.”

        The co-worker is un-informed ( to avoid the word stupid) ánd selfish. No point in “discussing” with him anymore.

    • Don’t forget: the leftist alliance also includes the media. They need to be exposed (and taken out) first.

  11. Sweden should be isolated like Belarus, as we now are about as democratic as them. Of course this is not so much about a national suicide, more along the line of national murder – the people do not want this it’s the establishment that is forcing this upon us, we have no say in the matter. The ruling class here is so far gone that absolutely nothing will change their mind, the chance for a regime change with peaceful means is gone. History will judge our communist elite harshly as the idiot hippies who plunged the most peaceful and successful country in the world into civil war in record time.

  12. As Sweden is a member of the EU, its citizens have a right to travel and reside in any country in the EU. Now then, what happens once Sweden is Islamic ( Islamic Sweden IS). The duty of Sweden will be to extrend its Islamic border.

    Europe has undergone an invasion over a hundred years emanating from the south. Now it will face a strategic situation where the invasion will come from the north, as well as the Islamic base in Kosovo and Bosnia, along with subversion from within, as a readymade army of IS is already resident in Europe.

    Well, thank you elite western politicians who know it all.

    But I have hope, as evil cannot triumph.

    Happy New Year all.

    • Fredrik Ruin Reinfeldt says the Swedish borders are “påhitt”, just something invented, nothing to pay attention to

      The New World Order, assuming he adhers to it, won’t have any borders at all, only

      One Nation
      Ein Volk
      Ein Führer
      And No Borders

    • Well I guess nature is calling again. The one potential advantage is that our rabid drunken enemies are in physical ghettos. One potential disadvantage is that we seem to be in mental ghettos. We could always get advice from the Serbs and Croats.

  13. The rulers of Sweden wont do anything to halt immigration because, as Peter Brimelow stated in Alien Nation – “…ordinary people have to live with the consequences of self-indulgence dressed up as compassionate policy – unlike the political elite.”
    “[immigration] enables them to distinguish themselves from the xenophobic masses. And, by introducing diverse populations, it strikes at the nation-state’s Achilles heel: the need for homogeneity.”

    • But this just doesn’t make sense – how is it directly benefitting them? They get, for the time being, the immigrant votes to keep them in power? Perhaps, and perhaps they *are* insulated from the worst horrors that unrestricted immigration is visiting on their fellow (less empowered) citizens. For the time being – it is *temporary*! They have to know that attacking that Achilles’ Heel of the nation will in the long run be a direct attack on themselves. They can’t honestly expect to remain privileged, let alone in power, when Islam takes over fully (unless they intend to get PhD’s in Islamic Studies and become imans). *Can* they?

      No, I believe that many, if not most, of these people are driven by stubborn, blind ideology – and it will be their downfall. Unfortunately, they will drag others along with them.

      • Or, per Brimelow again, – “Stupidity is an important factor in human affairs and certainly in political debate.”

  14. Civil war in Sweden soon then?

    I just don’t understand how Swedes put up with these traitorous politicians. The English are bad enough but Sweden? A national mental illness.

    I have thought for a long time that Sweden is a paradigm for all of Europe.
    The English are stirring at long last. Blood will flow one is afraid.

    I hope the survivors prosecute these oiks and the death penalty should be paid by them. They deserve nothing less. They are doing the same as Himmler.


    Yes even as a priest I realise some crimes are just to bad to be forgiven.

  15. @Mariadee : you’re spot on! What happens to Sweden and all former Christian countries is that people turned their backs to Jesus Christ… Well, now has come the price to pay.

    PS: please note that it’s not the first time in History that God uses islam to punish his ungrateful folks

  16. Political refugee vs jizya/”asylum seeker”

    Mauricio Rojas, a real political refugee to Sweden, from Chile, decided it was time to go back home, in 2008, after a political career, and even a member of Parliament, Riksdagen, and after more than 35 years in Sweden.

    Sweden was never ready for him, an honest, intelligent, smart refugee, who was willing to work for his new temporary homeland. He had chosen an education that would be useful for him once back in his real homeland, Chile, so he would be planning ahead.

    Sweden has no one to blame but herself, says Merit Wager, Rojas’ friend and colleague, in her farewell to Mauricio Rojas in 2008.

    Mauricio Rojas: “La crisis europea y el fraude del Estado de Bienestar

    Mauricio Rojas to CNN in 2012
    The Swedish welfare model is dead
    “El político, escritor y profesor sueco manifestó en conversación con CNN Chile que este concepto tal como fue creado en Suecia, está muerto, sin dinamismo social.”

  17. You swedes need to get some back bone go into the immigrant muslim ghettos and sweep the streets with water hoses to clean out that trash. How in the world did you allow them into your beautiful country? Ahh nuts!

  18. Head of state

    The King was not informed before his speech on 26 Diciembre, that the Junta was going to make public the day after, that there would be no election in March.

    So, in his Speech, Carl Gustaf, said he was hoping the new election in March might help Sweden find solutions to the best of the country.

    Prime Minister and head of the Junta, Stefan Löfven, quite simply put aside constitutional law and order, and decided not to keep the King and head of State, updated about the state of Sweden. Scandinavian leftist prime ministers seem to be having this habit of pushing aside the Kings and heads of States, whenever they find suitable for the MC Project.

    The Junta decision allegedly was reached on 23 Diciembre, to make it official on 27 Diciembre.


    • Head of Junta is meeting with Brasil’s ex-president Lula da Silva in Brasil, ahead of
      Dilma Rousseff’s inauguration ceremony in Brasilia today, according to Expressen.

      O Lula Do Norte – The Nordic Lula
      “In Brasil, you are regarded as the Nordic Lula…”
      – Lula is one of my greatest sources of inspiration. I admire him a lot,
      Stefan Löfven says to Globo.

      • “Brasil is a democratic country” (Löfven)

        O Junta leader Sueco, emphasizes to the Brazilian news site Globo about Brasil, that it is a democracy(!)

        • Junta leader says
          Informing Head of State not important
          “because he is not popular”

  19. How sad that such a country as Sweden should be steering itself to destruction by allowing extremism to prevail disguised as democracy.

  20. Sweden has truly lost its mind. Great article which I cross posted on my own site.

    Such a shame that the Europeans, who wanted to increase immigration for sake of diversity, have gone about it all wrong. Immigration, properly controlled to ensure assimilation can be a good thing. Unfortunately, the Europeans neglected the assimilation part and are now paying the price.

    We are living in interesting times.

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