No To Salafist Pigs!

An anti-Salafist march took place in downtown Cologne today. It was organized by what the mainstream media are calling “right-wing extremists” and “neo-Nazis”. Various sources from alternative media tell a different story, but before we get to that, here’s a video of the march. Many thanks to Carpe Diem for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Various people who understand German have sent background reports on the day’s events in Cologne. First, from a German source:

The protest was organized by a group called HoGeSa, Hooligans gegen Salafisten (Hooligans against Salafists). They are fans of football clubs, basically like EDL.

I’m in a Facebook group with people who attended the demonstration on the side of the hooligans. They say that the police were completely against them. The media reported that the hooligans toppled over a police bus, but he said that’s not true. He saw immigrants doing that. The police wouldn’t believe him….

Some reports say the police provoked violence. The demonstrators wanted to leave peacefully, but were hindered. Of course media say it was caused by HoGeSa.

From JLH:

Die Zeit has some coverage indicating that “Hooligans against Salafists” is a group and elsewhere in the article that they are at least some of them soccer fans (hence the name borrowed from the Brits.) There were an estimated 4,000 of them who tried to get past the barricades to confront “peaceful” counter-demonstrators.

Apparently “right-extremist” groups Pro-NRW and Pro-Köln warned members against participating, but one of their leaders showed up. The most I can get from listening and reading about the shouting was that they repeated “Deutschland” and “Auslaender raus” — “Out with foreigners”.

Water cannons, pepper spray, at least one overturned police vehicle. Photos here.

And from Oz-Rita:

The flag seen in the video was designed by the conspirators behind Operation Valkyrie as a possible new flag of Germany to replace the Nazi flag then used. It’s a black Nordic Cross with a gold outline on a red background. A variation with a gold Nordic Cross was proposed as a flag of West Germany but, the tricolor of Weimar Germany was used, and is still the German flag today.

12 thoughts on “No To Salafist Pigs!

  1. I hope to see more of this. We need to throw out the old, corrupt, Islamic loving, effete order. I wish something like this could happen in America. Let us pray to God for more people to wake up and take action.

  2. Am I now on the side of Hooligans? And German ones, to boot!? (pun intended). After they are done with their ‘anti-salafist’ chants, will they then move on chants about Jews and gas chambers?

    I see that the admirable Farage’s UKIP is aligned with the despicable Italian demagogue and antisemite Beppe Grillo and his 5-Star party in the EU Parliament faction of Euroskeptics (“Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy”).

    We counterjihadists need to be careful about whom we become bedfellows with!! I know that the elites (media, politics, culture, academia) label all right wing parties and proponents as ‘fascist’ and dangerous (I’ll ignore here the risible and banal ‘racist’ trope.) But, some of these groups really are anti-democratic and disposed towards violent-thuggery! We must be vigilant! I support Marine Le Pen’s FN party…but, I didn’t support the FN of her father. Greece’s Golden Dawn can go to hell (I’m not sure about prison).

    • O.K we’ll get right on that. You want a nice clean break without any kind of violence or taking risks with peoples feelings. Got it.

    • Your comment shows why this so called “Counterjihad” movement is completely worthless and this website has been dying. Ethnic Europeans don’t need your permission when they finally take back their own countries.

  3. sorry for the OT: Comedian Dieter Nuhr who got introduced here with his sharp wit about islam, is facing a law suit for this very video ( youtube) initiated by a muslim in the town of Osnabrück. Interestingly, this person is cofounder of a muslim party which did not get the sufficant number of signatures to be presented for elections.As it happens, this muslim gentleman is born in Germany and german citizen…. ,well, not really a citizen as we understand it but rather a nuisance of turkish origin.
    The newspaper Die Welt gave Nuhr the possibilty to explain : I just quoted the koran! he said.

  4. I’m afraid our “leaders” are too well bribed ($audi oil $$$) to do ANYTHING until it’s too late.
    This state of affairs will persist until the lumpenprolitariat in the streets takes matters into their own hands.
    Here it comes, boys and girls.

    • Or cancel all soccer or football matches depending on which side of the Atlantic or part of the world you are located.

  5. In Holland (PVV), Switzerland(SVP) and Austria (FPÖ), there is at least a party large enough to be noticed and exert some (or much) influence in the debate. The same could be said for La Pen in France. In the UK and Germany, any small political rumblings of discontent have been small and over-matched. (Perhaps Farage has caught on and perhaps he is sincere–we’ll see). Liberty GB and Die Freiheit have had no traction and are beleaguered from below by Muslim thugs and above by the elite who DON’T WANT TO KNOW. Enter EDL, and now the HOGESA in Germany. Smothering legitimate anti-Islamic dissent at the political level leaves it to the guy at the “football” match and in the pub and Stammlokal. The one who really suffers from the system and is fed up, so he marches in the street. If HOGESA are smart, their leader(s) will remain anonymous and not subject to the gulag-like persecution being experienced by Tommy Robinson.

    • Worst case scenario: military intervention. Egypt knew it better. It would not be the first time in history that a dictatorship to save the nation. Some military personnel in the West -a few generals here and there must get informed and to get sensible suggestions what must be done. Most of them are in fact well aware of the dangers. Contradictory it is the population who is unaware of the danger and who limits the power of those who can save them. Democracy looks powerless in the face of the demographic danger. It might need in the near future for a few military leaders to step in and do what must be done. The Army never lacked people with spirit of sacrifice. Anyway without armed intervention the path lying in front of Europe is very hard and obscure.

  6. What the news media scum suckers call Right-Wing Extremists are just ordinary conservatives and patriots

  7. It appears to me a situation out of government inaction and frustration, the citizenry is ‘mad as hell and not going to take it any longer’. I only hope that in the long run feelings are projected at the polls and not on the street. The bleeding hearts have to be voted out and common sense leaders elected. Or soon the entire European continent will be ‘Balkanized’.

    • It is ‘Balkinized’ now. The doomsday trigger just hasn’t been pulled yet. Who will pull the trigger first? Sooner or later will make a huge difference. What a gift the EU is to the ‘califate’.

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