Wake up, Poland: Jihad is also Migration

Anestos Canelides’ latest essay reminds of the repeated incursions of the Ottoman Turks into Polish lands, and the staunch Polish resistance to the Turkish jihad over the centuries.

Wake up, Poland: Jihad is also Migration

by Anestos Canelides

It is not shocking to see Pope Francis, a globalist puppet, attempt to put the Polish people on a guilt trip to make them embrace the largely Muslim immigrants into Poland as refugees. Why does the Pope want to bring these Muslim immigrants into Poland? How will this benefit Poland culturally? Or is it a threat to their way of life and freedoms? Will it enrich Poland, or become cultural suicide for the Polish people?

From the mouth of the Pope — Addressing civil authorities and members of the country’s diplomatic corps, the Pope states:

….being aware of identity was “indispensable for establishing a national community on the foundation of its human, social, political, economic and religious heritage,” but that people must remain open to renewal and to change. He added that while good memory can remind society of God and his saving work.

Pope Francis called on the people of Poland to hold on to their positive memories so they can look to the future with hope in respecting human dignity, economical and environmental concerns and “the complex phenomenon of migration.[1]

In reality, the Pope wants the Polish people to adapt to the changes that will arise with Islamic immigration. The Poles must conform to the cultural needs and religious demands of these so-called refugees (really invaders). These changes are bound to bring cultural conflict with the new arrivals. Migration is a form of violent or stealth jihad, and with Poland’s low birth rate and the high birth rate of Muslims, it would not take all that long for the Muslims to outnumber the Poles.

An interesting YouTube video spells out the danger of mass Islamic immigration.

This is a warning to the people of Poland, Germany, and other western nations to stop this mass Islamic migration. Poland must not forget its long history with the Islamic Ottoman Empire.

Remember what the Pope said:

…while good memory can remind society…
…people of Poland to hold on to their positive memories…

The chronicles of history reveal the desire by the Ottoman Turks to invade Europe through eastern Europe with the goal of subduing Rome and establishing a mosque at St. Peters. The Ottomans were never able to fully subdue Poland, but the raids into Polish lands were brutal, with the plunder of Kafir lands that were part of the Polish Empire.

The violent Jihad failed to fully seize Christian Poland, but now with the migration of these so-called refugees, stealth Jihad could reopen a new conquest of Europe through migration and birth, a slow conquest. The immigration of Muslim refugees will assure a speedier takeover by this alien culture and religion.

The following article exposes the historical conflict between the Poles and Ottoman Muslims:

The History of Jihad against the Poles, Lithuanians, Belorussians and Ukrainians (1444 -1699)

Excerpts from the above essay:

But in spite of this defeat, at every step the Poles lent their arms to fight back, frustrating Ottoman designs to march through Central Europe into Poland and Prussia in the 14th and 15th centuries. The Poles also played an important role in sending the Turks packing when they laid their first siege to Vienna in 1529.

Turks attack Poland from the rear through the Ukraine

“To checkmate the Poles, the Turks struck from the rear by opening another bridgehead up north on the Black Sea by attacking Ukraine in 1650 making their way towards the Polish district of Podolia by 1669. In those days a large part of Ukraine was a part of the Polish empire…

If the Ottomans had succeeded in conquering Poland and continued on to Germany and Rome, our history would have been different. Mass migration of so-called refugees may fulfill the Ottoman dream of conquering Europe for the sake of Allah. Is this fear-mongering, or should we fear mass migration of Muslims from known Islamist nations?

Other Examples of Islamic Domination

Another parallel from history about the fate of the non-Muslims or Kafirs comes from Dr. Andrew Bostom in his book The Legacy of Jihad. It deals with the once-majority Zoroastrians in the Persian Empire. After the initial conquest of the Persian Empire in 651 AD, the Zoroastrian religion dominated Persia. Through the process of Islamization they eventually became a persecuted minority.

In the mid-19th century Muslims invaded a town called Turkabad while the men were working the fields According to Andrew Bostom, that after the Muslims seized the Zoroastrian town, not only were the male villagers threatened with death themselves, but also with the death of their women and children. Through this threat of violence most of these villagers converted to Islam.

This was not the fate of all Zoroastrians in Iran under Islamic domination, but a similar fate overtook a large portion of Kafir villages.

Dr. Andrew Bostom writes:

Once the dominant faith made a breach, it pressed in remorselessly, like a rising tide. More Muslims came, and soon a small Mosque was built, which attracted yet others. As long as the Zoroastrians remained in the majority their lives were tolerable; but once the Moslems became more numerous, a petty but pervasive persecution began.

Islam is patient. It does not matter if the Islamization of Kafir territory is immediate, or takes centuries. Both through birth and through migration, the goal of political Islam is Islamic domination and for all to submit to the will of Allah.

It must be remembered that Islam means submission, not peace.

It is for this reason the people of Poland must totally ignore this Pope and his call for the people of Poland to allow thousands of Muslim immigrants into their nation. They must not repeat the mistakes of the German elite by allowing so many invaders inside their borders. With a loud voice the Polish people must say NO to so-called Muslim refugees and the Islamization of their nation. Even in Germany is not too late, if the people all rise up with a single voice to stop Merkel and her globalist masters from destroying Germany through mass third-world Islamic immigration. Poland is still ahead of Germany on this, so it’s crucial to act now.

Poland must ban all terror connected Mosques in their nation and stop all Muslim immigration, especially when it is being financed by Saudi Arabia.

Allowing a Muslim cultural center in Warsaw is not only foolish but will provide a foothold for Political Islam. The people of Poland need to let their leaders know they don’t want this. With the recent protests against these so-called refugees it is to be hoped that they will not go the way of Germany. Sadly, many Americans are silent on this issue. We, too, need to wake up.

Currently Twin Falls, Idaho is under threat by Islamic so-called refugee resettlement, thanks to the Chobani Yogurt company. Now is the time to stand by our fellow Americans and stay NO to the Islamization of their quiet, peaceful town. Remember: political Islam is the threat to our freedoms, not necessarily individual Muslims, but it is hard to tell when they are required to lie to the Kafir.

With the arrival of so many so-called refugees and the potential threat from Political Islam, Americans must become more informed about the history of Islam and educate themselves about this threat to our freedoms. If it is true that the UN will take control of the Internet, the expression of conservative thought could be banned. We must not be ignorant about history, and should plan accordingly.

We must prepare! We must keep the flames of freedom lit, with or without the Internet.

A warning from the past — Theophylact Simocatta:

History is the common tutor of all men: it shows which course to follow and which to avoid as profitless. The most competent generals are those who have been instructed by history, for history reveals how to draw up troops and by what means to outmaneuver the enemy through ambush. History renders these generals more prudent because they know about the misfortunes of others, and it directs them through observation of the mistakes of others. Similarly, it has shown that men become happier through good conduct, pushing men to higher peaks of virtue through gradual advances. For the old man history is his support and staff while for the young, it is the fairest and wisest instructor…

We cannot allow history to be repeated through our ignorance. We must all become students of history if we are to truly understand Islam’s global intentions for the non-Muslim world.


1.   Pope urges Poles to feel happier about migrant invasion


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17 thoughts on “Wake up, Poland: Jihad is also Migration

  1. Anyone who wants a fantastic read of Polish history and the many battles of the Poles fought against rebellions and invaders should read Henryk Sienkowicz’s Trilogy. The last book, Fire on the Steppe, deals particularly with the Turkish incursions. Written in the latter 1800s, it’s relevant today. There is one compelling scene that sticks out for me. A Polish scout is spying on the vast Turkish army comprised of soldiers brought from every corner of the Ottoman’s sprawling empire. There’s hundreds of thousands of men from every ethnicity and yet when the call to prayer comes all obediently face Mecca, go to their knees and pray. The Pole is mesmerized and thoroughly frightened by their complete obedience. How, he wonders, will his own army who number only a few thousand and are so quarrelsome among themselves ever defeat so large a host that willingly submits to authority.

    That’s a question that we still ask today. We argue over whether we should or shouldn’t allow the Islamization of the west. Meanwhile the ummah moves with single purpose into our lands, our social structures and political systems, slowly taking them over. The silent conquest of the frog in the steadily heating water.

    • Agreed.

      This anecdote perfectly captures one of the Ummah’s greatest strengths and the West’s greatest weaknesses.

    • The countries mentioned will soon be like western Europe, and give in. By allowing enclaves to form along with mosques being built, they will soon be a minority and same things will happen as in France, Sweden, etc.

  2. What happened to Refugee Assistance? Or Refugee Reception?
    Genuine refugees can be given help where it is needed, and later can return.
    The tainted US government has hoodwinked the people: it has pre-decided that these so-called refugees are to be “re-settled”.
    No-one was asked.
    “Resettlement” is the dishonest cover name for invasion and cultural destruction, also known as “fundamental change”.
    The body that decides who is a refugee is the Islam-dominated UNHCR. Accordingly most are muslims.
    The charitable-sounding religious bodies that bring the “refugees” are paid contractors of the state.
    Quite a number of these “refugees” make visits back to their home country (like the Tsarnaev family from Chechnya) from which they were granted asylum.

    Open your eyes, America.

    • Good observations.

      It seems to me there are few very critical factors.

      One factor is the ever-encroaching powers and scope of the government. As you mentioned, the “refugee” agencies are simply extending their bailiwick, financing and power by bringing in ever more refugees. I have no doubt that this corresponds to the actual policy of the Obama administration, but even if it didn’t, the incentives for bureaucrats and Congressional funding would remain exactly the same. The principle is accepted that the government provides funding and support for virtually any activity.

      The Obama administration has doubled the national debt, and for what? Military spending is down, infrastructure is neglected…where’s the money going? But, there’s always money for globalist projects and mega-business supports.

      Second, countries may be becoming simply too large. In the past, once an empire became too big, one battle was all that was necessary to take over the entire territory. This was the case for the Byzantine Empire.

      Eastern Europe, on the other hand, was a set of smaller principalities, each of which would offer its own, independent resistance to the Muslim onslaught. If they were smart, they would offer support to each other. Under that arrangement, countries occasionally were conquered, but the territory open to the invaders was very limited.

      Is there any wonder that today, the focus of resistance is the smaller, independent countries of Eastern Europe, rather than the large, well-integrated countries of Western Europe, merging rapidly into an empire without internal borders or loyalty?

  3. The Pope is indeed a puppet and has been shown to be through his words and actions over the past 3 years. Anyone who says differently is blind, deaf and mute!

    • The poope is Not A PUPPET. He knows what he’s doing. He is a Muslim sympathizer. The Jesuits are in control and it is a demonic New World Order attack to control the World.

  4. [This comment was off-topic and too long. It was moved by a moderator to the news feed for 9/24/2016.]

  5. Do the Poles even remember their history? A Pole mentioned to me many of the younger generation know nothing of Poland’s lead in resisting and defeating the Ottoman jihad. And that is a worry as it means they are ignorant of the danger.

    • Not sure what you’re referring to? “Sobieski avenues” are everywhere in Poland – which is also the name of a train from Poland to Vienna, a vodka and, in the past, a brand of cigarettes. And from my experience, young people here are very much into their history.

      Don’t get me wrong – it’s not ideal. Western influences and degeneracy are creeping in – but imo there are countries which need waking up far more, to the West of Poland…

  6. Maybe the author of this essay is not aware of what is happening in my part of Europe right now. Poland is leading the Visegrad Group (Poland, Hungary, Czechia & Slovakia) and as a group we have won a big battle with the West just a few days ago, when the leaders of the EU decided that they can no longer pressure us to take in any “refugees.” We will not take even one false refugee into our soil. The Visegrad Group is now sending border guards to help the Hungarians patrol their borders. The Visegrad Group is now being supported by Romania and Bulgaria and of course, by Slovenia. If there is a conservative president elected at the beginning of December, Mr. Hoffer, has stated that he will bring Austria into the Visegrad Group. This would be the first western country to join an eastern club all to stop massive Muslim emigration. As to the Polish Roman Catholic Church. When the Pope was here in July, the Polish church hierarchy made it clear to him that we so many problems ourselves that we cannot bring in more people in need. The Pope was also told that Poland took in about one million Ukrainians in the last few years, the difference being is that these immigrants work in Poland and not one is a burden on the Polish taxpayer. The Polish church hierarchy has said on Polish national television that they see very clearly the danger of Islam in Europe. The Polish church does not want to see massive Muslim immigration to Poland as does the average Polish citizen. I have lived back home in Poland, for the past ten years, and I talk to people all the time. I can tell you that the Polish people do not need to wake up because they are very aware of what is happening in Western Europe and they not want the same thing to happen to them. We have had enough invaders throughout our history and we see his “refugee” problem as just another invasion. We did not resist communism for 50 years, just to be over run by Muslim!

    • This is good news- thanks! Now Americans need to wake up and fight against this invasion. Too many Leftist Islamic Apologist out there. Too many people in my country are ignorant about the real threat, political Islam. I get tired of Leftist acting like I am saying that are Muslims are all evil when I am talking about the more Orthodox Muslim. I am glad that the people of Poland are awake, unlike many Americans.

  7. Without the brave polish people and many others this idiot of a Pope wouldn`t even be in Rome of today.

    Very likely there wouldn`t even be something like the Vatican or St. Peters Cathedral.
    it allready would be a mosque.
    And all the precious works of renaissance art would have been be destroyed.

  8. The entire mass migration scheme is an engineered war crime by western governments.
    How to create a food crisis. The following videos are an example of how our own government is complicit in creating a future food crisis. The first video is a propaganda piece explaining how we no longer have food reserves. The second is the article explaining how our own government sold off our reserves of food to help the creation of a crisis. This crisis creation is not just an Obama creation it has been slowly developed over many years. Both political parties need a major crisis to further the international trade schemes they have developed to prop up a multi nation government. George Herbert Walker Bush spoke of the system in a UN speech during his presidency as well as Obama during his last speech to the UN just a few days ago. In the first link the video places food instability as the direct cause of the so called Arab Spring. Our overlords have many plans and none of them include liberty. From George Herbert Walker Bush to Obama a slow push has been instituted to slowly guide us unwillingly into a governmental system that will truly enslave the next generation. Pray for our nation that we will have the fortitude to resist the final push when it arrives, otherwise we will condemn the next generation to an horrific world.



    While the world is starving and the prices of goods in the U.S. are skyrocketing the use of biofuels rises. Internal World Bank study delivers blow to plant energy drive by equating the massive number of acres producing food crops for fuel as a major driver in food price spikes.


    Our political system has gone insane. The average citizen is virtually ignored for the benefit of political sacred cows.

  9. I enjoy focusing on Isaiah 52:7 to make me feel better after the agitation I feel after listening to a pope speak who is plainly a shameless bedfellow with those who try to steal authority from the murdered men of the bible. In Isaiah 52, Jesus has a forerunner right before his second coming. The forerunner is forced to say to zion that your God reigns. This strategy is a termination of the koran’s relationship with Jesus. Just one reason this is an unfortunate necessity is the writers of the koran threw out an act of passion Jesus showed for the Jews. This act of passion took place when He gave them advice on how to avoid being killed by the Romans. This event was thrown out by the koran and replaced with a disgusting comment that most Jews are treacherous. In Isaiah 52, Jesus and Isaiah are justly getting the measure of those who purvey this abusive treatment of Jesus- and there is nothing a pope or anyone else can do stop it.

  10. I wrote this because I am so sick of all the Leftist Islamic Apologist. The fear of censorship is real with the UN taking over the Internet. Infowars just reported today about nation-wide syndicated show Savage Nation being cut off because he commented on Hillary’s health. The censorship is already started and the day will come that counter Jihad sites like Gatesofvienna could be shut down. There is always the option of email or maybe turn to printed material sent via snail mail. I encourage people to write their representative and say NO to turning over the Internet to the UN. Without our voices people cannot hear about the true threat by the globalist and Political Islam.

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