When There Were No Moderate Muslims

The latest essay by Anestos Canelides looks at the massacre and expulsion of the Greeks from Turkey as part of the larger picture of the Great Jihad.

When There Were No Moderate Muslims

by Anestos Canelides

I have never published anything in the first person, but this is the only way I can truly express my feeling about Political Islam and the actions of Muslims for the last 1400 years against the Kafir.

My grandfather or Papou, on my mother’s side, came to America in 1919. I know little about his past except that his parents were murdered by Muslim Turks about 1905. They lived in a small suburb outside of Edirne, Turkiye. At age eight, while he was in boarding school in Greece, the Turks attacked the Greeks in his village of Orestiada, leaving him an orphan.

Later on Kemal Atatürk deported over a million and half Greeks. This was due to both Islam and Turkish nationalism. The same expulsion of the indigenous Greeks would again happen in 1955 and 1961 when the Turks forced thousands of Greek out of Istanbul (Constantinople). This was also repeated on the Greek island of Tenedos and Imbros, as well as Cyprus.

Expulsion and Slaughter:

In an essay by Dr. Rich Swier entitled “Fitnah is Worse than Slaughter”, he defines two words to explain the reason why slaughter and expulsion of the native non-Muslim population occurs, unless they convert to Islam. According to Dr. Swier the two tactical verbs that that found in the Qur’an are kill/slaughter and displace/drive out/expel. According to Dr. Swier, “My three-fold reason for this is that the verbs Qital and Kharaj are not only much more violent than Jihad, but they are much more graphic and violent than the word Jihad.”

Phases of Qital and Kharaj in the conquest of Anatolia and the Balkans

After the 1071 defeat of the Byzantine military, under the leadership of Emperor Romanus IV, by the Seljuk army, the Roman territory in Anatolia was left undefended. In a short period of time hordes of Muslim Turkish migrants began to invade Roman lands. This invasion not only brought slaughter and devastation to the native Christians, but complete destruction of their towns and cities, forcing thousands of Greeks to flee to lands still under Byzantine control. In the process of Islamic conquests by the Seljuk Turks, we see Qital or as defined the slaughter of the Kafir or unbeliever. Along with this we see Kharaj, or the expulsion of thousands of Greeks — if they were lucky enough to escape death or slavery.

Destruction and plunder along with indiscriminate slaughter were part of these barbaric conquests by the Seljuk Turks. In addition to outright slaughter there was depopulation of the lands and towns the Muslims invaded. According the Dimitri Angelov, “The Turkish invaders mercilessly crushed any attempt at resistance and put to death the entire male population of those places that had refused to surrender.” The conquest brought Qital or slaughter as well as enslavement of the defenders. “This conquest had as a result the massive destruction of material goods, the ruination of entire cities, the Massacre (Qital), deportation(Kharaj) of thousands of inhabitants.” In short a complete loss of the productivity of the land.

The expulsion and slaughter of the Greeks and other ethnic groups accelerated after the loss at Manzikert and continued on to the Turkish conquest of Anatolia and later the Balkans, all the way to the gates of Vienna. The Turks did not expel all the Christians or Jews, but allowed some to stay as a source of labor and tax revenue — what is referred to as Dhimmi status, a form of slavery. Dimitar Angelov goes into detail about the slaughter and expulsion, or Qital and Kharaj, of the native Balkan population in “Phases of the Conquest of the Balkan Peoples” found in The Legacy of Jihad by Dr. Andrew Bostom.

The study of history is supposed to teach mankind not to repeat history, but it appears with the mass migration Muslims into Europe that the elite of Europe have forgotten history — or they are ignoring it for their own globalist agenda.

I am convinced that as their population grows more and more, Muslims will demand that we change for them, and they will slowly create a hostile environment towards the Kafir. I would like to believe that force behind this is not all Muslims. However, their ability to lie to the Kafir — known as Taqiyya and also Kitman, the ability to twist the context of the Qur’an to further the cause of Allah — makes it difficult to know who is a friend or foe of our liberty and our Constitution.

I believe the goal of political Islam today is not only to reclaim former Islamic lands but to expand Islam into the lands of the Kafir and dominate. As in the time of Mohammed, there are no moderate Muslims amongst the true followers of Mohammed. Even Dr. Zudi Jasser from the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, an Islamic reformer, states that his views are not accepted by many Muslims in America.

Can Islam be reformed, or will Muslims try to reform Americans to submit to Sharia Law? Mohammed the perfect man had no concept about being moderate, nor did his true followers, or Sunna.


  • Fitna Worse Than Slaughter
  • Bostom, Andrew. The Legacy of Jihad; “Certain Phases of Conquest of the Balkan Peoples by the Turks”. Dimitar Angelov. Prometheus Books New York, 2005, pg 465

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29 thoughts on “When There Were No Moderate Muslims

  1. “The study of history is supposed to teach mankind not to repeat history, but it appears with the mass migration Muslims into Europe that the elite of Europe have forgotten history — or they are ignoring it for their own globalist agenda.”

    The elites haven’t forgotten history. Maybe they learned the wrong lesson. They have latched onto the tale that Rome was great because it became multicultural, welcoming people from all over, eventually giving citizenship to all the inhabitants of its empire. Many believe that is what made Rome great and maybe it can work again.

    • In my opinion our lefties elites disregard the muslems so much that they can not see any treat from them.
      They beleive they are in control and in any moment, if it suits them, they can cast aside the muslems as they do to any other weak group that they had advanced, with no anderstanding with what they are dealing with, not even imagining that muslems, as other groups, may have a complete world view of threir own, independent and not influented of the theoretical thing the smart lefties assigned for them.
      But it is pointless to expect them to learn from history or from other source. They always know better.

      • Actually I also believe the elite had not forgotten history. I am a fan of Alex Jones on http://www.infowars.com The mega international Corps and international banksters are the biggest threat to humanity. Monsanto and big Pharma threaten our individual freedoms, not to mention trade agreements like the TPP. Islam is still a global threat but I believe the bigger threat to our freedoms is the NWO. Revelations has warned humanity about this NWO.

  2. God bless you and yours.

    Memory Eternal for your family that perished in Turkey.

  3. Looks as if I will have to come out or academic retirement and take up the men again…..

  4. Be watchful. Muslims cannot be trusted. Their peace solution is to kill all infidels. Many political elites are corrupted and bribed by the globalists.

  5. It is very important today to remember the victims of genocides and ethnic cleansing perpetrated by Turkey (that has never repented). Everyone in Europe must be aware of the nature of that country as the EU is considering its candidacy.

  6. The elites of Europe, being non-religious, or even anti-religious, do not understand religion as a motivating force. Thus they believe that the “real” cause of Islamic terrorism is economic deprivation, western imperialism, etc. etc. Astonishingly, this attitude has now become so entrenched in the Western psyche that even the West’s religious leaders, people such as Pope Francis, seem to believe it. Admittedly, Francis and his mainstream Protestant comrades (such as the Archbishop of Canterbury) are progressivist extremists, but that fact such people have risen to positions of such prominence in what’s left of European Christianity is truly alarming and marks the extent to which a non-religious view of life has entered the life-blood of Western society.

  7. I’m 69. When in high school, we got an exchange student from Turkey. We were told
    that she was a Muslim who worshipped “Allah” & that was their name for “God”. All
    new information to us. – She was a polite girl who had to have been made miserable
    by all those hot dogs & pork served in our cafeteria. – She passed away several years
    ago, after returning to Turkey & marrying a fellow Turk. – Someone said that in Turkey,
    they call the turkey The American Bird. That may just be a fib; I don’t know.

  8. A timely article, given the Merkelites in the EU are pushing Turkish visa-free travel and fast-tracked EU membership- because of the so-called ‘refugee crisis’ and Merkel’s bid to be #mostcompassionateMP, when it’s really part of the whole EUrabian agenda as the EU and various unelected suprantional organisations, seek to use mass immigration and Islam to rub diversity in the whole of Europe’s face and destroy nation-states.

    The illegal occupation of Cyprus is rarely if ever mentioned, nor are the crimes against humanity the Turks committed- of which some of the perpetrators will likely still be alive.
    Funny that- various groups, from greedy lawyers to self-loathing liberals propose compensation, for alleged crimes committed by various long-passed European Empires, never mention Turkish crimes against humanity as recent as the 1970s, which were little different to ISIS;
    From the the European Commission on Human Rights’s 1976 report on Turkish war-crimes in Cyprus: ‘Turkish troops were responsible for wholesale and repeated rapes of women of all ages from 12 to 71, sometimes to such an extent that the victims suffered haemorrhages or became mental wrecks. In some areas, enforced prostitution was practiced, all women and girls of a village were collected and put into separate rooms in empty houses where they were raped repeatedly.”

    • The 1974 Turkish invasion and continued occupation of northern and eastern Cyprus is an enigma, or rather the MSM’s complete lack of interest in it is the enigma. The notion that the EU would even entertain Turkish accession without Turkey first wiithdrawing its military occupation forces from the Turkey-only recognised Turkish Republic of Cyprus (36% of the total land area) is mind-boggling. Yet with the recent Merkel Pact, Turks are to achieve substantially the same thing, but just in a different form. From Wiki:

      “Even though Turkish Cypriots made up only 18% of the population, the partition of Cyprus and creation of a Turkish state in the north became a policy of Turkish Cypriot leaders and Turkey in the 1950s. Turkish leaders for a period advocated the annexation of Cyprus to Turkey as Cyprus was considered an “extension of Anatolia” by them; while since the 19th century, the majority Greek Cypriot population and its Orthodox church had been pursuing union with Greece, which became a Greek national policy in the 1950s.”

      The background was that in 1878 Britain had wrested control of Cyprus from the Ottoman Empire and in 1914 made it legally a British colony. What followed the grant of independence to Cyprus in 1960 was a textbook case of why NOT remaining a British colony has been an utter disaster.

  9. I was looking through some old local small newspaper reports, to figure what was known and reported to the general public.
    I did this as it seemed that Turkey with many other countries have come to rapprochement and I dare say a lot of revisionist history, which bars accepting that there was a genocide.
    Today this is carried out in many War Memorial Services, as that the soldiers lost from faraway lands are being taken care of in Turkey.

    The heroes who shed their blood and lost their lives on this country’s soil! You are in the soil of a friendly country now. Therefore rest in peace. You are side by side with the little Mehmets. The mothers who send their sons to the war! Wipe your tears away. Your sons are in our bosom, are in peace and will be sleeping in peace comfortably. From now on, they have became our sons since they have lost their lives on this land.

    It is not that I want to make a fuss on ANZAC Memorial Service day, but it is when others bring how honorable the Turks were, but no recognition of the problems of islam or what the Turks philosophy is in that whole framework in the Middle East, and although Mustafa Kemal Atatürk did lead Turkey ahead into the new world, the reverting by Erdogan, shows just how shallow it has proven to be.

    However the old local people then knew the truth, as versions of this was published in many small papers.
    Also their are numerous reports dating as far back as the 1890’s so the colonies knew of the these deeds and the Turkish intentions.

    Grey River Argus , 9 August 1915,
    6r Tetegraph.—Press Asgociatiou.—Copyriglu Received this day, 8.50 a .m. Athens, Friday.
    ENVER PASHA’S BOAST. LONDON, August 6. An Athens report states that Enver Pasha, discussing the masacres with neutral diplomatists, said : “Our policy is ‘Turkey for the Turks.’ We are beginning to get rid of the Armenians ; then’ we will deal with the Greeks, afterwards the Jews and finally even the Germans.”

    “Anzac and the Armenian Genocide”
    Sunday, 24 April 2016
    or same in tiny http://tinyurl.com/jzko33c

    Many other witnesses of the Armenian genocide from allied prisoner of wars, and then “commandos” of British, Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders.

    A similiar write up, and also bring in other information as well.
    “The graves of others: ANZAC and the Armenian Genocide”
    Author James Robins , Friday, 17 April 2015,

    As Anestos Canelides said above

    Later on Kemal Atatürk deported over a million and half Greeks. This was due to both Islam and Turkish nationalism. The same expulsion of the indigenous Greeks would again happen in 1955 and 1961 when the Turks forced thousands of Greek out of Istanbul (Constantinople). This was also repeated on the Greek island of Tenedos and Imbros, as well as Cyprus.

    We have been bought up in this last generation how it was Johnny Attaturk was a fair fighter, Kemal Ataturk was modernising Turkey, and sure he did not really give a stuff about islam as such. Yet there was a major flaw in the continuing genocide of the Armenians and Greeks, and even through recent history, we seem to gloss over it.

    Just as the Pope mentioning genocide, a year ago, knowing all that history, that Turkey spittingly rejected. Then accepts prizes this month for aiding unity in Europe, as if there is no problem.

    Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a far sighted man, when you look at all these quotes, https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Mustafa_Kemal_Atat%C3%BCrk

    I have no religion, and at times I wish all religions at the bottom of the sea. He is a weak ruler who needs religion to uphold his government; it is as if he would catch his people in a trap. My people are going to learn the principles of democracy, the dictates of truth and the teachings of science. Superstition must go. Let them worship as they will; every man can follow his own conscience, provided it does not interfere with sane reason or bid him against the liberty of his fellow-men.

    though that flaw of just who is your “fellow man” seems to run deep in the Turkish psychiatry of nationalism, or is it really a “secularized” “reformed” islam?.

    Yet that last quote above is also a part of our wishful thinking, blinding us to the recent on going pin/murdering pricking from “secular” Turkey that has proven to be only a revert away.

    • “We have been bought up in this last generation how it was Johnny Attaturk was a fair fighter”

      I understand that much of the steel in the Turkish defence of Gallipoli was in fact from Kurdish troops as much as Turks. This embarrassing historical fact is not acknowledged in Erdogan’s Turkey where Kurds are the next ethnic group in line to be expelled.

  10. Those of us with similar family histories are extremely frustrated by the (in)actions of the Marxist leaders of the EU, bent upon the destruction of Europe. I am of the second generation of our family to be born outside of Muslim slavery for 500 years. And we were only liberated by an act of war.
    However, let’s not forget that one life span ago, 50+ million people were murdered over a 5 year period. The Europeans have been some of the greatest mass murderers in history, so don’t count them out yet. The best predictor of future behaviour, as you know, is past behaviour. I do not believe that they will go gently into that good night.

  11. I understand mr Canalides.

    My Pappou also lived under Turkish rule in Epirus(north west Greece)until the land was liberated in 1913(Balcan wars) by the greek army.

    The Turks are trying to enslave us again and islamise us by sending immigrands by the thousands and unfortunatelly the west does nothing about it and this time Islam will not stop outside Vienna.
    Allready they have a mayor of their own in London.
    You MUST do something,or our civilisation will be lost.

    I believe that with us is not the same because we have the Russians to help us no matter what our traitors in the goverment are doing or saying.
    The greek people is with the Russia.

    Sooner or later we wiil be at war with the Turks,because the last few days they are provoking us in the south-east Aegean,in the area between Crete and Megisti.

    • My Yia Yia and mother were from Corinth. My mother was born in New York but returned to Greece at 6 months till returning to America at 8 yrs old. She had to learn English but if anything she has a slight New York accent. My papou’s family was eventually forced out of Turkiye but relocated to the border and named their town Nea Orestiada. Funny, my non-Greek father’s side goes clear back to the 16-1700s in America. I often joke that I had ancestors who both fought in the American and Greek revolutions.

      • Unfortunately i never saw my Yiayia.

        She was killed by the Nazis,so i was baptised after her name.

        Every family here has a sad story and many dead relatives,either by the Nazis or (mostly)by the Turks,so for them always i lit a candle during the Sabbath of the souls.

  12. How can Islam be reformed?. According to all their accepted literature, Mohammed is the Perfect Man. If Muslims accept that Mohammed committed his evil acts because he was obeying the fiats of his god Allah and dismiss both, what is left?, Worshipping/pilgrimage the Kaaba which Arabs did long before Mohammed came along, charity to fellow worshippers? eating with the right hand? Would they retreat from lands they invaded under the guidance of their evil leader? Reparations anyone?

    As for moderate Muslims. I believe it’s incumbent upon every adult Muslim to read the Koran and Hadith, and for some the Sira also. If they only read what they are told they are shirking their duty, most especially in the light of the close to 30,000 deadly Islamic attacks worldwide on non-believers in the past 15 years. By failing to recognize & accept the evil written therein they are permitting expansion of this deadly civilization wrecking cult. I give these bleating ‘we only want to practice our faith’ moderates very short shrift.

    • Why on earth should Islam want to reform? They are on a roll. They are winning, after centuries of losing. Never in recent history has this cult had such success, made such deep inroads. A carefully applied strategy of systematic conquest by the womb, constant low-level pressure for special status and regular acts of extreme terror have together smashed down the doors of the west and are now slowly, steadily eroding the remaining resistance. In their heartlands, the chaos triggered by the west’s unforgiveably stupid wars has created multiple hotbeds of radicalisation. This is a golden age for expansionist radical Islam. In the west, all they have to do now is keeping breeding and keep smiling at the gutless useful idiots who run Europe. They have nothing to fear from the stultified cattle that make up most western electorates.

      • Sad, but true.

        And it has all taken place in my lifetime. In the early 1950’s Islam was this weird, backward culture best epitomized by Saudi Arabia. We in the West didn’t have to be concerned about it at all. Nasser’s 1955 mass expulsion from Egypt of Europeans: Greeks, Armenians, Italians and Jews; communities who had Egyptian roots there for many hundreds of years was the harbinger of what was to come.

        Whilst Nasser’s policy was ostensibly driven by Arab nationalism, the Christian Copts couldn’t be expelled because they were the original Egyptians, it can now be seen that it was a mere fig-leaf for Islamic expansion.

  13. ‘Will to resist” is nothing but bluster without weapons to back it up.
    To resist Islam, Some sort clandestine of alliance with Russia will be needed to obtain the goodies. The Mideast is swimming in Soviet-era weaponry (mainly the AK 47), but Russian assistance will be needed for maintenance and supply. The old weapons themselves will have to be purchased–but the enemy will gladly sell for CASH or GOLD. The Bazaar has no strategic honor at all.
    The AK is now manufactured new practically everywhere. Age of weaponry is not a problem, as the Russians discard NOTHING useable–vis the wrecked PRE- WWII tanks they left in Afghanistan. Plenty of Russian rifles are on our market today. I will bet that millions of old PPSH submachine guns are available too–and deadly as ever.

    The local people–as individuals and small groups–will have to do the jobs of arming and fighting– themselves. Our various ‘governments’ are either too oblivious or co-opted by the enemy to help–let alone the ‘press’.
    Most likely we will have to turn these weapons on our own police forces before we are even able to REACH the enemy.

    The enemy, however, is not much of a fighter and in battle will go down fast………….
    ……….IF we can stomach the necessary blood and gore–LOTS of blood and gore.

    Big IF.

  14. It’s clear to me that the Left has joined with Islam thinking that they will be allowed to be Capos over the subjugated kafirs

    • True. I am astonished at the utter stupidity of these people. I see it daily. They imagine that they are educated on the matter,which is truly gobsmacking.

  15. For the sake of comparison, see the following entries at Wikipedia’s “Glossary of Islam”:

    (1) ʾAdab (أدب) Traditionally describes good manners, as in etiquette…the term can be used very broadly…[e.g.] ʾĀdāb al Qitāl, or, “The Proper Ways of Fighting in War,” (Qitāl in Arabic means mortal combat)…
    (2) Kharāj (خراج) a land tax.
    (3) Qitāl fī sabīl allāh ( قتال في سبيل الله ) fight in the cause of Allah.


    See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kharaj for “a type of individual Islamic tax on agricultural land AND its produce developed under Islamic law”

  16. About ten years ago, I found an old, framed etching of a waterway, with mosques on surrounding hills. The brass nameplate on the frame reads “Constantinople”. It had been discarded, set out by the trash bins. I picked it up and took it home, and have it to this day still. I was intrigued, because I knew that scene to be called Istanbul. I wonder often about the origins of this print, and it’s age. Particularly these past few years with the Pennsylvania Ave. mystery man, his good friend Air-do-wan, and the seemingly connected Merkel catastrophe.

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